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2015Bio-mimicking topographic elastomeric petals (E-petals) for omnidirectional stretchable and printable electronicsGuo, R; Yu, Y; Zeng, J; Liu, X; Zhou, X; Niu, L; Gao, T; Li, K; Yang, Y; Zhou, F; Zheng, Z 
2010Bio-plastic (PHAs) production by using recombinant strainZhong, D; Wang, YJ; He, D; Sin, SN; Chua, H; Yu, PHF
2008Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by the aquatic plants Potamogeton pectinatus L. and Potamogeton malaianus Miq. and their potential use for contamination indicators and in wastewater treatmentPeng, K; Luo, C; Lou, L; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2008Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by wild plants growing on copper mine spoils in ChinaXiao, WL; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Shen, ZG; Li, XD 
2012Bioactive calcium titanate coatings on a Zr-based bulk metallic glass by laser claddingLiu, Z; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Guo, SF
2002Bioactive composites for tissue repairWang, M
2002Bioactive composites modeled on hard tissuesWang, M
2015Bioactive hydroxyapatite/graphene composite coating and its corrosion stability in simulated body fluidJankovic, A; Erakovic, S; Mitric, M; Matic, IZ; Juranic, ZD; Tsui, GCP ; Tang, CY ; Miskovic-Stankovic, V; Rhee, KY; Park, SJ
2011Bioactive macrocyclic natural productsMariam, S; Xu, Z; Ye, T 
2007Bioactive modification of NiTi shape memory alloyHuang, CJ; Xie, YB; Zhou, LM ; Huang, HT ; Lu, J; Zhang, Y
2004Bioactive NiTi shape memory alloy used as bone bonding implantsChen, MF; Yang, XJ; Hu, RX; Cui, ZD; Man, HC 
2010Bioaerosols and airborne pollutants in a pig farm in Pearl River Delta, southern ChinaLing, ZH; Guo, H ; Zou, SC
2010Bioavailability of polyphenols in functional foods : does what goes in go around?Benzie, IFF 
2016Bioavailability-based assessment of aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated activity in Lake Tai Basin from Eastern ChinaLi, JY; Su, L; Wei, F; Yang, J; Jin, L; Zhang, X
2002Biochemical monitoring of corneal health : effect of overnight orthokeratologyChoy, KMC; Benzie, I; Cho, P 
2002Biochemical monitoring of corneal health : the effect of overnight orthokeratologyChoy, KMC; Benzie, IFF ; Cho, P 
2011Biocompatibility of alkaline hydrolyzed wool polypeptides on human foreskin fibroblastsLiu, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Zhao, Zheng
2012The biocompatibility of electrospun wool polypeptide/PLLA composite nanofibers on saos-2 osteoblastsLiu, X; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zhang, J; Han, YX; Hu, JY
2008Biocomposites made from biodegradable poly (latic acid) and keratin fibers obtained from chicken feathersZhao, YQ; Lau, KT ; Liu, T; Cheng, S; Lam, PM; Li, HL
2013Bioconversion of beetle-killed lodgepole pine using SPORL : process scale-up design, lignin coproduct, and high solids fermentation without detoxificationZhou, H; Zhu, JY; Luo, X; Leu, SY; Wu, X; Gleisner, R; Dien, BS; Hector, RE; Yang, D; Qiu, X; Horn, E; Negron, J
2007Biodegradable chelating agent ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid reduces uptake of copper through alleviation of copper toxicity in hydroponically grown Chrysanthemum coronarium L.Wei, L; Luo, C; Wang, C; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2001Biodegradable composites made up of 3D braided PLLA fibersYuan, XY; Mak, AFT; Yao, KD; Li, JL
2015Biodegradable nanoparticle-mediated K-ras down regulation for pancreatic cancer gene therapyYang, C; Hu, R; Anderson, T; Wang, Y; Lin, G; Law, WC; Lin, WJ; Nguyen, QT; Toh, HT; Yoon, HS; Chen, CK; Yong, KT
2006Biodegradable nanoparticles of amphiphilic triblock copolymers based on poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(ethylene glycol) as drug carriersChen, C; Yu, CH; Cheng, YC; Yu, PHF; Cheung, MK
