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2014Adaptive security for human surveillance using multimodal open set biometric recognitionKumar, A; Kumar, A
2015Adaptive security management of real-time storage applications over NAND based storage systemsJiang, W; Ma, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Shao, Z 
Nov-2006Adaptive segmentation of textured images by using the coupled Markov random field modelXia, Y; Feng, DD; Zhao, R
2001Adaptive semantic data broadcast in a mobile environmentLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Si, A
1999Adaptive shrinkage algorithm for ringing suppression with smoothness constraintLaw, NF ; Siu, WC 
2010Adaptive sliding mode control of piezoelectric tube actuator with hysteresis, creep and coupling effectChung, SH; Fung, EHK
2004An adaptive sliding mode controller for buck converter in continuous conduction modeTan, SC; Lai, YM ; Tse, CKM ; Cheung, MKH
2015Adaptive sliding mode technique-based electromagnetic suspension system with linear switched reluctance actuatorLin, J; Cheng, KWE ; Zhang, Z; Cheung, NC ; Xue, X
2012Adaptive spatiotemporal background modellingWang, Y; Liang, Y; Zhang, L ; Pan, Q
22-Dec-2006An adaptive squared-distance-weighted interpolation for volume reconstruction in 3D freehand ultrasoundHuang, QH; Zheng, YP 
2001Adaptive strategies of trading companiesEllis, P
2011Adaptive structures for flow-structure-noise controlCheng, L 
2014An adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energyHu, H; Ding, Y; Zhu, Q; Wu, B ; Lin, H; Du, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y
2008Adaptive synchronization between two complex networks with nonidentical topological structuresTang, H; Chen, L; Lu, JA; Tse, CK 
1998Adaptive temporal decimation algorithm with dynamic time windowKwok, SH; Siu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
2015Adaptive testing for the partially linear single-index model with error-prone linear covariatesHuang, Z; Shao, Q; Pang, Z; Lin, B
2013Adaptive thresholding for multi-label SVM classification with application to protein subcellular localization predictionWan, SB; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2000Adaptive thresholding for noisy MPEG-4 still texture imageChan, TCL; Lun, DPK 
2010Adaptive Tikhonov regularization for damage detection based on nonlinear model updatingLi, XY; Law, SS
2000Adaptive time-delay controllerRad, AB; Lo, WL; Tsang, KM 
2010Adaptive time-variant models for fuzzy-time-series forecastingWong, WK ; Bai, E; Chu, AWC 
2015Adaptive tool servo diamond turning for enhancing machining efficiency and surface quality of freeform opticsZhu, Z; To, S 
2010Adaptive traffic light control in wireless sensor network-based intelligent transportation systemZhou, B; Cao, J ; Zeng, X; Wu, H
2012Adaptive traffic light control in WSN-based ITS : both isolated intersection and multiple intersectionsZhou, B; Cao, J ; Li, B
2011Adaptive traffic light control of multiple intersections in WSN-based ITSZhou, B; Cao, J ; Wu, H
2013An adaptive traffic light control scheme and its implementationin WSN-based ITSZhou, B; Cao, J ; Li, J
2002Adaptive wavelet regularity scalable image codingHo, YF; Hsung, TC; Lun, DPK 
2008Adaptive wavelet transform based on cross-validation method and its application to GPS multipath mitigationZhong, P; Ding, XL ; Zheng, DW; Chen, W ; Huang, DF
2007Adaptive weight estimation in multi-biometric verification using fuzzy logic decision fusionHui, HPS; Meng, HM; Mak, MW 
2011Adaptive weighted fusion of local kernel classifiers for effective pattern classificationYang, S; Zuo, W; Liu, L; Li, Y; Zhang, D 
2012Adaptive wide-area damping control scheme with stochastic subspace identification and signal time delay compensationZhang, P; Yang, DY; Chan, KW ; Cai, GW
2014Adaptive-passive vibration isolation between nonrigid machines and nonrigid foundations using a dual-beam periodic structure with shape memory alloy transverse connectionWang, J; Mak, CM 
2014An adaptive-profile active shape model for facial-feature detectionSun, K; Zhou, H; Lam, KM 
2013ADaptive-scale damage detection for frame structures using beam-type wavelet finite element: Experimental validationZhu, S ; He, WY; Ren, WX
2015Adaptive-scale damage detection strategy for plate structures based on wavelet finite element modelHe, WY; Zhu, S 
2011Adaptively robust phase lock loop for low C/N carrier tracking in a GPS software receiverMiao, JF; Chen, W ; Sun, YR; Liu, JY
2015Adaptively secure identity-based broadcast encryption with a constant-sized ciphertextKim, J; Susilo, W; Au, MH; Seberry, J
2008The added values and motivations of embarking on postgraduate maritime studiesHo, WCJ; Ng, KYA; Koo, A 
2007Adding adaptability to mailbox-based mobile IPZhang, L; Jin, B; Cao, J 
2002Adding colour to e-commerceXin, J ; Lawn, R
Mar-1999Adding learning to cellular genetic algorithms for training recurrent neural networksKu, KWC; Mak, MW ; Siu, WC 
2010Adding randomness to modeling internet TCP-RED systems with interactive gatewaysChen, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
