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2009Advanced numerical modeling of cold-formed steel lapped Z-sections with bolted connectionsHo, HC; Chung, KF 
2009Advanced numerical modeling of cold-formed steel Z sectionsHo, HC; Chung, KF 
2005Advanced nursing practice in Hong KongArthur, DG; Lai, CKY ; Wu, CLH 
2004Advanced or special soil testing systems and the properties and behavior of Hong Kong marine soilsYin, JH 
2005Advanced paradigms in artificial intelligence : from neural oscillators, chaos theory, to chaotic neural networksLee, R
2003Advanced parallel processing technologies : 5th International Workshop, APPT 2003, Xiamen, China, September 17-19, 2003 : proceedings
2005Advanced parallel processing technologies : 6th international workshop, APPT 2005, Hong Kong, China, October 27-28, 2005 : proceedings
2009Advanced pattern recognition technologies with applications to biometricsZhang, D ; Song, F; Xu, Y; Liang, Z
2003Advanced practice nursingArthur, D
2011An advanced quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm for unit commitmentChung, CY; Yu, H; Wong, KP
2009Advanced self-cleaning technology for textilesXin, JH 
2006Advanced small-signal security assessment tools for power systemsChung, CY ; Wong, KP
2013Advanced technologies for studying circulating tumor cells at the protein levelChan, CML; Au, TCC; Chan, ATC; Ma, BBY; Tsui, NBY; Ng, SSM; Hui, EP; Chan, LWC ; Ho, WS; Yung, BYM ; Wong, SCC 
2001Advanced topics in nonlinear control systems
2000An advanced unified power flow controller (AUPFC) using energy storageLeung, KK; Sutanto, D
2009Advanced visible-light-driven photo-catalytic self-cleaning textiles, neo fiber technology symposiumXin, JH 
2010Advanced visible-light-driven self-cleaning cotton by Au/TiO 2/SiO2 photocatalystsWang, R; Wang, X; Xin, JH 
2009An advanced web-based tourism demand forecasting systemGao, Z; Song, H ; Zhang, X; Lin, S
2001Advancement in elevator technology in densely populated citiesLam, D; Platten, A; Lee, KH; Yung, CM
2003Advancement of the annual traffic census in Hong KongLam, WHK ; Hung, WT ; Lo, HK; Lo, HP; Tong, CO; Wong, SC; Yang, H
2005Advancements on the integration of electromagnetic transients simulator and transient stability simulatorSu, HT; Chan, KW ; Snider, LA; Soumagne, JC
2002Advances and applications of GIS in China (1980-2002)Chen, J; Li, ZL 
2015Advances and prospects of fiber supercapacitorsSenthilkumar, ST; Wang, Y ; Huang, H 
2006Advances in adhesive joining of carbon fibre/polymer composites to steel members for repair and rehabilitation of bridge structuresHollaway, LC; Zhang, L; Photiou, NK; Teng, JG ; Zhang, SS
2008Advances in analysis and design of cold-formed steel structuresChung, KF ; Ho, HC; Wang, AJ; Yu, WK
2005Advances in analysis and design of cold-formed steel structuresChung, KF ; Yu, WK; Ho, HC; Wang, AJ
2009Advances in aqueous humor formation researchTo, CH 
2006Advances in biometrics : International Conference, ICB 2006, Hong Kong, China, January 5-7, 2006 : proceedings
2002Advances in biosorption mechanism and equilibrium modeling for heavy metals on biomaterialsLiu, R; Tang, H; Lo, WH 
2002Advances in building technology : proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Building Technology : 4-6 December 2002, Hong Kong, China
2007Advances in composite materials and structures : special issue containing the proceedings of 5th Asian-Australasian conference on composite materials (ACCM-5), 27-30 November 2006, Hong Kong
2006Advances in earth structures : research to practice : proceedings of sessions of GeoShanghai, June 6-8, 2006, Shanghai, China
2014Advances in equilibrium models for analyzing transportation network reliabilityLam, WHK ; Lo, HK; Wong, SC
2012Advances in fiber-optic sensing technologies and applicationsJin, W ; Tam, HY 
2003Advances in footwear design to reduce foot ulceration in diabetic mellitus patientsLuximon, A; Zhang, M 
2012Advances in geo-spatial information science
2007Advances in nano systems for textilesXin, JH 
2008Advances in neuro-rehabilitation : recent research initiatives at PolyUChan, CCH 
2007Advances in occupational rehabilitationChan, CCH 
2008Advances in optics design and precision manufacturing technologies : selected, peer reviewed papers from the Asia Pacific Conference on Optics Manufacture 2007, 11-13 January 2007, Hong Kong, P.R. China
2012Advances in optimization and design of supply chainsChan, CK ; Hou, SH; Langevin, A
