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2002(E)-Ethyl 3-acetamido-2-hexenoateChen, XH; Guo, RW; Zhou, ZY
3-Jun-2008E-books : an editor's viewO'Connor, S
2006E-business applications in tourism : some cases in Hong KongLaw, R 
2013The E-characteristic polynomial of a tensor of dimension 2Hu, S; Qi, L 
2013E-characteristic polynomials of tensorsLi, AM; Qi, L ; Zhang, B
2006E-commerce system simulation for construction and demolition waste exchangeChen, Z; Li, H ; Kong, SCW; Hong, J; Xu, Q
2013The E-eigenvectors of tensorsHu, S; Qi, L 
2008E-health for older people : the use of technology in health promotionTse, MMY ; Choi, KCY; Leung, RSW
2006E-learning in an undergraduate radiography programme : example of an interactive websiteWhite, P ; Cheung, AKY
2003E-learning of intimate apparel designYu, W ; Ng, R 
2006E-MACSC : A novel dynamic cache tuning technique to reduce information retrieval roundtrip time over the InternetWu, RSL; Wong, AKY; Dillon, TS
2008E-marketing for high-performance sportswear through functional websiteChen, H; Wang, SX; Li, Y 
2009E-Procurement adoption in the Southcoast SMEsGunasekaran, A; McGaughey, RE; Ngai, EWT ; Rai, BK
1993E-union : concept and framework of open B2B e-trading marketplacesCao, J ; Fong, T; Li, H; Wang, X
2014E3 : Towards energy-efficient distributed least squares estimation in sensor networksLin, W; Cao, J ; Liu, X
2007EADEEG : An energy-aware data gathering protocol for wireless sensor networksLiu, M; Cao, JN ; Chen, GH; Chen, LJ; Wang, XM; Gong, HG
2014EAGLE: A novel descriptor for identifying plant species using leaf lamina vascular featuresCharters, J; Wang, Z; Chi, Z ; Tsoi, AC; Feng, DD
2013EAP subjects in Hong Kong's 4-year undergraduate curriculumLin, L 
2007Ear authentication using log-Gabor waveletsPathak, A ; Zhang, D 
2015Ear-parotic face angle : a unique feature for 3D ear recognitionLiu, YH; Zhang, B; Zhang, D 
2005EARL biennial conference 2005 -- integrating multiple perspectives on effective learning environmentsHu, JL ; Yeung, LY; Lai, P
2001Earliness and tradiness production planning and scheduling in apparel manufactureWong, WK ; Chan, CK ; Ip, WH 
2005Early childhood technology education : a sociocultural perspectiveSiu, KWM ; Lam, MS
2012Early detection of vancomycin resistant sub-populations in clinical methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus with MIC ≤2mg/LDoddangoudar, VC; Boost, MV; O'Donoghue, MM ; Tsang, DNC
2009Early energy decays in two churches in Hong KongChu, Y; Mak, CM 
Dec-2010Early identification of adolescents with greater psychosocial needs : an evaluation of the Project P.A.T.H.S. in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Ng, CSM
2012Early local functional changes in the human diabetic retina : a global flash multifocal electroretinogram studyLung, JCY; Swann, PG; Chan, HHL 
2011Early pathways to muscle damage in muscular dystrophy; in symposium : abnormalities in ion transport and signaling in muscle ageing and diseaseAllen, DG; Whitehead, NP; Yeung, EW ; Gervasio, OL
2008Early physiotherapy intervention in an Accident and Emergency Department reduces pain and improves satisfaction for patients with acute low back pain : a randomised trialLau, PMY; Chow, DHK; Pope, MH
2001Earnings forecast errors in IPO prospectuses and their associations with initial stock returnsChen, G; Firth, M; Krishnan, GV
2005Earnings management, surplus free cash flow, and external monitoringChung, R; Firth, M; Kim, JB
2009Earnings quality : some evidence on the role of auditor tenure and auditors' industry expertiseGul, FA; Fung, SYK ; Jaggi, B
2004Earth echo sounding technique for quality control of drilled shaft foundationsChan, FWY; Tsang, SWF 
2007Earth observation for urban planning and management state of the art and recommendations for application of earth observation in urban planningNichol, J ; King, B ; Quattrochi, D; Dowman, I; Ehlers, M; Ding, X 
2003Earth rotation and ENSO events : combined excitation of interannual LOD variations by multiscale atmospheric oscillationsZheng, D; Ding, X ; Zhou, Y; Chen, Y 
2014Earthquake-damaged buildings detection using active contour algorithm and MRFHao, M; Shi, W ; Zhang, H
2008Earthquake-triggered landslides : mechanisms of nonlinear multi-block slidingChau, KT ; Wei, XX; Zheng, LL; Wong, RCK
2003Ease allowance in garment pattern design using fuzzy techniquesChen, Y; Ng, R ; Yu, W ; Newton, E; Zeng, X; Happiette, M
2006Ease distribution in relation to the X-line style jacket. Part 1 : Development of a mathematical modelWang, Z; Newton, E; Ng, R ; Zhang, W
2006Ease distribution in relation to the X-line style jacket. Part 2 : Application to pattern alterationWang, Z; Newton, E; Ng, R ; Zhang, W
2007Easily accessible and highly tunable indolyl phosphine ligands for Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of aryl chloridesSo, CM; Lau, CP; Kwong, FY 
2007Easily accessible benzamide-derived P,O ligands (Bphos) for palladium-catalyzed carbon-nitrogen bond-forming reactionsChen, G; Lam, WH; Fok, WS; Lee, HW; Kwong, FY 
