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2014H+-Eigenvalues of Laplacian and signless Laplacian tensorsQi, LQ 
2002H-8-MonoPhos and its application in catalytic enantioselective hydrogenation of alpha-dehydroamino acidsZeng, Q; Liu, H; Mi, A; Jiang, YH; Li, XS; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2008H-Infinity frequency-Domain identification of flight control systemYau, DTW; Fung, EHK; Wong, YK 
1-Aug-2011H-infinity optimization of a variant design of the dynamic vibration absorber : revisited and new resultsCheung, YL; Wong, WO 
2009H.264 fast intra mode selection algorithm based on direction difference measure in the pixel domainWang, LL; Siu, WC 
2013H.264 region-based weighted prediction for scenes with local brightness variationsTsang, SH; Lee, TK; Chan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2010H1N1 outbreak : how metropark hotel turns crisis into opportunitiesFung, C; Tsui, B; Wong, S
2003H2O-induced degradation in TiO2-based ceramic capacitorsWang, XX; Chen, WP; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2005H2O2 stimulation of carotenoid production in liquid cultures of phaffia rhodozymaLiu, YS; Wu, JY 
2012H: Q ratios and bilateral leg strength in college field and court sports playersCheung, R ; Smith, A; Wong, D
2003H[sub ∞] fixed-lag smoothing and prediction for linear continous-time systemsZhang, H; Zhang, DD ; Xie, L
2008Habitat mapping in rugged terrain using multispectral Ikonos imagesNichol, J ; Wong, MS 
2011Habitual exercise increases resistance of lymphocytes to oxidant-induced DNA damage by upregulating expression of antioxidant and DNA repairing enzymesSiu, PM ; Pei, XM; Teng, BT; Benzie, IF ; Ying, M ; Wong, SH
2010Haemostatic effect of neutral wool hydrolyzed polypeptidesZhou, DX; Li, Y ; Zhang, J
2005Hahn-Banach theorems and subgradients of set-valued mapsPeng, JW; Lee, HWJ ; Rong, WD; Yang, XM
2014Hairpin DNA probes based on target-induced in situ generation of luminescent silver nanoclustersXiao, Y; Wu, Z; Wong, KY ; Liu, Z
2011Half-bridge converter based on switched-capacitor resonance without using deadtime control for automotive applicationsChan, CK; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
1994Half-space instabilities and short wavelength bifurcations in cylinders and rectangular blocksChau, KT 
2015Halliday in relation to language comparison and typologyTeruya, K ; Matthiessen, C 
2015Halliday on languageMatthiessen, MCM 
2015Halliday’s conception of language as a probabilistic systemMatthiessen, MCM 
Feb-2007Halocarbons in the atmosphere of the industrial-related Pearl River Delta region of ChinaChan, LY; Chu, KW
1993Halogenated platinum porphyrins as sensing materials for luminescence-based oxygen sensorsLee, WWS; Wong, KY ; Li, XM; Leung, YB; Chan, CS; Chan, KS
6-Apr-2008Hamilton-connectivity of 3-domination critical graphs with α=δ+1≥5Chen, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Ng, CTD 
2015Hand exoskeleton robot for assessing hand and finger motor impairment after strokeSusanto, EA; Tong, RKY; Ho, NSK
2011A hand rehabilitation system with force feedback for children with cerebral palsy : two case studiesChoi, KS ; Lo, KH
2012Hand shape recognition based on coherent distance shape contextsHu, RX; Jia, W; Zhang, D ; Gui, J; Song, LT
Jun-2007Hand-geometry recognition using entropy-based discretizationPathak, AK ; Zhang, DD 
2009A hand-held indentation system for the assessment of mechanical properties of soft tissues in vivoLu, MH; Yu, W ; Huang, QH; Huang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2013Handheld system design for dual-eye multispectral iris capture with one cameraGong, Y; Zhang, D ; Shi, P; Yan, J
2004Handling interaction in fuzzy production rule reasoningYeung, DS; Wang, XZ; Tsang, ECC
2012Handling uncertainties in modelling manufacturing processes with hybrid swarm intelligenceChan, KY; Dillon, TS; Kwong, CK 
2011Handwriting characteristics among secondary students with and without physical disabilities : a study with a computerized toolLi-Tsang, CWP ; Au, RKC; Chan, MHY; Chan, LWL; Lau, GMT; Lo, TK; Leung, HWH
2014Hankel tensors : associated Hankel matrices and Vandermonde decompositionQi, L 
2013A Hanzi radical ontology based approach towards teaching Chinese charactersHong, JF; Huang, CR 
2011Haptic rendering in interactive applications developed with commodity physics engineChoi, KS ; Chan, LS; Qin, J; Pang, WM
1-Sep-2012Hardness, yield strength, and plastic flow in thin film metallic-glassYe, JC; Chu, JP; Chen, YC; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
1986Hardware efficient realisation of number theoretic convolversSiu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
2004Hardware-based collision and self-collision for rigid and deformable surfacesWong, WSK; Baciu, G 
