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2001The A3 fault-tolerant framework for distributed computing with multiple mobile agents over sizeable networksWong, AKY; Lin, WWK
2002AAAL 2002 (Re) interpreting applied linguisiticsSengupta, S
2005Ab Initio calculations and Franck–Condon simulation of the Absorption Spectra of GeCl2 Including AnharmonicityMok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM
2001Ab initio calculations and spectral simulation of the Ã2A′→X̃2A″ emission of the HPCl radicalLee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Dyke, JM; Chau, FT
7-Sep-2007Ab initio calculations on low-lying electronic states of SbO₂‾ and Franck-Condon simulation of its photodetachment spectrumLee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Chow, WK 
2008Ab initio calculations on low-lying electronic states of SnCl 2- and Franck-Condon simulation of its photodetachment spectrumLee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Mok, DKW ; Chow, WK ; Chau, FT
15-Aug-2004Ab initio calculations on low-lying electronic states of TeO₂ and Franck-Condon simulation of the(1)¹B ← X˜¹A₁ TeO₂ absorption spectrum including anharmonicityLee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
2002Ab initio calculations on PO2 and anharmonic Franck-Condon simulations of its single-vibrational-level emission spectraLee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Dyke, JM; Chau, FT
8-Sep-2006Ab initio calculations on SCl₂ and low-lying cationic states of SCl₂⁺ : Franck-Condon simulation of the UV photoelectron spectrum of SCl₂Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM
8-Sep-2006Ab initio calculations on SF₂ and its low-lying cationic states : anharmonic Franck-Condon simulation of the uv photoelectron spectrum of SF₂Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
14-Jul-2007Ab initio calculations on SnCl₂and Franck-Condon factor simulations of its ã-X˜ and B˜-X˜ absorption and single-vibronic-level emission spectraLee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Mok, DKW ; Chow, WK ; Chau, FT
7-Dec-2007Ab initio calculations on the X˜¹A' and ùA" states of HPO and Franck-Condon simulation of the single vibronic level emission spectra of HPO and DPOLee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
2001Ab initio calculations on the (1)(2)Delta excited state and low-lying quartet states of Ga center dot N-2 : simulation of its LIF spectrumLee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Mok, DKW ; Claridge, RP; Chau, FT
2001Ab initio calculations on the (A)over-tilde(1)Pi and (X)over-tilde(1)Sigma(+) states of AlNC and simulation of the AlNC (A)over-tilde (1)Pi-(X)over-tilde(1)Sigma(+) emission spectraMok, DKW ; Lee, EPF; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
21-Jun-2010Ab initio calculations on the X˜²B₁and òA₁states of AsH₂, and Franck--Condon simulation, including anharmonicity, of the Ã(0,0,0)-X˜ single vibronic level emission spectrum of AsH₂Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
29-Mar-2010An ab initio investigation of boron nanotube in ringlike cluster formTian, FY; Wang, Y; Lo, VC; Sheng, J
2013Ab initio kinetics for the decomposition of hydroxybutyl and butoxy radicals of n-butanolZhang, P ; Klippenstein, SJ; Law, CK
2000Ab initio pair potentials and mechanical properties of zirconium hydridesLiu, SJ; Shi, SQ ; Huang, H; Woo, CH 
2007Ab initio study of low-lying electronic states of SnCl2 +Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Chow, WK ; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2008An ab initio study of the low-lying electronic states of YO2 and Franck-Condon simulation of the first photodetachment band of YO2-Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2006An ab initio study on some low-lying singlet and triplet states of SbO2+ and quartet states of SbO2Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Chau, FT; Chow, WK ; Mok, DKW 
11-Aug-2006An ab initio study on the ground and low-lying doublet electronic states of SbO₂Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Chau, FT; Chow, WK ; Mok, DKW 
