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2014Building a self-learning eye gaze model from user interaction dataHuang, MX; Kwok, TCK; Ngai, G ; Leong, HV ; Chan, SCF 
2014Building a semantic transparency dataset of Chinese nominal compounds : a practice of crowdsourcing methodologWang, S; Huang, CR ; Yao, Y ; Lee, SYM 
2012Building a sustainable business model : the strategic approaches for small-and medium-retail travel agents in Hong KongSun, E; Mak, B ; Chan, B
2001Building a teaching server out of the PACSLaw, MYY; Tang, FH ; Cao, F
2008Building and aligning Chinese and French lexical graphsPrevot, L; Gaume, B; Huang, CR ; Hsie, SK; Chen, CJ
2008Building and rebuilding houses : bylaws and traditional practice in bangladeshKhan , TH; Davis, H
2008Building and rebuilding houses : modern law and traditional practices in BangladeshKhan, TH; Davis, H
2000Building and using an on-line English/Chinese/French trilingual corpus for the teaching of reading comprehension in frenchXu, XF ; Kawecki, R
2015Building bridges : preparing ESL Learners for English-medium educationLi, VWK
2006Building calibration for IAQ managementMui, KW ; Chan, WT
2016Building collapse assessment in urban areas using texture information from postevent SAR dataSun, W; Shi, L; Yang, J; Li, P
2001Building contract procedures in Hong KongHills, MJ
2007Building contractors' behavioural pattern in pricing weather risksChan, EHW ; Au, MCY
2003Building control in high density cities - a comparison between Hong Kong and SingaporeWong, WS; Chan, EH 
2015Building customer equity through trust in social networking sites: A perspective from Thai consumersKananukul, C; Jung, S; Watchravesringkan, K
2008Building defect caused in construction : its extent and impact in Hong KongChan, EHW ; Lee, GKL
2016Building demand response and control methods for smart grids : a reviewShan, K; Wang, S ; Yan, C; Xiao, F 
2004Building design and energy end-use characteristics of high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongWan, KSY; Yik, FWH
2002Building design using cold formed steel sections : structural design to BS 5950-5:1998 section properties and load tablesLawson, RM; Chung, KF ; So, PO
2004Building dilapidation and rejuvenation in Hong KongLeung, A; Yiu, E
2006Building document graph for text summarization : an event-based approachXu, W; Li, W ; Yuan, C; Wu, M; Wong, KF
2010Building energy efficiency (BEE) policy in the transitional China - an overviewQian, QK; Chan, EHW ; Choy, LHT 
2002Building energy efficiency and the remuneration of operation and maintenance personnelYik, FWH; Lee, WL ; Ng, CK
2001Building energy efficiency assessments in Hong Kong and the way forwardYik, FWH; Edmunds, K; Chan, CWH
2003Building energy performance assessment in HK-BEAM 5-03Yik, WHF
2009Building energy research in Hong Kong : a reviewMa, Z; Wang, S 
2008Building environment as significant impact on housing priceLo, KK; Hui, CM 
2007Building features and site-specific factors affecting buildability in Hong KongLam, PTI ; Wong, FKW ; Wong, FWH
2005Building fire codes and performance-based design in China : Mainland and Hong KongChow, WK ; Xia, L
2005Building fire process and evacuation simulationZou, L; Shi, JY; Shi, WZ 
2005Building fire safety in the far eastChow, WK 
2002Building fire simulation with a field model based on large eddy simulationYin, R; Chow, WK 
2007Building fire zone model simulation with symbolic mathematicsHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2009Building fire zone model with symbolic mathematicsWu, HM; Gao, Y; Chow, WK 
2016Building governance and climate change : roles for regulation and related policesVisscher, H; Laubscher, J; Chan, E 
2014Building high-performance smartphones via non-volatile memory : the Swap ApproachZhong, K; Wang, T; Zhu, X; Long, L; Liu, D; Liu, W; Shao, Z ; Sha, EHM
2015Building homeland heritage: multiple homes among the Chinese diaspora and the politics on heritage management in ChinaChan, HL; Cheng, C
2000Building Hong Kong : environmental considerationsWong, WS; Chan, EHW 
2011Building information modeling and changing construction practicesLu, WW; Li, H 
2012Building Information Modeling-based user activity simulation and evaluation method for improving designer–user communicationsShen, W; Shen, Q ; Sun, Q
2013Building information modelling (BIM) for sustainable building designWong, KD ; Fan, Q
