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2015I am sure but I hedge: Fear expression k?ngp? as an interactive rhetorical strategy in Mandarin broadcast talkYang, Y; Yap, FH 
Sep-2012“I am sure but I hedge” : fear expression kongpa as a rhetorical interactive strategy in Mandarin conversationYang, Y; Yap, FH ; Wong, TS
2011I can't be liable can I? : a transferee's woe under Hong Kong's transfer of business (protection of creditors) ordinanceOng, R; Sabapathy, S 
2009“I don’t suppose you could……" : how to communicate effectively to achieve your desired goalsWarren, M 
2003I heard that there was some food stall ... /there's also concern expressed in some quarters of ... : the use of vague language across spoken genresCheng, W 
2006I mean ... : how do speakers and hearers really check their understanding? Language centre, Hong Kong Baptist UniversityCheng, W 
2015I mean I only really wanted to dry me towels because … : organisational frameworks across modes, registers, and genresWarren, M 
Aug-2011‘I sometimes still get my tenses wrong’ : insights from studies on the interaction between lexical and grammatical aspectYap, FH 
2013I want to lie about not knowing you, but my precuneus refuses to cooperate.Lee, TM; Leung, MK; Lee, TM; Raine, A; Chan, CC 
2010I warn you because I like you : voice behavior, employee identifications, and transformational leadershipLiu, W ; Zhu, R; Yang, Y
2009I will help when I have the power to helpLam, W ; Chen, Z
2007I'd love to put someone in jail for this : an initial investigation of English in the business processing outsourcing (BPO) industryForey, G ; Lockwood, J
2010i*CATch : a scalable, plug-n-play wearable computing framework for novices and childrenNgai, G ; Chan, SCF ; Ng, VTY ; Cheung, JCY; Choy, SSS; Lau, WWY; Tse, JTP
2013i*Chameleon : a platform for developing multimodal  applications with comprehensive development cycleLo, KWK; Tang, WWW; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV ; Chan, SCF ; Ngai, G 
2011i*Chameleon : a scalable and extensible framework for multimodal interactionTang, WW; Lo, WK; Chan, SCF ; Ngai, G ; Chan, ATS ; Leong, HV 
2012i*Chameleon : a unified web service framework for integrating multimodal interaction devicesLo, W; Tang, W; Leong, H ; Chan, A ; Chan, S ; Ngai, G 
2006i-feedback : getting instant feedback from students to improve learning and teachingLeung, CK; Csete, J
2010I-V characteristics and electro-mechanical response of different carbon black/epoxy compositesJi, X; Li, H; Hui, D; Hsiao, KT; Ou, J; Lau, AKT 
2011I/O-efficient algorithms for answering pattern-based aggregate queries in a sequence OLAP systemChui, CK; Ben, K; Lo, E ; Reynold, C
2008IAQ benchmarks of air-conditioned offices in Hong KongMui, KW ; Wong, LT ; Hui, PS
2014IAQ index for assessing air-conditioned officesMui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2005iBotGuard : an internet-based intelligent robot security system using invariant face recognition against intruderLiu, JNK; Wang, M; Feng, B
2004An ICA design of intraday stock prediction models with automatic variable selectionMok, PY ; Lam, KP; Ng, HS
2010Icariin protects against bone loss induced by oestrogen deficiency and activates oestrogen receptor-dependent osteoblastic functions in UMR 106 cellsMok, SK; Chen, WF; Lai, WP; Leung, PC; Wang, XL; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2006Icariin, an active ingredient in Herba Epimedii, exerts estrogen-like effects in rat osteoblastic (UMR-106) cellsWong, MS ; Mok, SK; Lai, WP; Leung, PC
2005Ice and pulsed electromagnetic field to reduce pain and swelling after distal radius fracturesCheing, GLY ; Wan, JWH; Lo, SK
2012ICF Core Set for vocational rehabilitation : results of an international consensus conferenceFinger, ME; Escorpizo, R; Glaessel, A; Gmuender, HP; Lueckenkemper, M; Chan, C ; Fritz, J; Studer, U; Ekholm, J; Kostanjsek, N; Stucki, G; Cieza, A
2002ICQR 2002 : proceedings of the Third International Conference on Quality & ReliabilitySubic, AJ; Tsang, HC; Tang, CY ; Netherwood, G
