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16-Nov-2007Contraction stability and transverse stability of synchronization in complex networksLi, K; Small, M; Fu, X
2008Contractor key competitiveness indicators (KCIs) : a Hong Kong studyTan, YT; Shen, LY; Yam, M ; Lo, AA
2006Contractor key competitiveness indicators : a China studyShen, L; Lu, W; Yam, M 
2004Contractor selection using the analytic network processCheng, EWL; Li, H 
2010Contractors' competition strategies in bidding : Hong Kong studyTan, Y; Shen, L; Langston, C
2009A contrast analysis of online hotel web service purchasers and browsersRong, J; Li, G; Law, R 
2010Contrast and assimilation effects of processing fluencyShen, H; Jiang, Y ; Adaval, R
1996Contrast and luminance as parameters defining the output of the VERIS topographical ERGBrown, B; Yap, MKH 
2014A contrast-sensitive potts model custom-designed for change detectionHao, M; Shi, W ; Deng, K; Zhang, H
2008Contrastive approach towards text source classification based on top-bag-of-word similarityHuang, CR ; Lee, LH
2004Contribution of cell outer membrane and inner membrane to Cu2+ adsorption by cell envelope of Pseudomonas putida 5-xWang, L; Zhou, Q; Chua, H
2010Contribution of fungal spores to particulate matter in a tropical rainforestZhang, T; Engling, G; Chan, CY; Zhang, YN; Zhang, ZS; Lin, M; Sang, XF; Li, YD; Li, YS 
2008Contribution of Pseudolite observations to GPS precise surveysChen, Y ; He, X
2013Contribution of ship emissions to the fine particulate in the community near an international port in Hong KongYau, PS; Lee, SC ; Cheng, Y; Huang, Y; Lai, SC; Xu, XH
2011Contribution of subjective balance confidence on functional mobility in subjects with chronic strokeNg, SSM 
2008Contribution of urban design to economic sustainability of urban renewal projects in Hong KongChan, EHW ; Lee, GKL
2014Contribution of VOC sources to photochemical ozone formation and its control policy implication in Hong KongLing, ZH; Guo, H 
2006Contributions of designers to improving buildability and constructabilityLam, PTI ; Wong, FWH; Chan, APC 
2008Contributions of standing-wave components to dynamic stresses in a beamWang, XQ; So, RMC; Chan, KT
2011Contributions of tester experience and a checklist guideline to the identification of categories and choices for software testingPoon, PL ; Tse, TH; Tang, SF; Kuo, FC
Jul-2009Contributions of thermal expansion of monuments and nearby bedrock to observed GPS height changesYan, H; Chen, W ; Zhu, Y; Zhang, W; Zhong, M
2014Control and integrated half bridge to winding circuit development for switched reluctance motorsXue, XD; Cheng, KWE ; Bao, YJ
2008Control for dynamics of two coupled Bose-Einstein condensate solitons by potential deviationLi, H; Wang, DN 
2004Control method for DC-AC inverters based on the passive theoryWang, J; Tsang, KM 
2001Control of a flexible manipulator using a sliding mode controller with a fuzzy-like weighting factorKwok, NM; Lee, CK
2005Control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor using a second-order non-linear trajectory smootherTsang, KM ; Wang, J
2000Control of bifurcation in current-programmed DC/DC converters : a reexamination of slope compensationTse, CK ; Lai, YM 
2000Control of bifurcation in current-programmed DC/DC converters : an alternative viewpoint of ramp compensationTse, CK ; Lai, YM ; Chow, MHL 
2001Control of bifurcation in current-programmed dc/dc converters: An alternative viewpoint of ramp compensationLai, YM ; Tse, CK ; Chow, MHL 
2003Control of crystallographic structure of aluminum nitride films prepared by magnetron sputteringLeung, TT; Ong, CW 
2006Control of flow separation from an airfoil using piezo-ceramic actuatorsZhang, HJ; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L 
2007Control of interior noise inside a small enclosure using T-shaped acoustic resonatorsLi, D; Yu, G; Cheng, L 
Nov-2010Control of iron nitride formation by a high magnetic fieldTong, WP; Zhang, H; Sun, J; Zuo, L; He, JC; Lu, J
2002Control of multi-span beam vibration by a random wave reflectorXu, MB; Huang, L
2002Control of natural frequencies of a clamped-clamped composite beam with embedded shape memory alloy wiresLau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Tao, XM 
2007Control of nonlinear systems with a linear state-feedback controller and a modified neural network tuned by genetic algorithmLam, HK; Ling, SH; Iu, HHC; Yeung, CW; Leung, FHF 
2011Control of optical rogue waves in supercontinuum generation with a minute continuous waveLi, Q; Zhang, C; Cheung, KKY; Qiu, Y; Tsia, KK; Wong, KKY; Li, F; Lau, APT ; Wai, PKA 
2008Control of poststall airfoil aerodynamics based on surface perturbationZhang, MM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L 
1999Control of PWM inverter using a discrete-time sliding mode controllerWong, LK; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
2006The control of structure-borne noise from a viaduct using floating honeycomb panelNgai, KW; Ng, CF; Lee, YY
Feb-1991The control of switching dc-dc converters : a general LQR problemLeung, FHF ; Tam, PKS; Li, CK
17-Dec-2010Control of the strain and magnetoresistance of LaMnO[sub 3+δ] thin films using the magnetostriction of Terfenol-D alloyZheng, RK; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Luo, H
