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2009Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-dependent population equations with Markovian switchingLi, R; Leung, PK ; Pang, WK
2010Convergence of numerical solutions to stochastic age-structured population equations with diffusions and Markovian switchingLi, R; Pang, WK; Leung, PK 
2006Convergence of optimal values of quadratic penalty problems for mathematical programs with complementarity constraintsHuang, XX; Li, D; Yang, XQ 
2013Convergence of regularized time-stepping methods for differential variational inequalitiesChen, X ; Wang, Z
2007Convergence of subjective outcome and objective outcome evaluation findings : insights based on the Project P.A.T.H.S.Shek, DTL ; Lee, TY; Siu, AMH ; Ma, HK
2012The convergence of the bilinear and linear immersed finite element solutions to interface problemsHe, X; Lin, T; Lin, Y 
2014Convergence of the reweighted ℓ 1 minimization algorithm for ℓ 2-ℓ p minimizationChen, X ; Zhou, W
2008Convergence of the semi-implicit Euler method for stochastic age-dependent population equationsPang, WK; Li, R; Liu, M
2010Convergence of total factor productivity among banks : Hong Kong's experienceFung, MK ; Cheng, ACS 
2005Convergence properties of nonmonotone spectral projected gradient methodsWang, C; Liu, Q; Yang, X
2006Convergence rate of Newton's method for L 2 spectral estimationYin, H; Ling, C; Qi, L 
2002Convergence rates of estimators in partial linear regression models with MA(∞) error processSun, X; You, J; Chen, G; Zhou, X
2005Convergence results for weak efficiency in vector optimization problems with equilibrium constraintsWu, YN; Cheng, TCE 
2009Convergence theorem of common fixed points for Lipschitzian pseudocontraction semigroups in Banach spacesChang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK 
2006Converse duality in nonlinear programming with cone constraintsYang, XM; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
14-Jun-2006Converse magnetoelectric effect in laminated composites of PMN-PT single crystal and Terfenol-D alloyJia, Y; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Zhao, X; Luo, H
24-Apr-2007Converse magnetoelectric effect in three-phase composites of piezoceramic, metal cap, and magnetWong, WY; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW ; Jia, Y; Luo, H
2008Converse magnetoelectric effects in piezoelectric-piezomagnetic layered compositesJia, YM; Wang, FF; Zhao, XY; Luo, HS; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW 
17-Jan-2007Converse piezoelectric control of the lattice strain and resistance in Pr[sub 0.5]Ca[sub 0.5]MnO₃/PMN-PT structuresZheng, RK; Chao, C; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, H
2005Conversion between DCT coefficients and IT coefficients in the compressed domain for H.263 to H.264 video transcodingFung, KT; Siu, WC 
2005Conversion of conventional NiO powders into nanostructures by a simple chemical methodQi, JQ; Zhang, T; Lu, M; Wang, Y ; Chen, WP; Li, LT; Chan, HLW 
2015Converted Heat Pumps for Small- and Medium-Size Hospitality Enterprises: More Energy Saving and CommercializationChan, W ; Au, N ; Wang, H; Yao, Y; Jiang, Y
2005Converter topologies for alternative energyCheng, KWE 
2007CONWIP based control of a lamp assembly production lineIp, WH ; Huang, M; Yung, KL ; Wang, D; Wang, X
2002A CONWIP model for FMS controlIp, WH ; Yung, KL ; Huang, M; Wang, D
2011Cooling a nanomechanical resonator by a triple quantum dotLi, ZZ; Ouyang, SH; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
2005Cooling energy evaluation for high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongBojic, M; Yik, F
2014Cooling load and energy consumption of commercial building in main climate regionsQi, R; Lu, L ; Yang, H ; Yu, J
2007Cooling load calculations in subtropical climateMui, KW ; Wong, LT 
2012Cooling performance of nocturnal radiative cooling combined with microencapsulated phase change material (MPCM) slurry storageZhang, S; Niu, J 
2011Cooling rate effect on Young's modulus and hardness of a Zr-based metallic glassLiu, ZY; Yang, Y; Guo, S; Liu, XJ; Lu, J; Liu, YH; Liu, CT
2007Cooling rate induced variation in microstructure and magnetic structure of Nd60Fe30Al10 glass forming alloyHu, Y; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Yang, YZ
2014Cooling time estimation of newly placed hot-mix asphalt pavement in different weather conditionsWang, Y ; Zhu, S ; Wong, AST
9-Dec-2002Cooling-rate-dependent dielectric properties of (Pb(Mg[sub ⅓]Nb[sub ⅔]) O₃)0.67(PbTiO₃)0.33 single crystals in ferroelectric phaseYan, F ; Bao, P; Wang, Y; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2013Cooperate "and" compete : coopetition strategy in retailer-supplier relationshipsKim, S; Kim, N ; Pae, JH; Yip, L
2012Cooperation or competition? Factors and conditions affecting regional port governance in South ChinaWang, K; Ng, AKY; Lam, JSL; Fu, X
2011A cooperative approach to cache consistency maintenance in wireless mesh networksXu, W; Wu, W; Wu, H; Cao, J 
2010Cooperative cache consistency maintenance for pervasive internet accessHuang, Y; Cao, J ; Jin, B; Tao, X; Lu, J
14-Jun-2010Cooperative coding and caching for streaming data in multihop wireless networksWang, D ; Liu, J; Zhang, Q; Chen, F
2010Cooperative contention-based forwarding for wireless sensor networksCheng, L; Cao, J ; Chen, C; Chen, H; Ma, J; Siebert, JI
