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2010Board size, audit quality and earnings management : some australian evidenceBliss, M ; Majid, A
2008Board’s independence, ownership balance and financial information qualityWang, Y; Zhu, L; Chen, S
2015Bodhisattvas for sale : scholars, curators, and art dealers in the market for medieval buddhist sculpturesChien, LK 
2014Bodily experiences as both source and target in psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorderTay, D
2012Body composition and metabolic changes between two weeks and six months of strokeBorschmann, K; Luliano-Burns, S; Pang, MYC ; Brodtmann, A; Ekinci, E; Bernhardt, J
2011Body measurements of Chinese males in dynamic postures and applicationWang, YJ; Mok, PY ; Li, Y ; Kwok, YL
2004Body position change and its effect on hemodynamic and metabolic statusJones, AYM; Dean, E
2006Body, dress and cultural exclusion : experiences of Pakistani women in ‘Global’ Hong KongKu, HB 
2004Body, dress and cultural exclusion : experiences of Pakistanis women in Hong KongKu, HB 
2004Body, dress and cultural exclusion : experiences of Parkistanis female in "Global" Hong KongKu, HB ; Chan, KW 
2001Body, dress and identity : looking the part in the contemporary Chinese art worldWear, EO
2001Bolted connections between cold-formed steel sectionsChung, KF 
2005Bolted moment connections in cold-formed steel portal framesChung, KF ; Yu, WK; Lawson, RM
2002Bonanza or mirage? Textiles and China's accession to the WTOWilliams, M; Kong, YC; Shen, Y
2013Bond behavior between concrete frame beam and large-diameter glass fiber reinforced polymer(GFRP) anchor rod with built-in fiber Bragg grating sensorLi, G; Dai, J; Ni, C; Yin, J ; Yu, L
2006Bond decay at bar-concrete interface under variable fatigue loadsShi, Z; Cui, C; Zhou, L 
2013Bond formation of surface-tethered receptor-ligand pairs in relative separationQian, J; Lin, Y; Jiang, H; Yao, H 
2011Bond graph based Bayesian network for fault diagnosisLo, CH; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2006Bond market integration : the Chinese Mainland and Hong KongLeung, MK ; Young, T
2014Bond strength model for CFRP strips near-surface mounted to concreteZhang, SS; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
2013Bond-slip model for CFRP strips near-surface mounted to concreteZhang, SS; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
28-Sep-2012Bond-slip model for FRP laminates externally bonded to concrete at elevated temperatureDai, JG ; Gao, WY; Teng, JG 
2005Bond-slip model for FRP-to-concrete interfaceLu, X; Ye, L; Teng, J ; Zhuang, J
2012Bond-slip model for interfaces between externally bonded FRP reinforcement and concrete at elevated temperaturesDai, JG ; Gao, WY; Teng, JG 
2013Bond-slip model for interfaces between near-surface mounted CFRP strips and concreteZhang, SS; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
2014Bond-slip models for CFRP laminates bonded to steel with linear adhesivesFernando, D; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2004Bond-slip models for FRP plate/sheet-to-concrete interfacesLu, XZ; Teng, JG ; Ye, LP; Jiang, JJ
2005Bond-slip models for FRP reinforcement externally bonded to concreteTeng, JG ; Lu, XZ; Ye, LP; Jiang, JJ
2005Bond-slip models for FRP sheets/plates bonded to concreteLu, XZ; Teng, JG ; Ye, LP; Jiang, JJ
2004Bond-slip models for interfaces between externally bonded FRP and concreteTeng, JG ; Lu, XZ; Ye, LP; Jiang, JJ
2014Bonding and Internet addiction in adolescent boys and girls in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Wong, T; Law, MYM
2002Bonding behaviors at a NiTi/epoxy interface : SEM observations and theoretical studyLau, KT ; Poon, CK; Yam, LH; Zhou, LM 
2011A bonding damage detection method with force-based beam elementLiu, K; Law, SS; Zhu, XQ
2008Bone anabolic effects of icariin and total flavonoid fraction of herba epimedii in ovariectomized miceChen, WF; Dong, XL; Mok, SK; Yao, XS; Leung, PC; Wong, MS 
2012Bone densitometric and geometric changes in the radius diaphysis after 1-year post-strokeYang, FZH; Lam, FMH; Pang, MYC 
2004Bone innervation and its role in bone diseasesGuo, X 
2010Bone mineral density and geometry of the distal radius epiphysis in chronic stroke patients : influence of muscle function and cardiovascular healthCheng, Q; Jones, AYM; Zhang, M ; Li, LSW; Yang, FZH; Cheng, KWE ; Pang, MYC 
2015Bone regeneration strategy inspired by the study of calcification behavior in deer antlerShi, H; Yu, T; Li, Z; Lu, W; Zhang, M; Ye, J
2007Bone-health in patients with COPD(Workshop)Jones, A; Pang, MYC ; Eng, JJ
2006Bone-implant interfacial stress analysis in osseointergrated lower-limb prosthesisDong, X; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
Dec-2011Bone-protective effects of bioactive fractions and ingredients in Sambucus williamsii HANCEXiao, HH; Dai, Y; Wan, HY; Wong, MS ; Yao, XS