2003Ab inito calculations and spectral simulations of PO2 SVL emission spectraMok, DKW ; Lee, EPF; Dyke, JM; Chau, FT
2001Abating air pollution - a people's warHung, WT 
2004The aBC cantonese-english dictionaryBauer, RS; Cheung, KH 
2011The ABCs of hedge funds : alphas, betas, and costsIbbotson, RG; Chen, P; Zhu, KX 
2003Aberrant BCL10 nuclear expression in nasal NK/T-cell lymphomaShen, L; Liang, AC; Lu, L; Au, WY; Wong, KY; Tin, PC; Chan, KW; Ko, KH; Chen, YW; Beh, SL; Shimizu, N; Tsuchiyama, J; Tang, JCO ; Kwong, YL; Liang, RHS; Srivastava, G
2006Aberrant promoter hypermethylation and silencing of the critical 3p21 tumour suppressor gene, RASSF1A, in Chinese oesophageal squamous cell carcinomaWong, MLY; Tao, Q; Fu, LI; Wong, KY; Qiu, GH; Law, FBF; Tin, PC; Cheung, WL; Lee, PY; Tang, JCO ; Tsao, GSW; Lam, KY; Law, S; Wong, J; Srivastava, G
2012Aberrations and topography in normal, keratoconus-suspect, and keratoconic eyesGordon-Shaag, A; Millodot, M; Ifrah, R; Shneor, E
2002Ability index of performance of complicated daily tasksWan, KYK; Chan, CCH 
2002Ability of detecting significant strains from the North China GPS networkWu, JC; Tang, C ; Chen, YQ 
2012The ability of object-oriented metrics to predict change-proneness : a meta-analysisLu, H; Zhou, Y; Xu, B; Leung, H ; Chen, L
2000Ability to detect movement of the knee joint decreases with ageYan, TB; Hui-Chan, CWY
Sep-2013Ablation of nanoparticles and efficient harmonic generation using a 1-kHz laserGaneev, RA; Hutchison, C; Lopez-Quintas, I; McGrath, F; Lei, DY ; Castillejo, M; Marangos, JP
2012Abnormal Accrual Estimates and Evidence of MispricingCheng, CSA ; Liu, CZ; Thomas, W
2002Abnormal bone turnover in adolescent girls with idiopathic scoliosisCheung, CSK; Lee, WTK; Guo, X ; Tang, SP; Lee, SKM; Cheng, JCY
2011Abnormal electrocaloric effect of Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3-BaTiO3 lead-free ferroelectric ceramics above room temperatureBai, Y; Zheng, GP ; Shi, SQ 
2008Abnormal ERG and EOG response in patients with pigment epithelial detachment : case seriesTse, JSH; Sum, RWM; Tong, CY; Chan, HHL 
2015Abnormal event detection scheme based on compressive sensing and GM(1,1) in Wireless Sensor NetworksLi, P; Wang, JX; Cao, JN 
2016Abnormal flow behavior and necklace microstructure of powder metallurgy superalloys with previous particle boundaries (PPBs)Ning, Y; Zhou, C; Liang, H; Fu, MW 
2014Abnormal leader processes in a classically-triggered negative discharge observed with a broadband VHF interferometer and a camera in 3DChen, M ; Shen, Y; Dong, W
2003Abnormal peri-pubertal anthropometric measurements and growth pattern in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis : a study of 598 patientsCheung, CSK; Lee, WTK; Tse, YK; Tang, SP; Lee, KM; Guo, X ; Qin, L; Cheng, JCY
2002Abnormal peri-pubertal growth and development in girls with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisLee, WTK; Cheung, CSK; Guo, X ; Tang, SP; Cheng, JCY
1-Dec-2004Abnormal phase transitions for tetragonal (1-x)Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])O₃-xPbTiO₃ single crystals at low temperatureWan, X; Zheng, RK; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Zhao, X; Luo, H
2002Abnormal postural balance and gait in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - correlation with somatosensory cortical evoked potentialsCheng, JCY; Lao, MLM; Chow, DHK; Guo, X 
2011Abnormalities in the anterior cingulate cortex associated with attentional and inhibitory control deficits : a neurophysiological study on children with autism spectrum disordersChan, AS; Han, YMY; Leung, WW; Leung, C; Wong, VCN; Cheung, MC
2006ABO blood group in Kuwaitis : detailed allele frequency distribution and identification of novel allelesYip, SP ; Choi, PS; Lee, SY; Leung, KH; El-Zawahri, MM; Luqmani, YA
2012About the book series "health and human development"Shek, DTL ; Suna, RCF; Merricke, J
2012About the department of applied social sciences, the Hong Kong polytechnic universityShek, DTL ; Suna, RCF; Merricke, J
