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2015Computational biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system
2001Computational construction kits for geometric modelling and designFrazer, JH; Aish, R; Frankel, J; Patera, A; Marks, J
2000Computational Discretization Algorithms for Functional Inequality Constrained OptimizationTeo, KL; Yang, XQ ; Jennings, LS
2012Computational error bounds for a differential linear variational inequalityChen, X ; Wang, Z
2011Computational existence proofs for spherical t-designsChen, X ; Frommer, A; Lang, B
1996Computational fabric mechanics : present status and future trendsHu, JL ; Teng, JG 
2012Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of particle deposition in a two-dimensional turbulent channel air flow : study of influence factorsJiang, H; Lu, L ; Sun, K
2009Computational fluid dynamics modeling of a solid oxide electrolyzer cell for hydrogen productionNi, M 
2004Computational fluid dynamics simulation of fire-induced air flow in a large space building: Key points to noteLi, YF; Chow, WK 
2005Computational intelligence techniques for home electric load forecasting and balancingLing, SH; Leung, FHF ; Wong, LK; Lam, HK
May-2007Computational intelligence-based biometric technologiesZhang, DD ; Zuo, W
2011A computational investigation of particle distribution and deposition in a 90 degrees bend incorporating a particle-wall modelSun, K; Lu, L ; Jiang, H
2013A computational knowledge elicitation and sharing system for mental health case management of the social service industryWang, WM; Cheung, CF 
2007Computational manageability of allocating transportation service providers in a global organizationAndrew, L; Brian, R; Xu, Z 
Oct-2003Computational model for color mapping on texture imagesXin, JH ; Shen, HL
2010A computational model for cortical endosteal surface remodeling induced by mechanical disuseGong, H; Zhang, M 
2003A computational model for monolimb designLee, WC; Zhang, M ; Jia, XH; Boone, DA
2010Computational model for the underlying mechanisms regulating bone loss by mechanical unloading and estrogen deficiencyGong, H; Zhu, D; Zhang, M ; Zhang, X
2010Computational model of nonlinear elastic tubular fabric using finite element methodLin, YL; Choi, KF; Luximon, A ; Yao, L; Li, Y 
Jul-2005Computational models for fusion of texture and color : a comparative studyShen, HL; Xin, JH 
2015Computational Models of the Foot and Ankle for Pathomechanics and Clinical Applications: A ReviewWang, Y; Wong, DWC; Zhang, M
2009A computational narrative construction method with applications in organizational learning of social service organizationsWang, WM; Cheung, CF ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, SK
2004A computational optimal control approach to the design of a flexible rotating beam with active constrained layer dampingLee, YCE; Fung, EHK; Zou, JQ; Lee, HWJ
2011A computational study of bifunctional oxygen electrode in air-breathing reversible microfluidic fuel cellsXuan, J; Leung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Ni, M ; Wang, H
2011A computational study of plastic deformation in AISI 304 induced by surface mechanical attrition treatmentZhang, X; Lu, J; Shi, S 
2009Computational study of the heterodimerization between ?g and ?_ receptorsLiu, X; Kai, M; Jin, L; Wang, R
2007A computational study of the interaction noise from a small axial-flow fanLu, HZ; Huang, L; So, RMC; Wang, J
2004Computational visual sensitivity models - a reviewLu, Z; Chi, Z 
2013A computationally efficient state-space partitioning approach to pricing high-dimensional American options via dimension reductionJin, X; Li, X ; Tan, HH; Wu, Z
2008A computationally efficient vector optimizer using ant colony optimizations algorithm for multobjective designsHo, SL ; Yang, S
2013Computationally scalable adaptive image interpolation algorithm using maximum-likelihood denoising for real-time applicationsHung, KW; Siu, WC 
2010Computationally-scalable motion estimation algorithm for H.264/AVC video codingChiu, MY; Siu, WC 
2010Computationally-scalable motion estimation algorithm for H.264/AVC video codingChiu, MY; Siu, WC 
2012Computed radiographic and ultrasonic evaluation of bone regeneration during tibial distraction osteogenesis in rabbitsLuk, HK; Lai, YM ; Qin, L; Huang, YP; Zheng, YP 
2012Computer aided clothing pattern design with 3D editing and pattern alterationMeng, Y; Mok, PY ; Jin, X
2005Computer aided tongue diagnosis systemZhang, HZ; Wang, KQ; Zhang, D ; Pang, B; Huang, B
2000Computer analysis of arbitrary reinforced concrete cross-section under bieccentric loadDiao, B; Ye, Y; Lam, SSE 
2007A computer assisted language learning system based on error trends groupingZhou, W; Lu, Q ; You, X; Zheng, J; Chiu, TS; Ye, W
2003A computer based accommodation advisorLaw, R ; Cheung, C 
2008Computer engineering database design and application in clothing thermal functional designWang, RM; Du, YY; Mao, AH; Li, Y 
1994Computer formulation of averaged models for periodically-switched networksLai, YM ; Tse, CK ; Szeto, CH
