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2012Advertising intensity, investor recognition, and implied cost of capitalHuang, Y ; Wei, SX 
2003Advertising standardization in multinational corporations. The subsidiary perspectiveSamiee, S; Jeong, I; Pae, JH; Tai, S
2014Aeroacoustics of duct junction flows merging at different anglesLam, GCY; Leung, RCK ; Tang, SK 
2012Aeroacoustics of flow merging at duct junctionLam, GCY; Tang, SK ; Leung, RCK 
Feb-2013Aeroacoustics of T-junction merging flowLam, GCY; Leung, RCK ; Tang, SK 
2005Aeroacoustics of two open cavities in tandem configurationLeung, RCK ; So, RMC; Li, XM
2011Aerobic exercise training in addition to conventional physiotherapy for chronic low back pain : a randomized controlled trialChan, CW; Mok, NW ; Yeung, EW 
2004Aerodynamic and structural resonance of an elastic airfoil due to oncoming vorticesLuk, KF; So, RMC; Leung, RCK ; Lau, YL; Kot, SC
2004Aerodynamic characteristics of two side-by-side circular cylinders and time-frequency analysis of switching flow by waveletsAlam, MM; Sakamoto, H; Zhou, Y
2012Aerodynamic characteristics of vehicle-bridge system under cross wind : parameter studies based on wind tunnel testLi, Y; Hu, P; Zhang, M; Xu, Y 
2006Aerodynamic coefficients of inclined circular cylinders with artificial rivulet in smooth flowXu, YL ; Li, YL; Shum, KM; Kwok, KCF; Kwok, KCS; Hitchcock, PA
2005Aerodynamic loading on a cylinder behind an airfoilZhang, HJ; Huang, L; Zhou, Y
2015Aerodynamics simulation on density jump in a long corridor fireXi, YH; Chow, WK ; Mao, J
2012Aerosol ionic components at Mt. Heng in central southern China : abundances, size distribution, and impacts of long-range transportGao, X; Xue, L; Wang, X; Wang, T ; Yuan, C; Gao, R; Zhou, Y; Nie, W; Zhang, Q; Wang, W
2010Aerosol optical thickness retrieval using a small satelliteWong, MS ; Lee, KH; Nichol, J ; Kim, YJ
2006The aerosol penetration through an electret fibrous filterJiang, W; Cheung, CS ; Chan, CK ; Zhu, C
2009Aerosol-assisted flow synthesis of B-doped, Ni-doped and B-Ni-codoped TiO2 solid and hollow microspheres for photocatalytic removal of NOHuang, Y; Ho, W; Ai, Z; Song, X; Zhang, L; Lee, S 
2011Aerosol-assisted flow synthesis of WxTi1-xO 2 solid solution spheres with enhanced photocatalytic activityAi, Z; Song, X; Huang, Y; Zhang, L; Lee, S 
2008Aesthetic analysis of fashion communication systemYan, S; Ng, R 
2011Aesthetic effect generated by laser treatment for fashion designYuan, GX; Jiang, SX ; Newton, E; Fan, JT; Au, WM
2012Aesthetic elements in functional cycling sportswear design, textile bioengineering and informatics symposium proceedingsLuo, J; Mao, AH; Au, JS ; Li, Y ; Zhang, X
2005Affective images : relieving chronic pain and enhancing quality of life for older personsTse, MMY ; Pun, SPY; Benzie, IFF 
10-Sep-2009African perspectives on China-Africa linksSautman, B; Yan, H 
1994Age and the van Herick ratio in a Chinese populationBrown, B; Yap, MKH 
2002Age replacement policy : a multi-attribute value modelJiang, R; Ji, P 
2001Age stereotypes and discriminatory attitudes towards older workers : an East-West comparisonChiu, W ; Chan, AW ; Snape, E; Redman, T
1993Age, gender, and tear break-up timeCho, P ; Yap, M 
2009Age- and direction-related adaptations of lumbar vertebral trabecular bone with respect to apparent stiffness and tissue level stress distributionGong, H; Fan, Y; Zhang, M ; Qin, L
