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2003A computer-aided decision support system for assessing a contractor's competitivenessShen, LY; Lu, W; Shen, Q ; Li, H 
2011Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacture (CAD/CAM) system for construction of spinal orthosis for patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWong, MS 
2003Computer-aided design of PV/wind hybrid systemAi, B; Yang, H ; Shen, H; Liao, X
2015Computer-aided diagnosis for preoperative invasion depth of gastric cancer with dual-energy spectral CT imagingLi, C; Shi, C; Zhang, H; Hui, C; Lam, KM ; Zhang, S
2008A computer-aided FPS-oriented approach for construction briefingLuo, X; Shen, Q 
2007Computer-aided generation of fixture configuration design using polychromatic setsJi, P ; Lau, FKH; Jiang, L; Li, M; Li, Z
2002Computer-aided learning of controller design : focus on fuzzy logic controlLo, CH; Wong, YK; Rad, AB
2010Computer-aided nonlinear vehicle-bridge interaction analysisLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ; Chen, ZW
2005A computer-based scoring method for measuring the environmental performance of construction activitiesShen, LY; Lu, WS; Yao, H; Wu, DH
2008Computer-generated index for evaluation of idiopathic scoliosis in digital chest images : a comparison with digital measurementTang, FH; Chan, LWC ; Lau, HP; Tsui, PY; Cheung, CW
2003Computer-integrated optics design and tool path generation in virtual machining of aspheric surfacesLee, WB ; Gao, D; Cheung, CF ; Li, JG
2003Computerization of clinical practice in Hong Kong : a study of Chinese medicine practitionersChan, MF; Tse, S ; Day, M; Tong, TF; Suen, L
2001Computerization strategy for small manufacturing enterprises in Hong KongChung, WWC; Chik, SKO
2005Computerized diagnosis from tongue appearance using quantitative feature classificationZhang, D ; Pang, B; Li, N; Wang, K; Zhang, H
2006Computerized errorless learning-based memory rehabilitation for Chinese patients with brain injury : a preliminary quasi-experimental clinical design studyDou, ZL; Man, DWK ; Ou, HN; Zheng, JL; Tam, SF
2013Computerized facial diagnosis using both color and texture featuresZhang, B; Wang, X; Karray, F; Yang, Z; Zhang, D 
2007Computerized mental health assessment in integrative health clinics : a cross-sectional study using structured interviewLeung, SF ; French, P; Chui, C; Arthur, D
2009A computerized model for measuring and benchmarking the partnering performance of construction projectsYeung, JFY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2014The computerized OMAHA system in microsoft office excelLai, X; Wong, FKY ; Zhang, P; Leung, CWY; Lee, LH; Wong, JSY; Lo, YF; Ching, SSY 
2012A computerized risk evaluation model for public-private partnership (PPP) projects and its applicationXu, Y; Lu, Y; Chan, APC ; Skibniewski, MJ; Yeung, JFY
Oct-2004Computerized tongue diagnosis based on Bayesian networksPang, B; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Wang, K
2011Computerized wrist pulse signal diagnosis using modified auto-regressive modelsChen, Y; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Zhang, D
2008Computers and assistive technologyWeiss, PL; Chan, CCH 
2011Computing mobile agent routes with node-wise constraints in distributed communication systemsElalouf, A; Levner, E; Cheng, TCE 
2009Computing power system parameters to maximize the small signal stability margin based on min-max modelsQi, L ; Tong, X; Wang, Y
2006Computing the fuzzy topological relations of spatial objects based on induced fuzzy topologyLiu, K; Shi, W 
2011Computing three-axis orientations of a tunnel-boring machine through surveying observation pointsShen, X; Lu, M; Chen, W 
2010Concentrated control, institutions, and banking sector : an international studyHaw, IM; Ho, SSM; Hu, B; Wu, D
2001Concentration and chemical partitioning of road dusts and urban soils in Hong KongLi, XD ; Poon, CS ; Liu, P
Jan-2012Concentration effect on construction firms : tests of resource partitioning theory in Jiangsu Province (China) from 1989 to 2007Yang, H; Chan, APC ; Yeung, FY; Li, Q
15-Feb-2004Concentration-induced nonuniform power in tunable erbium-doped fiber lasersDong, X; Ngo, NQ; Shum, P; Guan, BO; Tam, HY ; Dong, XY
2015Concentrations and solubility of trace elements in fine particles at a mountain site, southern China: Regional sources and cloud processingLi, T; Wang, Y; Li, WJ; Chen, JM; Wang, T ; Wang, WX
2015Concentrations and sources of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) from 2005 to 2013 in Hong Kong : a multi-year real-time data analysisOu, J; Guo, H ; Zheng, J; Cheung, K; Louie, PKK; Ling, Z; Wang, D
2006Concentrations, enantiomeric compositions, and sources of HCH, DDT and chlordane in soils from the Pearl River Delta, South ChinaLi, J; Zhang, G; Qi, S; Li, X ; Peng, X
2007Concept and application of member-based linear and system-based nonlinear analysis in steel structure designChan, SL 
2003Concept of a PACS and imaging informatics-based server for radiation therapyLaw, MYY; Huang, HK
2012Concept of node usage probability for analysis and design of communication networksWu, J; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM ; Ho, IWH 
2015Concept of node usage probability from complex networks and its applications to communication network designWu, J; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2002The concept of state feminism and the case for Hong KongNg, CW ; Ng, EGH
