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2006Active control of drag noise from a small axial flow fanWang, J; Huang, L
2012Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, ZB; Cheng, L 
2010Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, Z; Cheng, L ; Halim, D
2006Active control of flow-induced structural vibration of a flexible cylinder in cross flowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2010Active control of flow-induced vibration and noiseCheng, L 
2006Active control of harmonic voltage in an electrical distribution systemYuan, ZH; Du, YP 
2015Active control of residual tool marks for freeform optics functionalization by novel biaxial servo assisted fly cuttingZhu, Z; To, S ; Zhang, S
2002Active control of sound radiation into enclosures using structural error sensorsLi, DS; Cheng, L ; Gosselin, CM
2005Active control of sound transmission through a double wall partition into an acoustic cavityLi, YY; Cheng, L 
2003Active control of the resonant flow-structure interaction using PID controllerZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y; Li, P
2010Active control of turbulent boundary layer using an array of piezo-ceramic actuatorsBei, HL; Zhou, Y
2004Active control of vortex-airfoil interactionZhang, MM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L 
2005Active control of vortex-induced off-resonance vibration of a flexibleZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2005Active control of vortex-induced off-resonance vibration of a flexible structure in crossflowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2005Active control of vortex-induced vibration of a flexible structure in crossflowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2003Active control of vortex-induced vibration of a square cylinder in cross flowCheng, L ; Zhang, MM; Zhou, Y
2003Active control on sound transmission into an enclosure through a flexible boundary with edges elastically restrained against translation and rotationLau, SK; Tang, SK 
2002Active control study of cable-stayed Ting Kau Bridge under stochastic earthquake excitationNi, YQ; Ko, JM ; Huang, ZL; Wang, JY
2003Active current sharing of parallelled DC/DC power converters through wireless communicationTan, SC; Lai, YM ; Lau, CK
2005An active detecting method against SYN flooding attackXiao, B ; Chen, W; He, Y; Sha, E
2005Active earth pressure on circular shaft lining obtained by simplified slip line solution with general tangential stress coefficientCheng, YM ; Hu, YY
2004An active ferrocenyl triarylphosphine for palladium-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halidesKwong, FY ; Chan, KS; Yeung, CH; Chan, ASC
2005An active ferrocenyl triarylphosphine for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halidesKwong, FY ; Zhou, ZY; Yeung, CH; Chan, KS; Chan, ASC
2003Active finite element analysis of muscle-tendon complexTsui, CP ; Li, CK; Leung, CP ; Ng, YF ; Chow, HK; Cheng, KW ; Tang, CY 
2004Active finite element analysis of skeletal muscle-tendon complex during isometric, shortening and lengthening contractionTsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Leung, CP; Cheng, KW ; Ng, YF ; Chow, DHK; Li, CK
2006Active finite element method for simulating the contraction behavior of a muscle-tendon complexTsui, CP ; Tang, CY ; Chow, CL; Hui, SC; Hong, YL
2012Active healthy ageing : concepts, interventions and reflectionsLai, CKY 
2007Active Helmholtz resonator with positive real impedanceYuan, J 
2013Active learning for cross-lingual sentiment classificationLi, S; Wang, R; Liu, H; Huang, CR 
2009An active learning framework for semi-supervised document clustering with language modelingHuang, R; Lam, W
2012Active learning in fashion and textiles supply chain managementChoi, TM 
2001Active learning of geriatric rehabilitation : deliberations of an undergraduate occupational therapy programmeChung, JCC
2005Active learning using localized generalization error of candidate sample as criterionChan, APF; Ng, WWY; Yeung, DS
2016Active living in later life : an overview of aging studies in hospitality and tourism journalsHung, K ; Lu, J
2014Active living in later life : an overview of aging studies in leisure, hospitality and tourism journalsHung, K ; Zhang Qiu, H 
2005Active measurement of the AS path prepending methodLo, S; Chang, R 
2006Active measurement of the AS path prepending methodLo, S; Chang, R 
1996Active noise control : evaluation in ventilation systemsAu, YYN; Yiu, PCH; Chow, WK 
2014Active noise control experiments for an acoustic-structural coupled enclosure using structural-based virtual sensorsHalim, D; Cheng, L 
2006Active noise control of a mechanically linked double panel system coupled with an acoustic enclosureLi, YY; Cheng, L 
2010Active pipe-embedded structures in buildings for utilizing low-grade energy sources: A reviewXu, X; Wang, S ; Wang, J; Xiao, F 
