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2011Change-supportive employee behavior : antecedents and the moderating role of timeKim, TG; Hornung, S; Rousseau, DM
2010Changes for the betterment of the building services profession in Hong Kong : final report of the research study on Hong Kong's building services profession : with a view to enhancing the future roles and functions of Hong Kong's professional building services engineers in societyYik, WHF; Chan, KT ; Lee, WL ; Lai, HK 
2013Changes in bone density and geometry of the radius in chronic stroke and related factors : a one-year prospective studyPang, MYC ; Zhang, M ; Li, LSW; Jones, AYM
2012Changes in bone density and geometry of the upper extremities after stroke : a case reportPang, MYC ; Yang, FZH; Lau, RWK; Cheng, AQ; Li, LSW; Zhang, M 
2012Changes in bone density and strength index in lower limb skeletal sites among patients with long-standing strokeLam, FMH; Yang, FZH; Pang, MYC 
2004Changes in design in a time of changeHeskett, J
2009Changes in enforcement styles among environmental enforcement officials in ChinaLo, CWH ; Fryxell, GE; Van Rooij, B
2001Changes in English language teaching in Hong KongUrmston, A
2001Changes in fixation in the presence of prism monitored with a confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopeLeat, SJ; Campbell, MCW; Woo, GC; Lankin, A
2003Changes in heart rate and R-wave amplitude with postureJones, AYM; Kam, C; Lai, KW; Lee, HY; Chow, HT; Lau, SF; Wong, LM; He, J
2015Changes in heart-rate variability of survivors of nasopharyngeal cancer during Tai Chi Qigong practiceFong, SSM; Wong, JYH; Chung, LMY; Yam, TTT; Chung, JWY; Lee, YM; Chow, LPY; Luk, WS; Ng, SSM 
2000Changes in hotel industry recruitment as reflected by content analysis of newspaper advertisementsWong, SCK; Pine, R
2004Changes in in vitro digestibility and available lysine of soy protein isolate after formation of filmOu, S; Kwok, KC; Kang, Y
2004Changes in intracellular calcium after stretch-induced muscle damage in mdx MICE - role of the stretch-activated channelsYeung, EW ; Allen, DG
2002Changes in intracellular sodium following eccentric contractions in mouse skeletal muscleYeung, EW ; Allen, DG
2005Changes in knee moments with contralateral versus ipsilateral cane usage in females with knee osteoarthritisChan, GNY; Smith, AW; Kirtley, C; Tsang, WWN 
1-Jan-2011Changes in lumbar movement in people with low back pain are related to compromised balanceMok, NWK ; Brauer, SG; Hodges, PW
2006Changes in mfERG in global flash stimulation with different adaptive periodsChan, HHL ; Chu, HW; Siu, AW; Lam, AK 
2014Changes in morphological and elastic properties of patellar tendon in athletes with unilateral patellar tendinopathy and their relationships with pain and functional disabilityZhang, ZJ; Ng, GYF ; Lee, WC; Fu, SN 
2004Changes in nuclear composition following cyclic compression of the intervertebral disc in an in vivo rat-tail modelChing, CTS; Chow, DHK; Yao, FYD; Holmes, AD
2002Changes in optical properties and morphology of spin-coated polymers filmsMan , WKV; Tao, XM ; Leung, MYS; Wang, HM
2004Changes in optimal length of quadriceps muscle following eccentric exercise in humansPak, HCH; Pun, SYS; Lee, GKK; Chan, RCH; Cheung, MKM; Chak, CWH; Yeung, EW ; Yeung, SS 
2006Changes in peak torque and optimum angle of hamstring muscle in a 5-week concentric and eccentric muscle training programLee, SMV; Hung, CN; Lai, KY; Wong, CY; Yeung, EW ; Yeung, SS 
2002Changes in prelanding muscle EMG response latencies with bilateral ankle sprainsFu, SN ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2010Changes in proximal plantar fascia microcirculation in patients with plantar fasciitisChen, HY; Fu, A ; Ho, HM; Ying, M 
2005Changes in psychosocial and work-related characteristics among Clubhouse members : a preliminary reportYau, EFY; Chan, CCH ; Chan, ASF; Chui, BKT
2004Changes in psychsocial and work-related characteristics among Clubhouse membersYau, FYE; Chan, CCH ; Chan, ASF; Chiu, BKT
2012Changes in relative peripheral refraction in children after thirteen months of orthokeratology lens wearLee, TT; Cho, P 
2001Changes in retinal gene expression in response to optical defocus in the tree shrew model of myopiaFrost, MR; Guggenheim, JA; To, CH 
2013Changes in skin impedance and heart rate variability with application of Acu-TENS to BL 13 (Feishu)Ngai, SPC ; Jones, AYM
2015Changes in Sleep With Auricular Point Acupressure for Chronic Low Back PainYeh, CH; Suen, LKP ; Shen, J; Chien, LC; Liang, Z; Glick, RM; Morone, NE; Chasens, ER
2007Changes in spinal curvature and proprioception of schoolboys carrying different weights of backpackChow, DHK; Leung, KTY; Holmes, AD
2003Changes in subjective fatigue after prolonged information processing tasksLee, TMC; Hung, J; Chan, CCH ; Leung, AWS
2006Changes in surface morphology of Tencel fabric during the fibrillation processMak, CM; Yuen, CWM; Ku, SKA; Kan, CW 
2004Changes in the composition and mechanical properties of rat-tail intervertebral disc following in-vivo cyclic compressionChing, CTS; Chow, DHK; Yao, FYD; Holmes, AD
2011Changes in the technological aspects and facilities of design education : a case study of hong kongSiu, KWM ; Wong, YL