2008Cooperative media data streaming with scalable video codingGuo, H; Lo, KT 
2009Cooperative path planner for UAVs using ACO algorithm with gaussian distribution functionsCheng, CT ; Fallahi, K; Leung, H; Tse, CK 
2014Cooperative routing with relay assignment in multi-radio multi-hop wireless networksXie, K; Wang, L; Liu, X; Wen, J; Cao, J 
2006Coordinated composition of services for adaptive mobile middlewareZheng, Y; Chan, TSA 
2012Coordinated damping control design for DFIG-based wind generation considering power output variationHuang, H; Chung, CY
2011Coordinated design of probabilistic PSS and SVC damping controllersBian, XY; Tse, CT; Zhang, JF; Wang, KW
2013Coordinated genetic scaling of the human eye : shared determination of axial eye length and corneal curvatureGuggenheim, JA; Zhou, X; Evans, DM; Timpson, NJ; McMahon, G; Kemp, JP; St Pourcain, B; Northstone, K; Ring, SM; Fan, Q; Wong, TY; Cheng, CY; Khor, CC; Aung, T; Saw, SM; Williams, C
2010A coordinated heat and electricity dispatching model for microgrid operation via PSOXu, LZ; Yang, GY; Xu, Z ; Ostergaard, J; Jiang, QY; Cao, YJ
2011Coordinated preventive control of transient stability with multi-contingency in power systems using trajectory sensitivitiesLi, YH; Yuan, WP; Chan, KW ; Liu, MB
2015Coordinated production and delivery for an exporterDe Matta, RE; Hsu, VN; Li, CL 
2001Coordinated replenishments with alternative supply sources in two-level supply chainsNg, CT ; Li, LYO ; Chakhlevitch, K
2005Coordinated road-junction traffic control by dynamic programmingHeung, TH; Ho, TK; Fung, YF
2010Coordinated robust nonlinear boiler-turbine-generator control systems via approximate dynamic feedback linearizationYu, T; Chan, KW ; Tong, JP; Zhou, B; Li, DH
Sep-2007Coordinated scheduling of customer orders with decentralized machine locationsLi, CL ; Ou, J
2007Coordinated workload scheduling in hierarchical sensor networks for data fusion applicationsLi, X; Kang, H; Cao, J 
2008Coordinated workload scheduling in hierarchical sensor networks for data fusion applicationsLi, XL; Cao, JN 
2011Coordinating a two-supplier and one-retailer supply chain with forecast updatingYang, D; Choi, TM ; Xiao, T; Cheng, TCE 
2009Coordinating community organizations in urban ChinaChen, J 
2009Coordinating dispersed product development processes : a contingency perspective of project design and modellingTo, CKM ; Fung, HK; Harwood, RJ; Ho, KC
Feb-2007Coordinating production and distribution of jobs with bundling operationsLi, CL ; Vairaktarakis, G
2009Coordinating supply chains with sales rebate contracts and vendor-managed inventoryWong, WK ; Qi, J; Leung, SYS 
2013Coordination and computation in distributed intelligent MEMSBourgeois, J; Cao, J ; Raynal, M; Dhoutaut, D; Piranda, B; Dedu, E; Mostefaoui, A; Mabed, H
2007Coordination in a single-vendor multi-buyer supply chain by synchronizing delivery and production cyclesChan, CK ; Kingsman, BG
2010Coordination mechanism for the supply chain with leadtime consideration and price-dependent demandChen, H; Chen, Y; Chiu, CH; Choi, TM ; Sethi, S
2007Coordination mechanisms for construction supply chain management in the Internet environmentXue, X; Wang, Y; Shen, Q ; Yu, X
2002Coordination of bidding strategies in day-ahead energy and spinning reserve marketsWen, F; David, AK
2000Coordination of bidding strategies in energy and spinning reserve markets for competitive suppliers using a genetic algorithmWen, F; David, AK
2013The coordination of fashion supply chains with a risk-averse supplier under the markdown money policyShen, B; Choi, TM ; Wang, Y ; Lo, CKY 
2012Coordination of multi-link spectrum handoff in multi-radio multi-hop cognitive networksFeng, W; Cao, J ; Zhang, C; Zhang, J; Xin, Q
2010Coordination of supply chains by option contracts : a cooperative game theory approachZhao, Y; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE ; Yang, X ; Huang, Z
2013Coordination of supply chains with bidirectional option contractsZhao, Y; Ma, L; Xie, G; Cheng, TCE 
2015Coordination of the closed-loop supply chain for product line design with consideration of remanufactured productsAydin, R; Kwong, CK ; Ji, P 
2008Coordination polymers constructed by linking metal ions with azodibenzoate anionsChen, ZF; Zhang, ZL; Tan, YH; Tang, YZ; Fun, HK; Zhou, ZY; Abrahams, BF; Liang, H
Jan-2008A coordination-theoretic investigation of the impact of electronic integration on logistics performanceLai, KHM ; Wong, CWY ; Cheng, TCE 
Jul-2007Coping and caring : support for family caregivers of stroke survivorsChow, SKY ; Wong, FKY ; Poon, CYF
2013Coping strategies and social support-seeking behaviour among Chinese caring for older people with dementiaAu, A ; Shardlow, SM; Teng, Y; Tsien, T; Chan, C
2009Coping with an emerging market competition through strategy-human resource alignment : case study evidence from five leading Japanese manufacturers in the People's Republic of ChinaTakeuchi, N; Chen, Z; Lam, W 
2010The coping with caregiving group program for Chinese caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease in Hong KongAu, A ; Li, S; Lee, K; Leung, P; Pan, PC; Thompson, L; Gallagher-Thompson, D
2004Coping with chronic renal failure in Hong KongMok, E ; Lai, C ; Zhang, ZX
2005Coping with public labeling of clients with mental illness in Hong Kong : a report of personal experiencesYip, KS