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2010A comparative study between witricity and traditional inductive coupling in wireless energy transmissionWang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2002Comparative study of a high-strain-rate superplastic Al-4.4Cu-1.5Mg/21SiCw sheet under uniaxial and equibiaxial tensionTong, GQ; Chan, KC 
2014Comparative study of a vertical round jet in regular and random wavesXu, ZS; Chen, YP; Zhang, CK; Li, CW ; Wang, YN; Hu, F
2010Comparative study of adaptability and flexibility in distributed manufacturing supply chainsChan, HK; Chan, FTS 
2003Comparative study of analytic modelling and curve fitting modelling of the anisotropic shearing behaviour of fabricNg, R ; Yick, KL ; Leung, S
1997Comparative study of analytical rental model and statistical models for predicting house rental levelsLi, H ; Li, V; Skitmore, M
2003Comparative study of artificial neural network approach and fuzzy logic approach to generation of trousers pattern blockNg, R ; Yu, W ; Chen, Y; Zeng, X; Happiette, M
2005Comparative study of bifurcation in single and parallel-connected buck converters under current-mode control : disappearance of period-doublingIu, HHC; Tse, CK ; Dranga, O
2007A comparative study of biweekly disposable contact lenses : silicone hydrogel versus hydrogelCheung, SW; Cho, P ; Chan, B; Choy, C; Ng, V
2011A comparative study of buildability perspectives between clients, consultants and contractorsLam, PTI ; Wong, FWH
2003A comparative study of Chinese, American and Japanese nurses' perceptions of ethical role responsibilitiesPang, SMC ; Sawada, A; Konishi, E; Olsen, DP; Yu, PLH; Chan, MF; Mayumi, N
2002A comparative study of clothing constructions across time and spaceNg, MCF ; Zhang, GP
2010A comparative study of color correction algorithms for tongue image inspectionWang, X; Zhang, D 
2012A comparative study of colour fading behaviour of cotton denim fabric manufactured by conventional ring-spun and torque-free ring-spun yarn by cellulase treatmentKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM; Wong, WY 
2010Comparative study of colour yield of cotton knitted fabric made by torque-free ring-spun yarnsWan, ML; Kan, CW ; Choi, KF
2006A comparative study of construction partnering practices between private and infrastructure sectors in Hong KongChan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Fan, LCN; Lam, PTI ; Yeung, JFY
2010A comparative study of cotton knitted fabrics and garments produced by the modified low twist and conventional ring yarnsXu, B ; Tao, X ; Leung, CS
Oct-2012A comparative study of critical success factors for public private partnerships (PPP) between Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionCheung, E; Chan, APC ; Lam, TIP ; Chan, DWM ; Ke, Y
2014Comparative study of different cement-based inorganic pastes towards the development of FRIP strengthening technologyDai, JG ; Munir, S; Ding, Z
2011A comparative study of droplet impact dynamics on a dual-scaled superhydrophobic surface and lotus leafChen, L; Xiao, Z; Chan, PCH ; Lee, YK; Li, Z
2011A comparative study of ecotourism undergraduate programs in China and AustraliaYang, H; Cheung, C 
2008Comparative study of empirical tropospheric models for the Hong Kong regionLi, ZW; Ding, XL ; Chen, W ; Liu, GX; Shea, YK ; Emerson, N
2013A comparative study of fabric stiffness based on FTT, KES and subjective testingWu, XX; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Liao, X; Li, QH
2005Comparative study of fabrication patterns of a ferroelectric polymer P(VDF-TrFE) on gold thin film and gold ball via dip-pen nanolithographyTang, Q; Shi, SQ ; Zhou, LM ; Xu, CH
2004A comparative study of fashion consumers' decision - making styles in Hong Kong, China Taipei and the PRCKwan, KC; Yeung, KW; Au, KF
2013A comparative study of finer conventional and modified cotton yarns and their resultant woven fabricsFeng, J; Xu, B ; Tao, X 
2013A comparative study of finite mixture modeling of stress spectrum using EM method and genetic algorithmYe, XW; Fu, DB; Ni, YQ ; Wong, KY; Jiang, SF
2013Comparative study of greenhouse gas emissions between off-site prefabrication and conventional construction methods : two case studies of residential projectsMao, C; Shen, Q ; Shen, L; Tang, L
2003A comparative study of hospitality and tourism graduates in Australia and Hong KongKing, B; McKercher, B ; Waryszak, R
2007Comparative study of idea generation between traditional value management workshops and GDSS-supported workshopsFan, S; Shen, Q ; Lin, G
2001A comparative study of in situ annealing effects on the electrical transport behavior of epitaxial La0.5Sr0.5CoO3 and La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin filmsWu, W; Wong, KH; Choy, CL 
2003A comparative study of incomplete and complete information systemsWang, CZ; Chen, DG; Tsang, ECC
2006A comparative study of information criteria for model selectionNakamura, T; Judd, K; Mees, AI; Small, M
2004A comparative study of international cultural touristsMcKercher, B 
2005A comparative study of Kalman filtering for sensorless control of a permanent-magnet synchronous motor driveBorsje, P; Chan, TF; Wong, YK; Ho, SL 
2009Comparative study of liquefaction process and liquefied products from bamboo using different organic solventsYip, J ; Chen, M; Szeto, YS ; Yan, S
2006Comparative study of nonreflecting boundary condition for one-step duct aeroacoustics simulationLeung, RCK ; Li, XM; So, RMC
2012A comparative study of palmprint recognition algorithmsZhang, D ; Zuo, W; Yue, F
2003Comparative study of partnering practices in Hong Kong – a new research initiative from CII-HKYeung, NSY; Chan, APC ; Fan, LCN; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM 
2010A comparative study of partnering projects in construction between Hong Kong and AustraliaChan, DWM ; Chan, APC ; Hong, Y
