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2002Corneal iron ring associated with orthokeratology lens wearCho, P ; Chui, WS; Mountford, J; Cheung, SW
2012Corneal parameters of six- to 12-year-old Chinese childrenChan, KY; Cheung, SW; Cho, P 
2013Corneal shapes of Chinese emmetropes and myopic astigmats aged 10 to 45 yearsLeung, TW; Lam, AKC ; Kee, CS 
2011Corneal sublayer thickness measurements with the Nidek ConfoScan 4 (Z Ring)Chan, KY; Cheung, SW; Lam, AKC ; Cho, P 
2003Corneal thickness at different reference points from Orbscan II systemLam, AKC ; Chan, JS
2011Corneal volume measures for monitoring contact lens induced corneal swelling : a pilot studyLam, AKC ; Wong, YZ; Cheng, SY
2015Corporate and investment strategies in the new normal environmentBoubaker, S; Nguyen, DK; Saffar, W 
2005Corporate directors and entrepreneurial innovation : an empirical studyHung, H ; Mondejar, R
2006Corporate diversification and the price-earnings associationBao, BH; Bao, DH
2010Corporate entrepreneurship of IJVs in ChinaLau, T; Chan, KF; Tai, SHC; Ng, DKC
2005Corporate environmental policy statements in mainland China : to what extent do they conform to ISO 14000 documentation?Chung, SS; Fryxell, GE; Lo, CWH 
2010Corporate environmentalism pursuit by foreign firms competing in ChinaChan, RYK 
2009Corporate governance and the prediction of the impact of AIFRS adoptionGoodwin, J; Ahmed, K; Heaney, R
2012A corporate governance explanation of the A-B share discount in ChinaTong, WHS ; Yu, WW
2015Corporate identity communication on corporate websites : evidence from the Hong Kong hotel industryMohammed, I; Denizci Guillet, B ; Law, R 
2011Corporate performance implications of relational demographic differences : on age and titles of chairpersons versus general managers of listed Chinese companiesChan, RYK; Cheng, LTW ; Leung, TY
2015Corporate political connections and the 2008 Malaysian electionFung, SYK ; Gul, FA; Radhakrishnan, S
2007Corporate portals as extranet support for the construction industry in Hong Kong and nearby regions of ChinaChan, EHW ; Liu, C
2013Corporate responses to stakeholder pressureLo, CWH ; Fryxell, GE; Tang, SY
2009Corporate risk management and investment decisionsLi, X ; Wu, Z
2014Corporate social responsibility and shareholder value of restaurant firmsKim, M ; Kim, Y 
2013Corporate social responsibility practices in four and five-star hotels : perspectives from Hong Kong visitorsKucukusta, D ; Mak, A; Chan, X
2013Corpus construction on polarity shifting in sentiment analysisLi, S; Lee, SYM ; Huang, CR 
2015Corpus linguisticsHuang, CR ; Yao, Y 
1-Mar-2015A corpus study of bank financial analyst reports : semantic fields and metaphorsCheng, W ; Ho, J
2010Correctable visual impairment among people with diabetes in Hong KongFung, MMY; Yap, MKH ; Cheng, KKY
2010Correcting atmospheric effects in ASAR interferogram with MERIS integrated water vapor dataXu, WB; Li, ZW; Ding, XL ; Feng, GC; Hu, J; Long, JP; Yin , OJ; Yang, YF
May-2012Correcting atmospheric effects on InSAR with MERIS water vapour data and elevation-dependent interpolation modelLi, ZW; Xu, WB; Feng, GC; Hu, J; Wang, CC; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ
1-Apr-2011Correcting cross-media instrument metamerism for reflectance estimation in multispectral imagingShen, HL; Weng, CW; Wan, HJ; Xin, JH 
2012Correcting ionospheric effects and monitoring two-dimensional displacement fields with multiple-aperture InSAR technology with application to the Yushu earthquakeHu, J; Li, ZW; Zhang, L ; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ; Sun, Q; Ding, W
2002Correcting the fee-technical score variability imbalance in two-envelope fee tenderingDrew, DS; Lai, PY; Li, H ; Lo, HP
2015Correction : Bio-inspired colouration on various textile materials using a novel catechol colorantSo, VLL; He, L; Fei, B ; Cheuk, KKL ; Xin, JH 
