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2012Biomedical textiles with therapeutic effects : development of berberine containing chitosan microcapsulesLam, PL; Wong, RSM; Yuen, MCW; Lam, KH; Gambari, R; Chui, CH
2015Biometric and surveillance technology for human and activity identification XII : 22 April 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, United StatesKakadiaris, I; Kumar, A ; Scheirer, W
2005Biometric authentication : a machine learning approachKung, SY; Mak, MW ; Lin, SH
2004Biometric authentication : first international conference, ICBA 2004, Hong Kong, China, July 15-17, 2004, proceedingsZhang, D ; Jain, AK
2006Biometric image discrimination technologiesZhang, D ; Jing, XY; Yang, J
2003Biometric information acquisition and fusion for person authenticationChi, Z 
2007Biometric recognition using entropy-based discretizationPathak, AK ; Zhang, DD 
2005Biometric recognition using feature selection and combinationKumar, A; Zhang, D 
2002Biometric solutions for authentication in an E-worldZhang, D 
2000Biometrics based tongue diagnosis of TCMWang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Biomimetic coating of apatite/collagen composite on poly L-lactic acid facilitates cell seedingChen, Y; Mak, AFT; Wang, M; Li, J
2014Biomimetic design of woodpecker for shock and vibration protectionBian, J; Jing, X 
2013Biomimetic melanin dyestuffs for wool fabric in Situ colorationSo, VLL; He, L; Xin, JH 
2016Biomimetic water-collecting fabric with light-induced superhydrophilic bumpsWang, Y; Wang, X; Lai, C; Hu, H ; Kong, Y; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2010Biomimetics of plant structure in knitted fabrics to improve the liquid water transport propertiesChen, Q; Fan, J; Sarkar, M; Jiang, G
2009Biomimetics of plant structure in textile fabrics for the improvement of water transport propertiesSarkar, M; Fan, J; Szeto, YC; Tao, X 
9-May-2013Biomimicry of quorum sensing using bacterial lifecycle modelNiu, B; Wang, H; Duan, Q; Li, L
2009Biomolecule-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of C-N-S-tridoped TiO2 nanocrystalline photocatalysts for NO removal under simulated solar light irradiationWang, Y; Huang, Y; Ho, W; Zhang, L; Zou, Z; Lee, S 
Jan-2005Biomonitoring of trace metals in the atmosphere using moss (Hypnum plumaeforme) in the Nanling Mountains and the Pearl River Delta, Southern ChinaLee, CSL; Li, X ; Zhang, G; Peng, X; Zhang, L
2015Biophysical insights into how spike threshold depends on the rate of membrane potential depolarization in Type I and Type II neuronsYi, GS; Wang, J; Tsang, KM ; Wei, XL; Deng, B
2007Biopsychosocial effects of qigong as a mindful exercise for people with anxiety disorders : a speculative reviewChow, YWY; Tsang, HWH 
2009Biosensing mechanism in fluorophore-labeled enzymesWong, KY 
2007Biosensor application of enzyme-functionalized titania/titanium compositeXie, Y; Zhou, L ; Huang, H 
2001Biosensor for beta-lactam antibiotics based on fluorophore-labeled beta-lactamaseChan, PH; Leung, YC ; Wong, KY 
2002Biosensor for beta-lactam antibiotics based on fluorophore-labeled beta-lactamase mutantChan, PH; Leung, YC ; Wong, KY 
2012Biosensors based on fluorophore-bearing enzymesWong, KY 
2011Biosensors based on organic thin film transistorsYan, F 
2001Biosensors for beta-lactam antibiotics based on fluorophore-labeled beta-lactamasesWong, KY ; Chan, PH; Leung, YC 
2002Biosnesor for beta-lactam antibiotics based on fluorophore-labeled beta-lactamase mutantChan, PH; Leung, YC ; Wong, KY 
2008Biosorption and desorption characteristics of sol-gel immobilized micrococcus sp. for copper(II) removal from aqueous solutionCheung, OY; Leung, YC ; Lo, W 