2010A comparative study of pattern synchronization detection between neural signals using different cross-entropy measuresXie, HB; Guo, JY; Zheng, YP 
2010Comparative study of physical properties between virgin denim and recycled denimChan, CK ; Kan, CW ; Chow, YL
2011A comparative study of preparation methods of nanoporous TiO2 films for microfluidic photocatalysisWang, N; Lei, L; Zhang, XM ; Tsang, YH ; Chen, Y; Chan, HLW 
2001A comparative study of quality assessment schemes in Hong Kong and SingaporeLam, PTI ; Chan, APC ; Wong, CY
2000A comparative study of relay thinking activities in degree and secondary level studentsSiu, KWM 
2010A comparative study of schedule nervousness among high-tech manufacturers across the straitsLaw, KMY; Gunasekaran, A
2014A comparative study of standard contract conditions for energy performance contracting in Australia, Canada and the United StatesLam, TIP ; Lee, P
2007A comparative study of stationary and non-stationary wind models using field measurementsChen, J; Hui, MCH; Xu, YL 
2007A comparative study of student performance in traditional mode and online mode of learningShen, Q ; Chung, JKH; Challis, D; Cheung, RCT
2008A comparative study of tactile paving design standards in different countriesLu, J; Wai, K; Siu, M ; Xu, P
Apr-2012A comparative study of the benefits of applying target cost contracts between South Australia and Hong KongChan, DWM ; Lam, TIP ; Chan, JHL; Ma, T; Perkin, T
2011A comparative study of the emotional assessment of automotive exterior colors in AsiaSatake, I; Xin, JH ; Tu, TM; Hansuebsai, A; Ando, K; Sato, T; Kajiwara, K; Ohsawa, S
2001A comparative study of the housing reforms in the major cities of China : Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and ShenzhenWong, KW 
2010A comparative study of the impact response of 3D textile composites and aluminum platesHu, H ; Sun, B; Sun, H; Gu, B
2005A comparative study of the performance of different corneal topographers on children with respect to orthokeratology practiceChui, WS; Cho, P 
2015Comparative study of the thermal and power performances of a semi-transparent photovoltaic facade under different ventilation modesPeng, JQ; Lu, L ; Yang, HX ; Ma, T
Feb-2008A comparative study of the variables in construction project briefing/ architectural programmingYu, ATW ; Shen, GQP ; Kelly, J; Hunter, K
2007A comparative study of three mapping methodologiesZhang, XZ; Rad, AB; Wong, YK; Huang, GQ; Ip, YL; Chow, KM
2012A comparative study of tourism supply chains with quantity competitionHuang, Y; Song, H ; Huang, GQ; Lou, J
2013Comparative study of traditional and group decision support-supported value management workshopsFan, S; Shen, Q ; Luo, X; Xue, X
2012A comparative study of various strategies to concatenate road segments into strokes for map generalizationZhou, Q; Li, Z 
2009A comparative study of wool fibre surface modified by physical and chemical methodsKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM
2011A comparative study on antioxidant activity of ten different parts of Nelumbo nucifera GaertnWu, YB; Zheng, LJ; Yi, J; Wu, JG; Tan, CJ; Chen, TQ; Wu, JZ; Wong, KH 
2014Comparative study on appearance and performance of garments made from low-torque ring, conventional ring and open-end spun yarn fabrics using subjective and objective evaluation methodsHua, T; Tao, XM ; Cheng, KPS
2007Comparative study on copper(II) biosorption properties of different types of sol-gel immobilized micrococcus sp.Cheung, OY; Leung, YC ; Lo, WH 
2001A comparative study on heuristic algorithms for generating fuzzy decision treesWang, XZ; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC
2002A comparative study on kernel-based probabilistic neural networks for speaker verificationYiu, KK; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2006Comparative study on passive, semi-active and active control of wind-rain-induced cable vibrationDuan, YF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM 
2008A comparative study on product knowledge and functional requirements of winter sportswear between professional and non-professional consumers in ChinaWang, YJ; Mok, PK ; Li, Y ; Kwok, YL
2013Comparative study on pullout behaviour of pressure grouted soil nails from field and laboratory testsHong, CY; Yin, JH ; Pei, HF
2010A comparative study on quality assessment of high resolution fingerprint imagesZhao, Q; Liu, F; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D 
13-Oct-2011Comparative study on saponin fractions from Panax notoginseng inhibiting inflammation-induced endothelial adhesion molecule expression and monocyte adhesionWang, N; Wan, JB; Chan, SW; Deng, YH; Yu, N; Zhang, QW; Wang, YT; Lee, SMY
2014A comparative study on simplified-traditional Chinese translationZhang, X 
2011Comparative study on strain sensing behavior for electrically conductive fibersXue, P; Wang, JP; Tao, XM 
2006A comparative study on the adoption of e-business in the Chinese information technology industryDeng, Y; Chen, J; Chan, SCF ; Leung, CWK
2002A comparative study on the coherent approaches to cooperation between TCP and ATM congestion control algorithmsYu, Q; Hoang, D; Feng, D
2010Comparative study on the elongation measurement of a soil nail using optical lower coherence interferometry method and FBG methodHong, CY; Yin, JH ; Jin, W ; Wang, C; Zhou, WH; Zhu, HH
2015Comparative study on the energy performance of chiller system in an institutional building with stochastic frontier analysisYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Yang, J; Sit, RKY
2012A comparative study on the feasible use of recycled beverage and CRT funnel glass as fine aggregate in cement mortarLing, TC; Poon, CS 
2010A comparative study on the measurement scales of organizational citizenship behavior within China's hotel industryWang, J; Wong, SCK