2007Bony bridging of rabbit tibia nonunion promoted by a non-operative method, extracorporeal shockwave therapyLiu, M; Guo, X ; Hui, CC; Kwong, KSC; Cheng, JCY
2007Bony bridging of rabbit tibia nonunion promoted by a non-operative method,extracorporeal shockwave therapyLiu, MQ; Guo, X ; Hui, CC; Kwong, KSC
Sep-2012[Book notes] : Review of M. A. K. Halliday & Jonathan J. Webster, Continuum companion to systemic functional linguistics. London: Continuum, 2010. Pp. viii, 299. Hb. $150, Pb. $49.95Kashyap, AK
Jul-2011[Book review ] : Social work practice in nursing homes : creativity, leadership, and program developmentNg, GT
May-2008[Book review] : Desiring China : experiments in neoliberalism, sexuality, and public cultureYan, H 
2010[Book review] Evidence-based social work : a critical standShek, DTL 
2000[Book review] The pelvic girdle : an approach to the examination and treatment of the lumbo-pelvic-hip regionScudds, RJ
2003Book reviewsShi, WZ 
2002Boosting for named-entity recognitionWu, D; Ngai, G ; Carpuat, M; Larsen, J; Yang, Y
2013Boosting the performance of I-vector based speaker verification via utterance partitioningRao, W; Mak, MW 
2005Bootstrap of a semiparametric partially linear model with autoregressive errorsYou, J; Zhou, X
1-Oct-2015The Borat effect : film-induced tourism gone wrongPratt, S 
2016Border collision of three-phase voltage-source inverter system with interacting loadsLi, Z; Liu, B; Li, Y; Wong, SC ; Liu, X; Huang, Y
2011Boron effects on the ductility of a nano-cluster-strengthened ferritic steelZhang, ZW; Liu, CT; Guo, S; Cheng, JL; Chen, G; Fujita, T; Chen, MW; Chung, YW; Vaynman, S; Fine, ME; Chin, BA
2004Borrowing cost reduction by interest rate swaps - An option pricing analysisYu, WT; Pang, WK; Li, LK
1985Bose-Einstein condensation in superfluid Helium FourChow, WK ; Wong, KW; Fung, PCW
2001The Boston Trading and Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (HK) : hemp, fashion and the environmentFryxell , GE; Kimbro, M; Mottershead, T
2001The boston trading and manufacturing co. ltd. (Hong kong) : hemp, fashion and the environmentFryxell, GE; Kimbro, M; Mottershead, T
2015Botanical drug Puerarin coordinates with nerve growth factor in the regulation of neuronal survival and Neuritogenesis via activating ERK1/2 and PI3K/Akt signaling pathways in the Neurite Extension ProcessZhao, J; Cheng, YY; Fan, W; Yang, CB; Ye, SF; Cui, W; Wei, W; Lao, LX; Cai, J; Han, YF ; Rong, JH
2009Both physical and psychological impairments are related to community reintegration in older people with strokePang, MYC ; Ng, SSM ; Lai, LM; Li, SH; Ng, LCC; Wong, EFK
2015Both the central and peripheral retina contribute to myopia development in chicksWang, JC; Chun, RKM; Zhou, YY; Zuo, B; Li, KK; Liu, Q; To, CH 
2014Bottleneck model revisited : an activity-based perspectiveLi, ZC; Lam, WHK ; Wong, SC
2009Bottlenecks detection of track allocation schemes at rail stations by Petri netsJia, WZ; Mao, BH; Ho, TK; Liu, HD; Yang, B
2013A bottom-up model for heterogeneous BitTorrent systemsLuo, J; Xiao, B ; Zhou, S
2010Bottom-up strategy planning model by applying fuzzy integral in RTS gameNg, PHF; Li, YJ; Wang, HB; Li, Y; Shiu, SCK 
2012Bottom-up synthesis of large-scale graphene oxide nanosheetsTang, L; Li, X; Ji, R; Teng, KS; Tai, G; Ye, J; Wei, C; Lau, SP 
2008Bouncing tracks in sensor networksLi, Z; Xiao, N; Zhao, J; Xiao, B 
2003Bound solitons with 103-fs pulse width and 585.5-fs separation from DI-NOLM figure-8 fiber laserGong, YD; Shum, P; Tang, DY; Lu, C; Cheng, TH; Qi, ZW; Guan, YL; Lai, WJ; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
20-Jul-2007Bound states of dispersion-managed solitons in a fiber laser at near zero dispersionZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
Dec-2004Bound twin-pulse solitons in a fiber ring laserZhao, B; Tang, DY; Shum, P; Guo, X; Lu, C; Tam, HY 
16-Sep-2002Bound-soliton fiber laserTang, DY; Zhao, B; Shen, DY; Lu, C; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2008Boundaries between fast- and slow-scale bifurcations in parallel-connected buck convertersHuang, Y; Iu, HHC; Tse, CK 
2007Boundaries between fast- and slow-scale bifurcations in parallel-connected buck convertersHuang, Y; Iu, HHC; Tse, CKM 
2014The boundaries of public space : a case study of Hong Kong's Mass Transit RailwayZhao, TJ; Siu, KWM 
2002Boundary and connection in sociolinguistic discipliningLo, T
2012Boundary and size estimation of debonds in external wall finishes of high-rise buildings using infrared thermographyLai, WL; Poon, CS 
2013Boundary condition analysis for Cuk, Sepic and Zeta converters using energy factor conceptShi, Z; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2009Boundary control of DC-AC inverters using ripple-derived switching surfaceChen, S; Lai, YM ; Tan, SC; Tse, CK 
2009Boundary control with ripple-derived switching surface for DC-AC invertersChen, S; Lai, YM ; Tan, SC; Tse, CK