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2015I am sure but I hedge: Fear expression k?ngp? as an interactive rhetorical strategy in Mandarin broadcast talkYang, Y; Yap, FH 
Sep-2012“I am sure but I hedge” : fear expression kongpa as a rhetorical interactive strategy in Mandarin conversationYang, Y; Yap, FH ; Wong, TS
Aug-2011‘I sometimes still get my tenses wrong’ : insights from studies on the interaction between lexical and grammatical aspectYap, FH 
2013I want to lie about not knowing you, but my precuneus refuses to cooperate.Lee, TM; Leung, MK; Lee, TM; Raine, A; Chan, CC 
2010I warn you because I like you : voice behavior, employee identifications, and transformational leadershipLiu, W ; Zhu, R; Yang, Y
2007I'd love to put someone in jail for this : an initial investigation of English in the business processing outsourcing (BPO) industryForey, G ; Lockwood, J
2010I-V characteristics and electro-mechanical response of different carbon black/epoxy compositesJi, X; Li, H; Hui, D; Hsiao, KT; Ou, J; Lau, AKT 
2005iBotGuard : an internet-based intelligent robot security system using invariant face recognition against intruderLiu, JNK; Wang, M; Feng, B
2004An ICA design of intraday stock prediction models with automatic variable selectionMok, PY ; Lam, KP; Ng, HS
2010Icariin protects against bone loss induced by oestrogen deficiency and activates oestrogen receptor-dependent osteoblastic functions in UMR 106 cellsMok, SK; Chen, WF; Lai, WP; Leung, PC; Wang, XL; Yao, XS; Wong, MS 
2005Ice and pulsed electromagnetic field to reduce pain and swelling after distal radius fracturesCheing, GLY ; Wan, JWH; Lo, SK
2012ICF Core Set for vocational rehabilitation : results of an international consensus conferenceFinger, ME; Escorpizo, R; Glaessel, A; Gmuender, HP; Lueckenkemper, M; Chan, C ; Fritz, J; Studer, U; Ekholm, J; Kostanjsek, N; Stucki, G; Cieza, A
2008ICTs and China : an introductionLaw, PL ; Chu, WCR 
2008ICTs and migrant workers in contemporary ChinaLaw, PL ; Chu, WCR 
1998Ideal amplifier spacing for reduction of Gordon-Haus jitter in dispersion-managed soliton communicationsKutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
2015Ideal image in process : online tourist photography and impression managementLo, IS; McKercher, B
2007Identifcation of a novel tumor transforming gene GAEC1 at 7q22 which encodes a nuclear protein and is frequently amplified and overexpressed in esophageal squamous cell carcinomaLaw, FBF; Chen, YW; Wong, KY; Ying, J; Tao, Q; Langford, C; Lee, PY; Law, S; Cheung, RWL; Chui, CH; Tsao, SW; Lam, KY; Wong, J; Srivastava, G; Tang, JCO 
2011Identification and allocation of risks associated with PPP water projects in ChinaXu, Y; Yang, Y; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY; Cheng, H
2015Identification and characterisation of a novel plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance gene, qnrVC7, in Vibrio cholerae of seafood originPo, KHL; Wong, MHY; Chen, S 
21-Feb-2012Identification and classification of facial familiarity in directed lying : an ERP studySun, D; Chan, CCH ; Lee, TMC
2003Identification and control of continuous-time nonlinear systems via dynamic neural networksRen, XM; Rad, AB; Chan, PT; Lo, WL
2009Identification and detection of electricity customer behaviour irregularitiesNizar, A; Dong, ZY
2004Identification and tracking of chaotic signals with application to non-coherent detection for chaos-based communicationsFeng, JC; Tse, CK 
2013Identification of a new class of FtsZ inhibitors by structure-based design and in vitro screeningChan, FY; Sun, N; Neves, MAC; Lam, PCH; Chung, WH; Wong, LK; Chow, HY; Ma, DL; Chan, PH ; Leung, YC ; Chan, TH ; Abagyan, R; Wong, KY 
2009Identification of a novel toluene-degrading bacterium from the candidate phylum TM7, as determined by DNA stable isotope probingLuo, C; Xie, S; Sun, W; Li, X ; Cupples, AM
