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2000Acoustic transmission in normal human hipsHuang, X; Kwong, KSC; Cheng, JCY
2003Acoustic transmission in normal human hips : structural testing of joint symmetryKwong, KSC; Huang, X; Cheng, JCY; Evans, JH
2010Acoustic vector resampling for GMMSVM-based speaker verificationMak, MW ; Rao, W
2010Acoustic Vector-Sensor FFH "Blind" Beamforming & GeolocationWong, KT 
2010The acoustic vector-sensor's near-field array-manifoldWu, YI; Wong, KT ; Lau, SK
2014Acoustic-structural interaction of flexible walls in a flow ductFan, HKH; Leung, RCK ; Lam, GCY; Li, KH
2010Acoustical insertion loss of plenum windows at different sound incidence angleTong, YG; Tang, SK 
2012Acoustical performance of plenum window at various azimuthal sound incidencesTong, YG; Tang, SK 
2015Acoustical protection of a plenum window installed with sound absorptionsTang, SK 
2007Acoustically coupled model of an enclosure and a Helmholtz resonator arrayLi, D; Cheng, L 
2016Acoustically induced transparency by using concentric spherical shells with coaxial aperture arrayWang, G; Jin, L; Li, P; Xu, Z
2009Acousto-ultrasonic sensing for delaminated GFRP composites using an embedded FBG sensorLam, PM; Lau, KT ; Ling, HY; Su, Z ; Tam, HY 
2014Acousto-ultrasonics-based fatigue damage characterization : linear versus nonlinear signal featuresSu, Z ; Zhou, C; Hong, M; Cheng, L ; Wang, Q; Qing, X
2013Acquired pasts and the commodification of borrowed heritage : the case of the Bank of America Stadium tourRamshaw, G; Gammon, S; Huang, WJ 
2003Acquiring business writing skills in a distance modeBilbow, G
2015Acquiring Intangible Resources through Entrepreneurs’ Network Ties: A Study of Chinese Economy Hotel ChainsHsu, CHC ; Liu, ZG ; Huang, SS
2012Acquiring software project specifications in a virtual worldNg, V ; Tang, Z
2006Acquisition and reuse of knowledge in property management firmsFong, PSW ; Lee, GHF
2010Acquisition of "be" by Cantonese ESL learners : missing surface inflection or impairment?Chan, M 
2012Acquisition of be by Cantonese ESL learners : implications for L2 acquisition of tense and aspectChan, M 
2013Acquisition of be by Cantonese ESL learners in Hong Kong and its pedagogical implicationsChan, M 
2000The acquisition of clausal peripheral categories in cantonese-speaking children with mental retardationTang, SW
2009Acquisition of domain ontology from relational schemes based on reverse engineeringWang, HW; Liu, JNK; Dai, HH
2011Acquisition of elliptical constructions in child MandarinShi, D ; 李汝亞; Hu, J
2002Acquisition of English vocabulary under different conditions : an investigation into short-term and long-term effectsQian, D 
2006The acquisition of foreign marketing knowledge via indirect export channels : evidence from central chinaEllis, PD; Zhuang, G
2012The acquisition of pronouns and reflexives in elliptical structuresShi, D 
2011The acquisition of relative clauses in Cantonese and MandarinChan, A ; Matthews, S; Yip, V
2013Acquisition of tense : findings concerning how English simple past tense is taught and learned in Hong KongChan, M 
2009Acquisition, reuse and sharing of knowledge in property management firmsFong, PSW ; Lee, HF
2002"Across the C's : commerce, convergence, communications and change” ENTER 2001 held in Montréal, Canada in April 2001Law, R 
2013Action learning to improve nursing students’ capacity in disaster preparednessLi, SJ; Chan, SSS; Hung, MSY; Pang, SMC 
2002An action model of public-private partnership for cleaner air in Hong KongHung, WT 
2001Action of -aminolevulinic acid and -aminolevulinic acid methyl ester on human cancer cellsYow, CMN; Leung, AWN
2007Action of GLP-1 (7-36) amide and exendin-4 on Suncus murinus (house musk shrew) isolated ileumChan, SW; He, J; Lin, G; Rudd, JA; Yamamoto, K
2008Action research and social development in China : creating synergy between marginalized populations and government officialsSung Chan, PL ; Yuen Tsang, WK ; Yadama, GN; Sze, YHA
2002An action research into the use of experiential learning in enhancing post-graduate social work students in theory and practice integrationSung Chan, PPL ; Yuen Tsang, WKA 
2002An action research on schon's reciprocal-reflection approach to enhance professional competence in coping with social & cultural transitionsSung Chan, PPL ; Yuen Tsang, WKA 
2015The action research practice of urban planning — an example from Hong KongKu, HB ; Kwok, JYC
2007Actions and personal attributes of community-dwelling older adults to maintain independenceYuen, HK; Gibson, RW; Yau, MK; Mitcham, MD
2015Activating the interpersonal dimension in clinical handover interactionsSlade, DM ; Eggins, S
2008Activation of apoptosis in compressive loading-induced muscle damage : a study of pressure ulcer using rat modelTeng, BT; Ng, JW; Tam, EW ; Benzie, IFF ; Mak, AF; Siu, PM 