2004Correction of retention time shifts for chromatographic fingerprints of herbal medicinesGong, F; Liang, YZ; Fung, YS; Chau, FT
2015Correction on the distortion of Scheimpflug imaging for dynamic central corneal thicknessLi, T; Tian, L; Wang, L; Hon, Y; Lam, AKC ; Huang, Y; Wang, Y; Zheng, Y
2011Correlates of informal caregiver distress in Parkinson's disease : a meta-analysisLau, KM; Au, A 
2007Correlates of successful brand advertising in ChinaTai, SHC
2011Correlating interconnect stress test and accelerated thermal cycling for accessing the reliabilities of high performance printed circuit boardsYung, WKC ; Liem, HM; Choy, HHS; Man, YW
2005Correlating modal properties with temperature using long-term monitoring data and support vector machine techniqueNi, YQ ; Hua, XG; Fan, KQ; Ko, JM
2011Correlation analysis between prefrontal oxygenation oscillations and cerebral artery hemodynamics in humansLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Xin, Q; Li, J; Chen, G; Liu, F; Li, J
2007Correlation between antioxidative power and anticancer activity in herbs from traditional Chinese medicine formulae with anticancer therapeutic effectLi, WY; Chan, SW; Guo, DJ; Yu, PHF
2012Correlation between computerised findings and Newman's scaling on vascularity using power Doppler ultrasonography imaging and its predictive value in patients with plantar fasciitisChen, H; Ho, HM; Ying, M ; Fu, SN 
2010The correlation between craniovertebral angle, backpack weights, and disability due to neck pain in adolescentsCheung, CH; Shum, ST; Tang, SF; Yau, PC; Chiu, TTW
14-Feb-2005Correlation between domain evolution and asymmetric switching in epitaxial Pb(Zr₀.₅₂Ti₀.₄₈)O₃ thin filmsWu, W; Wong, KH; Pang, GKH; Choy, CL
2006Correlation between generic health status and region-specific functional measures on patients with neck painLee, KC; Chiu, TTW; Lam, TH
2014Correlation between impact strength and fractal dimensions of fracture surface for PLLA/nano-CaCO3 compositesLiang, JZ; Duan, DR; Tang, CY ; Tsui, CP 
15-Dec-2010Correlation between primary phases and atomic clusters in a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, XJ; Chen, GL; Liu, CT
2003Correlation between the composition, structure and properties of dual ion beam deposited SiNx filmsTsang, MP; Ong, CW ; Choy, CL; Lim, PK; Hung, WW
2008Correlation between the expression of divalent metal transporter 1 and the content of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 in hypoxic HepG2 cellsZhu, L; Zhang, L; Ke, Y; Du, F; Yung, W; Yang, L; Qian, ZM
2005Correlation equations on fire-induced air flow rates through doorway derived by large eddy simulationChow, WK ; Zou, GW
Apr-2009Correlation of antioxidative properties and vaso-relaxation effects of major active constituents of traditional Chinese medicinesZhang, M; Chen, S; Seto, SW; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW
2001Correlation of cavitation erosion resistance with indentation-derived properties for a NiTi alloyCheng, FT; Shi, P; Man, HC 
2006Correlation of extreme waves and water levels using a third-generation wave model and a 3D flow modelLi, CW ; Song, Y
2015Correlation of grain size, phase transition and piezoelectric properties in Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10 O3 ceramicsSun, HL; Zheng, QJ; Wan, Y; Chen, Y; Wu, X; Kwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Lin, DM
2005Correlation of modeling techniques and power factor for switched-reluctance machines drivesXue, XD; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2015The correlation of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness with blood pressure in a Chinese hypertensive populationGangwani, RA; Lee, JWY; Mo, HY; Sum, R; Kwong, ASK; Wang, JHL; Tsui, WWS; Chan, JCH; Lai, JSM
2007Correlation structures in short-term variabilities of stock indices and exchange ratesNakamura, T; Small, M
