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2010A critical review of performance measurement in constructionYang, H; Yeung, JFY; Chan, APC ; Chiang, YH ; Chan, DWM 
Jul-2014Critical review of the research on the management of prefabricated constructionLi, Z; Shen, GQP ; Xue, X
2013A critical review on life cycle assessment studies of diapersNg, FSF ; Muthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hui, PCL 
2006A critical review on nanotube and nanotube/nanoclay related polymer composite materialsLau, KT ; Gu, C; Hui, D
2003Critical review on non- operative management of adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWong, MS ; Liu, WC
2015Critical roles of Mn-ions in enhancing the insulation, piezoelectricity and multiferroicity of BiFeO3-based lead-free high temperature ceramicsGuo, Y; Xiao, P; Wen, R; Wan, Y; Zheng, Q; Shi, D; Lam, KH ; Liu, M; Lin, D
2012Critical social sustainability factors in urban conservation : the case of the central police station compound in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Chan, HWE 
2008A critical steel yielding length model for predicting intermediate crack-induced debonding in FRP-strengthened RC membersDai, JG ; Harries, KA; Yokota, H
2011Critical success factors for bond financing of construction projects in AsiaLam, PTI ; Chiang, YH ; Chan, SH
2014Critical success factors for building maintenance business : a Hong Kong case studyTan, Y; Shen, L; Langston, C; Lu, W; Yam, MCH 
2008Critical success factors for competitiveness of contractors : China studyLu, W; Shen, L; Yam, M 
2010Critical success factors for PPPs in infrastructure developments : Chinese perspectiveChan, APC ; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM ; Cheung, E; Ke, Y
2010Critical success factors for stakeholder management: Construction practitioners' perspectivesYang, J; Shen, GQ ; Drew, DS; Ho, M 
2011Critical success factors for transfer-operate-transfer urban water supply projects in ChinaMeng, X; Zhao, Q; Shen, Q 
2003Critical success factors for value management studies in constructionShen, Q ; Liu, G
27-Mar-2014Critical success factors for value management workshop in MalaysiaMohamad Ramly, Z; Shen, GQP ; Yu, ATW 
2008Critical success factors in managing global supply chainsChan, FTS ; Chan, HK; Lau, HCW; Ip, RWL
2008Critical success factors of business process re-engineering in the banking industryCheng, TCE ; Chiu, ISF
2005The critical success factors of sourcing production for small and medium-sized clothing firms in Hong KongTam, FY; Moon, KL; Ng, SF ; Hui, CL 
Sep-2004Critical success factors of web-based supply-chain management systems : an exploratory studyNgai, WTE ; Cheng, TCE ; Ho, SSM
21-Aug-2006Critical thickness for dislocation generation during ferroelectric transition in thin film on a compliant substrateZheng, Y; Wang, B; Woo, CH
2013Critical thinking and creativity in nursing : learners' perspectivesChan, ZCY 
2010A critique of corporate ethics codes in Hong Kong constructionHo, CMF 
2015Critique of the design and operation of sustainable air-cooled chillers in commercial buildingsYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Sit, RKY; Yang, J
2008Cronyism: One possible consequence of guanxi for an insider : how to obtain and maintain it?Leung, TKP ; Heung, VCS; Wong, YH
2012Cross auditory-spatial learning in early-blind individualsChan, CCH ; Wong, AWK; Ting, KH; Whitfield-Gabrieli, S; He, J; Lee, TMC
2008Cross chromosomal similarity for DNA sequence compressionWu, CPP; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
Apr-2004Cross cultural validation : the Chinese version of the Clinical Dementia Rating scaleLai, KYC ; Lau, LKP; Ng, L; Faulkner, LW; Chung, CCJ; Wong, TKS
2002Cross platform CJK input method engineLo, CW; Lu, Q ; Ng, KT
2006Cross section distortion due to cutting of cold-formed steel lipped C-sectionWang, XP; Lam, SSE ; Chung, KF 
2001Cross- cultural studies on the information content of service advertisingTai, SHC; Chan, RYK 
2008A cross- sector evaluation of service quality in the tourism industry of Hong Kong : importance vs. performanceJin, X; Qi, S; Chiang, C
2001Cross-border tourism : an empirical study of tourism into the Pearl River DeltaMckercher, B 
2011A cross-cluster and cross-region analysis of fashion brand extensionsChoi, TM ; Liu, SC; Tang, CS; Yu, Y
2004A cross-cultural comparison of trip characteristics : international visitors to Hong Kong from Mainland China and USAYoo, JJE; Mckercher, B ; Mena, M
2013Cross-cultural comparisons of adults' childhood recollections : how are peak-experiences described in China and Portugal?Ho, MY; Chen, SX ; Hoffman, E; Guan, Y; Iversen, V
2012Cross-cultural management and bicultural identity integration : when does experience abroad lead to appropriate cultural switching?Friedman, R; Liu, W ; Chi, SCS; Hong, YY; Sung, LK
2007A cross-cultural study of employers' concerns about hiring people with psychotic disorder : implications for recoveryTsang, HWH; Angell, B; Corrigan, PW; Lee, YT; Shi, K; Lam, CS; Jin, S; Fung, KMT
2014Cross-Cultural Tourist Research : a Meta-AnalysisLi, M 
2012Cross-dock job assignment problem in space-constrained industrial logistics distribution hubs with a single docking zoneChoy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Poon, TC; Ho, GTS
