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2005A brief report on fire engineering activities at the Hong Kong chapter, society of fire protection engineersChow, WK 
2003A brief review of intumescent fire retardant coatingsHao, J; Chow, WK 
2003A brief review of intumescent fire retardant coatingsHao, J; Chow, WK 
Jul-2011A brief review of motives of mergers and acquisitions for construction industry firmsJin, ZG
2010A brief review of stimulus-active polymers responsive to thermal, light, magnetic, electric, and water/solvent stimuliMeng, H; Hu, J 
2009A brief review on applying computational fluid dynamics in building fire hazard assessmentChow, CL; Chow, WK 
2009A brief review on building fire safety in the Qing DynastyChow, WK ; Liu, FY
2002A brief review on construction safety in some South-East Asian countriesLeung, CW; Chow, WK 
2004A brief review on design and operation principles for nozzles discharging water mistZhu, N; Chow, WK 
2008A brief review on fire detection systems for supertall buildingsPang, CL; Chow, WK 
2005A brief review on fire retardants for polymeric foamsWang, JQ; Chow, WK 
2003Brief review on meanings of fire safe furnitureHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2005A brief review on the occupational safety and health regulations in Hong KongChow, WK ; Lui, CH 
2008A brief study on environmental protection management in P.R.C.Zhang, BB; He, D; Chua, H; Tsang, YF
2005Briefing from a facilities management perspectiveKelly, J; Hunter, K; Shen, G ; Yu, A
2008Bright solitons on a cnoidal wave background for the inhomogeneous nonlinear Schrodinger equationMurali, R; Senthilnathan, K; Porsezian, K
2009"Bright" and "dark" excited states of an alternating at oligomer characterized by femtosecond broadband spectroscopyKwok, WM ; Ma, C; Phillips, DL
2013The brilliance of Olympic and sportswear innovationLi, Y 
2009Brilliant whiteness surfaces from electrospun nanofiber websYip, J ; Ng, SP; Wong, KH
2007Bringing corpora to the EST classroom : issues and benefits.Qian, D ; Chow, D
2010Bringing in communicative rationality into design participation : a lesson from inclusive designHo, KLD ; Ma, J; Chuah, CKP; Lee, Y
2006Bringing open source software development to your workplace : eXtreme programmingLui, KM; Chan, KCC 
2005Bringing research on motivation into the language learning classroomHumphreys, G
2013Bringing teaching & research together through a "F.O.C.U.S.E.D. dice" gameWright, RP 
2003Brittle failure study on Hong Kong rock containing pre-existing poresWong, RHC; Lin, P; Tang, CA
2016Broad temperature plateau for high ZTs in heavily doped p-type SnSe single crystalsPeng, K; Lu, X; Zhan, H; Hui, S; Tang, X; Wang, G; Dai, J ; Uher, C; Wang, G; Zhou, X
May-2011Broad-band and high-temperature ultrasonic transducer fabricated using a Pb(In[sub ½]Nb[sub ½])-Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔])-PbTiO₃ single crystal/epoxy 1–3 compositeZhou, D; Cheung, KF; Lam, KH; Chen, Y; Chiu, YC; Dai, J ; Chan, HLW ; Luo, H
2012Broadband 1.20 μm emission in Tm 3+-doped and Tm 3+/Tb 3+, Eu 3+ codoped gallogermanate glassesZhou, B; Tao, L; Tsang, YH ; Pun, EYB
2013Broadband all-optical modulation using a graphene-covered-microfiberLiu, ZB; Feng, M; Jiang, WS; Xin, W; Wang, P; Sheng, QW; Liu, YG; Wang, DN ; Zhou, WY; Tian, JG
2013Broadband and linear photonic RF phase shifter based on DBR fiber lasers and polarization sensitive optical phase modulatorLi, Z; Shang, H; Li, J; Yu, C; Feng, X; Guan, BO; Lu, C 
2013Broadband conversion of ultraviolet to visible and near-infrared emission in Gd3 +/Yb3 + codoped germanate glassTao, L; Zhou, B; Bai, G; Wang, Y; Hao, J ; Tsang, YH 
2012Broadband focusing ultrasonic transducers based on dimpled LiNbO3 plate with inversion layerChen, J; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, Z; Feng, G
2013Broadband near-infrared quantum cutting in metal-ion codoped Y3Al5O12 thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition for solar cell applicationLau, MK; Hao, J 
2015Broadband photodetectors based on graphene-Bi2Te3heterostructureQiao, H; Yuan, J; Xu, Z; Chen, C; Lin, S; Wang, Y; Song, J; Liu, Y; Khan, Q; Hoh, HY; Pan, CX; Li, S; Bao, Q
2003Broadband services for residential and commercial tenants : a categorisation of current and future services and a survey on tenants needs in SwedenAronsson, M; Tholen, D; Josephson, PE; Li, H ; Kong, S
2012Broadband single-walled carbon nanotubes absorber for solid-state ultrafast lasersTsang, YH ; Qu, ZS; Liu, J; Tao, LL; Bai, GX; Wang, YG
2006Broadband sound reflection by plates covering side-branch cavities in a ductHuang, L
2001Broadband time-domain impedance modelsFung, KY; Ju, H
2014Broadband time-resolved emission study of dynamic interaction between DNA and cyclometalated 6-phenyl-2, 2’-bipyridyl platinum (II) complexChan, CT; Ho, YF; Chan, TL; Cheng, CW; Kwok, WM 
