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2008Confirmation of a measurement model for green supply chain management practices implementationZhu, Q; Sarkis, J; Lai, KH 
2006Confirmatory factor analysis of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory : results based on a sample of Chinese mothers in Hong KongChan, YC ; Lam, GLT; Chun, PKR; So, MTE
2014Confirmatory factor analysis using AMOS : a demonstrationShek, DTL ; Yu, L 
2007Conflict management behaviors of welfare practitioners in individualist and collectivist cultureHo, KW 
2007Conflict management styles : the differences among the Chinese, Japanese, and KoreansKim, TY; Wang, C; Kondo, M; Kim, TH
2006Conflict resolution through negotiation in a railway open access market : a multi-agent system approachTsang, CW; Ho, TK
2004Conformational changes in the reaction of Pyridoxal KinaseLi, MH; Kwok, F; Chang, WR; Liu, SQ; Lo, SCL ; Zhang, JP; Jiang, T; Liang, DC
2015The Confucian alternative to the individual-oriented model of informed consent : family and beyondYu, KP 
2010Confucian views on war as seen in the Gongyang commentary on the spring and autumn annalsYu, KP 
2013Confucian virtues and Chinese adolescent development : a conceptual reviewShek, DT ; Yu, L ; Fu, X
Jun-2006Confucius and commerciality : dilemmas in Hong Kong fashion design educationTan, J 
2004Congestion and returns to scale in data envelopment analysisWei, Q; Yan, H 
2009Congestion prediction in early stages of physical designSham, CW; Young, EFY; Lu, J
2011Congestion pricing for multi-modal transportation system in Bangkok : formulation, calibration and evaluationHo, HW; Sumalee, A; Jaensirisak, S; Ongkittikul, S; Luathep, P
2013A congestion-pricing problem with a polycentric region and multi-class users : a continuum modelling approachHo, HW; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A
2012Conic positive definiteness and sharp minima of fractional orders in vector optimization problemsZheng, XY; Yang, XQ 
2001Conjoint analysis : an alternative approach to studying stigmaTsang, H ; Chan, C ; Chan, F
2003A conjoint analysis of factors influencing American and Taiwanese college students' preferences for people with disabilitiesWang, MH; Thomas, KR; Chan, F; Cheing, G 
2000Conjugate addition of diethylzinc to α,β-unsaturated lactones catalyzed by copper-phosphite complexesYan, M; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2015Conjugate heat and mass transfer in a total heat exchanger with cross-corrugated triangular ducts and one-step made asymmetric membranesLi, ZX; Zhong, TS; Niu, JL ; Xiao, F ; Zhang, LZ
2009Conjugation of latent membrane protein (LMP)-2 epitope to gold nanoparticles as highly immunogenic multiple antigenic peptides for induction of Epstein-Barr virus-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses in vitroCheung, WH; Chan, VSF; Pang, HW; Wong, MK ; Guo, ZH; Tam, PKH; Che, CM; Lin, CL; Yu, WY 
2010Conjunctive and compromised data fusion schemes for identification of multiple notches in an aluminium plate using lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Wang, D; Wang, X; Su, Z 
2005Connected k-hop clustering in ad hoc networksYang, S; Wu, J; Cao, J 
2009Connecting and separating mind-sets : culture as situated cognitionOyserman, D; Sorensen, N; Reber, R; Chen, SX 
Sep-2005Connecting border collision with saddle-node bifurcation in switched dynamical systemsMa, Y; Tse, CKM ; Kousaka, T; Kawakami, H
2011Connections among constrained continuous and combinatorial vector optimizationHuang, NJ; Huang, XX; Yang, XQ 
2015Connections between the rheological and chemical properties of long-term aged asphalt bindersWang, YH ; Wen, Y; Zhao, KC; Chong, D; Wei, JM
2010Connectivity-based skeleton extraction in wireless sensor networksJiang, H; Liu, W; Wang, D ; Tian, C; Bai, X; Liu, X; Wu, Y; Liu, W
2014The conscientiousness paradox : cultural mindset shapes competence perceptionChen, SX ; Lam, BCP; Buchtel, EE; Bond, MH 
2002A consensus algorithm for synchronous distributed systems using mobile agentCao, J ; Wang, X; Lo, S; Das, SK
2013Consensus seeking in multi-agent systems with multiplicative measurement noisesNi, YH; Li, X 
2006Consequences of partial and total plantar fascia release : a finite element studyCheung, JTM; An, KN; Zhang, M 
2006The consequences of perceived age discrimination amongst older police officers: Is social support a buffer?Redman, T; Snape, E
2011Conservativeness in FRP-based structural strengthening design processKansara, KD; Ibell, TJ; Darby, AP; Evernden, MC; Teng, JG 
2011Consideration of gender differences in ankle stabilizer selection for half-squat parachute landingNiu, W; Wang, Y; Yao, J; Zhang, M ; Fan, Y; Zhao, Q
2008Considerations on a suction drill for lunar surface drilling and sampling : I. feasibility studyKomle, NI; Weiss, P; Yung, KL 
2006Consistency of cooperative caching in mobile peer-to-peer systems over MANETCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Xie, L; Cao, G
2005Consistency of cooperative caching in mobile peer-to-peer systems over MANETCao, J ; Zhang, Y; Xie, LI; Cao, G
2001Consistency of performance on the functional capacity assessmenta: static strength and dynamic enduranceLee, GKL; Chan, CCH ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2010Consistent regularization for damage detection with noise and model errorsLi, XY; Law, SS
