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2009An adaptive fuzzy-inference-rule-based flexible model for automatic elastic image registrationChung, FL ; Deng, Z; Wang, S
2004Adaptive fuzzy-logic SVC damping controller using strategy of oscillation energy descentFang, DZ; Yang, X; Chung, TS; Wong, KP
2015Adaptive generation of variable-scale network maps for small displays based on line density distributionLi, Z ; Ti, P
2013Adaptive geo-information processing service evolution : reuse and local modification methodLi, H; Wu, B 
2007Adaptive haar-like MCTF based wavelet video coding schemeLiu, Z; Peng, Y; Hui, CW; Siu, WC 
2012An adaptive handoff triggering mechanism for vehicular networksKuang, L; Wang, Z; Xu, M; Chen, Y
2014Adaptive high-bandwidth digitally controlled buck converter with improved line and load transient responseLee, ATL; Sin, JKO; Chan, PCH 
2015An adaptive high-precision tracking controller for the coupled switched reluctance two-finger gripperZou, Y; Cheung, NC ; Pan, JF
Aug-1998Adaptive image noise filtering using transform domain local statisticsChoy, SSO; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2012Adaptive incident detection algorithm for suburban expresswayBoonsiripant, S; Sumalee, A ; Jedwanna, K; Rungrittidech, W
2011Adaptive indoor hybrid positioning for lBSXia, L; WU, D; Mok, E ; Retscher, G
2006An adaptive interpolating Moving Least Squares response surface model applied to design optimizations of electromagnetic devicesHo, SL ; Ni, PH; Yang, SY; Wong, KF
Apr-2007An adaptive interpolating MLS based response surface model applied to design optimizations of electromagnetic devicesHo, SL ; Yang, S; Ni, PH; Wong, KF
2006An adaptive interpolating moving least squares response surface model applied to the design optimizations of electromagnetic devicesHo, SL ; Ni, PH; Yang, S; Wong, KF
2004An adaptive k-nearest neighbor text categorization strategyLi, B; Lu, Q ; Yu, S
2003Adaptive Kalman filtering for vehicle navigationHu, C; Chen, W ; Chen, Y ; Liu, D
2010AN adaptive L1–L2 hybrid error model to super-resolutionSong, H; Zhang, L ; Wang, P; Zhang, K; Li, X
2007Adaptive Laguerre filters for active noise controlYuan, J 
2005An adaptive location updating scheme for moving objects in mobile environmentZhou, J; Leong, HV ; Lu, Q ; Lee, KCK
2009Adaptive mapped least squares SVM-based smooth fitting method for DSM generation of LIDAR dataShi, W ; Zheng, S; Tian, Y
Sep-2011Adaptive mechanism between dynamical synchronization and epidemic behavior on complex networksLi, K; Fu, X; Small, M; Ma, Z
2014An adaptive mesh and basis finite-element method by adjusting degrees-of-freedom in transient field analysisZhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012An adaptive mesh method in transient finite element analysis of magnetic field using a novel error estimatorZhao, Y; Zhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012An adaptive mesh method in transient finite element analysis of magnetic field using a novel error estimatorZhao, Y; Zhang, X; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2011An adaptive method of speckle reduction and feature enhancement for SAR images based on curvelet transform and particle swarm optimizationLi, Y; Gong, H; Feng, D; Zhang, Y
2005An adaptive middleware infrastructure for mobile computingCheung, R
2005An adaptive middleware infrastructure incorporating fuzzy logic for mobile computingCheung, R
2011Adaptive mixed on-time and switching frequency control of a system of interleaved switched-capacitor convertersTan, SC; Kiratipongvoot, S; Bronstein, S; Ioinovici, A; Lai, YM ; Tse, CK 
2013Adaptive mode selection in Kalman filtering for response reconstructionZhang, XH; Zhu, S ; Xu, YL 
1999An adaptive model generation technique for model-based video codingSiu, M; Chan, YH 
2006Adaptive modulation and coding schemes for a space-time coded system with transmit antenna selectionWei, YR; Wang, MZ
2001Adaptive motion tracking for fast block motion estimationFeng, J; Liu, TY; Lo, KT ; Zhang, XD
2014Adaptive moving grid methods for two-phase flow in porous mediaDong, H; Qiao, Z ; Sun, S; Tang, T
2001Adaptive multi-class controllerLo, WL; Rad, AB; Tsang, KM ; Wong, YK
2011An adaptive multi-parameter based dispatching strategy for single-loop interbay material handling systemsWu, LH; Mok, PY ; Zhang, J
1995Adaptive multiple-candidate hierarchical search for block matching algorithmChan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2002Adaptive neural network control of FES in arm movements and its applications based on a resonant converterCheng, KWE ; Cao, L; Rad, AB; Sutanto, D; Chow, DHK; Tong, KY
2010Adaptive neural network model for time-series forecastingWong, WK ; Xia, M; Chu, WC 
2012Adaptive neural-Fuzzy controller (ANFC) based energy management system for battery/ultracapacitor electric vehicleFung, EHK; Wong, YK ; Wang, Y
2013Adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller for static VAR compensator to damp out wind energy conversion system oscillationHuang, H; Chung, CY