2014A correlation study between in-brace correction, compliance to spinal orthosis and health-related quality of life of patients with Adolescent Idiopathic ScoliosisChan, SL; Cheung, KMC; Luk, KDK; Wong, KWH; Wong, MS
2008The correlations among pain, disability, lumbar muscle endurance and fear-avoidance behaviour in patients with chronic low back painChan, HL; Chiu, TTW
2011Correlations between knee extensor strength measured by a hand-held dynamometer and functional performance in patients with chronic strokeKobayashi, T; Leung, AKL ; Hutchins, SW
2012Correlative sensor array and its applications to identification of damage in plate-like structuresYu, L; Cheng, L ; Su, Z 
2015Correspondence : In support of the IES method of evaluating light source colour renditionAshdown, I; Avilés, G; Bennett, LC; Burkett, R; Choi, A; Conway, K; Deroos, M; Druzik, J; Gregory, P; Herst, D; Houser, K; Innes, M; Israel, C; Luedtke, W; Oberkircher, F; Paolini, S; Rosen, S; Rosenfeld, S; Royer, M; Sanders, M; Siminovitch, M; Smet, K; Stone, C; Sundin, J; Tonello, G; Van Der Burgt, P; Van Kemenade, J; Veitch, JA; Wei, M ; Whitehead, L; Wood, M
2014Corrigendum to "A new characterization of comonotonicity and its application in behavioral finance" [J. Math. Anal. Appl. 418 (2014) 612-625] Doi: 10.1016/j.jmaa.2014.03.053Xu, ZQ 
2015Corrigendum to "Automatic design of conformal cooling circuits for rapid tooling" [J. Comput.-Aided Des. 43(8) (2011) 1001-1010]Wang, Y; Yu, KM ; Wang, CCL; Zhang, Y
2015Corrigendum to "Improved volcanic ash detection based on a hybrid reverse absorption technique" [Atmos. Res., 143, (2014), 31-42], doi: 10.1016/j.atmosres.2014.01.019Lee, KH; Wong, MS ; Chung, SR; Sohn, E
2015Corrigendum to "Spiral and conformal cooling in plastic injection molding" [J. Comput. Aided Des. 63C (2015) 1-11]Wang, Y; Yu, KM ; Wang, CCL
2015Corrigendum to "Value co-creation and purchase intention in social network sites: The role of electronic Word-of-Mouth and trust - A theoretical analysis" [Comput. Hum. Behav. 31 (2014) 182-189]See-To, EWK ; Ho, KKW
2005The corrosion and nickel release behavior of laser surface-melted NiTi shape memory alloy in Hanks, solutionCui, ZD; Man, HC ; Yang, XJ
2008Corrosion and wear properties of laser surface modified NiTi with Mo and ZrO2Ng, KW; Man, HC ; Yue, TM 
2006Corrosion behavior of AISI 316L stainless steel surface-modified with NiTiChiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2002Corrosion behavior of aluminum 2009/SiC composite machined to different conditionsYue, TM ; Yu, JK; Man, HC 
2011Corrosion behavior of laser nitrided Ti-6Al-4V alloy : a reviewRazavi, RS; Gordani, GR; Man, HC 
2012Corrosion behavior of laser-alloyed copper with titanium fabricated by high power diode laserWong, PK; Kwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2006Corrosion behavior of laser-oxidized NiTi in Hanks' solutionWong, MH; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2011The corrosion behavior of porous Ni3Al intermetallic materials in strong alkali solutionLiang, W; Jiang, Y; Dong, H; He, Y; Xu, N; Zou, J; Huang, B; Liu, CT
2006Corrosion behavior of the nitrided of NiTi shape memory alloy in simulated body fluid solutionZhang, S; Wang, Q; Zhang, C; Man, H 
2009Corrosion behaviour of laser gas nitrided Ti-6Al-4V in HCl solutionRazavi, RS; Salehi, M; Ramazani, M; Man, HC 
2006Corrosion characteristics of nanostructured layer on 316L stainless steel fabricated by cavitation-annealingKwok, CT; Cheng, FT; Man, HC ; Ding, WH
2010Corrosion damage assessment and monitoring of large steel space structuresChen, B; Xu, YL ; Qu, W
1996Corrosion properties of excimer laser surface treated Al-SiC metal matrix compositeZhang, XM; Man, HC ; Yue, TM 
2001Corrosion properties of laser surface melted NiTi shape memory alloyMan, HC ; Cui, ZD; Yue, TM