2009Concept, characteristics and defending mechanism of wormsTang, Y; Luo, J; Xiao, B ; Wei, G
2013Concepts of body constitution, health and sub-health from traditional Chinese medicine perspectiveChan, RYP; Chien, WT 
1999Conceptual approach to modeling the procurement process of construction using Petri-NetsLi, H ; Love, PED; Guna, SA
Jun-2011A conceptual critique of parenting research in Hong KongFok, HK; Shek, DTL 
2011A conceptual definition of vocational rehabilitation based on the ICF : building a shared global modelEscorpizo, R; Reneman, MF; Ekholm, J; Fritz, J; Krupa, T; Marnetoft, SU; Maroun, CE; Guzman, JR; Suzuki, Y; Stucki, G; Chan, CCH 
2000Conceptual design of an intelligent gps vehicle navigation system suitable for Hong KongMok, E ; Retscher, G; Chen, Y 
2005Conceptual framework & architecture for agent-oriented knowledge management supported e-learning systemsYau, HK; Ngai, EWT ; Cheng, TCE 
2013Conceptual framework and mathematical model for the transport of metal-chelant complexes during in situ soil remediationZhang, W; Tsang, DCW 
2011Conceptual framework for cognitive function enhancement in people with dementiaCheung, DSK; Chien, WT ; Lai, CKY 
2014A Conceptual Framework for CSR Implementation in the Construction Industry: A Relational ApproachLin, X; Ho, CMF ; Shen, GQP 
2013A conceptual framework for delivering sustainable building energy efficency retrofit using the energy performance contracting (EPC) in ChinaXu, P; Chan, EHW ; Lam, PTI 
2010A conceptual framework of hotel experience and customer-based brand equity : some research questions and implicationsXu, J; Chan, A 
2008A conceptual fuzzy-genetic algorithm framework for assessing the potential risks in supply chain managementTang, CXH; Lau, HCW; Ho, GTS
27-Jan-2015Conceptual issues regarding the development of underground railway laser scanning systemsHung, R; King, BA; Chen, W 
17-Jun-2012A conceptual model for submarine feature description and generalisation in nautical chart productionYan, J; Guilbert, E; Saux, E
2010A conceptual model of medical tourism: Implications for future researchHeung, VCS; Kucukusta, D ; Song, H 
2015A conceptual model of patient-professional communication asaself-management skill: A latent growth change modelingChan, SCC; Chan, CCH ; Siu, AMH ; Poon, PKK
2013Conceptual Recombination : a method for producing exploratory and transformational creativity in creative worksHung, ECK; Choy, CST
Oct-2012A conceptual review of research on the pathological use of computers, video games, and the internetSim, BWT ; Gentile, DA; Bricolo, F; Serpelloni, G; Gulamoydeen, F
2011Conceptualising electronic word of mouth activity : an input-process-output perspectiveChan, YYY; Ngai, EWT 
2014Conceptualization of value co-creation in the tourism contextChathoth, P; Ungson, G; Harrington, R; Altinay, L; Okumus, F; Chan, E 
2012Conceptualizing destination brand equity dimensions from a consumer-based brand equity perspectiveIm, HH; Kim, SS; Elliot, S; Han, H
25-Jun-2009A concept–relationship acquisition and inference approach for hierarchical taxonomy construction from tagsTsui, E ; Wang, WM; Cheung, CFB ; Lau, SMA
2013The concerns of authors : textual analysis of online journal reviewsZhang, Z; Zhang, Z; Law, R 
Sep-2007Concgramming : a computer driven approach to learning the phraseology of EnglishGreaves, C; Warren, M 
2007Concgramming : a corpus-driven approach to learning the phraseology of discipline-specific textsCheng, W 
2004A concise survey of scheduling with time-dependent processing timesCheng, TCE ; Ding, Q; Lin, BMT
2015Concise synthesis of two natural steroidal glycosides isolated from Allium schoenoprasumLiu, Q; Guo, T; Li, D; Li, W
2012Concrete bridge-borne low-frequency noise simulation based on traintrackbridge dynamic interactionLi, Q; Xu, YL ; Wu, DJ
2004Concrete plant operations optimization using combined simulation and genetic algorithmsCao, M; Lu, M; Zhang, J
2001Concrete strengthening and strain monitoring by advanced composites and optical fibre sensorsLau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Ye, L
2007A concrete-steel interface element for damage detection of reinforced concrete structuresZhu, XQ; Law, SS
1996Concurrent computation of two-dimensional discrete cosine transformChau, LP; Chan, YH ; Siu, WC 
1998Concurrent engineering : a strategy for procuring construction projectsLove, PED; Gunasekaran, A; Li, H 
2009Concurrent event detection for asynchronous consistency checking of pervasive contextHuang, Y; Ma, X; Cao, J ; Tao, X; Lu, J
2009Concurrent multi-scale modeling of civil infrastructures for analyses on structural deteriorating-Part II : model updating and verificationChan, THT; Li, ZX; Yu, Y; sun, ZH
2009Concurrent multi-scale modeling of civil infrastructures for analyses on structural deterioration-Part I : modeling methodology and strategyLi, ZX; Chan, THT; Yu, Y; Sun, ZH
2-Oct-2009Concurrent observations of air pollutants at two sites in the Pearl River Delta and the implication of regional transportGuo, H ; Jiang, F; Cheng, HR; Simpson, IJ; Wang, XM; Ding, AJ; Wang, TJ; Saunders, SM; Wang, T ; Lam, SHM; Blake, DR; Zhang, YL; Xie, M
2003Concurrent open shop scheduling to minimize the weighted number of tardy jobsNg, CT ; Cheng, TCE ; Yuan, JJ
7-May-2013Concurrent operational modes and enhanced current sensitivity in heterostructure of magnetoelectric ring and piezoelectric transformerZhang, S; Leung, CM; Kuang, W; Or, DSW ; Ho, SL 
2007Concurrent relay-PID control for motor position servo systemsLi, G; Tsang, KM