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Jan-2000Calibration of zenith hydrostatic delay model for local GPS applicationsLiu, Y; Iz, HB ; Chen, YQ 
2016Calibration transfer and drift compensation of e-noses via coupled task learningYan, K; Zhang, D 
Mar-2010CALIS consortium purchasing of foreign databases : a review and prospectZhu, Q
2007Call centre communication - analyzing the call, the grammar and the wordsForey, G 
2009Call centre communication : measurement processes in non-English speaking contextsLockwood, J; Forey, G ; Elias, N
2007Call centre communication applying a range of language approaches : what can we learn?Forey, G ; Lockwood, J
Apr-2009A call for more papers on social work practice in ChinaNg, GT
2010Calligraphic meditation : the mindful art of Thich Nhat HanhYuen, MW
2006Calmness and exact penalization in vector optimization with cone constraintsHuang, XX; Teo, KL; Yang, XQ 
Jul-2010Calycosin promotes angiogenesis involving estrogen receptor and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway in zebrafish and HUVECTang, JY; Li, S; Li, ZH; Zhang, ZJ; Hu, G; Cheang, LCV; Alex, D; Hoi, MPM; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Leung, GPH; Lee, SMY
2014Cambridge prospective memory test (Hong Kong version) for people with strokeMan, DWK ; Yip, CCK
2004cAMP inhibits transepithelial chloride secretion across bovine ciliary body/epitheliumDo, CW; Kong, CW; To, CH 
2010cAMP modulates apolipoprotein A1 expression during eye growth : a proteomic approachTo, CH 
2015Campaign-style enforcement and regulatory complianceLiu, NN; Lo, CWH ; Zhan, X ; Wang, W
2013CAMPUS : a middleware for automated context-aware adaptation decision making at run timeWei, EJY; Chan, ATS 
2013Can ambiguous words be helpful in image-understanding systems?Zhou, H; Hu, J; Lam, KM 
2009Can Cantonese rhymes be used in the assessment of hemispheric dominance for language?Chan, ST; Tang, SW; Lee, WK; Tang, KW; Lo, SS; Kwong, KK
2004Can cardiopulmonary resuscitation injure the back?Jones, AYM
2006Can computers assist design students to develop their creative minds? An investigation into computer-aided pedagogy in design educationLau, KW
2013Can diagnosing university students’ English proficiency facilitate language development?Urmston, A ; Raquel, MR; Tsang, C
2014Can doing Tai Chi exercise relieve LBP : a literature ReviewTsang, WWN ; Lam, YT; Chan, WN; Fu, SN 
2003Can eco-labels attract buyers?Chow, CSF; Tang, EPY; Fryxell, GE
2002Can heterogeneous decision-making teams attain consensus on strategic organizational goals?Michie, SG; Dooley, RS; Fryxell, GE
2003Can home based resistance training improve perceived and functional abilities for community dwelling elders?Lai, CB; Mak, MKY 
2008Can home visits help reduce hospital readmissions? Randomized controlled trialWong, FKY ; Chow, S ; Chung, L; Chang, K ; Chan, T; Lee, WM; Lee, R
2015Can Hong Kong price-manage its cross-harbor-tunnel congestion?Woo, CK; Cheng, YS; Li, R; Shiu, A ; Ho, ST; Horowitz, I
2011Can I do it? Can you do it? Roles of self-efficacy and other-efficacy of customers and employees in service participationChan, KW ; Yim, CK; Lam, SK
2005//↗CAN i help you // : the use of rise and rise-fall tones in the Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken EnglishCheng, W ; Warren, M 
2010Can instant messaging empower teams at work?Ou, CXJ; Davison, RM; Zhong, XP; Liang, Y
2006Can larger demand variability be beneficial to fashion retailers ?Choi, TM 
2011Can Malaysian firms improve organizational/innovation performance via SCM?Chong, AYL; Chan, FTS ; Ooi, KB; Sim, JJ
2011A CAN network for temperature monitoring of car engine and train bogieWei, C; Zhuang, Z; Tam, HY ; Ho, SL ; Al-Shamma'a, AI; Shaw, A
2003Can postural sway be predicted by ankle proprioception?Fu, SN ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2010Can radiological technologists win the nobel prize?Law, MYY; Tang, FH 
2015Can Response Management Benefit Hotels? Evidence from Hong Kong HotelsLiu, X; Schuckert, M ; Law, R 
2015Can saving cash from equity issuance mitigate the agency problem of excess cash holdings? Evidence from mergers and acquisitionsChen, YR; Huang, YL; Weng, CH
2014Can setting hotel rate restrictions help balance the interest of hotels and customers?Guillet, BD; Liu, W; Law, R 
2015Can shareholders be at rest after adopting clawback provisions? Evidence from stock price crash riskBao, D ; Fung, YK ; Su, L 
2013Can smartphones enhance telephone-based cognitive assessment (TBCA)?Kwan, RYC; Lai, CKY 