Sep-2012Broadband ultrasonic linear array using ternary PIN-PMN-PT single crystalWang, W; Zhao, X; Or, DSW ; Leung, CM; Zhang, Y; Jiao, J; Luo, H
2012Broadband UV to near-infrared conversion in GD3+/Yb3+ codoped GeO2-ZnO-Na2O glass for silicon solar cell applicationTao, LL; Zhou, B; Bai, GX; Wang, YG; Hao, JH ; Tsang, YH 
15-Sep-2005Broadband wavelength converter based on four-wave mixing in a highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiberZhang, A; Demokan, S
2002A broadcasting scheme to support fast-forward interaction in video-on-demand serviceMa, HS; To, JTP; Li, CK
2010Broaden your horizons? Analyzing firms' new product-market entry motivationsMin, S; Kim, N ; Chaiy, S
2008Broadside subwavelength microstrip antennas partially loaded with metamaterialsZheng, KS; Tam, WY ; Ge, DB
2013Bubble reactors for photocatalytic water treatmentTan, FR; Wang, N; Zhang, XM 
2005A buccal cell model comet assay : development and evaluation for human biomonitoring and nutritional studiesSzeto, YT; Benzie, IFF ; Collins, AR; Choi, SW; Cheng, CY; Yow, CMN; Tse, MMY 
2003A buccal cell model of the comet assay for DNA damage : problems, possibilities and potential for nutritional researchSzeto, YT; Yow, CMN; Tse, M; Collins, AR; Benzie, IFF 
2012Buchwald-Hartwig amination of aryl chlorides catalyzed by easily accessible benzimidazolyl phosphine-Pd complexesChung, KH; So, CM; Wong, SM; Luk, CH; Zhou, Z; Lau, CP; Kwong, FY 
2002Buckling analysis of composite laminates under end shortening by higher-order shear deformable finite stripsZou, GP; Lam, SSE 
1995Buckling and geometrically nonlinear analysis of frames using one element memberIzzuddin, BA; Elnashai, S; So, AKW; Chan, SL 
1991Buckling and geometrically nonlinear analysis of frames using one element/memberSo, KWA; Chan, SL 
2003Buckling behaviour of extensively welded steel cylindersHubner, A; Teng, JG ; Saal, H
2002Buckling behaviour of extensively-welded steel cylinders under axial compressionLin, X; Teng, JG 
2006Buckling behaviour of large steel cylinders with patterned weldsHubner, A; Teng, JG ; Saal, H
2006Buckling behaviour of model steel base shells of the Comshell roof systemWong, HT; Teng, JG 
2004Buckling behaviour of model steel base shells of the comshell roof systemWong, HT; Teng, JG 
2001Buckling experiments on cone-cylinder intersections under internal pressureZhao, Y; Teng, JG 
2004Buckling experiments on steel silo transition junctions. I : experimental resultsZhao, Y; Teng, JG 
2004Buckling experiments on steel silo transition junctions. II : finite element modelingZhao, Y; Teng, JG 
2002Buckling experiments on transitions rings in elevated steel silosZhao, Y; Teng, JG 
2003Buckling of circular steel silos subject to code-specified eccentric discharge pressuresSong, CY; Teng, JG 
2002Buckling of circular steel silos subject to eccentric discharge pressures - part ISong, CY; Teng, JG 
2002Buckling of circular steel silos subject to eccentric discharge pressures - part IISong, CY; Teng, JG 
2014Buckling of metallic glass barsWang, JG; Chan, KC ; Fan, JC; Xia, L; Wang, G; Wang, WH
2004Buckling of thin metal shellsTeng, JG ; Rotter, JM
2007Buckling strength of angle trusses in experiment, by code and by second-order analysisChan, SL ; Cho, SH; Chen, WF
2011Buddhism : biographies of buddhist monks,Kieschnick, J
2011Buffer and switch : an efficient road-to-road routing scheme for VANETsSong, C; Liu, M; Wen, Y; Cao, J ; Chen, G
2012Buffer and switch : road-to-road routing scheme for intermittently connected vehicular networksSong, C; Liu, M; Wen, Y; Cao, J ; Chen, G
2015Buffering and enabling : the impact of interlocking political ties on firm survival and sales growthZheng, W ; Singh, K; Mitchell, W
2010Buffering or enabling? an evolutionary perspective on political ties, dissolution and growthZheng, W ; Singh, K
2000Buffeting analysis of a long suspension bridge under inclined windZhu, LD; Xu, YL ; Xiang, HF
1998Buffeting analysis of long span bridges : a new algorithmXu, YL ; Sun, DK; Ko, JM ; Lin, JH
2005Buffeting analysis of stonecutters bridge based on wind parameters derived from field measurement and terrain model wind tunnel resultsHui, MCH; Ding, QS; Xu, YL 
2005Buffeting control of a cable-stayed bridge during construction using semi-active tuned liquid column damperShum, KM; Xu, YL ; Guo, WH
2005Buffeting response analysis of Stonecutters BridgeHui, MCH; Ding, QS; Xu, YL 
2006Buffeting response control of a long span cable-stayed bridge during construction using semi-active tuned liquid column dampersShum, KM; Xu, YL ; Guo, WH
2002Buffeting response of long span cable-supported bridges under skew windsXu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Xiang, HF
2003Buffeting response of long suspension bridges to skew windsXu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Xiang, HF