2008ICQR 2007 : proceedings of the fifth International Conference on Quality and ReliabilityLaosirihongthong, T; Tsang, A; Xie, M
2014ICT for development : how Common Service Centers Navigate Institutional voidsQureshi, IJ ; Sutter, C
2009ICT-supported collaborative working in constructionShen, QP 
2016ICT-supported social work interventions with youth : a critical reviewChan, CT 
2008ICTs and China : an introductionLaw, PL ; Chu, WCR 
2008ICTs and migrant workers in contemporary ChinaLaw, PL ; Chu, WCR 
2001The idea of comprehensive re-thinking of the control of indecent and obscene articles in the context of Hong KongSze, MHS
2002The idea of the teaching of Chinese in the University of HK : the view of Lo Sheng-linAu, CK
1998Ideal amplifier spacing for reduction of Gordon-Haus jitter in dispersion-managed soliton communicationsKutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
2001An ideal design school in a knowledge-based economyLee, TC ; Ip, KCA
2015Ideal image in process : online tourist photography and impression managementLo, IS; McKercher, B
2009The ideal model for national and international contribution through doctoral education in nursingChow, MCM
2007Identifcation of a novel tumor transforming gene GAEC1 at 7q22 which encodes a nuclear protein and is frequently amplified and overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaLaw, FBF; Chen, YW; Wong, KY; Ying, J; Tao, Q; Langford, C; Lee, PY; Law, S; Cheung, RWL; Chui, CH; Tsao, SW; Lam, KY; Wong, J; Srivastava, G; Tang, JCO 
2011Identification and allocation of risks associated with PPP water projects in ChinaXu, Y; Yang, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY; Cheng, H
2015Identification and assessment of water risks associated with shale gas production in ChinaChen, SS; Tsang, DCW 
2015Identification and characterisation of a novel plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance gene, qnrVC7, in Vibrio cholerae of seafood originPo, KHL; Wong, MHY; Chen, S 
2008Identification and characterization of active ingredients isolated from Sambucus Williamsii Hance for prevention and treatment of osteoporosisXiao, HH; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
21-Feb-2012Identification and classification of facial familiarity in directed lying : an ERP studySun, D; Chan, CCH ; Lee, TMC
2003Identification and control of continuous-time nonlinear systems via dynamic neural networksRen, XM; Rad, AB; Chan, PT; Lo, WL
2002Identification and control of continuous-time nonlinear systems via dynamic neural networksRen, XM; Rad, AB; Chan, PT
2003Identification and control of noise sources in a small axial-flow cooling fanWong, K; Huang, L
2009Identification and detection of electricity customer behaviour irregularitiesNizar, A; Dong, ZY
2010Identification and modelling of Lithium ion batteryTsang, KM ; Sun, L; Chan, WL 
2009Identification and online experimental verification of an MR damper incorporated with structureChen, ZH; Ni, YQ 
2004Identification and tracking of chaotic signals with application to non-coherent detection for chaos-based communicationsFeng, JC; Tse, CK 
2012Identification of a functional variant in CHST3 associated with the susceptibility for lumbar disc degenerationSong, Y; Karasugi, T; Cheung, KMC; Chiba, K; Ho, DWH; Miyake, A; Kao, PYP; Sze, KL; Yee, FYA; Takahashi, A; Kawaguchi, Y; Mikami, Y; Matsumoto, M; Togawa, D; Kanayama, M; Shi, D; Dai, J; Jiang, Q; Wu, C; Tian, WEI; Wang, NA; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK; Yip, SP ; Cherny, SS; Wang, JJ; Mundlos, S; Kelempisioti, A; Eskola, PJ; Mannikko, M; Makela, P; Karppinen, J; Jarvelin, MR; O’Reilly, PF; Kubo, M; Kimura, T; Kubo, T; Toyama, Y; Mizuta, H; Cheah, KSE; Tsunoda, T; Sham, PC; Ikegawa, S; Chan, D
2013Identification of a new class of FtsZ inhibitors by structure-based design and in vitro screeningChan, FY; Sun, N; Neves, MAC; Lam, PCH; Chung, WH; Wong, LK; Chow, HY; Ma, DL; Chan, PH ; Leung, YC ; Chan, TH ; Abagyan, R; Wong, KY 