2004An adaptive optimal strategy based on a combination of dynamic-Q optimisation method and response surface methodologyYang, SY; Ho, SL 
May-2005An adaptive optimal strategy based on the combination of the dynamic-Q optimization method and response surface methodologyYang, S; Ho, SL ; Ni, G; Wong, HCC
2002Adaptive output tracking of mobile robots via backstepping approachChao, HM; Li, CK; Hu, YM; Rad, AB; Wong, M
2006An adaptive palette reordering method for compressing color-indexed imageLui, KC; Chan, YH 
2011An adaptive parallel route construction heuristic for the vehicle routing problem with time windows constraintsPang, KW 
2012An adaptive parameterized mesh refine method for multi-layer magnetic force computationNiu, S ; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2004Adaptive partial distortion search for block motion estimationChan, YL ; Hui, KC; Siu, WC 
2003An adaptive partial distortion search for block motion estimationChan, YL ; Siu, WC 
2002Adaptive partitioning for multi-server distributed virtual environmentsNg, B; Si, A; Lau, R; Li, F
2006Adaptive passivity-based control of extended-period quasi-resonant convertersHo, HFJ; Cheng, KWE 
2014An adaptive patient specific deformable registration for breast images of positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging using finite element approachXue, C; Tang, FH 
2008Adaptive pore model for fingerprint pore extractionZhao, Q; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Luo, N; Bao, J
2012Adaptive prediction in digitally controlled buck converter with fast load transient responseLee, ATL; Chan, PCH 
2013An adaptive prediction-correction method for solving large-scale nonlinear systems of monotone equations with applicationsYu, G; Niu, S; Ma, J; Song, Y
2009Adaptive primal-dual genetic algorithms in dynamic environmentsWang, H; Yang, S; Ip, WH ; Wang, D
2012An adaptive recognition model for image annotationChen, Z; Fu, H; Chi, Z ; Feng, DD
2010Adaptive reference frame selection for near-duplicate video shot detectionLu, S; Wang, Z; Wang, M; Ott, M; Feng, D
2009Adaptive regularization parameter optimization in output-error-based finite element model updatingHua, XG; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2003An adaptive reservation protocol with a pre-emptive priority mechanism for wireless ATM LANsChan, HCB ; Chen, H; Zhang, J
2003Adaptive responses of 25-hydroxyvitamin D-3 1-alpha hydroxylase expression to dietary phosphate restriction in young and adult ratsLai, WP; Chau, TS; Cheung, PY; Chen, WF; Lo, SCL ; Favus, MJ; Wong, MS 
2014Adaptive responses of TRPC1 and TRPC3 during skeletal muscle atrophy and regrowthZhang, BT; Yeung, SS ; Cheung, KK; Chai, ZY; Yeung, EW 
2014Adaptive reuse of traditional Chinese shophouses in government-led urban renewal projects in Hong KongYung, EHK ; Langston, C; Chan, EHW 
2005Adaptive rotor flux position observer in the absence of machine parameter information for vector controlled induction motor drivesWang, ZS; Ho, SL ; Cheng, EKW 
2013An adaptive routing algorithm for load balancing in communication networksWu, J; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM ; Ho, IWH 
2010An adaptive routing protocol for bus networksKuang, L; Wang, Z; Xu, M
2014Adaptive security for human surveillance using multimodal open set biometric recognitionKumar, A; Kumar, A
2015Adaptive security management of real-time storage applications over NAND based storage systemsJiang, W; Ma, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Shao, Z 
Nov-2006Adaptive segmentation of textured images by using the coupled Markov random field modelXia, Y; Feng, DD; Zhao, R
2001Adaptive semantic data broadcast in a mobile environmentLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Si, A
1999Adaptive shrinkage algorithm for ringing suppression with smoothness constraintLaw, NF ; Siu, WC 
2010Adaptive sliding mode control of piezoelectric tube actuator with hysteresis, creep and coupling effectChung, SH; Fung, EHK
2004An adaptive sliding mode controller for buck converter in continuous conduction modeTan, SC; Lai, YM ; Tse, CKM ; Cheung, MKH
2015Adaptive sliding mode technique-based electromagnetic suspension system with linear switched reluctance actuatorLin, J; Cheng, KWE ; Zhang, Z; Cheung, NC ; Xue, X
2012Adaptive spatiotemporal background modellingWang, Y; Liang, Y; Zhang, L ; Pan, Q
22-Dec-2006An adaptive squared-distance-weighted interpolation for volume reconstruction in 3D freehand ultrasoundHuang, QH; Zheng, YP 
2001Adaptive strategies of trading companiesEllis, P
2014An adaptive surface filter for airborne laser scanning point clouds by means of regularization and bending energyHu, H; Ding, Y; Zhu, Q; Wu, B ; Lin, H; Du, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Y
2008Adaptive synchronization between two complex networks with nonidentical topological structuresTang, H; Chen, L; Lu, JA; Tse, CK 
1998Adaptive temporal decimation algorithm with dynamic time windowKwok, SH; Siu, WC ; Constantinides, AG
2015Adaptive testing for the partially linear single-index model with error-prone linear covariatesHuang, Z; Shao, Q; Pang, Z; Lin, B