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2010A conceptual model of medical tourism: Implications for future researchHeung, VCS; Kucukusta, D ; Song, H 
2015A conceptual model of patient-professional communication asaself-management skill: A latent growth change modelingChan, SCC; Chan, CCH ; Siu, AMH ; Poon, PKK
2013Conceptual Recombination : a method for producing exploratory and transformational creativity in creative worksHung, ECK; Choy, CST
Oct-2012A conceptual review of research on the pathological use of computers, video games, and the internetSim, BWT ; Gentile, DA; Bricolo, F; Serpelloni, G; Gulamoydeen, F
2011Conceptualising electronic word of mouth activity : an input-process-output perspectiveChan, YYY; Ngai, EWT 
2014Conceptualization of value co-creation in the tourism contextChathoth, P; Ungson, G; Harrington, R; Altinay, L; Okumus, F; Chan, E 
2012Conceptualizing destination brand equity dimensions from a consumer-based brand equity perspectiveIm, HH; Kim, SS; Elliot, S; Han, H
25-Jun-2009A concept–relationship acquisition and inference approach for hierarchical taxonomy construction from tagsTsui, E ; Wang, WM; Cheung, CFB ; Lau, SMA
2013The concerns of authors : textual analysis of online journal reviewsZhang, Z; Zhang, Z; Law, R 
Sep-2007Concgramming : a computer driven approach to learning the phraseology of EnglishGreaves, C; Warren, M 
2007Concgramming : a corpus-driven approach to learning the phraseology of discipline-specific textsCheng, W 
2004A concise survey of scheduling with time-dependent processing timesCheng, TCE ; Ding, Q; Lin, BMT
2015Concise synthesis of two natural steroidal glycosides isolated from Allium schoenoprasumLiu, Q; Guo, T; Li, D; Li, W
2012Concrete bridge-borne low-frequency noise simulation based on traintrackbridge dynamic interactionLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ
2004Concrete plant operations optimization using combined simulation and genetic algorithmsCao, M; Lu, M; Zhang, J
2001Concrete strengthening and strain monitoring by advanced composites and optical fibre sensorsLau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Ye, L
2007A concrete-steel interface element for damage detection of reinforced concrete structuresZhu, XQ; Law, SS
1996Concurrent computation of two-dimensional discrete cosine transformChau, LP; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
1998Concurrent engineering : a strategy for procuring construction projectsLove, PED; Gunasekaran, A; Li, H 
2009Concurrent event detection for asynchronous consistency checking of pervasive contextHuang, Y; Ma, X; Cao, J ; Tao, X; Lu, J
2009Concurrent multi-scale modeling of civil infrastructures for analyses on structural deteriorating-Part II : model updating and verificationChan, THT; Li, ZX; Yu, Y; sun, ZH
2009Concurrent multi-scale modeling of civil infrastructures for analyses on structural deterioration-Part I : modeling methodology and strategyLi, ZX; Chan, THT; Yu, Y; Sun, ZH
2-Oct-2009Concurrent observations of air pollutants at two sites in the Pearl River Delta and the implication of regional transportGuo, H ; Jiang, F; Cheng, HR; Simpson, IJ; Wang, XM; Ding, AJ; Wang, TJ; Saunders, SM; Wang, T ; Lam, SHM; Blake, DR; Zhang, YL; Xie, M
2003Concurrent open shop scheduling to minimize the weighted number of tardy jobsNg, CT ; Cheng, TCE ; Yuan, JJ
7-May-2013Concurrent operational modes and enhanced current sensitivity in heterostructure of magnetoelectric ring and piezoelectric transformerZhang, S; Leung, CM; Kuang, W; Or, DSW ; Ho, SL 
2007Concurrent relay-PID control for motor position servo systemsLi, G; Tsang, KM 
2007Condensate retention on a louver-fin-and-tube air cooling coilXu, X; Leung, C ; Chan, M ; Deng, S 
2014Condensation risk of DCDV system for hot and humid Hong KongJia, J; Lee, WL 
2004Condensing temperature control to enhance the efficiency of air-cooled chillersYu, FW; Chan, KT 
Jan-2008Condition assessment of shear connectors in slab-girder bridges via vibration measurementsXia, Y ; Hao, H; Deeks, AJ; Zhu, X
2009Condition assessment of structures under unknown support excitationZhang, K; Law, SS; Duan, Z
2001Condition for the onset of bifurcation in en echelon crack arraysChau, KT ; Wang, GS
2012Conditional inactivation of Pten with EGFR overexpression in Schwann cells models sporadic MPNSTKeng, WKV ; Watson, AL; Rahrmann, EP; Li, H; Tschida, BR; Moriarity, BS; Choi, K; Rizvi, TA; Collins, MH; Wallace, MR; Ratner, N; Largaespada, DA
2009Conditional random fields for the prediction of signal peptide cleavage sitesMak, MW ; Kung, SY
2014Conditional simulation of nonstationary fluctuating wind speeds for long-span bridgesXu, YL ; Hu, L; Kareem, A
2012Conditional simulation of spatially variable seismic ground motions based on evolutionary spectraHu, L; Xu, YL ; Zheng, Y
2014Conditions for degradability of tripartite quantum statesFung, CHF; Li, CK; Sze, NS ; Chau, HF
2009Conditions for strong ellipticity and M-eigenvaluesQi, L ; Dai, HH; Han, D
2009Conditions for strong ellipticity of anisotropic elastic materialsHan, D; Dai, HH; Qi, L 
May-2012Conditions for the emergence of unaccusative ‘give’ in Sinitic languages : evidence from Hui’an (Southern Min)Chen, W; Yap, FH 