2007Identification of a tumor suppressive critical region mapping to 3p14. 2 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and studies of a candidate tumor suppressor gene, ADAMTS9Lo, PHY; Leung, ACC; Kwok, CYC; Cheung, WSY; Ko, JMY; Yang, LC; Law, S; Wang, LD; Li, J; Stanbridge, EJ; Srivastava, G; Tang, JCO ; Tsao, SW; Lung, ML
1-Jun-1997Identification of antinodes and zero-surface-strain contours of flexural vibration with time-averaged speckle pattern shearing interferometryWong, WO ; Chan, TK; Leung, TP
2002Identification of atmospheric volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and carbonyl compounds in Hong KongHo, KF; Lee, SC 
23-Apr-2008Identification of coherent patterns in gene expression data using an efficient biclustering algorithm and parallel coordinate visualizationCheng, KO; Law, NFB ; Siu, WC ; Liew, AWC
2003Identification of complex crack damage for honeycomb sandwich plate using wavelet analysis and neural networksYam, LH; Yan, YJ; Cheng, L ; Jiang, JS
2010Identification of corrosion damage in submerged structures using anti-symmetric lamb wave modeChen, J; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2010Identification of corrosion damage in submerged structures using fundamental anti-symmetric Lamb wavesChen, J; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2006Identification of critical cluster in transient stability study using line potential energy methodYuan, WP; Chan, KW ; Zhang, Y
2013Identification of damage in dome-like structures using hybrid sensor measurements and artificial neural networksLu, W; Teng, J; Xu, Y ; Su, Z 
2002Identification of damage locations for plate-like structures using damage sensitive indices : strain modal approachLi, YY; Cheng, L ; Yam, LH; Wong, WO 
2009Identification of key competences of design‐builders in the construction market of the People’s Republic of China (PRC)Xia, B; Chan, APC ; Yeung, JFY
2011Identification of key performance indicators for measuring the performance of value management studies in constructionLin, G; Shen, GQ ; Sun, M; Kelly, J
2009Identification of linear time-varying mdof dynamic systems from forced excitation using Hilbert transform and EMD methodShi, ZY; Law, SS; Xu, X
2002Identification of modal damping ratios of structures with closely spaced modal frequenciesChen, J; Xu, YL 
2001Identification of moving loads on an orthotropic plateZhu, XQ; Law, SS
2012Identification of multi-axial seismic loadings from several structural dynamic responsesZhang, K; Li, H; Duan, Z; Law, SS
2014Identification of multi-scale corresponding object-set pairs between two polygon datasets with hierarchical co-clusteringHuh, Y; Kim, J; Lee, J; Yu, K; Shi, W 
2015Identification of myopia-associated WNT7B polymorphisms provides insights into the mechanism underlying the development of myopiaMiyake, M; Yamashiro, K; Tabara, Y; Suda, K; Morooka, S; Nakanishi, H; Khor, CC; Chen, P; Qiao, F; Nakata, I; Akagi Kurashige, Y; Gotoh, N; Tsujikawa, A; Meguro, A; Kusuhara, S; Polasek, O; Hayward, C; Wright, AF; Campbell, H; Richardson, AJ; Schache, M; Takeuchi, M; MacKey, DA; Hewitt, AW; Cuellar, G; Shi, Y; Huang, L; Yang, Z; Leung, KH; Kao, PYP; Yap, MKH ; Yip, SP ; Moriyama, M; Ohno Matsui, K; Mizuki, N; MacGregor, S; Vitart, V; Aung, T; Saw, SM; Tai, ES; Wong, TY; Cheng, CY; Baird, PN; Yamada, R; Matsuda, F; Yoshimura, N
2013Identification of non-linear stochastic spatiotemporal dynamical systemsNing, H; Jing, X ; Cheng, L 
2015Identification of partially known non-linear stochastic spatio-temporal dynamical systems by using a novel partially linear Kernel methodNing, HW; Jing, XJ 
2011Identification of pigments from the Shrine of Kaiping Diaolou by micro‐Raman spectroscopyZeng, QG; Zhang, GX; Tan, JH; Leung, CW ; Zuo, J
2006Identification of prestress force from measured structural responsesLu, ZR; Law, SS
2008Identification of prestress force in a prestressed Timoshenko beamLu, ZR; Liu, JK; Law, SS
2013Identification of Rtl1, a Retrotransposon-Derived Imprinted Gene, as a Novel Driver of HepatocarcinogenesisRiordan, JD; Keng, VW ; Tschida, BR; Scheetz, TE; Bell, JB; Podetz-Pedersen, KM; Moser, CD; Copeland, NG; Jenkins, NA; Roberts, LR; Largaespada, DA; Dupuy, AJ