2010Biodegradable poly(l-lactic acid)-lavender nanocapsules : synthesis, controlled release, and application in remedy of sleep disorderDaoud, WA; Ngan, M; Cheuk, K 
2014Biodegradable weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and physical changes investigation in vitro degradationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; Li, J; Zhao, Z; He, X; Zhang, J; Hu, H 
2004Biodegradation kinetics of phthalate esters by Pseudomonas fluoresences FS1Zeng, F; Cui, K; Li, X ; Fu, J; Sheng, G
2003The biodegradation of 1,3-dichlorobenzene by an adapted strain Bacillus cereus PF-11 derived from town-gas industrial effluentWang, L; Zhou, Q; Zhang, BS; Li, ZL; Chua, H; Ren, DM
2001The biodegradation of 1,3-dichorobenzene by a mutant of bacillus cereus derived from town-gas industrial effluentWang, L; Chua, H; Zhou, Q; Wong, PK; Yu, PHF; Lo, W 
17-Sep-2009Biodegradation of a silkworm silk/PLA compositeCheung, HYK; Lau, KTA ; Pow, YFB; Zhao, Y; Hui, D
2011Biodiesel production by esterification of oleic acide via zirconia-based compounds as heterogeneous superacid catalystsZhang, Y; Yung, KF ; Wong, WT
2014Biodiesel production via esterification of oleic acid catalyzed by chlorosulfonic acid modified zirconiaZhang, Y; Wong, WT ; Yung, KF 
2007Bioelectrocatalytic application of titania nanotube array for molecule detectionXie, Y; Zhou, L ; Huang, H 
2002Bioengineering for rehabilitation - combining education, research, and community service - a reflection on the PolyU modelMak, AFT
2008Biofeedback exercise improved the EMG activity ratio of the medial and lateral vasti muscles in subjects with patellofemoral pain syndromeNg, GYF ; Zhang, AQ; Li, CK
2010Biofeedback is more effective than active exercise and passive physiotherapy in re-educating trapezius muscle activity in computer users with neck painSzeto, PYG ; Ma, C; Yan, T
2006Biofeedback supplementation to physiotherapy exercise programme for rehabilitation of patellofemoral pain syndrome : a randomized controlled pilot studyYip, SLM; Ng, GYF 
2005Biofeedback supplementation to physiotherapy exercise programme hastened the rehabilitation of people with patellofemoral pain syndromeYip, S; Ng, G 
2011Biofilm, noncompliance, and the contribution of the contact lens caseCho, P 
2013Biofunctional keratin polypeptides-PLLA nano fibers for tissue engineeringLi, Y 
2010Biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) in ambient air over Hong Kong : analytical methodology and field measurementChen, H; Ho, KF; Lee, SC ; Nichol, JE 
2015Bioinspired, Stimuli-Responsive, Multifunctional Superhydrophobic Surface with Directional Wetting, Adhesion, and Transport of WaterLiu, Y; Wang, X; Fei, B ; Hu, H ; Lai, C; Xin, JH 
2009Biological evaluations of a smart shape memory fabricMeng, Q; Hu, J ; Zhu, Y; Lu, J; Liu, B
2009A biological inspired improvement strategy for Particle FiltersZhong, J; Fung, Y
2006Biological oxygen demand sensorsChen, X; Xiao, L; Yang, X; Zhao, L; Wang, X; Wong, KY 
2010Biological processes for treatment of landfill leachateKurniawan, TA; Lo, WH ; Chan, G ; Sillanpaa, MET
2010A biologically inspired improvement strategy for particle filter : ant colony optimization assisted particle filterZhong, J; Fung, YF; Dai, M
2015A biologically inspired network design modelZhang, X; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Deng, Y; Yang, H; Yang, XS; Tsompanas, MAI; Sirakoulis, GC; Mahadevan, S
2014A biologically inspired optimization algorithm for solving fuzzy shortest path problems with mixed fuzzy Arc lengthsZhang, XG; Wang, Q; Adamatzky, A; Chan, FTS ; Mahadevan, S; Deng, Y
2010A biologically inspired sensor wakeup control method for wireless sensor networksLiang, Y; Cao, J ; Zhang, L ; Wang, R; Pan, Q