2009Identification of a novel toluene-degrading bacterium from the candidate phylum TM7, as determined by DNA stable isotope probingLuo, C; Xie, S; Sun, W; Li, X ; Cupples, AM
2007Identification of a tumor suppressive critical region mapping to 3p14. 2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and studies of a candidate tumor suppressor gene, ADAMTS9Lo, PHY; Leung, ACC; Kwok, CYC; Cheung, WSY; Ko, JMY; Yang, LC; Law, S; Wang, LD; Li, J; Stanbridge, EJ; Srivastava, G; Tang, JCO ; Tsao, SW; Lung, ML
2004Identification of active ingredient of RDLP a traditional China medicine (TCM) formulation to treat canerLau, TY; Chau, FT
1-Jun-1997Identification of antinodes and zero-surface-strain contours of flexural vibration with time-averaged speckle pattern shearing interferometryWong, WO ; Chan, TK; Leung, TP
2002Identification of atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carbonyl compounds in Hong KongHo, KF; Lee, SC 
2008Identification of bridge aerodynamic coefficients from measured displacement or accelerationLaw, SS; Zhang, K; Duan, ZD
2000Identification of bridge-friendly vehicles from different vehicle framesYung, TH; Chan, THT
2006Identification of cantharidin analogues with anti-cancer propertyChui, CH; Kok, SHL; Lau, FY; Gambari, R; Wong, RSM; Cheng, GYM; Lam, WS; Chen, J; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO 
2005Identification of categories and choices in activity diagramsChen, TY; Tang, SF; Poon, PL ; Tse, TH
2010Identification of Chinese developmental dyslexia in Hong Kong : word decoding, dictation and Chinese handwrittingLai-Cheng, CGA
23-Apr-2008Identification of coherent patterns in gene expression data using an efficient biclustering algorithm and parallel coordinate visualizationCheng, KO; Law, NFB ; Siu, WC ; Liew, AWC
2003Identification of complex crack damage for honeycomb sandwich plate using wavelet analysis and neural networksYam, LH; Yan, YJ; Cheng, L ; Jiang, JS
2016Identification of confounder in epidemiologic data contaminated by measurement error in covariatesLee, PH ; Burstyn, I
2010Identification of corrosion damage in submerged structures using anti-symmetric lamb wave modeChen, J; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2010Identification of corrosion damage in submerged structures using fundamental anti-symmetric Lamb wavesChen, J; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2006Identification of critical cluster in transient stability study using line potential energy methodYuan, WP; Chan, KW ; Zhang, Y
2004Identification of critical factors affecting the communication of safety-related information between main contractors and sub-contractors in Hong KongWong, FKW ; Chan, APC ; Fox, PW; Tse, KTC; Ly, E
2013Identification of damage in dome-like structures using hybrid sensor measurements and artificial neural networksLu, W; Teng, J; Xu, Y ; Su, Z 
2013Identification of damage in structural components using multi-scale pseudo-force modelCao, M; Cheng, L ; Su, ZQ 
2002Identification of damage locations for plate-like structures using damage sensitive indices : strain modal approachLi, YY; Cheng, L ; Yam, LH; Wong, WO 
2009Identification of damage using lamb waves : from fundamentals to applicationsSu, Z ; Ye, L
2015Identification of disulfide isomerase ERp57 as a target for small molecule cardioprotective agentsCui, G; Shan, L; Chu, IK; Li, G; Heng, LGP; Wang, Y; Wa, KY; Chan, WS; Man, HoiMP; Yuen, LeeSM
2002Identification of drug resistance genes in malaria by yeast functional complementationZhao, Y; Lau, CK; Kuchler, K; Wirth, DF; Chow, LMC 
2001Identification of drug resistance genes in malaria by yeast functional complementationZhao, Y; Lau, CK; Kuckler, K; Wirth, DF; Chow, LMC 
2004Identification of enterotoxin genes using multiplex PCR in strains of staphylococcus aurues persistently carried by food handlers in Hong KongBoost, MV; O'Donoghue, MM ; Lo, LH