2012Identification of selection criteria for operational variations of the Design-build system : a Delphi study in ChinaXia, B; Chan, APC 
2001Identification of sources of PM10 aerosols in Hong Kong by wind trajectory analysisMan, CK; Shih, MY
2002Identification of strategic groups using relationship marketing criteria : a cluster analytic approach in professional servicesPanayides, PM
2011Identification of structural damage based on locally perturbed dynamic equilibrium with an application to beam componentXu, H; Cheng, L ; Su, Z ; Guyader, JL
2009Identification of structural damping in time domainLi, XY; Law, SS
2007Identification of system parameters and input force from output onlyLu, ZR; Law, SS
2003Identification of technological structures using patent statisticsFung , MK ; Chow  , WW
2005Identification of the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2/B1 as the antigen for the gastrointestinal cancer specific monoclonal antibody MG7Lee, CH; Lum, JHK; Cheung, BPY; Wong, MS ; Butt, YKC; Tam, MF; Chan, WY; Chow, C; Hui, PK; Kwok, FSL; Lo, SCL ; Fan, DM
2010Identification of the optimal (α + β) forging process parameters of Ti–6.5Al–3.5Mo–1.5Zr–0.3Si based on processing-mapsWang, KL; Lu, SQ; Fu, MW ; Li, X; Dong, XJ
2007Identification of the vulnerable transmission segment and cluster of critical machines using line transient potential energyCai, GW; Chan, KW ; Yuan, WP; Mu, G
2000Identification of vehicle axle loads from bridge dynamic responsesZhu, XQ; Law, SS
2010Identify the best glass forming ability criterionGuo, S; Lu, ZP; Liu, CT
2011Identifying a common parameter for assessing the impact of traffic-induced noise and air pollutions on residential premises in Hong KongFung, YW; Lee, WL 
2015Identifying best design strategies for construction waste minimizationWang, J; Li, Z; Tam, VWY
2015Identifying bioactive components in natural products through chromatographic fingerprintXu, J; Xu, QS; Chan, CO; Mok, DKW ; Yi, LZ; Chau, FT
2011Identifying changes and trends in Hong Kong outbound tourismLaw, R ; Rong, J; Vu, HQ; Li, G; Lee, HA
2000Identifying daily load profiles and energy saving opportunities for hotel operationLee, RHK; Chan, KT ; Burnett, J
2013Identifying effective design features of commercial sports brasZhou, J; Yu, W ; Ng, SP
2015Identifying emerging hotel preferences using emerging pattern mining techniqueLi, G; Law, R ; Vu, HQ; Rong, J; Zhao, X
2002Identifying energy and demand saving (EDS) opportunities through electrical load profile analysis in a hotel buildingLeung, EKK; Deng, S 
2013Identifying failure-Inducing combinations using tuple relationshipsNiu, X; Nie, C; Lei, Y; Chan, TSA 
2014Identifying failure-inducing combinations with tuple relationship treeNiu, XT; Nie, CH; Chan, A
2003Identifying faulty insulators by the method of discharge strength vector imbalanceZhang, BD; Chan, WL ; Tsang, KM ; Huang, DP
2013Identifying helpful online reviews : a product designer's perspectiveLiu, Y; Jin, J; Ji, P ; Harding, JA; Fung, RYK
2015Identifying key performance indicators for engineering facilities in commercial buildings—a focus group study in Hong KongMan, CS; Lai, HK 
2009Identifying patient readmission subtypes from unplanned readmissions to hospitals in Hong Kong : a cluster analysisChan, MF; Wong, FKY ; Chang, K ; Chow, S ; Chung, L; Lee, WM; Lee, R
1997Identifying potential barriers to total quality management using principal component analysis and correspondence analysisNgai, EWT ; Cheng, TCE 
2013Identifying public-private partnership (PPP) risks in managing water supply projects in GhanaAmeyawm, EE; Chan, APC 
2004Identifying risk factors for low back pain (LBP) in Chinese middle-aged women : a case-control studyYip, YB; Ho, SC; Chan, SG
2014Identifying risk factors of urban-rural conflict in urbanization : a case of ChinaYu, ATW ; Wu, Y; Zheng, B; Zhang, X; Shen, L
Jul-2010Identifying the critical success factors for target cost contracts in the construction industryChan, DWM ; Chan, APC ; Lam, TIP ; Wong, JMW