2010The cross-entropy method and its application to inverse problemsHo, SL ; Yang, S
2010Cross-fuzzy entropy : a new method to test pattern synchrony of bivariate time seriesXie, HB; Zheng, YP ; Guo, JY; Chen, X
2012Cross-institutional collaboration networks in tourism and hospitality researchYe, Q; Song, H ; Li, T
2007Cross-layer design scheme for multihop communicationsXu, F; Lau, FCM ; Yue, DW
2006Cross-Layer enhanced real-time packet scheduling over CDMA networksChen, H; Chan, HCB ; Leung, VCM
2010Cross-layer enhanced uplink packet scheduling for multimedia traffic over MC-CDMA networksChen, H; Chan, HCB ; Leung, VCM; Zhang, J
2011Cross-layer optimization for multimedia transport over multicode CDMA networksChen, H; Chan, HCB ; Leung, VCM
2008Cross-layer optimization for state update in mobile gamingYu, Y; Li, Z; Shi, L; Chen, EYC; Xu, H
2011A cross-level study of procedural justice perceptionsHon, AHY ; Yang, J; Lu, L
2014Cross-lingual sentiment lexicon learning with bilingual word graph label propagationGao, D; Wei, F; Li, W ; Liu, X
2015Cross-linguistic influence in simultaneous Cantonese-English bilingual children's comprehension of relative clausesKidd, E; Chan, A ; Chiu, J
2014Cross-metathesis approach for stereocontrolled synthesis of the C1-C15 fragment of rhizopodinGui, H; Liu, J; Song, L; Hui, C; Feng, J; Xu, Z; Ye, T 
2015Cross-national differences in individual knowledge-seeking patterns: A climato-economic contextualizationChen, L; Hsieh, JJPA; Van De Vliert, E; Huang, X
2004Cross-regional comparison of colour emotions Part I : Quantitative analysisXin, JH ; Cheng, KM; Taylor, G; Sato, T; Hansuebsai, A
2004Cross-regional comparison of colour emotions Part II : Qualitative analysisXin, JH ; Cheng, KM; Taylor, G; Sato, T; Hansuebsai, A
2015Cross-section classification for cold-formed and built-up high strength carbon and stainless steel tubes under compressionChan, TM; Zhao, XL; Young, B
2015Cross-sectional analysis of arbitrary sections allowing for residual stressesLi, TJ; Liu, SW; Chan, SL 
2015Cross-sectional analysis of critical risk factors for PPP water projects in ChinaChan, A ; Lam, P ; Wen, Y; Ameyaw, E; Wang, S; Ke, Y
2015Cross-sectional study of the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness at 7 years after an acute episode of unilateral primary acute angle closureLee, JWY; Woo, TTY; Yau, GSK; Yip, S ; Yick, DWF; Wong, J; Wong, RLM; Wong, IYH
2005A cross-sectional study on the development of foot arch function of 2715 Chinese childrenLeung, AKL ; Cheng, JCY; Mak, AFT
2002Crossed and uncrossed stereoacuity at distance and the effect from heterophoriaLam, AKC ; Tse, P; Choy, E; Chung, M
2013Crossflow and mixing in obstructed and width-constricted rotating radial microchannelLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
Nov-2009Crossing the river stone by stone : developing an expanded school mental health network in post-quake SichuanSim, BWT 
2005Crosslinked polyurethanes with shape memory propertiesHu, J ; Yang, Z; Yeung, L; Ji, F; Liu, Y
2000Crosslinking analysis of polycarboxylic acid durable press finishing of cotton fabrics and strength retention improvementXu, W; Li, Y 
15-Apr-2010Crossover from a nearly constant loss to a superlinear power-law behavior in Mn-doped Bi(Mg₁/₂Ti₁/₂)O₃-PbTiO₃ferroelectricsKe, S; Huang, H ; Yu, S; Zhou, L 
Oct-2013Crossover to surface flow in supercooled unentangled polymer filmsLam, CH ; Tsui, OKC
2014Crosswind effect studies on road vehicle passing by bridge tower using computational fluid dynamicsWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
2014Crosswind effects on high-sided road vehicles with and without movementWang, B; Xu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Li, YL
2015CROWD-PAN-360: Crowdsourcing Based Context-Aware Panoramic Map Generation for Smartphone UsersRaychoudhury, V; Shrivastav, S; Sandha, SS; Cao, J 
2009Crowding in platform staircases of a subway station in China during rush hoursJiang, CS; Deng, YF; Hu, C; Ding, H; Chow, WK 
2014Cruise terminals site selection process : an institutional analysis of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong KongLau, YY; Tam, KC; Ng, AKY; Pallis, AA
2004Crushing and fragmentation of brittle spheres under double impact testWu, SZ; Chau, KT ; Yu, TX
2009Cryogenic dielectric and piezoelectric activities in rhombohedral (1 - X)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-xPbTiO3 single crystals with different crystallographic orientationsWang, F; Or, SW ; Zhao, X; Luo, H
2011Cryogenic transverse and shear mode properties of (1 - X)Pb(Mg 1/3Nb2/3)O3-xPbTiO3 single crystal with the optimal crystallographic directionWang, F; Shi, W; Or, SW ; Zhao, X; Luo, H
2011Cryopreservation and storage effects on cell numbers and DNA damage in human lymphocytesHo, CK; Choi, SW; Siu, PM ; Benzie, IFF 
2008Cryptanalysis of a chaotic block cipher with external key and its improved versionLi, C; Li, S; Alvarez, G; Chen, G; Lo, KT 
2005Cryptanalysis of a multistage encryption systemLi, C; Li, X; Li, SJ; Chen, G
2009Cryptanalysis of a new chaotic cryptosystem based on ergodicityArroyo, D; Alvarez, G; Li, S; Li, C; Fernandez, V
Oct-2006Cryptanalysis of an image encryption schemeLi, S; Li, C; Lo, KT ; Chen, G