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2008D-eigenvalues of diffusion kurtosis tensorsQi, L ; Wang, Y; Wu, EX
2014D-GLDPC codes with 3-D single parity-check product codes as super check nodesHe, Y; Sun, G; Yang, J; Lau, FCM 
2014d-glucose as a modifying agent in gelatin/collagen matrix and reservoir nanoparticles for Calendula officinalis deliveryLam, PLL; Kok, SHL; Bian, ZX; Lam, KH; Tang, JCO ; Lee, KKH; Gambari, R; Chui, CH
2015[D-Lys3]-GHRP-6 exhibits pro-autophagic effects on skeletal muscleYu, AP; Pei, XM; Sin, TK; Yip, SP ; Yung, BY ; Chan, LW; Wong, CS ; Siu, PM 
2012Daily changes in the phosphoproteome of the dinoflagellate lingulodiniumLiu, B; Lo, SCL ; Matton, DP; Lang, BF; Morse, D
2013Daily disposable lenses : the better alternativeCho, P ; Boost, MV
2010Daily institutional trades and stock price volatility in a retail investor dominated emerging marketLi, W; Wang, SS
2001Daily load forecasting with a fuzzy-input-neural network in an intelligent homeLing, SH; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
1997Damage analysis of crack tip zone in high impact polystyreneTai, WH; Lee, WB ; Tang, CY 
2011Damage analysis on a graded porous biocomposite structure under flexural load using FEMTang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Wei, L; Wang, ZW
2007Damage assessment of multi-layered composite structure using an embedded active sensor networkSu, ZQ ; Wang, XM; Chen, ZP; Ye, L
2009Damage assessment of reinforced concrete beams including the load environmentZhu, XQ; Law, SS; Hao, H
2015Damage assessment of shear connectors with vibration measurements and power spectral density transmissibilityLi, J; Hao, H; Xia, Y ; Zhu, HP
2005Damage coupled forming limit analysis of aluminum tailor-welded blanksMie, J; Cheng, CH; Chow, CL; Chan, LC 
2011Damage detection and reliability assessment of building structures using stochastic approachesXu, YL ; Zhang, J; Xia, Y ; Li, J; Lin J-H
2013Damage detection based on non-probabilistic reliability modelXia, Y ; Wang, XJ; Zhou, XQ
2012Damage detection for local components of long suspension bridges using influence linesChen, ZW; Zhu, S ; Xu, YL ; Li, Q
Dec-2011Damage detection for structures under ambient vibration via consistent regularizationLi, X; Wang, L; Law, SS
Dec-2011Damage detection in a bridge structure under traffic loadsLaw, SS; Li, J
2015Damage detection in long suspension bridges using stress influence linesChen, ZW; Zhu, SY ; Xu, YL ; Li, Q; Cai, QL
2010Damage detection in plate structures using modal power flow analysisLiu, X; Wong, WO ; Cheng, L 
2007Damage detection in simply supported concrete bridge structure under moving vehicular loadsZhu, XQ; Law, SS
2013Damage detection of beam structures under moving vehicle using wavelet finite element modelHe, WY; Zhu, S 
2005Damage detection of composite structures using dynamic analysisYam, LH; Cheng, L ; Wei, Z; Yan, YJ
2014Damage detection of long-span bridges using stress influence lines incorporated control chartsChen, ZW; Cai, QL; Lei, Y; Zhu, SY 
2013Damage detection of long-span bridges using stress influence lines incorporating control chartsChen, ZW; Zhu, SY ; Cai, QL; Xu, YL ; Lei, Y
2002Damage detection of long-span cable-supported bridgesWang, JY; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM ; Chan, THT
2004Damage detection of mono-coupled multistory buildings : numerical and experimental investigationsXu, YL ; Zhu, H; Chen, J
2005Damage detection of mono-coupled periodic structures based on sensitivity analysis of modal parametersZhu, HP; Xu, YL 
2014Damage detection of shear connectors in bridge structures with transmissibility in frequency domainLi, J; Hao, H; Xia, Y ; Zhu, HP
2013Damage detection using the eigenparameter decomposition of substructural flexibility matrixWeng, S; Zhu, HP; Xia, Y ; Mao, L
2011Damage detection utilising the artificial neural network methods to a benchmark structureWang, BS; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2006Damage evaluation of Truss Bridges using a reliability-based assessment techniqueNi, YQ ; Wat, KF; Ko, JM ; Hua, XG
1998Damage Evolution and Energy Dissipation in the Crazing of PolymersTang, CY ; Jie, M; Lee, WB 
1997Damage evolution and forming limit predictions of an A12024-T3 aluminium alloyLee, WB ; Tai, WH; Tang, CY 
2014Damage identification for beams in noisy conditions based on Teager energy operator-wavelet transform modal curvatureCao, M; Xu, W; Ostachowicz, W; Su, Z 
2011Damage identification in civil engineering structures utilizing PCA-compressed residual frequency response functions and neural network ensemblesLi, J; Dackermann, U; Xu, YL ; Samali, B
2006Damage identification of a scaled laboratory bridge modelXia, Y ; Hao, H; Deeks, AJ; Scanlon, R; Lim, A
2012Damage identification of a target substructure with moving load excitationLi, J; Law, SS
2008Damage identification of metallic structures using A0 mode of lamb wavesHu, N; Shimomukai, T; Fukunaga, H; Su, Z 
