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2010Controllable synthesis and formation mechanism of luminescent monodispersed NaEuF4 submicron disks through assembled nanocrystalsWang, ZL; Hao, JH ; Chan, HLW 
2014Controllable synthesis of Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Eu) doped zinc phosphate nano-/micro-structured materials : phase, morphology and luminescence propertiesYue, D; Lu, W; Li, C; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Wang, Z
7-May-2012Controllable transport of water through nanochannel by rachet-like mechanismLu, H; Nie, X; Wu, F; Zhou, X; Kou, J; Xu, Y; Liu, Y 
2008Controlled and reversible binding of positively charged quantum dots to lambda DNALiu, Y; Zhang, MX; Zhang, ZL; Xie, HY; Tian, ZQ; Wong, KY ; Pang, DW
2013Controlled formation of hydrophobic surfaces by self-assembly of an amphiphilic natural protein from aqueous solutionsDong, F; Padua, GW; Wang, Y 
2013Controlled growth of polypyrrole hydrogelsWei, D; Lin, X; Li, L; Shang, S ; Yuen, MCW; Yan, G; Yu, X
2009Controlled normal/shear loading and shear fracture in bulk metallic glassesHsueh, CH; Bei, H; Liu, CT; George, EP; Becher, PF
2012Controlled performance of an organic transistor memory device with an ultrathin LiF blocking layerWang, S; Chan, PKL; Leung, CW ; Zhao, X
2011Controlled release of hydrogel modified textile productsHu, J 
2005Controlled strain path forming process with space variant blank holder force using RSM methodWang, L; Lee, TC
2014Controlled synthesis, asymmetrical transport behavior and luminescence properties of Lanthanide doped ZnO mushroom-like 3D hierarchical structuresYue, D; Lu, W; Jin, L; Li, CY; Luo, W; Wang, MN; Wang, ZL; Hao, JH 
Feb-2013A controlled trial of a needs-based, nurse-led psychoeducation programme for Chinese patients with first-onset mental disorders : 6 month follow upChien, WT ; Leung, SF 
2002A controlled trial of music and pre-operative anxiety in Chinese men undergoing transurethral resection of the prostateYung, PMB; Szeto, CK; French, P; Chan, TMF
2006Controlled vortex-induced vibration on a fix-supported flexible cylinder in cross-flowCheng, L ; Zhou, Y; Zhang, MM
2013A controller for linear compressors propelled by linear switched reluctance actuatorsXue, XD; Bao, YJ; Zhang, Z; Lin, JK; Cheng, KWE ; Cheung, NC 
2007Controlling 'multiple clients' during designLam, KC
2001Controlling bifurcation in power electronics: A conventional practice re-visitedTse, CK ; Lai, YM 
2000Controlling building energy use by Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV)Chow, WK ; Yu, PCH
2005Controlling chaos in DC/DC converters using optimal resonant parametric perturbationZhou, Y; Iu, HHC; Tse, CK ; Chen, JN
2005Controlling chaos to a class of PDEs by applying invariant manifold and structure stability theoryZhao, YI; Hou, SH
2006Controlling colourant formulationXin, JH 
2010Controlling cross section of carbon nanotubes via selective hydrogenationWu, G; Wang, J; Zeng, XC; Hu, H ; Ding, F 
1-Jun-2007Controlling dielectric and pyroelectric properties of compositionally graded ferroelectric rods by an applied pressureZheng, Y; Woo, CH; Wang, B
2003Controlling diversity of evolutionary algorithmsNguyen, DHM; Wong, KP
2012Controlling the electromagnetic field by indefinite media with extremely strong anisotropySun, J; Sun, T; Li, B; Chan, HLW ; Zhou, J; Wang, Y 
2013Controlling the selectivity of the manganese/bicarbonate/hydrogen peroxide catalytic system by a biphasic pyrrolidinium ionic liquid/n-heptane mediumWong, WL; Ho, KP; Lee, LYS ; So, MH; Chan, TH ; Wong, KY 
2004Controversies in psychiatric services in Hong Kong : social workers’ superiority and inferiority complexesYip, KS 
2013A convenient algorithm for circuit parameters of eddy-current field based on circuit-field coupling formulationFu, WN ; Chen, Y
2000A convenient and effective synthesis of tris-bridged tricationic azolophanesYuan, Y; Jiang, ZL; Yan, JM; Gao, G; Chan, ASC; Xie, RG
2004A convenient and highly efficient method for the protection of aldehydes using very low loading hydrous ruthenium(III) trichloride as catalystQi, JY; Ji, JX; Yueng, CH; Kwong, HL; Chan, ASC
2012A Convenient Mesh rotation method of finite element analysis using sub-matrix transformation approachNiu, S ; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Zhu, J
2000A convenient method for the synthesis of DNA-recognizing polyamides in solutionXiao, J; Yuan, G; Huang, W; Chan, ASC; Lee, KLD
2005Convenient palladium-catalyzed arsination : direct synthesis of functionalized aryl arsines, optically active As,N ligands, and their metal complexesKwong, FY ; Lai, CW; Yu, M; Tan, DM; Lam, FL; Chan, ASC; Chan, KS
2008A convenient synthesis of (R)-salmeterol via Rh-catalyzed asymmetric transfer hydrogenationLiu, J; Zhou, D; Jia, X; Huang, L; Li, X; Chan, ASC
2005A convenient synthesis of 2,2 ',6,6 '-tetramethoxy-4,4 '-bis(dicyclohexylphosphino)-3,3 '-bipyridine (Cy-P-Phos) : application in Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation of alpha-(acylamino)acrylatesWu, J; Au Yeung, TTL; Kwok, WH; Ji, JX; Zhou, ZY; Yeung, CH; Chan, ASC
2001A convenient synthesis of α,β-acetylenic ketonesLi, P ; Fong, WM; Chao, LCF; Fung, SHC; Williams, ID
2003A convenient, one-step synthesis of optically active tertiary aminonaphthol and its applications in the highly enantioselective alkenylations of aldehydesJi, JX; Qiu, LQ; Yip, WC; Chan, ASC