2006Building information modelling - a case study of building design and managementTse, TC; Wong, KD ; Wong, KW ; Leung, YM; Riese, M
Feb-2011Building information modelling for tertiary construction education in Hong KongWong, KDA ; Wong, FKW ; Nadeem, A
2009Building information modelling in material take-off in a Hong Kong projectTse, KTC; Wong, AKD ; Wong, FKW
2007Building information modelling in materials take-off in a Hong Kong projectTse, TC; Wong, KD ; Wong, KW 
2013Building instantaneous cooling load fused measurement : multiple-sensor-based fusion versus chiller-model-based fusionHuang, G; Sun, Y; Wang, S 
2011Building life satisfaction through attachment to mother and beliefs about the world : social axioms as mediators in two cultural groupsMak, MCK; Han, YMY; You, J; Jin, M; Bond, MH
2012Building life-long learning capacity in undergraduate nursing freshmen within an integrative and small group learning contextChiang, VCL ; Leung, SSK; Chui, CYY; Leung, AYM; Mak, YW 
2002Building management in Hong KongKent, PS; Malcolm, M; Walters, M
2004Building management in Hong Kong : a search for new directionWong, AKH
2004Building management in Hong Kong : an evaluation of its recent legislative developmentsWong, KH
Mar-2010Building new foundations for Macquarie University’s new Library : why the people count more than the concreteBrodie, M; Graham, M
2002Building officials' perception on the use of performance-based fire engineering approach in building design - a seond stage studyHo, DCW; Lo, SM; Yiu, CY; Cheng, WY; To, MY
2010Building operation and maintenance : education needs in Hong KongLai, JHK 
2015Building operation and maintenance manpower in Hong KongLai, HK 
2014Building power demand response methods toward smart gridWang, S ; Xue, X; Yan, C
2010Building professional skills through peer group assessmentHodgson, P; Chan, LK
2010Building professional skills through peer group assessment : a case of a university-industry partnership programmeHodgson, P; Chan, LK
2014Building regulatory control in facing the challenge of climate change : a case of Hong KongChan, HWE ; Chan, CK
2013Building self-ordered tubular macro- and mesoporous nitridated titania from gas bubbles towards high-performance lithium-ion batteriesWang, H; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y
2008Building stronger models through strategy-as-practice : the case of strategic tools usefulnessWright, RP ; Paroutis, S; Blettner, D
2014Building system performance diagnosis and optimization based on data mining techniquesXiao, F ; Fan, C; Wang, S 
2014Building system performance diagnosis and optimization based on data mining techniquesXiao, F ; Fan, C; Wang, S 
2010Building teams that learn : study of learning effects in engineering student teamsFong, PSW 
2008Building the future : the strength of Hong Kong's construction industryFox, PW; Fong, PSW ; Hills, MJ; Skitmore, RM; Hon, CKH
2010Building traceability systems : a design science approachNgai, EWT ; Chau, DCK
2003Building up a computerised mechanism for general translation businessChan, KYK
2003Building up of interpersonal relationship through use of language in business correspondencesChan, SD 
2012Building water supply and drainage situation and sustainability in Hong KongWong, LT 
2011Building(s), cyberneticallyJachna, T 
2003Building-integrated photovoltaic application - its practice in Hong KongYang, HX ; Fung, YY
2009Building-integrated photovoltaic technologies : its past, current status and future potentialYang, HX ; Lou, C; An, D
2001Building-integrated photovoltaics : effect on the cooling load component of building façadesYang, H ; Burnett, J; Zhu, Z
2006Building-integrated photovoltaics : its' past, present and future applications in Hong KongYang, HX ; Fung, YY
2008Building-integrated photovoltaics for maximum power generationYang, HX ; Lou, C; Sun, LL
2008Built environment research for rural-urban fringe of Chinese cities - an overviewXu, Y; Chan, HW ; Tang, BS
2001Built-in self-test technique based on weighted sum of selected node voltagesKo, KY; Wong, MWT; Lee, YS
2016Bulk drag of a regular array of emergent blade-type vegetation stems under gradually varied flowBusari, AO; Li, CW 
2014Bulk metallic glass composite with good tensile ductility, high strength and large elastic strain limitWu, FF; Chan, KC ; Jiang, SS; Chen, SH; Wang, G
2010Bulk metallic glass composites with transformation-mediated work-hardening and ductilityWu, Y; Xiao, Y; Chen, G; Liu, CT; Lu, Z