2011Changes in the thickness and stiffness of plantar soft tissues in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathySun, JH; Cheng, BK; Zheng, YP ; Huang, YP; Leung, JY; Cheing, GL 
2014Changes in the use of IT and multimedia in the tertiary languageMorrison, B 
2002Changes in torque output and EMG characteristics of trunk muscles during fatiguing axial rotation exertion : a comparative study of back pain patients with matched controlsNg, JKF ; Richardson, CA; Parnianpour, M; Kippers, V
2012The changes in trace metal contamination over the last decade in surface sediments of the Pearl River Estuary, South ChinaChen, B; Liang, X; Xu, W; Huang, X; Li, X 
2001Changes occur after participationYau, MKS; Li-Tseng, CWP 
2015The changes of absorption and catalytic capacity on reduced graphene oxide after electron beam irradiationLiu, P; Qi, W; An, W; Tian, L; Li, Z; Chen, X; Wu, W
2005Changes of adaptive effect across the retina in slow global flash mfERG stimulationChan, HL ; Chu, HW; Siu, AW; Lam, AK 
2002Changes of DMT1 in rat iron model of Parkinson's diseaseJiang, H; Xie, JX; Qian, ZM
2006Changes of luminance-modulated adaptive characteristic of global flash mfERG stimulation in unilateral glaucomaChu, HW; Chan, HHL ; Brown, B
2001Changes of physical and low-stress mechanical properties of garments with wrinkle-free treatment after repeated launderingsFan, J; Lau, L
2008Changes of retinal adaptation in myopic eyeHo, WC; Ng, YF; Chu, PHW; Fong, YY; Yip, KS; Chan, HHL 
2006Changes of retinal functions following the induction of ocular hypertension in rats using argon laser photocoagulationLi, RS; Tay, DK; Chan, HH ; So, KF
2011Changes of temporal profile of electrocorticogram in ischemic penumbra after focal ischemia in rats, poster presentationZhang, SJ; Tong, KY ; Ke, Z
2000Changes of transferrin-free iron uptake by bone marrow erythroblasts in strenuously exercised ratsQian, ZM; Xiao, DS; Tang, PL
2004Changes to peripheral blood flow and transcutaneous oxygenation of diabetic feet after exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fieldWebb, CY; Lo, SL; Evans, JH
2015Changes to volumetric bone mineral density and bone strength after stroke : a prospective studyBorschmann, K; Pang, MYC ; Iuliano, S; Churilov, L; Brodtmann, A; Ekinci, EI; Bernhardt, J
2000The changing attitude of youth in the age of internetLau, SLS
2012Changing brand communication mode : a study of new age brand communication in ChinaHung, YL; Chan, TM
2012Changing brand communication mode in ChinaHung, F; Chan, V
2000Changing business networks in the venture development process in the transitional economyChan, KF
2006The changing construction labour market : a case of Hong KongWong, JMW; Chan, APC ; Chiang, YH 
2004Changing cultural stereotypes through e-mail assisted foreign language learningItakura, H
2007The changing face of content the art of digital stroytellingJustice, L
2009The changing face of women managers in Hong KongNg, CW ; Ng, EGH
2001Changing family-related values in Communist ChinaLau, SLS
2009Changing ideologies and advertising discourses in China : a case study of Nanfang DailyFeng, J; Wu, DD 
2011The changing Japanese retail market potential from 1997 to 2007Ingene, CA; Takahashi, I
2012Changing minds : international business and student attitudes towards globalization in Qatar and Hong KongDas, A; Hui, PP; Das, S
2011Changing money market and monetary policy operations in china : an institutional perspectiveLeung, MK ; Lu, Q
2011Changing motif distributions in complex networks by manipulating rich-club connectionsXu, XK; Zhang, J; Li, P; Small, M
2005Changing networks in the venture development process in the transition economyChan, KF; Lau, T
2001The changing support strategies of Chinese families in the midst of rapid social and economic transitionsYuen-Tsang, AWK ; Ho, DKL ; Ku, ASM
2005Changing the literacy habitus of a Hong Kong secondary schoolForey, G; Firkins, A
Apr-2011Changing the scattering of sheltered targetsLuo, Y; He, L; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Zhu, SZ
2006Channel coordination in supply chains with agents having mean-variance objectivesChoi, TM ; Li, D; Yan, H; Chiu, CH
2001Channel distortion compensation based on the measurement of handset's frequency responsesYiu, KK; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2002Channel equalization for chaos-based communication systemsFeng, JC; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2007Channel governance system in China : fairness as heuristic on distributor integrity and channel trustDong, MC; Tse, DK; Gu, F 
2013Channel leadership, performance and coordination in closed loop supply chainsChoi, TM ; Li, Y ; Xu, L
2008Channel relationship and business uncertainty : evidence from the Hong Kong marketLai, KH ; Bao, Y; Li, X
2005Channel robust speaker verification via bayesian blind stochastic feature transformationYiu, KK; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2014Channel selection for multispectral color imaging using binary differential evolutionShen, HL; Yao, JF; Li, C; Du, X; Shao, SJ; Xin, JH 
2014The channel that offers the lowest online room rates : a case study of hotels in Hong KongLeung, R; Denizci Guillet, B ; Law, R 
2006Channel-adaptive error protection for streaming stored MPEG-4 FGS over error-prone environmentsZhuo, L; Lam, KM ; Shen, L