2003The convention industry in Australia and the United Kingdom : key issues and competitive forcesWeber, K ; Ladkin, A
2003Convention industry in South Korea : an economic impact analysisKim, SS ; Chon, K ; Chung, KY
2014Convention marketing and managementHwang, H; Kim, S 
2001A convergence algorithm for enhancing the performance of distributed applications running on sizeable networksWong, AKY; Wong, JHC
2003Convergence analysis of a class of nonlinear penalization methods for constrained optimization via first-order necessary optimality conditionsHuang, XX; Yang, XQ 
2006Convergence analysis of a class of penalty methods for vector optimization problems with cone constraintsHuang, XX; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
2008Convergence analysis of a monotonic penalty method for American option pricingZhang, K; Yang, X ; Teo, KL
2007Convergence analysis of the unscented Kalman filter for filtering noisy chaotic signalsFeng, J; Fan, H; Tse, CKM 
2008The convergence of a Levenberg-Marquardt method for nonlinear inequalitiesYin, H; Huang, ZH; Qi, L 
2014Convergence of a second order Markov chainHu, S; Qi, L 
2013Convergence of an algorithm for the largest singular value of a nonnegative rectangular tensorZhou, G; Caccetta, L; Qi, L 
2009The convergence of Chinese aesthetics to appearance style managementLaw, DKM ; Yip, JYW ; Wong, CWY 
2004The convergence of equilibrium algorithms with non-monotone line search techniqueGao, Z; Lam, WHK ; Wong, SC; Yang, H
2009Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-dependent population equations with Markovian switchingLi, R; Leung, PK ; Pang, WK
2010Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-structured population equations with diffusions and Markovian switchingLi, R; Pang, WK; Leung, PK 
2006Convergence of optimal values of quadratic penalty problems for mathematical programs with complementarity constraintsHuang, XX; Li, D; Yang, XQ 
2013Convergence of regularized time-stepping methods for differential variational inequalitiesChen, X ; Wang, Z
2007Convergence of subjective outcome and objective outcome evaluation findings : insights based on the Project P.A.T.H.S.Shek, DTL ; Lee, TY; Siu, AMH ; Ma, HK
2012The convergence of the bilinear and linear immersed finite element solutions to interface problemsHe, X; Lin, T; Lin, Y 
2014Convergence of the reweighted ℓ 1 minimization algorithm for ℓ 2-ℓ p minimizationChen, X ; Zhou, W
2008Convergence of the semi-implicit Euler method for stochastic age-dependent population equationsPang, WK; Li, R; Liu, M
2010Convergence of total factor productivity among banks : Hong Kong's experienceFung, MK ; Cheng, ACS 
2005Convergence properties of nonmonotone spectral projected gradient methodsWang, C; Liu, Q; Yang, X
2006Convergence rate of Newton's method for L 2 spectral estimationYin, H; Ling, C; Qi, L 
2002Convergence rates of estimators in partial linear regression models with MA(∞) error processSun, X; You, J; Chen, G; Zhou, X
2005Convergence results for weak efficiency in vector optimization problems with equilibrium constraintsWu, YN; Cheng, TCE 
2009Convergence theorem of common fixed points for Lipschitzian pseudocontraction semigroups in Banach spacesChang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK 
2006Converse duality in nonlinear programming with cone constraintsYang, XM; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
14-Jun-2006Converse magnetoelectric effect in laminated composites of PMN-PT single crystal and Terfenol-D alloyJia, Y; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Zhao, X; Luo, H
24-Apr-2007Converse magnetoelectric effect in three-phase composites of piezoceramic, metal cap, and magnetWong, WY; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Jia, Y; Luo, H
2008Converse magnetoelectric effects in piezoelectric-piezomagnetic layered compositesJia, YM; Wang, FF; Zhao, XY; Luo, HS; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW 
17-Jan-2007Converse piezoelectric control of the lattice strain and resistance in Pr[sub 0.5]Ca[sub 0.5]MnO₃/PMN-PT structuresZheng, RK; Chao, C; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, H
2005Conversion between DCT coefficients and IT coefficients in the compressed domain for H.263 to H.264 video transcodingFung, KT; Siu, WC 
2005Conversion of conventional NiO powders into nanostructures by a simple chemical methodQi, JQ; Zhang, T; Lu, M; Wang, Y ; Chen, WP; Li, LT; Chan, HLW 
2015Converted Heat Pumps for Small- and Medium-Size Hospitality Enterprises: More Energy Saving and CommercializationChan, W ; Au, N ; Wang, H; Yao, Y; Jiang, Y
2005Converter topologies for alternative energyCheng, KWE 
2015Convex nonnegative matrix factorization with manifold regularizationHu, WJ; Choi, KS ; Wang, PL; Jiang, YL; Wang, ST
2007CONWIP based control of a lamp assembly production lineIp, WH ; Huang, M; Yung, KL ; Wang, D; Wang, X
2002A CONWIP model for FMS controlIp, WH ; Yung, KL ; Huang, M; Wang, D
2011Cooling a nanomechanical resonator by a triple quantum dotLi, ZZ; Ouyang, SH; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
2005Cooling energy evaluation for high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongBojic, M; Yik, F
2014Cooling load and energy consumption of commercial building in main climate regionsQi, R; Lu, L ; Yang, H ; Yu, J
2007Cooling load calculations in subtropical climateMui, KW ; Wong, LT