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2002Adding colour to e-commerceXin, J ; Lawn, R
Mar-1999Adding learning to cellular genetic algorithms for training recurrent neural networksKu, KWC; Mak, MW ; Siu, WC 
2010Adding randomness to modeling internet TCP-RED systems with interactive gatewaysChen, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
18-Dec-2006Additional dc magnetic field response of magnetostrictive/piezoelectric magnetoelectric laminates by Lorentz force effectJia, Y; Tang, Y; Zhao, X; Luo, H; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
2014An additive convolution model for fast restoration of nonuniform blurred imagesDeng, H; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
2013An additive selection of markers to improve diagnostic accuracy based on a discriminatory measureTang, LL; Kang, L; Liu, C ; Schisterman, EF; Liu, A
2015An additive-multiplicative rates model for multivariate recurrent events with event categories missing at randomYe, P; Sun, L; Zhao, X ; Xu, W
2008Address assignment sensitive variable partitioning and scheduling for DSPs with multiple memory banksXue, C; Liu, T; Shao, Z ; Hu, J; Jia, Z; Sha, E
1991Address generation of prime factor algorithm in a multiprocessor systemLo, KC; Siu, WC ; Lun, DPK ; Purvis, A
Jun-2011Addressing digital inequality for the socioeconomically disadvantaged through Government initiatives : forms of capital that affect ICT utilizationHsieh, JJPA; Rai, A; Keil, M
2014Addressing issues impacting advanced nursing practice worldwideKleinpell, R; Scanlon, A; Hibbert, D; Ganz, FD; East, L; Fraser, D; Wong, FKY ; Beauchesne, M
2004An addressing model for three-dimensional city properties in Hong KongPun-Cheng, LSC ; Lee, YC
2012Addressing sexuality issues of women with gynaecological cancer : Chinese nurses' attitudes and practiceZeng, YC; Liu, X; Loke, AY 
2003Addressing the informational needs of healthcare professionals in dementia care : an explorative study in a Chinese societyChung, JCC; Lai, CKY 
2011Adequacy of safe egress design codes for supertall buildingsPang, ECL; Chow, WK 
2011Adherence of Acanthamoeba to lens cases and effects of drying on survivalBoost, M; Shi, GS; Cho, P 
2009Adhesion strength of plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings on laser gas-nitrided pure titaniumYang, S; Man, HC ; Xing, W; Zheng, X
2009Adhesion study of pulsed laser deposited hydroxyapatite coating on laser surface nitrided titaniumMan, HC ; Chiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Wong, KH
2014Adhesive properties of S.S to PU and PVC leathersJiang, S ; Miao, D; Zhao, D
2013An adjunct intervention for management of acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD)Ngai, SPC ; Jones, AYM; Hui-Chan, CWY; Ko, FWS; Hui, DSC
2006Adjustable fluid damper with SMA actuatorsLi, ZQ; Xu, YL ; Zhou, LM 
2007Adjusted action limits for Cpm based on departures from normalityLeung, BPK ; Spiring, F
2010Adjusting learning motivation to promote cooperationZhang, H; Small, M; Yang, H; Wang, B
1999Adjustment of step size for time stepping finite element analysis on skewed rotor induction motors fed by SPWM sourceHo, SL ; Li, HL
2004Admissibility of unstable second-order digital filters with two's complement arithmeticLing, BWK; Ho, CYF; Tam, PKS
2005Admission control in video streaming proxy serverCheuk, WK; Lun, DPK ; Hsung, TC; To, JTP
Mar-2010Adolescent gamblingDerevensky, JL; Shek, DTL ; Merrick, J
2009Adolescent health in Hong Kong : disturbing socio-demographic correlatesKwan, YK; Ip, WC
30-Sep-2008Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis - to operate or not? A debate articleWeiss, HR; Bess, S; Wong, MS ; Patel, V; Goodall, D; Burger, E
2013Adolescents' views on families as metaphors in Hong Kong : implications for pre-counselling assessmentChan, ZCY 
2009Adopters and non-adopters of e-procurement in Singapore : an empirical studyTeo, TSH; Lin, S; Lai, KH 
2003Adopting a marketing approach to achieve sustainable cultural tourismMckercher, B 
2013Adopting genetic algorithms for technical analysis and portfolio managementFu, TC; Chung, CP; Chung, FL 
2006Adopting SP/SI-frames in dual-bitstream video streaming with VCR supportIp, TP; Chan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2013Adoption of a personal learning environment & network (PLE&N) to support peer- based lifelong learningTsui, MLN; Tsui, E ; See-To, EWK 
2004Adoption of automation systems and strategy choices for Hong Kong apparel practitionersChin, KS; Pun, KF; Lau, H; Leung, YS
2008Adoption of business continuity planning processes in IT service managementWan, SHC; Chan, YH 
2001The adoption of business process reengineering in smes : a diffusion of innovation approachYung, KL ; Chan, WQ
2005Adoption of discussion-based teaching and assessment in teaching strategic management in ChinaChang, J ; Jennings, D; Chan, SF; Wong, C 
2003Adoption of discussion-based teaching and assessment in teaching strategic management in Hong KongChang, J 
2008Adoption of e-procurement in Hong Kong : an empirical researchGunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