May-2012Can social capital be transferred cross the boundary of the real and virtual worlds? An empirical investigation of TwitterYe, Q; Fang, B; He, WJ ; Hsieh, JJPA
2009Can superhydrophobic surfaces repel hot water?Liu, Y; Chen, X; Xin, JH 
2010Can surrounding greenery reduce noise annoyance at home?Li, HN; Chau, CK; Tang, SK 
2013Can taekwondo footwear affect postural stability in young adults?Fong, SSM; Ng, SSM 
2007Can Tai Chi improve balance control in subjects with visual impairment?Tsang, W ; Fu, A ; Tsai, E; Fung, L
2007Can Tai Chi improve spatial orientation in subjects with visual impairments?Fu, SN ; Tsang, W ; Fung, L; Tsai, E
2009Can the bunkers convention ensure adequate compensation for pollution victims?Zhu, L 
2015Can the neural-cortisol association be moderated by experience-induced changes in awareness?Lau, WKW; Leung, MK; Chan, CCH ; Wong, SSY; Lee, TMC
2009Can the theory of planned behavior help explain intention of nurses to perform hand hygiene practice?Chow, MCM; Tsang, CYK
2015Can transient institutions correctly interpret small negative earnings surprises in the absence of access to management’s private information?Hu, G ; Ke, B; Yu, Y
2014Can we beat the "buy-and-hold" strategy? Analysis on European and American securitized real estate indicesHui, ECM ; Yam, SCP
2008Can we learn from our past? Managing knowledge within and across projectsFong, PSW 
2015Can we predict the property cycle' A study of securitized property marketHui, ECM ; Wang, Z
2010Can we put it differently?Lau, W
2014Can we still beat "buy-and-hold" for individual stocks?Hui, ECM ; Chan, KKK
2014Can we use second minor finger knuckle patterns to identify humans?Kumar, A ; Xu, Z
Mar-2009Can Young’s modulus and hardness of wire structural materials be directly measured using nanoindentation?Shu, S; Yang, Y; Fu, T; Wen, CS; Lu, J
2009Cancer patients' perception of bad nurses and their effects on patients in JapanYahiro, M; Pang, SMC 
2013CANDECOMP/PARAFAC (CP) direction finding with multi-scale arrayMiron, S; Song, Y; Brie, D; Wong, KT 
2014Candidates in the making : political photos as public discourseVeloso, F 
2005Canny edge detection enhancement by scale multiplicationBao, P; Zhang, L ; Wu, X
2003Canonical correlation analysis of urban tourist motivation : a case of ShanghaiMao, Y; Zhang Qiu, H 
2013Canonical Wnt/β-catenin signaling drives human schwann cell transformation, progression, and tumor maintenanceWatson, AL; Rahrmann, EP; Moriarity, BS; Choi, K; Conboy, CB; Greeley, AD; Halfond, BS; Anderson, LK; Wahl, BR; Keng, VW ; Rizzardi, AE; Forster, CL; Collins, MH; Sarver, AL; Wallace, MR; Schmechel, SC; Ratner, N; Largaespada, DA
2015Canonicity of Chinese opposite pairings : a corpus-based measurementDing, J; Huang, CR 
2003Cantilever optical vibrometer using fiber Bragg gratingShi, CZ; Zeng, N; Ho, HL; Chan, CC; Zhang, M; Jin, W ; Liao, YB
2010The Cantonese double object construction with bei2 'give' in bilingual children : the role of inputChan, A 
2000The Cantonese gam2Wong, C ; Szeto, K
2001Cantonese influences on Hong Kong written ChineseChu, C ; Shi, D 
2011Cantonese lexical tones in speaking and singingZhang, L; Cheung, KH 
2008Cantonese meets true empty categoriesTang, SW
2008Cantonese orthoepy : a sociolinguistic perspectiveCheung, KH 
2010Cantonese standup comedy in Hong Kong :Tam, KF 
2012Cantonese-english language contact : the top 10 most frequent monosyllabic English words borrowed into Hong Kong Cantonese in 1990’sLi, DCS; Wong, CSP ; Leung, WM
2013Cantonese-english language contact : the top 10 most frequent monosyllabic English verbs/adjectives/nouns borrowed into Hong Kong Cantonese in 1990’sLi, DCS; Leung, WM; Wong, CSP 
2011Cao Fei + MAP Office : NO LAB on tourGutierrez, L ; Portefaix, V
2013Capabilities and performance of smartphones for LBS navigation applicationsRetscher, G; Hecht, T; Mok, E 
2005Capability Maturity Model and SAP : toward a universal ERP Implementation ModelLui, KM; Chan, KCC 
2008Capacitance effect on microwave power spectra of spin-torque oscillator with thermal noiseGuan, B; Zhou, Y; Shin, FG; Akerman, J
2014Capacitance effect on switching characteristics of spin-torque oscillatorsZeng, T; Zhou, Y; Leung, CW ; Lai, PT; Pong, PWT
2014Capacitance effect on the oscillation and switching characteristics of spin torque oscillatorsZeng, T; Zhou, Y; Leung, CW ; Lai, PPT; Pong, PWT
2008Capacitance enhanced synchronization of pairs of spin-transfer oscillatorsZhou, Y; Guan, B; Shin, FG; Akerman, J