2005Age-dependent and iron-independent expression of two mRNA isoforms of divalent metal transporter 1 in rat brainKe, Y; Chang, YZ; Duan, XL; Du, JR; Zhu, L; Wang, K; Yang, XD; Ho, KP; Qian, ZM
2009Age-dependent expression of hephaestin in the brain of ceruloplasmin-deficient miceCui, R; Duan, XL; Anderson, GJ; Qiao, YT; Yu, P; Qian, ZM; Yoshida, K; Takeda, S; Guo, P; Yang, ZL; Chang, YZ
2008Age-dependent increase in oxidative stress in gastrocnemius muscle with unloadingSiu, PM ; Pistilli, EE; Always, SE
2005Age-related alteration of vitamin D metabolism in response to low-phosphate diet in ratsChau, TS; Lai, WP; Cheung, PY; Favus, MJ; Wong, MS 
2013Age-related changes in spontaneous oscillations assessed by wavelet transform of cerebral oxygenation and arterial blood pressure signalsLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Xin, Q; Luo, S; Cui, R; Zhou, W; Lu, L
2008Age-related differences in neural activities during risk taking as revealed by functional MRILee, TMC; Leung, AWS; Fox, PT; Gao, JH; Chan, CCH 
2006Age-related differences in response regulation as revealed by functional MRILee, TMC; Zhang, JX; Chan, CCH ; Yuen, KSL; Chu, LW; Cheung, RTF; Chan, YS; Fox, PT; Gao, JH
2006Age-related differences in response regulation as revealed by functional MRIYuen, KSL; Zhang, JXX; Chan, CCH ; Gao, JH; Lee, TMC
2014Age-related effects on perceptual and semantic encoding in memoryKuo, MCC; Liu, KPY; Ting, KH; Chan, CCH 
2015Age-specific epidemic waves of influenza and respiratory syncytial virus in a subtropical cityYang, L ; Chan, KH; Suen, LKP ; Chan, KP; Wang, X; Cao, P; He, D ; Peiris, JSM; Wong, CM
2006Ageing building services in two residential buildings in Hong KongLai, HK ; Yik, WH; Chan, WT
2003Ageing characteristics of cast Zn-Al based alloy (ZnAl7Cu3)Zhu, YH; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2003Ageing characteristics of furnace cooled eutectoid Zn-Al based alloyZhu, YH; Man, HC ; Dorantes-Rosales, HJ; Lee, WB 
2002Ageism in teaching : stereotypical beliefs and discriminatory attitudes towards the over-50sRedman, T; Snape, E
2013Agency responses to stakeholder support and pressureTang, SY; Lo, CWH ; Fryxell, GE
2007Agent based multi-attribute negotiation for large-scale construction project supply chain coordinationXue, X; Wang, Y; Shen, Q 
2011Agent oriented petroleum supply chain coordination : co-evolutionary Particle Swarm Optimization based approachSinha, AK; Aditya, HK; Tiwari, MK; Chan, FTS 
2012Agent-based flight planning system for enhancing the competitiveness of the air cargo industryChan, CK; Chow, HKH; So, SKP; Chan, HCB 
2005An agent-based framework for supply chain coordination in constructionXue, X; Li, X; Shen, Q ; Wang, Y
2010Agent-based government policy simulation in water supply sector under transition economySheng, N; Chua, H
2013An agent-based model of supply chains with dynamic structuresLi, J; Chan, FTS 
2012An agent-based reinforcement learning model for optimal assessment of competitive electricity marketWu, Y; Ngan, HW ; Tan, Z
2006Agent-based self-healing protection systemSu, S; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Zeng, X; Duan, X
2009Agent-based web content engagement time (WCET) analyzer on e-publication systemLee, RST; Liu, JNK; Yeung, KSY; Sin, AHL; Shum, DTF
2005Agent-based wide area current differential protection systemSu, S; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Zeng, XJ; Duan, XZ
2004An agent-oriented and knowledge-based system for strategic e-procurementCheung, CF ; Wang, WM; Lo, V; Lee, WB 