2001Activation of fly ash/cement systems using calcium sulfate anhydrite (CaSO4)Poon, CS ; Kou, SC; Lam, L; Lin, ZS
2009Activation of group iii metabotropic glutamate receptor reduces intracellular calcium in beta-amyloid peptide [31-35]-treated cortical neuronsZhao, L; Zhao, ST; Qian, ZM; Zhang, C; Wu, XM; Du, F; Ke, Y
2006Activation of insulin-like growth factor I receptor-mediated pathway by ginsenoside Rg1Chen, WF; Lau, WS; Cheung, PY; Guo, DA; Wong, MS 
2003Activation of rejected fly ash using flue gas desulphurization (FGD) sludgeQiao, XC; Poon, C ; Lin, ZS
2001Activation of the quadriceps muscle during semisquatting with different hip and knee positions in patients with anterior knee painLam, PL; Ng, GYF 
2012Activation of transcription factor MEF2D by bis(3)-cognitin protects dopaminergic neurons and ameliorates Parkinsonian motor defectsYao, L; Li, W; She, H; Dou, J; Jia, L; He, Y; Yang, Q; Zhu, J; Capiro, NL; Walker, DI; Pennell, KD; Pang, Y; Liu, Y; Han, Y ; Mao, Z
2009Active animation : an approach to interactive and generative animation for user-interface design and expressionChow, KKN ; Harrell, DF
2007An active approach to measuring routing dynamics induced by autonomous systemsLo, SM; Chang, KC ; Colitti, L
2016Active coatings for smart textilesHu, JL 
2005Active contour based efficient registration for biomedical brain imagesWang, X; Feng, D
2005Active contour based efficient registration for biomedical brain imagesWang, X; Feng, D
2010Active contours driven by local image fitting energyZhang, K; Song, H; Zhang, L 
2010Active contours with selective local or global segmentation : a new formulation and level set methodZhang, K; Zhang, L ; Song, H; Zhou, W
2006Active control of drag noise from a small axial flow fanWang, J; Huang, L
2012Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, ZB; Cheng, L 
2010Active control of flow-induced acoustic resonance through surface perturbationLu, Z; Cheng, L ; Halim, D
2006Active control of flow-induced structural vibration of a flexible cylinder in cross flowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2010Active control of flow-induced vibration and noiseCheng, L 
2006Active control of harmonic voltage in an electrical distribution systemYuan, ZH; Du, YP 
2015Active control of residual tool marks for freeform optics functionalization by novel biaxial servo assisted fly cuttingZhu, Z; To, S ; Zhang, S
2002Active control of sound radiation into enclosures using structural error sensorsLi, DS; Cheng, L ; Gosselin, CM
2005Active control of sound transmission through a double wall partition into an acoustic cavityLi, YY; Cheng, L 
2005Active control of structure vibration in a cross flowLi, BQ; Liu, Y ; So, RMC; Chu, JR
2003Active control of the resonant flow-structure interaction using PID controllerZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y; Li, P
2010Active control of turbulent boundary layer using an array of piezo-ceramic actuatorsBei, HL; Zhou, Y
2004Active control of vortex-airfoil interactionZhang, MM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L 
2005Active control of vortex-induced off-resonance vibration of a flexibleZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2005Active control of vortex-induced off-resonance vibration of a flexible structure in crossflowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2005Active control of vortex-induced vibration of a flexible structure in crossflowZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2003Active control of vortex-induced vibration of a square cylinder in cross flowCheng, L ; Zhang, MM; Zhou, Y
2016Active control of vortex-induced vibrations of a circular cylinder using windward-suctionleeward-blowing actuationWang, C; Tang, H ; Yu, SCM; Duan, F
2003Active control on sound transmission into an enclosure through a flexible boundary with edges elastically restrained against translation and rotationLau, SK; Tang, SK 
2002Active control study of cable-stayed Ting Kau Bridge under stochastic earthquake excitationNi, YQ; Ko, JM ; Huang, ZL; Wang, JY
2003Active current sharing of parallelled DC/DC power converters through wireless communicationTan, SC; Lai, YM ; Lau, CK
2005An active detecting method against SYN flooding attackXiao, B ; Chen, W; He, Y; Sha, E
2005Active earth pressure on circular shaft lining obtained by simplified slip line solution with general tangential stress coefficientCheng, YM ; Hu, YY
2004An active ferrocenyl triarylphosphine for palladium-catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halidesKwong, FY ; Chan, KS; Yeung, CH; Chan, ASC
2005An active ferrocenyl triarylphosphine for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halidesKwong, FY ; Zhou, ZY; Yeung, CH; Chan, KS; Chan, ASC