2002Easily accessible chiral amino-phosphinite ligands for highly enantioselective palladium-mediated allylic alkylationChen, G; Li, X; Zhang, H; Gong, L; Mi, A; Cui, X; Jiang, Y; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2006Easily accessible ferrocenyl N-P/S type ligands and their applications in asymmetric allylic substitutionsLam, FL; Au-Yeung, TTL; Cheung, HY; Kok, SHL; Lam, WS; Wong, KY ; Chan, ASC
2005Easily accessible ferrocenyl P/S type ligands and their applications in asymmetric allylic alkylationLam, FL; Au-Yeung, TTL; Kok, SHL; Cheung, HY; Lam, WS; Wong, KY ; Chan, ASC
2007Easily accessible indolyl phosphine ligands with high tunability : applications toward carbon-carbon bond formation processesSo, CM; Lau, CP; Kwong, FY 
2000East and West think differently? The European and Japanese fashion designersAu, JSC ; Taylor, G; Newton, EW
2007East meets west in the search for alzheimer's therapeutics - novel dimeric inhibitors from tacrine and huperzine ALi, WM; Kan, KKW; Carlier, PR; Pang, YP; Han, YF 
2002East-meets-west in rehabilitation sciences and practicesHui-Chan, CWY
2009Easy synthesis of carbon nanotubes with polypyrrole nanotubes as the carbon precursorShang, S ; Yang, X; Tao, Xm 
2004EasyGo - a public transport query and guiding system for Hong KongPun-Cheng, LSC 
2004EasyGo - a web spatial database application for multi-modal public transport trip planningPun-Cheng, LSC ; Shea, GYK ; Mok, ECM ; Xu, Z
2001EBSD of Zn-rich phases in Zn-Al-based alloysZhu, YH; Lee, WB ; Yeung, CF; Yue, TM 
2015Ebselen as a potent covalent inhibitor of New Delhi metallo-β-lactamase (NDM-1)Chiou, J; Wan, S; Chan, KF ; So, PK; He, D; Chan, EWC; Chan, TH ; Wong, KY ; Tao, J; Chen, S 
2003Eccentric muscle strength in functional ankle instabilityMunn, J; Beard, DJ; Refshauge, KM; Lee, RYW
2011The ECM protein LTBP-2 is a suppressor of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma tumor formation but higher tumor expression associates with poor patient outcomeChan, SHK; Ko, JMY; Chan, KW; Chan, YP; Tao, Q; Hyytiainen, M; Keski-Oja, J; Law, S; Srivastava, G; Tang, J ; Tsao, SW; Chen, H; Stanbridge, EJ; Lung, ML
2008Eco-friendly fibers for sportswearMuthu, SSK; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY 
2012Eco-functional assessment combined with life cycle analysis : concept and applicationsMuthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY 
2007Eco-functional nano materials and applicationsLi, Y 
2012Eco-impact of plastic and paper shopping bagsMuthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY ; Ding, X
2010Eco-impact of shopping bags : consumer attitude and governmental policiesLi, Y ; Muthu, SS; Hu, J; Mok, PY ; Ding, X; Wang, L; Chen, W
2012Eco-redesign of a personal electronic product subject to the energy-using product directiveYung, WKC ; Chan, HK; Wong, DWC; So, JHT; Choi, ACK; Yue, TM 
2001EcoDesign program for Hong Kong electrical appliance manufacturersChoi, ACK
2007Ecolate' thinking as the missing link in integrating 21st century education - the case and opportunity for a paradigm shift in Hong KongBabson, JF
2008An ecological framework for evaluating relationship-functional aspects of youth mentoringChan, CC; Ho, WC
2001Ecological Importance of Tai Ho Wan, Hong Kong SAR, China. World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) East Asia ConferenceChan, GYS 
2012Ecological modernisation of Chinese export manufacturing via green logistics management and its regional implicationsLai, KH ; Wong, CWY ; Cheng, TCE 
2011Ecological views on ancient civilizationTan, WH
2009Econometric analysis of tourism demand system : a time varying perspectiveWu, C; Song, H ; Li, G
Jun-2014Economic analysis of a solid oxide fuel cell cogeneration/trigeneration system for hotels in Hong KongChen, JMP; Ni, M 
2012Economic analysis of tourism consumption dynamics. A time-varying parameter demand system approach.Wu, DC; Li, G; Song, H 
2003An economic approach to maritime risk management and safety regulationLi, KX; Cullinane, K
2006Economic benefits of improved condenser features for air-cooled chillers serving an air-conditioned hotelYu, FW; Chan, KT 
2010Economic benefits of optimal control for water-cooled chiller systems serving hotels in a subtropical climateYu, FW; Chan, KT 
2009The economic consequences of an audit failure : evidence from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hong KongGul, FA; Lai, KW 
2008Economic considerations and cost comparisons between the heat pumps and solar collectors for the application of plume control from wet cooling towers of commercial buildingsTyagi, SK; Wang, S ; Park, SR; Sharma, A
2015Economic design of control charts for monitoring batch manufacturing processesAvinadav, T; Perlman, Y; Cheng, TCE 
2004An economic evaluation of policy instruments for enhancing building energy efficiencyYik, FWH; Lee, WL 
2015Economic evaluation of the differential benefits of home visits with telephone calls and telephone calls only in transitional discharge supportWong, FKY ; So, C; Chau, J; Law, AKP; Tam, SKF; McGhee, S
2010Economic growth, telecommunications development and productivity growth of the telecommunications sector : evidence around the worldLam, PL; Shiu, A