2003Biosorption and desorption of copper (II) ions by Bacillus sp.Lo, WH ; Ng, LM; Chua, H; Yu, PHF; Sin, SN; Wong, PK
2002Biosorption and desorption of copper(II) ions by bacillus spLeung, WC; Ng, LM; Lo, W ; Chua, H; Yu, PHF
2013Biosorption and desorption of Cr(III) ions from contaminated water by fruit wastesLam, YY; Lo, WH 
2011Biosorption of As(V) and Cd(II) by a fungal biomass Mucor rouxiiLam, YY; Lo, LS; Lo, WH 
2013Biosorption of Cd(II) ions by fungal biomass : isotherm, kinetics and mechanismsLo, LS; Lo, WH 
2010Biosorption of Cd(II) ions by fungal biomass of mucor rouxiiLo, LS; Lo, WH 
2014Biosorption of Cr(III) by fruit waste : equilibrium, kinetics, and mechanismLam, YY; Lo, WH 
2009Biosorption of Cr(III) ions by a low-cost microbial metal biosorbentNg, LM; Lam, CH; Lo, WH 
2001Biosorption of heavy metals by bacteria isolated from activated sludgeLeung, WC; Chua, H; Lo, WH 
2003The biosorption of lead ions onto Mucor rouxiiLi, CC; Lam, KH; Lo, W 
2002Biosorption of metal ions on bacterial biomass : biomass characterization and surface complexation modelingNg, LM; Leung, WC; Lo, W 
2006Biosorption of metal ions on mucor rouxii : biomass characterization and modelingChan, CH; Lam, KH; Lo, WH 
2004Biosorption of single and binary metal ions on a gram-positive bacterium : experimental study and surface complexation modelingNg, LM; Lo, W 
2007Biosynthesis and thermal properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) with large variety of hydroxyvalerate contents by Bacillus cereusYan, Q; Chung, H; Yu, PHF; Zou, H; Ruan, WQ
2005Biosynthesis of short-chain-length-polyhydroxyalkanoates during the dual-nutrient-limited zone by Ralstonia eutrophaYan, Q; Sun, Y; Ruan, L; Chen, J; Yu, PHF
2011A bipartite graph based social network splicing method for person name disambiguationTang, J; Lu, Q ; Wang, T; Wang, JI; Li, W 
2015Bipartite opinion forming : towards consensus over coopetition networksHou, B; Chen, Y; Liu, G; Sun, F; Li, H
2014BiPO4/reduced graphene oxide composites photocatalyst with highphotocatalytic activityZhang, Y; Shen, B; Huang, H; He, Y; Fei, B ; Lv, F
2003Bipyridyl-based diphosphine as an efficient ligand in the rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric conjugate addition of arylboronic acids to α,β-unsaturated ketonesShi, Q; Xu, L; Li, X; Jia, X; Wang, R; Au Yeung, TTL; Chan, ASC; Hayashi, T; Cao, R; Hong, M
2009Biquadratic optimization over unit spheres and semidefinite programming relaxationsLing, C; Nie, J; Qi, L ; Ye, Y
2012Birds of a feather : the social synchronization of CEO hubris in ChinaLi, J; Tang, Y 
2012Birefringence of hybrid PCF and its sensitivity to strain and temperaturePang, M; Xiao, LM; Jin, W ; Cerqueira S , JA
2012Birefringence responses of hybrid photonic crystal fiber to strain and temperaturePang, M; Xiao, LM; Jin, W ; Sodré, AC
2009Birefringence techniques for the characterization of residual stresses in injection-moulded micro-lens arraysWeng, C; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2013Birefringent microfiber-based fiber loop mirrors for tunable filters and refractive index sensorsJin, W; Xuan, HF; Jin, W 
2013Birth order and myopiaGuggenheim, JA; McMahon, G; Northstone, K; Mandel, Y; Kaiserman, I; Stone, RA; Lin, X; Saw, SM; Forward, H; Mackey, DA; Yazar, S; Young, TL; Williams, C
2013Bis(12)-hupyridone, a novel acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, protects against glutamate-induced neuronal excitotoxicity via activating alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor/phosphoinositide 3-kinase/akt cascadeCui, W; Hu, S; Chan, HHN; Luo, J; Li, W; Mak, S; Choi, TC; Rong, J; Carlier, PR; Han, Y 
