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2008Capillary rise between cylindersLiu, T; Choi, KF
2000Capital budgeting for shipping investments : an empirical analysis of theory and practicePanayides, PM; Cullinane, K
2002Capital structure and profitability of the property and construction sectors in Hong KongChiang, YH ; Chan, PCA ; Hui, CME 
2001Capital structure of construction and property firms in Hong KongChiang, YH ; Yue, CSM
2015Capitalization of secondary school education into property values: A case study in Hong KongWadu, M.J.; Lam, SO
Jun-2013Captive artists : Chinese University students talk about the internetHerold, DK 
2002Capturing activity-based costs in apparel business using FaCostNg, R ; To, C 
2006Capturing aesthetic intention during interactive evolutionGu, Z; Tang, MX ; Frazer, JH
2003Capturing and re-using knowledge in building maintenanceFong, PSW ; Wong, KC
2004Capturing knowledge from facilities management practice - issues and possibilitiesThen, SSD; McEwan, A
2002Capturing the senior market at economy hotels : senior customers' perceptions of hotel attributesMasuyama, Y
2009Capturing, sharing and re-using lessons to improve learning in construction projectsLo, KM; Fong, PSW 
2004Car park ventilation system : performance evaluationChan, MY ; Chow, WK 
2013Carbon and eco-footprints of adult incontinence productsMuthu, SS; Ng, FSF ; Li, Y ; Hui, PCL ; Guo, Y
2010Carbon audit : a literature review and a hotel case studyMan, CS; Lai, HK 
2012Carbon audit : a literature review and an empirical study on a hotelLai, JHK ; Yik, FWH; Man, CS
2007Carbon dioxide emission benchmarks for domestic water consumption in Hong KongMui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2014Carbon emission trading scheme to reduce emission in the built environment of chinaNi, FDF; Chan, EHW 
2012Carbon emission trading scheme to reduce emission in the built environment of ChinaNi, DF; Chan, EHW 
2010Carbon emissions and well-being performance in ChinaChen, W; Zhu, DJ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2014Carbon emissions of chiller systems in Hong Kong hotels under climate changeYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Sit, RKY
2015Carbon footprint analyses of mainstream wastewater treatment technologies under different sludge treatment scenarios in ChinaChai, C; Zhang, D; Yu, Y; Feng, Y; Wong, MS 
2012Carbon footprint analysis of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) incorporated pedestrian bridges : a Case StudyDai, J ; Ueda, T
2012Carbon footprint of production processes of polypropylene nonwoven shopping bagsMuthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY ; Liao, X
2011Carbon footprint of shopping (grocery) bags in China, Hong Kong and IndiaMuthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY 
2013Carbon footprint tax on fashion supply chain systemsChoi, TM 
2015Carbon footprints of hotels : analysis of three archetypes in Hong KongLai, JHK 
2002Carbon monoxide levels measured in major commuting corridors covering different landuse and roadway microenvironments in Hong KongChan, LY; Liu, YM; Lee, SC ; Chan, CY
2009Carbon monoxide tran sport through water curtainChow, WK ; Ip, MKK
May-2010Carbon nanotube composites for glucose biosensor incorporated with reverse iontophoresis function for noninvasive glucose monitoringSun, TP; Shieh, HL; Ching, CTS; Yao, YD; Huang, SH; Liu, CM; Liu, WH; Chen, CY
2009Carbon nanotube enhanced gripping in polymer-based actuatorsDu, FP; Tang, CY ; Xie, XL; Zhou, XP; Tan, L
2013Carbon nanotube membranes with ultrahigh specific adsorption capacity for water desalination and purificationYang, HY; Han, ZJ; Yu, SF ; Pey, KL; Ostrikov, K; Karnik, R
2006Carbon nanotube seeded sol-gel synthesis of silica nanoparticle assembliesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Chen, X; Wang, R; Pang, GKH; Zhang, Y; Xin, JH 
2010A carbon nanotube sensor for wall shear stress measurementBai, HL; Li, WJ; Chow, W; Zhou, Y
2010Carbon nanotube-assisted microwave thermal bonding of plastic biochipWong, JL; Lee, TMH ; Yung, KL 
2002Carbon nanotube-polyaniline hybrid materialsDeng, J; Ding, X; Zhang, W; Peng, Y; Wang, J; Long, X; Li, P ; Chan, ASC
2006Carbon nanotube-reinforced polyurethane composite fibersChen, W; Tao, X ; Liu, Y
2014Carbon nanotubes based high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber nanocomposite with excellent elasticity and electrical propertiesShang, SM ; Gan, L; Yuen, MCW; Jiang, SX ; Luo, NM
2008Carbon nanotubes for space and bio-engineering applicationsLau, KT ; Cheung, HY; Lu, J; Yin, YS; Hui, D; Li, HL
2012Carbon-boron bond cross-coupling reaction catalyzed by -PPh 2 containing palladium-indolylphosphine complexesChow, WK; Yuen, OY; So, CM; Wong, WT ; Kwong, FY 
2012Carbon-boron bond cross-coupling reaction catalyzed by -PPh2 containing palladium-indolylPhosphine complexesYuen, OY; Chow, WK; So, CM; Wong, WT ; Kwong, FY 
