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20113-D breast anthropometry of plus-sized women in South AfricaPandarum, R; Yu, W ; Hunter, L
20113-d breast anthropometry of plus-sized women in South AfricaPandarum, R; Yu, W ; Hunter, A
20043-D elastic viscoplastic modeling analysis of a diatomaceous soft rockLiao, HJ; Su, LJ; Yin, JH 
20083-d fibrous assemblies : properties, applications and modelling of three-dimensional textile structuresHu, JL 
20033-D Hip contact pressure distribution in daily activitiesKumagai, M; Kim, YH; Inoue, N; Genda, E; Hua, K; Liong, BTL; Koo, TKK; Chao, EYS
Dec-20053-D measurement of body tissues based on ultrasound images with 3-D spatial informationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP ; Li, R; Lu, MH
2014A 3-D model for irregular wave propagation over partly vegetated watersZhan, JM; Yu, LH; Li, CW ; Li, YS ; Zhou, Q; Han, Y
20143-D movement mapping of the alpine glacier in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau by integrating D-InSAR, MAI and Offset-Tracking : case study of the Dongkemadi GlacierHu, J; Li, ZW; Li, J; Zhang, L ; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ; Sun, Q
20113-D palmprint recognition with joint line and orientation featuresLi, W; Zhang, D ; Zhang, L ; Lu, G; Yan, J
2015A 3-D quasi-zero-stiffness-based sensor system for absolute motion measurement and application in active vibration controlSun, X; Jing, X ; Cheng, L ; Xu, J
2013A 3-d self-organized leader propagation model and its engineering approximation for lightning protection analysisXu, Y; Chen, M 
20083-D simulation of twin boundary effect in single-grain silicon thin film transistorsYan, F 
Apr-2006A 3-D study of eddy current field and temperature rises in a compact bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Wong, HCC; Cheng, KWE 
2005A 3-D study of eddy current field and temperature rises in a Compact Bus Duct SystemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Wong, HC; Cheng, KWE 
2004A 3-D wave-current driven coastal sediment transport modelWai, OWH ; Chen, Y; Li, YS 
2005A 3-dimensional finite element model of the human foot and ankle for insole designCheung, JTM; Zhang, M 
2001A 3-dimensional hybrid search algorithm for fast block matching in video codingLai, KC; Wong, SC 
2003The 3-thiapentane-1,5-dithiolato-hexamethylbenzene ruthenium(II) complex as a metalloligand to Group 14 elementsShin, RYC; Vittal, JJ; Zhou, ZY; Koh, LL; Goh, LY
30-Nov-2003[3/2]-approximation for two-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling with availability constraintsCheng, TCE ; Liu, Z
200930 years of open door : understanding the patterns of hotel FDI in ChinaGrunewald, A; Song, H ; Ap, J
201235 MHz PMN-PT single crystal annular array ultrasonic transducerChen, J; Lam, KH; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
200835 Mhz UBM ultrasound imaging of excised ovine lumbar spinal nerve rootsRaphael, DT; Sun, L ; Wu, DMS; Zhang, Y; Berger, J
2000355 nm Nd:YAG laser ablation of polyimide and its thermal effectYung, WKC ; Liu, JS; Man, HC ; Yue, TM 
201235MHz PMN-PT single crystal annular array ultrasonic transducerChen, J; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
20033a-2b tonal alternations : an on-going sound change in Hong Kong Cantonese?Cheng, SKK
2010A 3D aerosol and visibility information system for urban areas using remote sensing and GISNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J
20133D auxetic textile structure for composite reinforcementHu, H ; Ge, ZY
20143D auxetic warp-knitted spacer fabricsWang, Z; Hu, H 
20093D biaxial spacer weft knitted structure and its reinforced composites properties under transversal impactHu, H ; Zhang, MX; Sun, BZ; Gu, BH
20163D bicontinuous nanoporous reduced graphene oxide for highly sensitive photodetectorsIto, Y; Zhang, W; Li, J; Chang, H; Liu, P; Fujita, T; Tan, Y; Yan, F ; Chen, M
2004A 3D biomechanical human model for numerical simulation of garment-body dynamic mechanical interactions during wearYeung, KW; Li, Y ; Zhang, X
2003A 3D biomechanical model for numerical simulation of dynamic mechanical interactions of bra and breast during wearLi, Y ; Zhang, X; Yeung, KW
20133D biometrics : systems and applicationsZhang, D ; Lu, G
20073D body scanner : an essential tool for fashion schoolsFaust, ME; Carrier, S
2012The 3D Chinese head and face modelingLuximon, Y ; Ball, R ; Justice, L
20143D composite structure to achieve tunable poisson’s ratio and enhanced energy absorbing abilityHou, XN; Hu, H 
2002A 3D computational foot modelZhang, M ; Cheung, JTM; Leung, AKL ; Fan, YB
20123D computer modeling on balconies in auditoriumCheung, LY; Tang, SK 
