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2015Buyers' perceptions on the impact of strategic purchasing on dyadic quality performancesYeung, K; Cheng, TCE ; Lee, PKC 
2015Buyers' property asset purchase decisions : an empirical study on the high-end residential market in Hong KongWadu, MJ; Ming, LJ
2009Bylaws and informal traditional practice as complementary rule systems to develop traditional urban residential form : a case study of DhakaKhan, TH
2006Bypassing government, rebuilding the village : a case study of formation of local community organization in a Hakka village in South ChinaKu, HB 
2007Bypassing government/reconstructing the village : formation of self-organization in a Hakka community in south ChinaKu, HB 
2015Byteslice : pushing the envelop of main memory data processing with a new storage layoutFeng, Z; Lo, E ; Kao, B; Xu, W
2013C 0-nonconforming triangular prism elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, HR; Chen, SC; Qiao, ZH 
2016C-axis preferential orientation of hydroxyapatite accounts for the high wear resistance of the teeth of black carp (Mylopharyngodon Piceus)Fu, J; He, C; Xia, B; Li, Y; Feng, Q; Yin, Q; Shi, X; Feng, X; Wang, H; Yao, H 
31-Aug-2009C-band single-longitudinal mode lanthanum co-doped bismuth based erbium doped fiber ring laserQureshi, KK; Feng, X; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2003C-H bond activation by a hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borato ruthenium hydridle complexNg, SM; Lam, WH; Mak, CC; Tsang, CW; Jia, GC; Lin, ZY; Lau, CP
2001C-h bond activation by the solvento ruthenium hydride complex, tpRuH(CH3CN)(PPh3), (Tp = hydrotris(pyrazolyl) borateNg, SM; Lau, CP; Jia, G
2015C-H bonds phosphorylation of ketene dithioacetalsZhu, L; Yu, H ; Guo, Q; Chen, Q; Xu, Z; Wang, R
2013C0-nonconforming tetrahedral and cuboid elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, H; Chen, S; Qiao, Z 
2007C1-C8 volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of Hong Kong : overview of atmospheric processing and source apportionmentGuo, H ; So, KL; Simpson, IJ; Barletta, B; Meinardi, S; Blake, DR
2000The C282Y mutation of the HFE gene is not found in Chinese haemochromatotic patients : multicentre retrospective studyTsui, WM; Lam, PW; Lee, KC; Ma, KF; Chan, YK; Wong, MW; Yip, SP ; Wong, CS; Chow, AS; Lo, ST
2004C3-C12 non-methane hydrocarbons in subtropical Hong Kong : spatial-temporal variations, source-receptor relationships and photochemical reactivitySo, KL; Wang, T 
2000Ca(2+)-aTPase in aged erythrocyteLee, KS; Lee, WY
2009A cable element for nonlinear vibration of cable-supported structuresXia, Y ; Wu, QX; Xu, YL 
2000Cable oscillation induced by parametric excitation in cable-stayed bridgesSun, BN; Wang, ZG; Ko, JM ; Ni, YQ 
2001Cable parametric oscillation and its control for cable-stayed bridgesSun, BN; Wang, ZG; Ko, JM ; Ni, YQ
2004Cable vibration control using magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, YF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM 
2006Cable vibration Control using magnetorheological dampersDuan, YF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2014CACC : a cooperative approachto cache consistency in WMNsXu, W; Wu, W; Wu, H; Cao, J ; Lin, X
2014Cache design of SSD-based search engine architectures : an experimental studyWang, JG; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML ; Tong, JC; Wang, G; Liu, XG
2006CACHE RP : a novel dynamic cache size tuning model working with relative object popularity for fast web information retrievalWu, RSL; Wong, AKY; Dillon, T
2004Cache signatures for peer-to-peer cooperative caching in mobile environmentsChow, CY; Leong, HV ; Chan, A 
2004CACHERP : a novel dynamic cache size tuning model working with relative object popularity for fast web information retrievalWu, RSL; Wong, AKY; Dillon, TS
2015A Caco-2 cell-based quantitative antioxidant activity assay for antioxidantsWan, H; Liu, D; Yu, X; Sun, H; Li, Y
2009CAD for bone age assessmentLaw, YY; Tang, FH ; Chan, TAO
2007A CAD integrated content-based retrieval system for multi-locational image distribution environmentTang, FH ; Law, YY; Ng, KS
2005A CAD system for clothing biomechanical sensory engineeringWang, RM; Li, Y ; Zhang, X; Luo, XN; Dai, XQ
2008A CAD system for multi-style thermal functional design of clothingMao, A; Li, Y ; Luo, X; Wang, R; Wang, S
2013Cadastral system migration from deeds registration to titles registration : case study of Sri LankaDivithure, H; Tang, C 
2009Cadmium and other metal uptake by lobelia chinensis and solanum nigrum from contaminated soilsPeng, KJ; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Wang, GP; Li, XD ; Shen, ZG
2002CAE-integrated fabrication of functionally graded componentsYeung, YC; Yu, KM 
2008Caffeic acid phenethyl ester and its related compounds limit the functional alterations of the isolated mouse brain and liver mitochondria submitted to in vitro anoxia-reoxygenation : relationship to their antioxidant activitiesFeng, Y; Lu, YW; Xu, PH; Long, Y; Wu, WM; Li, W; Wang, R
2000A CAL system for teaching appreciation of 3D shapes by surface developmentChan, S ; Wai, A; Chow, J; Ng, V 
2004Calcined oil sands fine tailings as a supplementary cementing material for concreteWong, RCK; Gillott, JE; Law, S; Thomas, MJ; Poon, CS 
2010Calcium and the damage pathways in muscular dystrophyAllen, DG; Gervasio, OL; Yeung, EW ; Whitehead, NP