2011Aggregate procurement, production, and shipment planning decision problem for a three-echelon supply chain using swarm-based heuristicsPal, A; Chan, FTS ; Mahanty, B; Tiwari, MK
2011Aggregate quasi rents and auditor independence : evidence from audit firm mergers in ChinaChan, KH; Wu, D
Sep-2012Aggregating skip bigrams into key phrase-based vector space model for web person disambiguationXu, J; Lu, Q ; Liu, Z
2015Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) dye loaded polymer nanoparticles for gene silencing in pancreatic cancer and their in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility evaluationHu, R; Yang, CB; Wang, YC; Lin, GM; Qin, W; Ouyang, QL; Law, WC ; Nguyen, QT; Yoon, HS; Wang, XM; Yong, KT; Tang, BZ
2010Aggregation-induced emission in a hyperbranched poly(silylenevinylene) and superamplification in its emission quenching by explosivesLu, P; Lam, JWY; Liu, J; Jim, CKW; Yuan, W; Xie, N; Zhong, Y; Hu, Q; Wong, KS; Cheuk, KKL ; Tang, BZ
2015Aggregation-induced emission rotors : rational design and tunable stimuli responseLi, J; Zhang, Y; Mei, J; Lam, JWY; Hao, J ; Tang, BZ
2006Aging and mfERG topographyTam, WK; Chan, H ; Brown, B; Leung, KW; Woo, V; Yap, M 
2012Aging and universal public transport designSiu, KWM 
2003Aging property of unimodal failure rate modelsJiang, R; Ji, P ; Xiao, X
17-Sep-2007Aging-induced double ferroelectric hysteresis loops in BiFeO₃multiferroic ceramicYuan, GL; Yang, Y; Or, DSW 
2009Aging-induced, defect-mediated double ferroelectric hysteresis loops and large recoverable electrostrains in Mn-doped orthorhombic KNbO3-based ceramicsFeng, Z; Or, SW 
2008AgNO3-induced photocatalytic degradation of odorous methyl mercaptan in gaseous phase : mechanism of chemisorption and photocatalytic reactionLiu, TX; Li, XZ; Li, FB
2015Agrarian Capitalization without Capitalism? Capitalist Dynamics from Above and Below in ChinaYan, H. ; Chen, Y.
2006An AHP approach in benchmarking logistics performance of the postal industryChan, FTS ; Chan, HK; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL
2010An AHP model for selection of suppliers in the fast changing fashion marketChan, FTS ; Chan, HK
2004AHU sensor fault diagnosis using principal component analysis methodWang, S ; Xiao, F 
2009An AI approach for optimizing multi-pallet loading operationsLau, HCW; Chan, TM; Tsui, WT; Ho, GTS; Choy, KL 
2015AI-based methodology of integrating affective design, engineering, and marketing for defining design specifications of new productsKwong, CK ; Jiang, H; Luo, XG
2004AI-based teaching package for open channel flow on InternetChau, KW ; Sze, Y
2015Aid effectiveness and development policies in Botswana : a successful storyTalesco, C
2014Air and road surface temperature corrections for tyre/road noise measurement with Close-Proximity (CPX) methodLam, YK; Leung, CK; Hung, WT 
2008Air cleaner performance evaluation : part I- titanium dioxide filter performance testingChan, WT; Mak, KC; Jones, P; Yeung, X; Chao, B; Law, KC
2008Air cleaner performance evaluation : part II - site performance investigationChan, WT; Yeung, X; Chao, B; Mak, KC; Law, KC
1998Air diffusion terminal devices : macroscopic numbers describing jet momentumChow, WK ; Wong, LT 
2012Air flow through the door opening induced by a room fire under different ventilation factorsCai, N; Chow, WK 
2014Air passenger duty and outbound tourism demand from the United KingdomSeetaram, N; Song, HY ; Page, SJ