2012About the national institute of child health and human development in IsraelShek, DTL ; Suna, RCF; Merricke, J
2010Absence of genetic association between high myopia and the imprinted insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) geneMak, JY; Ng, PW; Fung, WY; Yap, MK ; Yip, SP 
2005Absolute exponential stability of a class of recurrent neural networks with multiple and variable delaysLu, H; Shen, R; Chung, FL 
2004Absolute ionospheric delay estimation based on gPS pPP and gPS active networkHu, C; Chen, W ; Gao, S; Chen, Y ; Ding, X ; Kwok, S
2003Absolute light detection and temporal modulation sensitivities : effects of pupil diameterSiu, AW; Liyu, JC; Chan, EC; Li, RS
2003Absolute potassium cation affinities (PCAs) in the gas phaseLau, JKC; Wong, CHS; Ng, PS; Siu, FM; Ma, NL; Tsang, CW
2007Absorbant of generalized de Bruijn digraphsShan, E; Cheng, TCE ; Kang, L
2008Absorbent parallel noise barriers in urban environmentsLi, KM; Law, MK; Kwok, MP
2014Absorbent yarns from silk by in-situ polymerizationLee, KI; Lu, XK; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2015Absorption Enhancement in Organic Solar Cells with a Built-In Short-Pitch Plasmonic GratingZhang, Y; Cui, Y; Wang, W; Fung, KH ; Ji, T; Hao, Y; Zhu, F
2013Absorption of oblique incidence sound by a finite micro-perforated panel absorberYang, C; Cheng, L ; Pan, J
2014Abstract 549 : Gene expression changes of GAEC1 in a large cohort of human cancer tissuesGopalan, V; Smith, RA; Pillai, S; Salajegheh, A; Tang, CO ; Lam, AK
2004Abstract booklet : the seventh Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Combustion and Energy Utilization (7th APISCEU) : main theme, "Cleaner combustion for a green environment", The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 15-17 December, 2004Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW ; Chan, TL ; Wong, TT
2005Abundances, depositional fluxes, and homologue patterns of polychlorinated biphenyls in dated sediment cores from the Pearl River Delta, ChinaMai, B; Zeng, EY; Luo, X; Yang, Q; Zhang, G; Li, X ; Sheng, G; Fu, J
2015Abusive supervision and subordinate performance: Instrumentality considerations in the emergence and consequences of abusive supervisionWalter, F; Lam, CK; Van Der Vegt, GS; Huang, X; Miao, Q
2012Abusive supervision and work behaviors : the mediating role of LMXXu, E; Huang, X ; Lam, CK; Miao, Q
2005AC Poling study of lead zirconate titanate/vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene compositesKwok, KW ; Wong, CK; Zeng, R; Shin, FG
1995Ac voltammetric and impedance studies of the electrochemical oxidation of pyrrole in aqueous mediumShiu, KK; Zhang, Y; Wong, KY 
2010Academia and the evolution of ecotourismMckercher, B 
2014Academic myths of tourismMcKercher, B ; Prideaux, B
2007Academic presentations : the challenge for postgraduate researchersChigaeva, S; Moore, R
Mar-2010Academic reference librarians – getting by with a little help from our (special, public, school, law and medical librarian) friendsCmor, D
2010An academic review of web-based construction project management systems in ASP modelWong, KD ; Zhang, R
2013ACC : anonymous cooperative caching in wireless Ad Hoc networksSu, Z; Luo, X ; Wu, W; Cao, J 
2002Accelerated CMM for accelerated SAP in ERP implementation for business process re-engineeringLui, K; Chan, KCC 
2009Accelerated q-ary low-density parity-check codes decoding with message selectionShen, XH; Lau, FCM 
2015Accelerating aggregation using intra-cycle parallelismFeng, Z; Lo, E 
2011Accelerating the kernel-method-based feature extraction procedure from the viewpoint of numerical approximationXu, Y; Zhang, D 
2012Accelerating the quadratic lower-bound algorithm via optimizing the shrinkage parameterTian, GL; Tang, ML; Liu, C 
2005Acceleration and quenching of the photolysis of PCB in the presence of surfactant and humic materialsChu, W ; Chan, KH; Kwan, CY; Jafvert, CT
2012Acceleration of nonlinear convergence in finite element method of magnetic field computationHo, SL ; Niu, S ; Fu, WN