2009Carbon-centered free radicals in participate matter emissions from wood and coal combustionTian, L; Koshland, CP; Yano, J; Yachandra, VK; Yu, ITS; Lee, SC ; Lucas, D
14-Mar-2012Carbonaceous aerosols in China : top-down constraints on primary sources and estimation of secondary contributionFu, TM; Cao, JJ; Zhang, XY; Lee, SC ; Zhang, Q; Han, YM; Qu, WJ; Han, Z; Zhang, R; Wang, YX; Chen, D; Henze, DK
2007Carbonaceous aerosols in PM10 and pollution gases in winter in BeijingZhang, RJ; Cao, JJ; Lee, SC ; Shen, ZX; Ho, KF
2002Carbonaceous characteristics of atmospheric particulate matter in Hong KongHo, KF; Lee, SC ; Yu, JC; Zou, SC; Fung, K
2010Carbonaceous matter and PBDEs on indoor/outdoor glass window surfaces in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, South ChinaLi, J; Lin, T; Pan, SH; Xu, Y; Liu, X; Zhang, C; Li, XD 
2006Carbonyl compounds in the roadside environment of Hong KongHo, KF; Lee, SC ; Tsai, WY
2012Carbonyl emissions from vehicular exhausts sources in Hong KongHo, SSH; Ho, KF; Lee, SC ; Cheng, Y; Yu, JZ; Lam, KM; Feng, NSY; Huang, Y
2010Carbonyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and carbon disulfide in the Pearl River Delta of southern China : impact of anthropogenic and biogenic sourcesGuo, H ; Simpson, IJ; Ding, AJ; Wang, T ; Saunders, SM; Wang, TJ; Cheng, HR; Barletta, B; Meinardi, S; Blake, DR; Rowland, FS
2010Carboxymethyl chitosan coating to block photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanoparticlesChen, X; Liu, Y; Shi, H; Wang, X; Qi, K; Zhou, X; Xin, JH 
Oct-2010Cardiac parameters analysis for zebrafish heart regeneration based on highfrequency ultrasound imagingYu, Y; Lien, CL; Shung, KK; Sun, L 
2007Cardiac rehabilitation - an overviewJones, A
2006Cardiomyocyte hypertrophy sensing by impedance spectrum using a microfluidic deviceYang, M ; Zhang, X
2000Cardiopulmonary manifestations of neurological conditions : are we paying sufficient attention?Dean, E
2007Cardiopulmonary physiotherapy and the philosophy of health maintenanceJones, AYM
2005Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and back injury in ambulance officersJones, AY; Lee, RY
2004Cardiovascular disease : application of a composite risk index from the telehealth system in a district communityYip, YB; Wong, TKS; Chung, JWY; Ko, SKK; Sit, JWH; Chan, TMF
2009Cardiovascular effects of intravenous administered 26RFa, a novel RFamide peptide ligand for GPR103, in anaesthetised ratsFang, Q; Liu, Q; Li, N; Jiang, TN; Li, YL; Yan, X; Wang, R
2008Cardiovascular responses to intravenous administration of human hemokinin-1 and its truncated form hemokinin-1(4-11) in anesthetized ratsKong, ZQ; Fu, CY; Chen, Q; Wang, R
2014Cardiovascular stress induced by whole-body vibration exercise in individuals with chronic strokeLiao, LR; Ng, GYF ; Jones, AYM; Pang, MYC 
2000The cardiovascular/cardiopulmonary specialty sinks or swims in 2000Dean, E
2013Care apparel design reuse systemYang, B 
2012Care apparel design reuse system : design and implementationYang, B ; Lei, AI+H55466
2001Care for family caregivers : an evaluation of a pilot conference day respite care projectTsien Wong, BK
2013Care for nursing home residents with moderate to severe dementia : perception of formal and informal caregiversKwong, EWY ; Lai, CKY ; Liu, JYW ; Tse, MMY 
2006Care needs assessment of older Chinese individuals with dementia of Hong KongChung, JCC
2007Care of pregnant women with low back pain : an interdisciplinary health promotion approachTse, MYM 
May-2012Care-givers’ perspectives of occupational engagement of persons with dementiaTsunaka, M; Chung, CCJ
2008Career advancement for tourism and hospitality academics : Publish, network, study, and planWeber, K ; Ladkin, A
2006Career analysis of tourism & hospitality academicsWeber, K ; Ladkin, A
2010Career anchors of convention and exhibition industry professionals in AsiaWeber, K ; Ladkin, A
2009Career anchors of convention and exhibition industry professionals in AsiaWeber, K ; Ladkin, A
2010Career aspects of convention and exhibition professionals in AsiaLadkin, A; Weber, K 
2008Career choice goals : the contribution of vocational interests, contextual support, and contextual barrierSong, Z; Chathoth, PK
2011Career commitment of hotel managers in China and its demographic predictorsKong, H; Cheung, C 
2011Career development and knowledge appropriation : a genealogical critiqueKamoche, K; Pang, M; Wong, ALY
2003Career drivers of junior auditors : an exploratory studyChia, YM
2011Career identity and its relation to career anchors and career satisfaction : the case of Convention and Exhibition Industry professionals in AsiaWeber, K; Ladkin, A
2010Career Management Systems : What are China's state‐owned hotels practising?Kong, H; Cheung, C; Zhang, H
2009Career profiles of convention industry professionals in Asia : a case study of Hong KongLadkin, A; Weber, K