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2004Butterworths Hong Kong Partnership handbook. Partnership Ordinance (Cap. 38). Limited Partnerships Ordinance (Cap. 37). Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310). The Rules of the High Court (Cap. 4A) Order 81. Inland Revenue Ordinance (Cap. 112) (excerpts)Stott, V; Halkyard, AJ
2003Butyltins in sediments and biota from the Pearl River Delta, South ChinaZhang, G; Yan, J; Fu, JM; Parker, A; Li, XD ; Wang, ZS
2014Buyback contracts with price-dependent demands : effects of demand uncertaintyZhao, Y; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE ; Sethi, SP; Wang, S
2004Buyer characteristics among users of various travel intermediariesWolfe, K; Hsu, CHC ; Kang, SK
2015Buyer-supplier relationships on environmental issues : a contingency perspectiveSancha, C; Wong, CWY ; Gimenez Thomsen, C
2015Buyers' perceptions on the impact of strategic purchasing on dyadic quality performancesYeung, K; Cheng, TCE ; Lee, PKC 
2015Buyers' property asset purchase decisions : an empirical study on the high-end residential market in Hong KongWadu, MJ; Ming, LJ
2009Bylaws and informal traditional practice as complementary rule systems to develop traditional urban residential form : a case study of DhakaKhan, TH
2006Bypassing government, rebuilding the village : a case study of formation of local community organization in a Hakka village in South ChinaKu, HB 
2007Bypassing government/reconstructing the village : formation of self-organization in a Hakka community in south ChinaKu, HB 
2015Byteslice : pushing the envelop of main memory data processing with a new storage layoutFeng, Z; Lo, E ; Kao, B; Xu, W
2013C 0-nonconforming triangular prism elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, HR; Chen, SC; Qiao, ZH 
31-Aug-2009C-band single-longitudinal mode lanthanum co-doped bismuth based erbium doped fiber ring laserQureshi, KK; Feng, X; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2003C-H bond activation by a hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borato ruthenium hydridle complexNg, SM; Lam, WH; Mak, CC; Tsang, CW; Jia, GC; Lin, ZY; Lau, CP
2001C-h bond activation by the solvento ruthenium hydride complex, tpRuH(CH3CN)(PPh3), (Tp = hydrotris(pyrazolyl) borateNg, SM; Lau, CP; Jia, G
2015C-H bonds phosphorylation of ketene dithioacetalsZhu, L; Yu, H ; Guo, Q; Chen, Q; Xu, Z; Wang, R
2013C0-nonconforming tetrahedral and cuboid elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, H; Chen, S; Qiao, Z 
2007C1-C8 volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of Hong Kong : overview of atmospheric processing and source apportionmentGuo, H ; So, KL; Simpson, IJ; Barletta, B; Meinardi, S; Blake, DR
2000The C282Y mutation of the HFE gene is not found in Chinese haemochromatotic patients : multicentre retrospective studyTsui, WM; Lam, PW; Lee, KC; Ma, KF; Chan, YK; Wong, MW; Yip, SP ; Wong, CS; Chow, AS; Lo, ST
2004C3-C12 non-methane hydrocarbons in subtropical Hong Kong : spatial-temporal variations, source-receptor relationships and photochemical reactivitySo, KL; Wang, T 
2000Ca(2+)-aTPase in aged erythrocyteLee, KS; Lee, WY
2009A cable element for nonlinear vibration of cable-supported structuresXia, Y ; Wu, QX; Xu, YL 
2000Cable oscillation induced by parametric excitation in cable-stayed bridgesSun, BN; Wang, ZG; Ko, JM ; Ni, YQ 
2001Cable parametric oscillation and its control for cable-stayed bridgesSun, BN; Wang, ZG; Ko, JM ; Ni, YQ
2004Cable vibration control using magneto-rheological (MR) dampersDuan, YF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM 
2006Cable vibration Control using magnetorheological dampersDuan, YF; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM
2014CACC : a cooperative approachto cache consistency in WMNsXu, W; Wu, W; Wu, H; Cao, J ; Lin, X
2014Cache design of SSD-based search engine architectures : an experimental studyWang, JG; Lo, E ; Yiu, ML ; Tong, JC; Wang, G; Liu, XG
2006CACHE RP : a novel dynamic cache size tuning model working with relative object popularity for fast web information retrievalWu, RSL; Wong, AKY; Dillon, T
2004Cache signatures for peer-to-peer cooperative caching in mobile environmentsChow, CY; Leong, HV ; Chan, A 
2004CACHERP : a novel dynamic cache size tuning model working with relative object popularity for fast web information retrievalWu, RSL; Wong, AKY; Dillon, TS
2015A Caco-2 cell-based quantitative antioxidant activity assay for antioxidantsWan, H; Liu, D; Yu, X; Sun, H; Li, Y
2007A CAD integrated content-based retrieval system for multi-locational image distribution environmentTang, FH ; Law, YY; Ng, KS
2005A CAD system for clothing biomechanical sensory engineeringWang, RM; Li, Y ; Zhang, X; Luo, XN; Dai, XQ
2008A CAD system for multi-style thermal functional design of clothingMao, A; Li, Y ; Luo, X; Wang, R; Wang, S
2013Cadastral system migration from deeds registration to titles registration : case study of Sri LankaDivithure, H; Tang, C 
2009Cadmium and other metal uptake by lobelia chinensis and solanum nigrum from contaminated soilsPeng, KJ; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Wang, GP; Li, XD ; Shen, ZG
2008Caffeic acid phenethyl ester and its related compounds limit the functional alterations of the isolated mouse brain and liver mitochondria submitted to in vitro anoxia-reoxygenation : relationship to their antioxidant activitiesFeng, Y; Lu, YW; Xu, PH; Long, Y; Wu, WM; Li, W; Wang, R