2013Conducting immersive research in second life : a hotel co-branding case studyDenizci Guillet, B ; Penfold, P
2000Conducting lanthanum nickel oxide as electrodes for lead zirconate titanate filmsZhang, Y; Zhou, QF; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2006Conductive knitted fabric as large-strain gauge under high temperatureZhang, H; Tao, X ; Yu, T; Wang, S
2012Conductivity switching and memory effect in polymer brushes with carbazole pendant moietiesLiu, Y; Lv, S; Li, L; Shang, S 
2003Cone calorimeter studies on fire behavior of polycarbonate glazing sheetsHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2013A Cone Constrained Convex Program : structure and AlgorithmsQi, L ; Xu, Y; Yuan, YX; Zhang, X
2010Conference Report: International Convention and Expo Summit (ICES) 2009, Hong Kong, May 18- 20, 2009Chan, GK; Lau, CKH
2015Confidence analysis of standard deviational ellipse and its extension into higher dimensional Euclidean spaceWang, B; Shi, W ; Miao, Z
Apr-2010Confidence intervals for tourism demand elasticitySong, H ; Kim, JH; Yang, S
2013A confidence map and pixel-based weighted correlation for PRNU-based camera identificationChan, LH; Law, NF ; Siu, WC 
2010Configurable SIMD architecture for video processorsLo, WY; Lun, DPK ; Siu, WC 
Nov-2012Configuring quality management and marketing implementation and the performance implications for industrial marketersLai, KHM ; Yeung, ACL ; Cheng, TCE 
2011Confinement effects on flows past an in-duct rectangular bluff body with semi-circular leading edgeYu, KF; Leung, RCK ; Lu, ZB; Cheng, L ; Chan, HYH
2008Confirmation of a measurement model for green supply chain management practices implementationZhu, Q; Sarkis, J; Lai, KH 
2006Confirmatory factor analysis of the Child Abuse Potential Inventory : results based on a sample of Chinese mothers in Hong KongChan, YC ; Lam, GLT; Chun, PKR; So, MTE
2014Confirmatory factor analysis using AMOS : a demonstrationShek, DTL ; Yu, L 
2007Conflict management behaviors of welfare practitioners in individualist and collectivist cultureHo, KW 
2007Conflict management styles : the differences among the Chinese, Japanese, and KoreansKim, TY; Wang, C; Kondo, M; Kim, TH
2006Conflict resolution through negotiation in a railway open access market : a multi-agent system approachTsang, CW; Ho, TK
2004Conformational changes in the reaction of Pyridoxal KinaseLi, MH; Kwok, F; Chang, WR; Liu, SQ; Lo, SCL ; Zhang, JP; Jiang, T; Liang, DC
2015The Confucian alternative to the individual-oriented model of informed consent : family and beyondYu, KP 
2010Confucian views on war as seen in the Gongyang commentary on the spring and autumn annalsYu, KP 
2013Confucian virtues and Chinese adolescent development : a conceptual reviewShek, DT ; Yu, L ; Fu, X
Jun-2006Confucius and commerciality : dilemmas in Hong Kong fashion design educationTan, J 
2004Congestion and returns to scale in data envelopment analysisWei, Q; Yan, H 
2009Congestion prediction in early stages of physical designSham, CW; Young, EFY; Lu, J
2011Congestion pricing for multi-modal transportation system in Bangkok : formulation, calibration and evaluationHo, HW; Sumalee, A; Jaensirisak, S; Ongkittikul, S; Luathep, P
2013A congestion-pricing problem with a polycentric region and multi-class users : a continuum modelling approachHo, HW; Wong, SC; Sumalee, A
2012Conic positive definiteness and sharp minima of fractional orders in vector optimization problemsZheng, XY; Yang, XQ 
2001Conjoint analysis : an alternative approach to studying stigmaTsang, H ; Chan, C ; Chan, F
2003A conjoint analysis of factors influencing American and Taiwanese college students' preferences for people with disabilitiesWang, MH; Thomas, KR; Chan, F; Cheing, G 
2000Conjugate addition of diethylzinc to α,β-unsaturated lactones catalyzed by copper-phosphite complexesYan, M; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC
2015Conjugate heat and mass transfer in a total heat exchanger with cross-corrugated triangular ducts and one-step made asymmetric membranesLi, ZX; Zhong, TS; Niu, JL ; Xiao, F ; Zhang, LZ
2009Conjugation of latent membrane protein (LMP)-2 epitope to gold nanoparticles as highly immunogenic multiple antigenic peptides for induction of Epstein-Barr virus-specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses in vitroCheung, WH; Chan, VSF; Pang, HW; Wong, MK ; Guo, ZH; Tam, PKH; Che, CM; Lin, CL; Yu, WY 
2010Conjunctive and compromised data fusion schemes for identification of multiple notches in an aluminium plate using lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Wang, D; Wang, X; Su, Z 
2005Connected k-hop clustering in ad hoc networksYang, S; Wu, J; Cao, J 
2009Connecting and separating mind-sets : culture as situated cognitionOyserman, D; Sorensen, N; Reber, R; Chen, SX 
Sep-2005Connecting border collision with saddle-node bifurcation in switched dynamical systemsMa, Y; Tse, CKM ; Kousaka, T; Kawakami, H
2011Connections among constrained continuous and combinatorial vector optimizationHuang, NJ; Huang, XX; Yang, XQ 
2015Connections between the rheological and chemical properties of long-term aged asphalt bindersWang, YH ; Wen, Y; Zhao, KC; Chong, D; Wei, JM