2008Damage identification of shear connectors with wavelet packet energy : laboratory test studyRen, W; Sun, Z; Xia, Y ; Hao, H; Deeks, A
2008Damage identification of structures including system uncertainties and measurement noiseLi, XY; Law, SS
2004Damage localization in plate structures from flexibility and its derivativesWu, D; Law, SS
2004Damage localization in plate structures from uniform load surface curvatureWu, D; Law, SS
2014Damage localization of cable-supported bridges using modal frequency data and probabilistic neural networkZhou, XT; Ni, YQ ; Zhang, FL
Dec-2011Damage location identification for bolt looseness at flange joints of leg members in high-rise steel tubular tower structuresQu, WL; He, Z; Qin, W; Xu, YL ; Pi, YL
1995Damage mechanics applied to elastic properties of polymersTang, CY ; Lee, WB 
2002A damage model for fracture prediction of superplastic aluminium composite sheetTang, CY ; Shen, W; Chan, KC ; Lee, TC
2007Damage model for micro-particle reinforced polymer compositesFan, J; Tang, C ; Tsui, C 
2013Damage modeling of degradable polymers under bulk erosionTang, CY ; Wang, ZW; Tsui, CP ; Bai, YF; Gao, B; Wu, H
2014Damage prognosis and health rating of long-span suspension bridgesXu, YL 
2000Damage to PFA concrete subject to high temperaturesXu, Y; Wong, YL; Poon, CS ; Anson, M
2013Damage visualization based on local dynamic perturbation : theory and application to characterization of multi-damage in a plane structureXu, H; Cheng, L ; Su, Z ; Guyader, JL
2005Damage-based formability analysis for TWBsChan, LC ; Cheng, CH; Jie, M; Chow, CL
2004Damage-detection-oriented model for a cracked rectangular plateWu, D; Law, SS
2010Damping analysis of primary and auxiliary control of HVDC systemsYu, T; Tong, JP; Chan, KW 
2006Damping analysis of primary and auxiliary control of HVDC systemsYu, T; Chan, KW ; Ren, Z
2007Damping cable vibration for a cable-stayed bridge using adjustable fluid dampersXu, YL ; Zhou, HJ
Dec-2011Damping device through autoparametric effectHui, CK; Ng, CF
2002Damping identification of MR-damped bridge cables from in-situ monitoring under wind-rain-excited conditionsNi, YQ ; Duan, YF; Chen, ZQ; Ko, JM 
2007Damping power system oscillations over tie-lines using PSSYuan, SQ; Chan, KW ; Fang, DZ
2012Danggui Buxue Tang exert stimulatory effects in rat osteoblastic UMR106 cells in an ER-dependent mannerGao, QG; Tsim, KWK; Wong, MS 
2012Danshensu is the major marker for the antioxidant and vasorelaxation effects of Danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza) water-extracts produced by different heat water-extractionsZhou, X; Chan, SW; Tseng, HL; Deng, Y; Hoi, PM; Choi, PS; Or, PMY; Yang, JM; Lam, FFY; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH; Kong, SK; Ho, HP; Kwan, YW; Yeung, JHK
2008Dark line detection with line width extractionLi, Q; Zhang, L ; You, J ; Zhang, D ; Bhattacharya, P
2012The dark side of logistics outsourcing - unravelling the potential risks leading to failed relationshipsTsai, MC; Lai, KH ; Lloyd, AE ; Lin, HJ
2008Dark soliton of a growing bose-einstein condensate in an external trapLi, H; Wang, DN 
2002Dark solitons in optical fibers with higher order effectsNakkeeran, K
2012Data aggregation scheduling in uncoordinated duty-cycled wireless sensor networks under protocol interference modelJiao, X; Lou, W ; Wang, X; Cao, J ; Xu, M; Zhou, X
1998Data analytical techniques for surface texture characterization of knitted fabrics based on laser triangulation scannerAlec, S; Tao, X 
2010Data classification on multiple manifoldsXiao, R; Zhao, Q; Zhang, D ; Shi, P
2014Data clustering with cluster size constraints using a modified k-means algorithmGanganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2015Data compression of very large-scale structural seismic and typhoon responses by low-rank representation with matrix reshapeYang, Y; Nagarajaiah, S; Ni, YQ 
Apr-2007Data consistency for cooperative caching in mobile environmentsCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Cao, G; Xie, L
2009A data fusion scheme for building automation systems of building central chilling plantsHuang, G; Wang, S ; Xiao, F ; Sun, Y
2008Data fusion schemes in damage detection : evaluation and comparisonWang, XM; Su, ZQ ; Cheng, L 
2008Data fusion schemes in damage identification : evaluation and comparisonWang, X; Su, Z ; Cheng, L 
2011Data fusion using aerial photographs and satellite images for detailed landslide assessmentWong, MS ; Nichol, J ; Shaker, A; Hui, CF
Dec-2012Data fusion-based structural damage detection under varying temperature conditionsBao, YQ; Xia, Y ; Li, H; Xu, YL ; Zhang, P
2005Data grid for large-scale medical image archive and analysisHuang, HK; Zhang, A; Liu, B; Zhou, Z; Documet, J; King, N; Chan, LWC 
2006Data management for CBM optimizationTsang, AHC; Yeung, WK; Jardine, AKS; Leung, BPK