2006Hardware/software optimization for array & pointer boundary checking against buffer overflow attacksShao, Z ; Cao, J ; Chan, KCC ; Xue, C; Sha, EHM
2011Harming high performers : a social comparison perspective on interpersonal harming in work teamsLam, CK; Van der Vegt, GS; Walter, F; Huang, X 
2004Harmonic analysis of EMUs in railway systemsLo, E ; Lai, TM
2003Harmonic assessment in high-rise building distribution systemsYuan, ZH; Du, YP ; Burnett, J
2002Harmonic characteristics of large single-core cables in low-voltage installationsDu, Y ; Burnett, J
2005Harmonic impedance of armored cables for low-voltage power distribution in buildingsDu, YP ; Yuan, ZH
2003Harmonic impedance of single-core armored cablesYuan, ZH; Du, Y 
2009Harmonics and intermodulation in subthreshold FitzHugh-Nagumo neuronSi, W; Wang, J; Tsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2014Harmonious stock pricesZhu, K; Yu, W; Sun, H; Wang, WJ
2014Harnessing the high bandwidth of multiradio multichannel 802.11n mesh networksHo, IWH; Lam, PP; Chong, PHJ; Liew, SC
2015Harvesting energy via electromagnetic damper : application to bridge stay cablesShen, WN; Zhu, SY 
2010Harvesting web images for realistic facial expression recognitionYu, K; Wang, Z; Zhuo, L; Feng, D
2015Has China’s fast industrial growth been efficient? An industry-level investigation with a newly constructed data setWu, HX; Shea, EYP ; Shiu, A 
2007Has the construction industry improved in last 25 years?Li, H 
2012Hate or love together? Vulnerability-based commitment behind global supply chainsWong, YH; Yip, TL ; Chan, RYK 
2006Have China's enterprise reforms led to improved efficiency and profitability?Chen, G; Firth, M; Rui, O
2000Have psychiatric services in Hong Kong been impacted by the deinstitutionalization and community care movements?Yip, KS 
2002Have the Chinese provinces become integrated under reform?Xu, X 
2009Have the perceptions of the successful factors for travel web sites changed over time? The case of consumers in Hong KongCheung, C ; Law, R 
Jun-1997Having second thoughts : student perceptions before and after a peer assessment exerciseCheng, W ; Warren, M 
2004Hazard assessment of debris flows for Leung King Estate of Hong Kong by incorporating GIS with numerical simulationsChau, KT ; Lo, KH
2012Hazard function estimation with cause-of-death data missing at randomWang, Q; Dinse, GE; Liu, C 
2003Hazard of thermal radiation from a heated fire shutter surface to a standing personWong, LT 
2005Hazard of thermal radiation from a hot smoke layer in enclosures to an evacueeWong, LT 
2012The headedness of Mandarin Chinese serial verb constructions: A corpus-based studyLin, J; Huang, CR ; Zhang, H; Xu, H
2012Healable thermoset polymer composite embedded with stimuli-responsive fibresLi, G; Meng, H; Hu, J 
2010The healing aspects of biblical letters : a personal perspectiveChan, ZCY 
2014Health benefits of qigong or tai chi for cancer patients : a systematic review and meta-analysesZeng, Y; Luo, T; Xie, H; Huang, M; Cheng, ASK 
2009Health checks through landmark bridges to sky-high structuresNi, YQ ; Wong, KY
Feb-2011Health checks through Landmark Bridges to sky-high structuresNi, YQ ; Wong, KY; Xia, Y 
2011The health concerns and behaviours of primigravida : comparing advanced age pregnant women with their younger counterpartsLoke, AY ; Poon, CF
2008Health literacy, complication awareness, and diabetic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusTang, YH; Pang, SMC ; Chan, MF; Yeung, GSP; Yeung, VTF
2010Health monitoring of foundations using fiber Bragg grating sensing technologyZhu, H; Yin, J ; Jin, W ; Kuo, TMK
2009Health or Self-indulgence? The motivations and characteristics of spa-goersMak, AHN; Wong, KKF; Chang, RCY
2012The health profile of participants of “The care net” projectCheung, RYY; Kwok, WM; Leung, WH; Lai, YW; Wong, WK; Lai, CKY; Tse, MYM ; Kwong, EWY ; Wong, ASW
2015Health promotion interventions to prevent early childhood human influenza at the household level : a realist review to identify implications for programmes in Hong KongLam, W; Dawson, A; Fowler, C
2004Health services needs and quality of life assessment of individuals with brain injuries : a pilot cross-sectional studyMan, DWK ; Lee, EWT; Tong, ECH; Yip, SCS; Lui, WF; Lam, CS
Jun-2013Health through martial arts training : physical fitness and reaction time in adolescent Taekwondo practitionersFong, SSM; Ng, SMS ; Chung, LMY
2005Health-promoting behaviors and psychosocial well-being of university students in Hong KongLee, RL ; Loke, AJ 
Aug-2010Health-related quality of life in patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis : effects of a nurse-led case management programmeChow, SKY ; Wong, FKY 
2014Health-related quality-of-life and psychological distress of young adult survivors of childhood cancer in Hong KongChan, CWH; Choi, KC; Chien, WT ; Cheng, KKF; Goggins, W; So, WKW; Li, CK; Yuen, HL; Li, CK