2000The addition of exercise training to TENS produced better treatment outcomes for clients with osteoarthritic knee painCheing, GLY ; Hui-Chan, CWY; Chan, KM
18-Dec-2006Additional dc magnetic field response of magnetostrictive/piezoelectric magnetoelectric laminates by Lorentz force effectJia, Y; Tang, Y; Zhao, X; Luo, H; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
2014An additive convolution model for fast restoration of nonuniform blurred imagesDeng, H; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2013Additive effects of hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and chronic kidney disease on carotid atherosclerosis in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes mellitusYuan, C; Lai, CWK ; Chan, LWC ; Chow, MCM; Law, HKW; Ying, M 
2013An additive selection of markers to improve diagnostic accuracy based on a discriminatory measureTang, LL; Kang, L; Liu, C ; Schisterman, EF; Liu, A
2015An additive-multiplicative rates model for multivariate recurrent events with event categories missing at randomYe, P; Sun, L; Zhao, X ; Xu, W
2008Address assignment sensitive variable partitioning and scheduling for DSPs with multiple memory banksXue, C; Liu, T; Shao, Z ; Hu, J; Jia, Z; Sha, E
1991Address generation of prime factor algorithm in a multiprocessor systemLo, KC; Siu, WC ; Lun, DPK ; Purvis, A
2012Addressing biometrics security and privacy related challenges in ChinaMok, SY; Kumar, A 
Jun-2011Addressing digital inequality for the socioeconomically disadvantaged through Government initiatives : forms of capital that affect ICT utilizationHsieh, JJPA; Rai, A; Keil, M
2014Addressing issues impacting advanced nursing practice worldwideKleinpell, R; Scanlon, A; Hibbert, D; Ganz, FD; East, L; Fraser, D; Wong, FKY ; Beauchesne, M
2004An addressing model for three-dimensional city properties in Hong KongPun-Cheng, LSC ; Lee, YC
2012Addressing sexuality issues of women with gynaecological cancer : Chinese nurses' attitudes and practiceZeng, YC; Liu, X; Loke, AY 
2010Addressing sexuality issues of women with gynecological cancerZeng, YC; Loke Yuen, A 
2011Addressing the data-imbalance problem in kernel-based speaker verification via utterance partitioning and speaker comparisonRao, W; Mak, MW 
2003Addressing the informational needs of healthcare professionals in dementia care : an explorative study in a Chinese societyChung, JCC; Lai, CKY 
2004Addressing the knowledge gap in outsourcing for operation and maintenance work for sustainable buildingsLai, HK ; Yik, WH; Jones, P
2008Adenosine A3 receptors and reduction of intraocular pressureAvila, MY; Do , CW ; Wang, Z; Jacobson, KA; Jeong, LS; Stone, RA; Civan, MM
2013Adenosine triphosphate : a potential mediator of the aging processLai, WF; Siu, P 
2004The adequacy of information for functional managers' decision-making : an exploratory study on China's state-owned enterprisesChow, CW; Yuen, S
2011Adequacy of safe egress design codes for supertall buildingsPang, ECL; Chow, WK 
2011Adherence of Acanthamoeba to lens cases and effects of drying on survivalBoost, M; Shi, GS; Cho, P 
25-Feb-2016Adherence therapy versus routine psychiatric care for people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders : a randomised controlled trialChien, WT ; Mui, J; Gray, R; Cheung, E
2009Adhesion strength of plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings on laser gas-nitrided pure titaniumYang, S; Man, HC ; Xing, W; Zheng, X
2007Adhesion study of pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite coating on laser surface nitrided nickel titaniumChiu, KY; Man, HC ; Wong, KH; Cheng, FT
2009Adhesion study of pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite coating on laser surface nitrided titaniumMan, HC ; Chiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Wong, KH
2012Adhesive dynamics model for cancel cells adhesion in curved post-capillary venulesYan, W; Liu, Y ; Fu, B; Xu, Y; Su, Z
2014Adhesive properties of S.S to PU and PVC leathersJiang, S ; Miao, D; Zhao, D
2006ADI-FDTD method for transformed maxwell's equationsTian, CM; Tam, WY 
2013An adjunct intervention for management of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD)Ngai, SPC ; Jones, AYM; Hui-Chan, CWY; Ko, FWS; Hui, DSC
2006Adjustable fluid damper with SMA actuatorsLi, ZQ; Xu, YL ; Zhou, LM 
2006Adjustable fluid damper with SMA actuators for wind-rain-induced cable vibration controlXu, YL ; Zhou, LM; Li, ZQ
2007Adjusted action limits for Cpm based on departures from normalityLeung, BPK ; Spiring, F
2006An adjusted recursive operator allocation optimization algorithm for line balancing controlSong, BL; Wong, WK ; Fan, JT; Chan, SF
2014Adjusting for misclassification in a stratified biomarker clinical trialLiu, CL ; Liu, AY; Hu, J; Yuan, VVA; Halabi, S
2010Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperationZhang, H; Small, M; Yang, H; Wang, B
2003Adjustment and adaptation : a study on the aged parents in contemporary chinaLau , SLS
1999Adjustment of step size for time stepping finite element analysis on skewed rotor induction motors fed by SPWM sourceHo, SL ; Li, HL