1997The control of the thin-plate welds geometry and microstructureYung, WKC ; Lee, WB ; Ralph, B; Fenn, R
2007Control of volatile organic compounds indoors - development of an integrated mass-transfer-based model and its applicationLi, F; Niu, J 
2005Control of vortex-induced non-resonance vibration using piezo-ceramic actuators embedded in a structureZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2001Control of wind-excited truss tower using semiactive friction damperXu, YL ; Qu, WL; Chen, ZH
2013Control parametrization and finite element method for controlling multi-species reactive transport in a circular poolLee, HWJ ; Chan, CK ; Yau, K
2011Control parametrization and finite element method for controlling multi-species reactive transport in a rectangular diffuser unitWong, KH; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK 
2013Control parametrization and finite element method for controlling multi-species reactive transport in an underground channelWong, KH; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK ; Myburgh, C
2008Control parametrization enhancing technique and simulation on the design of a flexible rotating beamLee, YCE; Fung, EHK; Lee, HWJ 
2003Control parametrization enhancing technique for solving a special ODE class with state dependent switchLee, HWJ ; Teo, KL
2011Control performance of a dedicated outdoor air system adopting liquid desiccant dehumidificationXiao, F ; Ge, G; Niu, X
2006A control scheme of torque ripple minimization for SRM drives based on flux linkage controller and torque sharing functionXue, X; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2011Control strategies for a liquid desiccant air-conditioning systemGe, G; Xiao, F ; Niu, X
2010Control strategies for variable speed pumps in super high-rise buildingWang, S ; Ma, Z
2009Control strategy for input-series-output-parallel converterRuan, X; Chen, W; Cheng, L; Tse, CK ; Yan, H; Zhang, T
2009Control strategy of achieving input voltage sharing and output voltage sharing for input-series-output-series inverters systemFang, T; Ruan, X; Tse, CK 
2010Control strategy to achieve input and output voltage sharing for input-seriesoutput-series-connected inverter systemsFang, T; Ruan, X; Tse, CK 
2011Control-ownership wedge and investment sensitivity to stock priceJiang, L ; Kim, JB; Pang, L
2005Controllability assessment of plate-like structures with uncertainties under piezoelectric actuationLi, YY; Cheng, L 
2009Controllability of noise transmission through double-glazed windows using acoustic resonatorsLi, D; Cheng, L 
2014Controllable functionalized carbon fabric for high-performance all-carbon-based supercapacitorsJin, HY; Peng, ZH; Tang, WM; Chan, HLW 
2008Controllable hydrothermal synthesis of KTa1-xNb xO3 nanostructures with various morphologies and their growth mechanismsHu, Y; Gu, H; Hu, Z; Di, W; Yuan, Y; You, J; Cao, W; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
2010Controllable synthesis and formation mechanism of luminescent monodispersed NaEuF4 submicron disks through assembled nanocrystalsWang, ZL; Hao, JH ; Chan, HLW 
2014Controllable synthesis of Ln3+ (Ln = Tb, Eu) doped zinc phosphate nano-/micro-structured materials : phase, morphology and luminescence propertiesYue, D; Lu, W; Li, C; Zhang, X; Liu, C; Wang, Z
7-May-2012Controllable transport of water through nanochannel by rachet-like mechanismLu, H; Nie, X; Wu, F; Zhou, X; Kou, J; Xu, Y; Liu, Y 
2008Controlled and reversible binding of positively charged quantum dots to lambda DNALiu, Y; Zhang, MX; Zhang, ZL; Xie, HY; Tian, ZQ; Wong, KY ; Pang, DW
2013Controlled formation of hydrophobic surfaces by self-assembly of an amphiphilic natural protein from aqueous solutionsDong, F; Padua, GW; Wang, Y 
2013Controlled growth of polypyrrole hydrogelsWei, D; Lin, X; Li, L; Shang, S ; Yuen, MCW; Yan, G; Yu, X
2009Controlled normal/shear loading and shear fracture in bulk metallic glassesHsueh, CH; Bei, H; Liu, CT; George, EP; Becher, PF
2012Controlled performance of an organic transistor memory device with an ultrathin LiF blocking layerWang, S; Chan, PKL; Leung, CW ; Zhao, X
2011Controlled release of hydrogel modified textile productsHu, J 
2005Controlled strain path forming process with space variant blank holder force using RSM methodWang, L; Lee, TC
Feb-2013A controlled trial of a needs-based, nurse-led psychoeducation programme for Chinese patients with first-onset mental disorders : 6 month follow upChien, WT ; Leung, SF 
2002A controlled trial of music and pre-operative anxiety in Chinese men undergoing transurethral resection of the prostateYung, PMB; Szeto, CK; French, P; Chan, TMF
2006Controlled vortex-induced vibration on a fix-supported flexible cylinder in cross-flowCheng, L ; Zhou, Y; Zhang, MM
2013A controller for linear compressors propelled by linear switched reluctance actuatorsXue, XD; Bao, YJ; Zhang, Z; Lin, JK; Cheng, KWE ; Cheung, NC 
2007Controlling 'multiple clients' during designLam, KC
2001Controlling bifurcation in power electronics: A conventional practice re-visitedTse, CK ; Lai, YM 
2000Controlling building energy use by Overall Thermal Transfer Value (OTTV)Chow, WK ; Yu, PCH