2004Consolidation analyses of soils underneath Haarajoki test embankment using elastic-plastic and elastic visco-plastic modelsZhou, C; Yin, JH 
2004Consolidation analysis of a cross-anisotropic homogeneous elastic soil using a finite layer numerical methodMei, GX; Yin, JH ; Zai, JM; Yin, ZZ; Ding, XL ; Zhu, GF; Chu, LM
2004Consolidation analysis of soil with vertical and horizontal drainage under ramp loading considering smear effectsZhu, G; Yin, JH 
2001Consolidation modelling of soils under the test embankment at Chek Lap Kok International Airport in Hong Kong using a simplified finite element methodZhu, G; Yin, JH ; Graham, J
2005Consolidation of a soil layer subsequent to cessation of depositionZhu, G; Yin, JH 
1999Consolidation of double soil layers under depth-dependent ramp loadZhu, G; Yin, JH 
1998Consolidation of soil under depth-dependent ramp loadZhu, G; Yin, JH 
2001Consolidation of soil with vertical and horizontal drainage under ramp loadZhu, G; Yin, JH 
2008Constant-frequency reduced-state sliding mode current controller for Cuk convertersTan, S; Lai, YM 
Nov-2003A constant-power battery charger with inherent soft switching and power factor correctionPoon, NK; Pong, BMH; Tse, CKM 
2014Constituents actually responsible for the antioxidant activities of crude polysaccharides isolated from mushroomsSiu, KC; Chen, X; Wu, JY 
2012Constitutive model for localized Lüders-like stress-induced martensitic transformation and super-elastic behaviors of laser-welded NiTi wiresChan, CW; Chan, SHJ; Man, HC ; Ji, P 
2012A constitutive model for modeling of the deformation behavior in microforming with a consideration of grain boundary strengtheningLiu, JG; Fu, MW ; Chan, WL
2001Constitutive modeling of aluminum matrix NiTi fiber-reinforced smart compositeLee, WB ; Jie, M; Tang, CY 
2011Constitutive modeling of time-dependent stress-strain behaviour of saturated soils exhibiting both creep and swellingYin, JH ; Tong, F
2007Constrained edge dynamic deleting in CD-TIN based on influence domain retriangulation of virtual pointWang, Y; Wu, L; Shi, W 
2005Constrained edges deletion in CD-TIN based on influence domain retriangulating for virtual pointWang, Y; Wu, L; Shi, W ; Jia, X
2015A constrained multi-view clustering approach to influence role detectionChen, C; Gao, D; Li, W ; Hou, Y
2008Constrained one-bit transform for retinex based motion estimation for sequences with brightness variationsCheung, HK; Siu, WC ; Feng, DD; Wang, Z
2011Constraint programming based column generation heuristics for a ship routing and berthing time assignment problemPang, A ; Li, CL 
2015A constraint-aware heuristic path planner for finding energy-efficient paths on uneven terrainsGanganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2006Constraints of using thermostatic expansion valves to operate air-cooled chillers at lower condensing temperaturesYu, FW; Chan, KT ; Chu, HY
2014The construal of space in different registers: An exploratory studyMatthiessen, CMI ; Kashyap, AK
2006Construct validity of the Chinese version of the patient-rated wrist evaluation questionnaire (PRWE-Hong Kong version)Wah, JWM; Kwan, MWW; Li-Tsang, CWP 
2007Constructability rankings of construction systems based on the analytical hierarchy processLam, PTI ; Chan, APC ; Wong, FKW ; Wong, FWH
1-Mar-2012Constructal design for pedestrian movement in living spaces : evacuation configurationsLui, CHG ; Fong, NK ; Lorente, SJ; Bejan, A; Chow, WK 
2011Constructal design of distributed cooling on the landscapeXia, L; Lorente, S; Bejan, A
2015Constructal design of evacuation from a three-dimensional living spaceLui, CH ; Fong, NK ; Lorente, S; Bejan, A; Chow, WK 
2015Constructal design of latent thermal energy storage with vertical spiral heatersLorente, S; Bejan, A; Niu, JL 
21-Jan-2013Constructal design of pedestrian evacuation from an areaLui, CHG ; Fong, NK ; Lorente, S; Bejan, A; Chow, WK 
2009Constructed wetlands in China : recent developments and future challengesLiu, D; Ge, Y; Chang, J; Peng, C; Gu, B; Chan, GYS ; Wu, X
Jan-2011Constructing an index for brand equity : a hospital exampleWang, YC; Hsu, KC; Hsu, SH; Hsieh, JJPA
25-Apr-2014Constructing and reinforcing political identities through rhetorical questions - an analysis of Mitt Romney’s campaign speeches in the 2012 US presidential electionWong, SMC; Yap, FH 
2006Constructing effective learning sequences in corporate learning systemsTsoi, KK; Ng, VT 
2005Constructing efficient solutions structure of multiobjective linear programmingYan, H ; Wei, Q; Wang, J
2010Constructing high-rate scale-free LDPC codesZheng, X; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2010Constructing input to neural networks for modeling temperature-caused modal variability : mean temperatures, effective temperatures, and principal components of temperaturesZhou, HF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2002Constructing input vectors to neural networks for structural damage identificationNi, YQ ; Wang, BS; Ko, JM
2005Constructing multi-resolution triangulated irregular network model for visualizationYang, B; Li, Q; Shi, W 
Aug-2007Constructing PCA baseline algorithms to reevaluate ICA-based face-recognition performanceYang, J; Zhang, DD ; Yang, JY