2003Computer modeling of building-integrated photovoltaic systems using genetic algorithms for optimizationPang, H; Lo, EWC ; Lam, KH
2011Computer modelling of multi-purpose hybrid filter for high voltage electrical installationsLo, WCE ; Pang, H
1995Computer modelling of the effect of rolling schedule on the plastic anisotropy of cold-rolled aluminium sheetsLee, WB ; To, S
2002Computer simulation and modeling in railway applicationsHo, TK; Mao, BH; Yuan, ZZ; Liu, HD; Fung, YF
2002Computer simulation of coupled vehicle-cable stayed bridge systems under gust windGuo, WH; Xu, YL ; Yan, QS
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. I. Trifunctional networks cured in the bulkLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
15-Apr-1984Computer simulation of end-linked elastomers. II. Bulk cured tetrafunctional networksLeung, YK; Eichinger, BE
2011Computer simulation of progressive retinal nerve fiber layer loss in glaucoma : performance of event and trend analysesYu, M; Weinreb, RN; Yiu, C ; Liu, S; Or, MK; Ye, C; Lam, DSC; Leung, CKS
2005Computer simulation of single-point diamond turning using finite element methodWu, HY; Lee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Chen, YP
1995A computer simulation of the effect of wall thickness on the metal flow in diecasting diesLee, WB ; Lu, HY; Lui, YB
2014Computer simulation of the strong surface effects on deformation behaviors of metallic glass nanowiresZheng, GP ; Zhang, HY; Yang, JH
1996Computer simulation of the thermal fire resistance of building materials and structural elementsChow, WK ; Chan, YY
2002Computer simulation of thermal smart garments with phase change materialsZhu, QY; Li, Y 
2000Computer simulation on reconstruction of 3-D flame temperature distributionXu, Y; Yung, KL ; Wu, Z; Li, T
2008Computer simulation on reliability of retention index with FDG-PET and optimization of dual-time-point imaging protocolJia, R; Bai, J; Wen, L; Feng, D
2008Computer simulation study of a horizontal light pipe integrated with laser cut panels in a dense urban environmentKwok, CM; Chung, TM
2001A computer system for surveying railway alignments in Hong KongLam, SYW; Tang, CHW 
2009Computer thermal functional simulation to enhance students' learning on fashion product developmentCao, ML; Li, Y ; Csete, J
2004Computer vision applications in power substationsChan, WL ; Pang, SL; Ma, CF
2010A computer-aided approach for construction briefingLuo, XC; Shen, QP 
2003A computer-aided decision support system for assessing a contractor's competitivenessShen, LY; Lu, W; Shen, Q ; Li, H 
2011Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) system for construction of spinal orthosis for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWong, MS 
2003Computer-aided design of PV/wind hybrid systemAi, B; Yang, H ; Shen, H; Liao, X
2015Computer-aided diagnosis for preoperative invasion depth of gastric cancer with dual-energy spectral CT imagingLi, C; Shi, C; Zhang, H; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2008A computer-aided FPS-oriented approach for construction briefingLuo, X; Shen, Q 
2007Computer-aided generation of fixture configuration design using polychromatic setsJi, P ; Lau, FKH; Jiang, L; Li, M; Li, Z
2002Computer-aided learning of controller design : focus on fuzzy logic controlLo, CH; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2010Computer-aided nonlinear vehicle-bridge interaction analysisLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ; Chen, ZW
2005A computer-based scoring method for measuring the environmental performance of construction activitiesShen, LY; Lu, WS; Yao, H; Wu, DH
2008Computer-generated index for evaluation of idiopathic scoliosis in digital chest images : a comparison with digital measurementTang, FH; Chan, LWC ; Lau, HP; Tsui, PY; Cheung, CW
2003Computer-integrated optics design and tool path generation in virtual machining of aspheric surfacesLee, WB ; Gao, D; Cheung, CF ; Li, JG
2003Computerization of clinical practice in Hong Kong : a study of Chinese medicine practitionersChan, MF; Tse, S ; Day, M; Tong, TF; Suen, L
2001Computerization strategy for small manufacturing enterprises in Hong KongChung, WWC; Chik, SKO
2005Computerized diagnosis from tongue appearance using quantitative feature classificationZhang, D ; Pang, B; Li, N; Wang, K; Zhang, H
2006Computerized errorless learning-based memory rehabilitation for Chinese patients with brain injury : a preliminary quasi-experimental clinical design studyDou, ZL; Man, DWK ; Ou, HN; Zheng, JL; Tam, SF
2013Computerized facial diagnosis using both color and texture featuresZhang, B; Wang, X; Karray, F; Yang, Z; Zhang, D 
2007Computerized mental health assessment in integrative health clinics : a cross-sectional study using structured interviewLeung, SF ; French, P; Chui, C; Arthur, D
2009A computerized model for measuring and benchmarking the partnering performance of construction projectsYeung, JFY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2014The computerized OMAHA system in microsoft office excelLai, X; Wong, FKY ; Zhang, P; Leung, CWY; Lee, LH; Wong, JSY; Lo, YF; Ching, SSY