2003Active platform for suppressing train-induced microvibration of high tech facilitiesYang, ZC; Xu, YL 
2005Active power factor correction using nonlinear controlTsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2011Active power filter using nonlinear repetitive controllerTang, X; Tsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2008Active pressure for circular cut with Berezantzev's and prater's theories, numerical modeling and field measurementsCheng, YM ; Au, SK; Hu, YY; Wei, WB
2006Active resonators for noise absorptionYuan, J 
2002Active routing service for the next-generation network/ISDN3Lam, RYW; Chan, HCB ; Li, VOK; Dillon, TS; Leung, VCM
2005Active service for mobile middlewareChuang, SN; Chan, ATS 
2002An active service framework supporting wireless web accessChuang, SN; Chan, ATS ; Cao, J 
2008Active stiffness control of wind-rain-induced vibration of prototype stay cableWang, LY; Xu, YL 
2005Active suppression of narrowband noises in 3D sound fieldsYuan, J 
2013Active suspension system based on linear switched reluctance actuator and control schemesLin, J; Cheng, KWE ; Zhang, Z; Cheung, NC ; Xue, X; Ng, TW
2009Active tasks to change the use of class time within an outcomes based approach to curriculum designSalter, DD; Pang, MYC ; Sharma, DP
2005Active tonal noise control for a computer cooling fanWang, J; Huang, L
2014An active vibration control system with decoupling scheme for linear periodically time-varying systemsWang, J; Mak, CM 
2002Active vibration isolation of an airplane floor panel using curved piezoelectric actuatorMarouze, JP; Cheng, L 
2010Active, passive and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching are comparable in improving the knee flexion range in people with total knee replacement : a randomized controlled trialChow, TPY; Ng, GYF 
2004Active-set projected trust-region algorithm for box-constrained nonsmooth equationsQi, L ; Tong, XJ; Li, DH
2013An active-set projected trust-region algorithm with limited memory BFGS technique for box-constrained nonsmooth equationsQi, L ; Wei, Z; Yuan, G
2003Active/robust moment controllers for seismic response control of a large span building on top of ship lift towersXu, YL ; Qu, WL; Chen, B
2000Actively clamped bidirectional flyback converterChen, G; Lee, YS; Hui, SYR; Xu, D; Wang, Y
Mar-2004Actively deployable mobile services for adaptive web accessChuang, SN; Chan, ATS ; Cao, J ; Cheung, R
2007Activities of daily living performance in dementiaLiu, KRY; Chan, CCH ; Chu, MML; Ng, TYL; Chu, LW; Hui, FSL; Yuen, HK; Fisher, AG
2007Activities of daily living performance in dementia - using the AMPSLiu, KPY; Chan, CCH ; Chu, MML; Ng, TYL; Chu, LW; Hui, SL; Yuen, HK; Fisher, AG
2005Activities of fresh juice of Scutellaria barbata and warmed water extract of Radix Sophorae Tonkinensis on anti-proliferation and apoptosis of human cancer cell linesChui, C.H.; Lau, FY; Tang, JCO ; Kan, KL; Cheng, GYM; Wong, RSM; Kok, SHL; Lai, PBS; Ho, R; Gambari, R; Chan, ASC
2002Activities-based segmentation of the cultural tourism marketMckercher, B ; Ho, PSY; Du Cros, H; Chow, BSM
2004Activity levels and resting energy expenditure in an elderly population : a pilot studyJones, AYM; Chow, ITL; Ho, WCW; Kwok, JCW; To, EYC; Yee, RYW
2005Activity object-oriented simulation strategy for modeling construction operationsZhang, H; Tam, CM; Li, H 
2004Activity participation and well-being of people with dementia in long-term-care settingsChung, JCC
2012Activity participation intensity is associated with skeletal development in pre-pubertal children with developmental coordination disorderTsang, WWN ; Guo, X ; Fong, SSM; Mak, KK; Pang, MYC 
2006Activity participation profile of older people in the community : a pilot studyChow, HY; Leung, HKH; Luk, OTY; Siu, C; Au Yeung, SSY 
2013Activity types in the mobile integrative health centre (MIHC) in Hong KongCheng, W 
2010An activity-based approach for estimation of passenger O-D trip matrix and activity patternsXiong, YL; Lam, WHK 
2008An activity-based approach for modeling travel and residential location choicesOuyang, LQ; Lam, WHK 
2010An activity-based approach for scheduling multimodal transit servicesLi, ZC; Lam, WHK ; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A
2008An activity-based spatio-temporal data model for epidemic transmission analysisCheng, T; Li, ZL ; Gong, JH
2011An activity-based stochastic user equilibrium model for modeling combined residentail location and travel choicesOuyang, LQ; Lam, WHK 
2001An activity-based time-dependent traffic assignment modelLam, WHK ; Yin, Y
2001Actuators, piezoelectric ceramics and functionally gradient materialsZhu, X; Zhu, J; Zhou, S; Li, Q; Liu, Z; Ming, N; Meng, Z; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2011Acu-TENS and post-exercise lactate levelJones, AYM; Chan, CF; Chung, R