2006Calcium induced the damage of cytoskeleton after eccentric contractionsZhang, BT; Yeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
2000Calcium- and lanthanum-modified lead titanate (PCLT) ceramic and PCLT/vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene 0-3 nanocompositesZhang, QQ; Chan, HLW ; Zhou, QF; Choy, CL 
2005Calculating FED and LC50 for testing toxicity of materials in bench-scale tests with a cone calorimeterHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2004Calculating method for the conduction z-transfer functions of multilayer walls based on system identificationChen, YM; Zhou, J; Wang, SW 
2005Calculation and analysis of permanent magentic actuator for a 35kV vacuum circuit breakerLi, Y; Xu, JY; Lin, X; Ho, SL 
2010Calculation of acceptance for indoor environmental quality benchmarks of air-conditioned offices in Hong KongCheung, CT; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS; Wong, LT 
2004Calculation of available transfer capability with transient stability constraintXia, Y; Chan, KW ; Liu, MB; Wu, J
2000Calculation of bearing capacity factors of a strip footing using a plastic limit method with non-associative flow ruleWang, YJ; Yin, JH 
2001Calculation of bearing capacity of a strip footing using an upper bound methodWang, YJ; Yin, JH ; Chen, ZY
2007The calculation of dose enhancement close to platinum implants for skull radiographyCheung, JYC; Tang, FH
2014Calculation of duct flow noise using CE/SE methodChan, HYH; Lam, GCY; Leung, RCK 
2005Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for bushings of the transformer by using a 3-D modelLi, Y; Tang, RY; Ho, SL 
Jun-2008Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for the bushings and tank wall of a large power transformerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Tang, RY; Cheng, KWE ; Yang, S
2007Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for the bushings and tank wall of a large power transformerHo, SL ; Li, Y
2010Calculation of eigenvalue and eigenvector derivatives with the improved Kron's substructuring methodXia, Y ; Weng, S; Xu, YL ; Zhu, HP
10-Sep-2010Calculation of eigenvalue and eigenvector derivatives with the improved Kron¡¦s substructuring methodXia, Yong; Weng, Shun; Xu, Y. L.; Zhu, Hong-Ping
2014Calculation of grazing incidence tube by CE/SE method based acoustic solverChan, YH; Lam, CYG; Leung, CKR 
2003Calculation of inductances of high frequency air-core transformers with superconductor windings for DC-DC convertersChan, HL; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D
2003Calculation of mean daylight factor in a building interior within a dense urban environmentCheung, HD; Chung, TM
2005Calculation of optimal power flow with transient stability constraintsXia, Y; Chan, KW ; Liu, MB
2002Calculation of settlements of foundation soils considering creepYin, JH 
2008Calculation of sound scattering using modeled boltzmann equationLeung, RCK ; Kam, EWS; Fu, SC; So, RMC
2011Calculation of steady-state solution of parallel-connected buck converters with active current sharing and its parameter sensitivityLi, M; Tse, CK ; Ma, X
2007Calculation of the transient field and short circuit forces in a large power transformer by using T-T_0-Ω coupled modelYang, SY; Ho, SL ; Tang, RY; Lo, EWC ; Cheng, KWE 
2005Calculation of the vertical daylight factor on window façades in a dense urban environmentCheung, HD; Chung, TM
2002Calculation of winding losses using matrix modeling of high frequency transformerCheng, KWE ; Kwok, KF; Ho, SL ; Ho, YL
2007Calculations of eddy current field and thermal problems in an isolated phase busHo, SL ; Li, Y; Guo, J; Lo, EWC 
2006Calculations of eddy current, fluid and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Lo, E ; Yang, S; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
Apr-2007Calculations of eddy current, fluid, and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Lo, E ; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
2008Calculations of electromagnetic field and thermal problem in an isolated phase bus by using FE modelLi, Y; Ho, SL ; Wang, N; Guo, J
2006Calculations of transient eddy current field and dynamic short circuit forces in a large power transformerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Yang, S; Wong, HCC; Wong, KF
2013Calculations on the BrO + CH3O2 → HOBr + CH2O2 ReactionNg, M; Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW 
2008Calendar cycles, infrequent decisions and the cross section of stock returnsTakehara, H; Jagannathan, R; Wang, Y
2012Calendar cycles, infrequent decisions, and the cross section of stock returnsJagannathan, R; Marakani, S; Takehara, H; Wang, Y
2014Calendar effects and real estate securitiesHui, ECM ; Wright, JA; Yam, SCP
2001Calibrating for viewing angle effect during heat transfer measurements on a curved surfaceChan, TL ; Ashforth-Frost, S; Jambunathan, K
2006Calibration and application of risk-averse user equilibrium model for Hong Kong and Beijing networksChan, KS; Lam, WHK ; Xu, G; Zhang, N
2000The calibration of a 2.5× Galilean focusable telescope as an optometer for refractionCheng, D; Woo, GC
2004Calibration of a model coupling water and heat transport in a soil-mulch-plant-atmosphere continuum systemWu, CL; Chau, KW ; Huang, JS
2012Calibration of an insar-derived coseimic deformation map associated with the 2011 mw-9.0 tohoku-oki earthquakeFeng, G; Ding, X ; Li, Z; Mi, J; Zhang, L ; Omura, M
2002Calibration of flow and water quality modeling using genetic algorithmChau, KW