20123D coseismic Displacement of 2010 Darfield, New Zealand earthquake estimated from multi-aperture InSAR and D-InSAR measurementsHu, J; Li, ZW; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ; Zhang, L ; Sun, Q
20093D dynamic analysis of breast without and with a sports braZhou, J; Yu, W ; Ng, SP
20143D elastography measurement of neck node volume : system development, in vitro and in vivo studiesYing, M ; Zheng, YP ; Kot, BCW; Cheung, JCW; Cheng, SCH
20103D face representation and recognition by intrinsic shape description mapsGuo, Z; Zhang, Y; Xia, Y; Lin, Z; Feng, D
20143D fingerprint reconstruction system using feature correspondences and prior estimated finger modelLiu, F; Zhang, D 
20063D finite element analysis of female foot with high-healed shoeYu, J; Zhang, M 
20033D finite element analysis of foot skeletonDong, X; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
2007A 3D finite element analysis of human foot with high-heeled shoeZhang, M ; Yu, J; Zhang, Y; Cheung, JTM; Cong, Y; Leung, AKL 
2007A 3D finite element analysis of human foot with high-heeled shoeZhang, M ; Yu, J; Zhang, Y; Cheung, JTM; Cong, Y; Leung, AKL 
20033D finite element analysis of monolimb for below-knee amputeeLiu, Z; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
20063D finite element analysis of the damage effects on the dental composite subject to water sorptionFan, J; Tsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Chow, CL
2006A 3D finite element model of female foot with high heeled shoeYu, J; Zhang, M 
20063D finite element simulation of deep drawing with damage developmentFan, JP; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP ; Chan, LC ; Lee, TC
2007A 3D finite element simulation of foot-shoe interfaceCheung, JTM; Bouchet, B; Zhang, M ; Nigg, B
20103D finite element study of transient electromagnetic forces acting on the stator end-windings of a large turbo-generatorZhang, J; Yang, S; Ho, SL ; Yao, Y
20153D flexible, conductive and wearable fabric strain sensorsLi, JF; Xu, B ; Tao, X ; Hu, H 
20143D foot prediction method for low cost scanningMa, X; Luximon, A 
20103D foot scan to custom shoe lastRout, N; Zhang, YF; Khandual, A; Luximon, A 
20103D foot scan to custom shoe lastRout, N; Zhang, YF; Khandual, A; Luximon, A 
20053D foot shape generation from 2D informationLuximon, A; Goonetilleke, RS; Zhang, M 
20043D head model classification by evolutionary optimization of the Extended Gaussian Image representationWong, HS; Cheung, KKT; Ip, HHS
20093D human body scan data segmentation and applicationGao, CY; Liu, N
20013D image reconstruction of single camera body scannerNg, R ; Gu, HB; Yu, W 
2000A 3D image smoothing method for dynamic functional imagingCai, W; Feng, D; Fulton, R
20063D integral modeling for city surface & subsurfaceWang, Y; Wu, L; Shi, WZ ; Li, X
20013D layered-integrated modelling of mass exchange in semi-enclosed water bodiesLi, CW ; Gu, J
20043D measurement of body tissues based on 3D ultrasound images with spatial informationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP 
20123D microstructure construction and modeling of solid oxide fuel cell infiltrated electrodesZhang, YX; Sun, Q; Xia, CR; Ni, M 
2014A 3D model on tree root system using ground penetrating radarCheng, NF; Tang, HWC ; Ding, XL 
20113D model retrieval approach by using fuzzy shape distributionsZou, KS; Ip, WH ; Wu, CH; Chan, CY ; Yung, KL ; Chen, ZQ
20113D model retrieval based on fuzzy weighted shape distributionsChen, ZQ; Zou, KS; Ip, WH ; Chan, CY
20113D model retrieval method by using fractal D2 distributionZou, KS; Chen, ZQ; Ip, WH 
20103D modelling of hydrodynamics and mixing in a vegetation field under wavesLi, CW ; Zhang, ML
20103D neurological image retrieval with localized pathology-centric CMRGlc patternsCai, W; Liu, S; Wen, L; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2010A 3D non-linear k-epsilon turbulent model for prediction of flow and mass transport in channel with vegetationZhang, ML; Li, CW ; Shen, YM
2010A 3D numerical model for a flexible fiber motion in compressible swirling airflowGuo, HF; Xu, BG 
Jan-20013D numerical model for Pearl River estuaryChau, KW ; Jiang, YW
20083d numerical modeling of flow distributions in channel crossingsLi, CW ; Zeng, C
20093D Numerical modelling of flow divisions at open channel junctions with or without vegetationLi, CW ; Zeng, C
20153D numerical simulation analysis of passive drag near free surface in swimmingZhan, JM; Li, TZ; Chen, XB; Li, YS ; Wai, WHO 
20013D numerical simulation of ambient discharge of buoyant waterMa, FX; Li, CW 
20013D numerical simulation of deposition patterns due to sand disposal in flowing waterLi, CW ; Ma, FX