2000A CAL system for teaching appreciation of 3D shapes by surface developmentChan, S ; Wai, A; Chow, J; Ng, V 
2004Calcined oil sands fine tailings as a supplementary cementing material for concreteWong, RCK; Gillott, JE; Law, S; Thomas, MJ; Poon, CS 
2010Calcium and the damage pathways in muscular dystrophyAllen, DG; Gervasio, OL; Yeung, EW ; Whitehead, NP
2006Calcium induced the damage of cytoskeleton after eccentric contractionsZhang, BT; Yeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
2000Calcium- and lanthanum-modified lead titanate (PCLT) ceramic and PCLT/vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene 0-3 nanocompositesZhang, QQ; Chan, HLW ; Zhou, QF; Choy, CL 
2005Calculating FED and LC50 for testing toxicity of materials in bench-scale tests with a cone calorimeterHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2004Calculating method for the conduction z-transfer functions of multilayer walls based on system identificationChen, YM; Zhou, J; Wang, SW 
2004Calculation of available transfer capability with transient stability constraintXia, Y; Chan, KW ; Liu, MB; Wu, J
2001Calculation of bearing capacity of a strip footing using an upper bound methodWang, YJ; Yin, JH ; Chen, ZY
2007The calculation of dose enhancement close to platinum implants for skull radiographyCheung, JYC; Tang, FH
2014Calculation of duct flow noise using CE/SE methodChan, HYH; Lam, GCY; Leung, RCK 
2005Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for bushings of the transformer by using a 3-D modelLi, Y; Tang, RY; Ho, SL 
Jun-2008Calculation of eddy current field in the ascending flange for the bushings and tank wall of a large power transformerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Tang, RY; Cheng, KWE ; Yang, S
2010Calculation of eigenvalue and eigenvector derivatives with the improved Kron's substructuring methodXia, Y ; Weng, S; Xu, YL ; Zhu, HP
10-Sep-2010Calculation of eigenvalue and eigenvector derivatives with the improved Kron¡¦s substructuring methodXia, Yong; Weng, Shun; Xu, Y. L.; Zhu, Hong-Ping
2003Calculation of inductances of high frequency air-core transformers with superconductor windings for DC-DC convertersChan, HL; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D
2003Calculation of mean daylight factor in a building interior within a dense urban environmentCheung, HD; Chung, TM
2005Calculation of optimal power flow with transient stability constraintsXia, Y; Chan, KW ; Liu, MB
2011Calculation of steady-state solution of parallel-connected buck converters with active current sharing and its parameter sensitivityLi, M; Tse, CK ; Ma, X
2005Calculation of the vertical daylight factor on window façades in a dense urban environmentCheung, HD; Chung, TM
2002Calculation of winding losses using matrix modeling of high frequency transformerCheng, KWE ; Kwok, KF; Ho, SL ; Ho, YL
2006Calculations of eddy current, fluid and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Lo, E ; Yang, S; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
Apr-2007Calculations of eddy current, fluid, and thermal fields in an air insulated bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Lo, E ; Cheng, KWE ; Wong, KF
2008Calculations of electromagnetic field and thermal problem in an isolated phase bus by using FE modelLi, Y; Ho, SL ; Wang, N; Guo, J
2006Calculations of transient eddy current field and dynamic short circuit forces in a large power transformerHo, SL ; Li, Y; Yang, S; Wong, HCC; Wong, KF
2013Calculations on the BrO + CH3O2 → HOBr + CH2O2 ReactionNg, M; Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW 
2008Calendar cycles, infrequent decisions and the cross section of stock returnsTakehara, H; Jagannathan, R; Wang, Y
2012Calendar cycles, infrequent decisions, and the cross section of stock returnsJagannathan, R; Marakani, S; Takehara, H; Wang, Y
2014Calendar effects and real estate securitiesHui, ECM ; Wright, JA; Yam, SCP
2001Calibrating for viewing angle effect during heat transfer measurements on a curved surfaceChan, TL ; Ashforth-Frost, S; Jambunathan, K
2006Calibration and application of risk-averse user equilibrium model for Hong Kong and Beijing networksChan, KS; Lam, WHK ; Xu, G; Zhang, N
2012Calibration of an insar-derived coseimic deformation map associated with the 2011 mw-9.0 tohoku-oki earthquakeFeng, G; Ding, X ; Li, Z; Mi, J; Zhang, L ; Omura, M
2002Calibration of flow and water quality modeling using genetic algorithmChau, KW 
2005Calibration of GPS for dynamic measurement of long span cable-supported bridge in vertical directionChan, WS; Xu, YL ; Ding, XL; Dai, WJ
2005Calibration of pedestrian simulation model for signalised crosswalk in Hong KongLee, JYS; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML
2007Calibration of texture-adjustable strain-rate potential and its applicationChen, Y; Li, R ; Du, X 
2007Calibration of texture-adjusted strain-rate potential and its applicationChen, YP; Lee, WB ; To, S 
1992Calibration of the combined trip distribution and assignment model for multiple user classesLam, WHK ; Huang, HJ
2004Calibration of travel time variability on Hong Kong arterial roadChan, KS; Mu, F; Lam, WHK ; Lee, JYS; Chen, C
2012Calibration of Xinanjiang model parameters using hybrid genetic algorithm based fuzzy optimal modelWang, WC; Cheng, CT; Chau, KW ; Xu, DM
Jan-2000Calibration of zenith hydrostatic delay model for local GPS applicationsLiu, Y; Iz, HB ; Chen, YQ 
2016Calibration transfer and drift compensation of e-noses via coupled task learningYan, K; Zhang, D