2011Bis(12)-hupyridone, a novel multifunctional dimer, promotes neuronal differentiation more potently than its monomeric natural analog huperzine A possibly through alpha7 nAChRCui, W; Cui, GZ; Li, W; Zhang, Z; Hu, S; Mak, S; Zhang, H; Carlier, PR; Choi, CL; Wong, YT; Lee, SMY; Han, Y 
2-May-2014Bis(12)-hupyridone, a promising multi-functional anti-alzheimer’s dimer derived from Chinese MedicineHan, Y ; Cui, W; Choi, TC; Mak, S; Yu, H; Hu, S; Li, W; Zuo, Z
2008Bis(7)-tacrine prevents glutamate-induced excitotoxicity more potently than memantine by selectively inhibiting NMDA receptorsLiu, YW; Li, CY; Luo, JL; Li, WM; Fu, HJ; Lao, YZ; Liu, LJ; Pang, YP; Chang, DC; Li, ZW; Peoples, RW; Ai, YX; Han, YF 
2008Bis(7)-tacrine, a promising anti-Alzheimer's dimer, affords dose- and time-dependent neuroprotection against transient focal cerebral ischemiaZhao, Y; Li, W; Chow, PCY; Lau, DTK; Lee, NTK; Pang, Y; Zhang, X; Wang, X; Han, Y 
2013Bis(propyl)-cognitin protects against glutamate-induced neuro-excitotoxicity via concurrent regulation of NO, MAPK/ERK and PI3-K/Akt/GSK3 beta pathwaysHu, S; Cui, W; Mak, S; Tang, J; Choi, C; Pang, Y; Han, Y 
2013Bis-cyclometallated gold(iii) complexes as efficient catalysts for synthesis of propargylamines and alkylated indolesKo, HM; Kung, KKY; Cui, JF; Wong, MK 
2014Bis-cyclometallated gold(III) complexes as efficient catalysts for synthesis of propargylamines and alkylated indolesKo, HM; Kung, KKY; Cui, JF; Wong, MK 
2006Bismuth sodium titanate based lead-free ultrasonic transducer for microelectronics wirebonding applicationsChan, HLW ; Choy, SH; Chong, CP; Liu, PCK
2008Bismuth sodium titanate based lead-free ultrasonic transducer for microelectronics wirebonding applicationsChan, HLW ; Choy, SH; Chong, CP; Li, HL; Liu, PCK
2004Bismuth-mediated reductive dehalogenation of α-halocarbonyl compoundsLee, YJ; Chan, TH 
2004Bisociation : the missing link between prior knowledge and recognition of entrepreneurial opportunities in Asian technology-based firmsKo, S; Butler, J
2015Bit-scalable deep hashing with regularized similarity learning for image retrieval and person re-identificationZhang, R; Lin, L; Zhang, R; Zuo, W; Zhang, L 
2005Bitwise-control all-optical wavelength converterXu, LX; Lui, LFK; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
2005Bitwise-controlled all-optical wavelength converterXu, L; Lui, LFK; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
2005A bivalency proof of the lower bound for uniform consensusWang, X; Teo, YM; Cao, J 
2007BiVisu : software tool for bicluster detection and visualizationCheng, KO; Law, NF ; Siu, WC ; Lau, TH
2008Black & white, or only shades of gray? Exploring the influence of consumer ambivalence on female contraceptive choice and usageSharma, P; Chung, CMY; Erramilli, MK; Sivakumaran, B
2008Black box testing : its fundamental concepts and problemsPoon, PL 
2013Black carbon mass size distributions of diesel exhaust and urban aerosols measured using differential mobility analyzer in tandem with AethalometerNing, Z; Chan, KL; Wong, KC; Westerdahl, D; Mocnik, G; Zhou, JH; Cheung, CS 
Jun-2006Black carbon measurement in a coastal area of south ChinaCheng, Y; Lee, SC ; Ho, KF; Wang, YQ; Cao, JJ; Chow, JC; Watson, JG
2015Black phosphorus-polymer composites for pulsed lasersMu, H; Lin, S; Wang, Z; Xiao, S; Li, P; Chen, Y; Zhang, H; Bao, H; Lau, SP ; Pan, C; Fan, D; Bao, Q
2007"Black-box" and "gray-box" supplier integration in product development: Antecedents, consequences and the moderating role of firm sizeKoufteros, XA; Cheng, TCE ; Lai, KH 
2008Blended e-learning model for geomatics curriculum : design, implementation and evaluationLam, YWS