Dec-2006Adoption of internet banking : an empirical study in Hong KongCheng, TCE ; Lam, DYC; Yeung, ACL 
2006Adoption of internet services in liner shipping: An empirical study of shippers in TaiwanLu, CS; Lai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2008The adoption of RFID in fashion retailing : a business value-added frameworkMoon, KL; Ngai, EWT 
2008Adoption of strategic networks : evidence from the Hong Kong clothing industryLau, MM; Moon, KKL
2011Adsorption and removal of a xanthene dye from aqueous solution using two solid wastes as adsorbentsWang, Y; Chu, W 
2004Adsorption heat pump using an innovative coupling refrigeration cycleWang, S ; Zhu, D
2015Adsorption of Eu(III) on defective magnetic FeNi/RGO composites : effect of pH, ion strength, ions and humic acidQi, W; Tian, L; Liu, B; Lin, J; Liu, D; Tu, P; Liu, P; Li, Z; Chen, X; Wu, W
2003Adsorption of foreign atoms on Stone-Wales defects in carbon nanotube [12]Zhou, LG; Shi, SQ 
2015Adsorption, photocatalytic and sunlight-driven antibacterial activity of Bi2WO6/graphene oxide nanoflakesChen, C; Cao, S; Yu, W; Xie, X; Liu, Q; Tsang, Y ; Xiao, Y
2001Adult sensitivity to children's learning in the zone of proximal developmentChak, A
2011Advance directives and life-sustaining treatment : attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese elders with chronic diseaseTing, FH; Mok, E 
2012Advanced analysis and design of structures composed of concrete-filled hollow sectionsChan, SL ; Liu, YP; Liu, SW; Chu, R
2005Advanced analysis as a new dimension for structural steel designChan, SL ; Chen, WF
2012Advanced analysis of hybrid steel and concrete frames : Part 1 : Cross-section analysis technique and second-order analysisLiu, SW; Liu, YP; Chan, SL 
2012Advanced analysis of hybrid steel and concrete frames : Part 2 : Refined plastic hinge and advanced analysisLiu, SW; Liu, YP; Chan, SL 
2005Advanced analysis of imperfect portal frames with semirigid base connectionsChan, SL ; Huang, HY; Fang, LX
2006Advanced analysis of steel frames - from theory to practiceChen, WF; Chan, SL 
2012Advanced analysis of steel-concrete composite beam-columns by refined plastic hinge methodFong, M; Chan, SL 
2015Advanced and low-complexity digital backpropagation for subcarrier-multiplexing systemsZhang, F; Zhuge, Q; Qiu, M; Xu, X; Wang, W; Gao, Y; Chagnon, M; Plant, DV
2015An Advanced Approach for Construction of Optimal Wind Power Prediction IntervalsZhang, G; Wu, Y; Wong, KP; Xu, Z ; Dong, ZY; Iu, HHC
2005Advanced control of condensing temperature for enhancing the operating efficiency of air-cooled chillersYu, FW; Chan, KT 
2012Advanced control strategy of DFIG wind turbines for power system fault ride throughYang, L; Xu, Z ; Ostergaard, J; Dong, ZY; Wong, KP
2006Advanced data modullation techniques for WDM transmissionWen, YJ; Mo, J; Wang, Y; Lu, C 
2011Advanced design for trusses of steel and concrete-filled tubular sectionsFong, M; Chan, SL ; Uy, B
1-Apr-2011An advanced double-layer combined windings transverse flux system for thin strip induction heatingWang, Y; Wang, J; Pang, L; Ho, SL ; Fu, W 
2014Advanced DSP for high spectral efficiency and flexible optical communicationsLau, APT; Gao, Y; Sui, Q; Lu, C 
2014Advanced DSP techniques enabling flexible transmissions and elastic optical networksLau, APT; Gao, Y; Sui, Q; Wang, D; Lu, C 
2014Advanced DSP techniques enabling high spectral efficiency and flexible transmissions : toward elastic optical networksLau, APT; Gao, Y; Sui, Q; Wang, D; Zhuge, Q; Morsy-Osman, MH; Chagnon, M; Xu, X; Lu, C ; Plant, DV
2001An advanced evolutionary algorithm for parameter estimation of the discrete kalman filterChan, ZSH; Ngan, HW; Fung, YF; Rad, AB
2011Advanced finite element model of Tsing Ma Bridge for structural health monitoringDuan, YF; Xu, YL ; Fei, QG; Wong, KY; Chan, KWY; Ni, YQ ; Ng, CL
2008Advanced finite element modelling of perforated composite beams with flexible shear connectorsWang, AJ; Chung, KF 
2015Advanced Markov random field model based on local uncertainty for unsupervised change detectionHe, P; Shi, W ; Miao, Z; Zhang, H; Cai, L
2010Advanced MDS based localization algorithm for location based services in wireless sensor networkWe, B; Chen, W ; Ding, X 
2015Advanced Modeling and Services Based Mathematics for Ubiquitous ComputingPark, JH; Shen, H; Cao, JN ; Xhafa, F; Jeong, YS
2013Advanced modulation formats for short reach optical communication systemsTao, L; Ji, Y; Liu, J; Lau, APT; Chi, N; Lu, C 
2008Advanced MR diffusion characterization of neural tissue using directional diffusion kurtosis analysisHui, ES; Cheung, MM; Qi, L ; Wu, EX
2011An advanced quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm for unit commitmentChung, CY; Yu, H; Wong, KP
2013Advanced technologies for studying circulating tumor cells at the protein levelChan, CML; Au, TCC; Chan, ATC; Ma, BBY; Tsui, NBY; Ng, SSM; Hui, EP; Chan, LWC ; Ho, WS; Yung, BYM ; Wong, SCC 
2000An advanced unified power flow controller (AUPFC) using energy storageLeung, KK; Sutanto, D