2002Advances in ozone science and engineering : environmental processes and technological applications : proceedings of the International Conference, 15-16 April 2002, Hong Kong
2008Advances in photogrammetry, remote sensing and spatial information sciences : 2008 ISPRS congress book
2013Advances in shape memory polymersHu, JL 
2012Advances in spatial data handling and GIS : 14th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling
2005Advances in steel structures : proceedings of the fourth International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, 13-15 June 2005, Shanghai, China
2002Advances in steel structures : proceedings of the Third International Conference on Advances in Steel Structures, Hong Kong, China, 9-11 December 2002
2000Advances in structural dynamics : proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Structural Dynamics, Hong Kong, China, 13-15 December 2000
2009Advances in using structural health monitoring systemXu, YL 
2004Advances in video coding in the information eraSiu, WC 
2006Advances in web-age information management : 7th International Conference, WAIM 2006, Hong Kong, China, June 17-19, 2006 : proceedings
2002Advances in Web-based learning : first international conference, ICWL 2002, Hong Kong, China, August 2002 proceedings
2009Advances in wind-vehicle-long span bridge interactionXu, YL ; Chen, ZW; Li, Q; Wu, DJ
2008Advances of computational intelligence in industrial systems
2012Advancing doctoral nursing programmes in East AsiaChow, MCM
2015Advancing of land surface temperature retrieval using extreme learning machine and spatio-temporal adaptive data fusion algorithmBai, Y; Wong, MS ; Shi, WZ ; Wu, LX; Qin, K
2011The advantages of using fixed transmitter/tunable receivers in slotted WDM ring networksLi, CY; Wai, PKA 
2009Adventure tourism in AustraliaBauer, T
2008Adventures in re-searching the features of social work supervision in Hong KongTsui, MS 
2014Advergames for public service promotion : using digital games to deliver anti-drug abuse messages to childrenLee, PY; Lau, KW 
2014Adverse events of auricular therapy : a systematic reviewTan, JY; Molassiotis, A ; Wang, T; Suen, LKP 
2013Advertising and firm risk : a study of the Restaurant IndustryKim, YH ; Kim, MC ; O'Neill, JW
2012Advertising expenditure, ownership structure and firm value : evidence from the emerging Chinese marketKim, M ; Li, R
2012Advertising intensity, investor recognition, and implied cost of capitalHuang, Y ; Wei, SX 
2003Advertising standardization in multinational corporations. The subsidiary perspectiveSamiee, S; Jeong, I; Pae, JH; Tai, S
2010Advertisment translation : a theoretical and practical approachLi, K
2014Aeroacoustics of duct junction flows merging at different anglesLam, GCY; Leung, RCK ; Tang, SK 
2012Aeroacoustics of flow merging at duct junctionLam, GCY; Tang, SK ; Leung, RCK 
Feb-2013Aeroacoustics of T-junction merging flowLam, GCY; Leung, RCK ; Tang, SK 
2005Aeroacoustics of two open cavities in tandem configurationLeung, RCK ; So, RMC; Li, XM
2011Aerobic exercise training in addition to conventional physiotherapy for chronic low back pain : a randomized controlled trialChan, CW; Mok, NW ; Yeung, EW 
2004Aerodynamic and structural resonance of an elastic airfoil due to oncoming vorticesLuk, KF; So, RMC; Leung, RCK ; Lau, YL; Kot, SC
2004Aerodynamic characteristics of two side-by-side circular cylinders and time-frequency analysis of switching flow by waveletsAlam, MM; Sakamoto, H; Zhou, Y
2012Aerodynamic characteristics of vehicle-bridge system under cross wind : parameter studies based on wind tunnel testLi, Y; Hu, P; Zhang, M; Xu, Y 
2006Aerodynamic coefficients of inclined circular cylinders with artificial rivulet in smooth flowXu, YL ; Li, YL; Shum, KM; Kwok, KCF; Kwok, KCS; Hitchcock, PA
2005Aerodynamic loading on a cylinder behind an airfoilZhang, HJ; Huang, L; Zhou, Y
2008Aerodynamics of an airfoil at ultra-low reynolds numbersAlam, MM; Zhou, Y; Yang, H
2015Aerodynamics simulation on density jump in a long corridor fireXi, YH; Chow, WK ; Mao, J
2007Aerosol characterization using AERONET and MODIS data in Hong Kong during 2006Wong, MS; Nichol, JE ; Lee, KH; Li, ZQ
2012Aerosol ionic components at Mt. Heng in central southern China : abundances, size distribution, and impacts of long-range transportGao, X; Xue, L; Wang, X; Wang, T ; Yuan, C; Gao, R; Zhou, Y; Nie, W; Zhang, Q; Wang, W