2009Bioluminescence imaging of heme oxygenase-1 upregulation in the Gua Sha procedureKwong, KK; Kloetzer, L; Wong, KK; Ren, JQ; Kuo, B; Jiang, Y; Chen, IY; Chan, ST; Young, GS; Wong, STC
2009Biomarkers of antioxdiant status and oxidative stress in relation to subsequent complication development in 428 Chinese type 2 diabetes patients : can high risk subjects be identified?Choi, SW; Benzie, IFF 
2002Biomarkers of antioxidant status and CHD risk in long term vegetariansSzeto, YT; Kwok, TCY; Ip, KL; Wachtel-Galor, S; Benzie, IFF 
2002Biomass and carotenoid production by phaffia rhodozyma using hydrolyzed malt waste and soya waste as the main carbon sourcesKwok, MS; Cheung, WP; Ho, KP
2008Biomass characterization and surface complexation modeling of pb(II) biosorption on mucor rouxiiChan, CH; Ng, LM; Lo, W 
2002Biomaterials in orthopaedicsWang, M
2008The biomechamical properties of skin in people with diabetic neuropathySun, JH; Zheng, YP ; Cheng, BBK; Huang, YP; Leung, JYY; Cheing, GLY 
2007Biomechanical analysis of human motion on a horse riding machine : pilot studyNg, R; Kwong, KSC
2004Biomechanical analysis of the response of the lumbar spine to spinal manual therapyLee, RYW; Tsung, B; Evans, J; Tong, P
2008Biomechanical and histological evaluation of the application of biodegradable poly-l-lactic cushion to the plate internal fixation for bone fracture healingFan, Y; Xiu, K; Duan, H; Zhang, M 
2003The biomechanical and ultrastructural effects of Chinese herbal medicine on ligament healingFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2004Biomechanical animal experiemental research on osseointegrationFan, Y; Wang, B; Xiu, KH; Dong, X; Zhang, M 
2004A biomechanical animal model for osseointegration researchFan, YB; Xiu, KH; Wang, B; Dong, X; Zhang, M 
Aug-1994Biomechanical assessment of below-knee residual limb tissueMak, AFT; Liu, GHW; Lee, SY
Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2004The biomechanical characteristics of rotational mobilisation of the lumbar spineTsung, BYS; Lee, RYW; Evans, J; Tong, P
2003Biomechanical consequences of cyclic compression on intervertebral disc - an in-vivo rat-tail modelChing, CTS; Chow, DHK; Yao, FYD
2007Biomechanical effect of load carriage on spine curvature and repositioning ability in adolescentsWang, CXG; Chow, DHK; Pope, MH
2009Biomechanical effects of backpack load and placement on children's spineOu, DZY; Chow, DHK; Wang, CXG; Lai, A
2002The biomechanical effects of backpack weight on the gait of subjects with and without adolescent idiopathic scoliosisChow, DHK; Au-Yang, ACK; Kwok, MLY; Holmes, AD; Cheng, JCY; Yao, FYD; Wong, MS 
2014Biomechanical effects of cervical arthroplasty with U-shaped disc implant on segmental range of motion and loading of surrounding soft tissueMo, ZJ; Zhao, YB; Wang, LZ; Sun, Y; Zhang, M ; Fan, YB
2002The biomechanical effects of Chinese herbal medicine on ligament healingFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2006The biomechanical effects of continuous and intermittent compression on intervertebral discLai, A; Chow, DHK; Siu, WS; Tang, FH 
2005The biomechanical effects of electrical stimulation on degenerative-like changes intervertebral discLai, A; Chow, DHK; Siu, WS; Holmes, AD; Leung, MCP ; Tang, FH 
2004The biomechanical effects of electrical stimulation on disc degenerationLai, A; Chow, DHK; Holmes, AD; Leung, MCP ; Tang, FH ; Tam, EWC ; Chau, RYS
2005Biomechanical effects of electro-acupuncture on intervertebral discLai, A; Chow, DHK; Siu, WS; Holmes, AD; Leung, CP ; Tang, FH 
2001Biomechanical effects of local muscles on spinal stabilityChow, DHK
2003The biomechanical effects of low energy laser and external herbal application on ligament healing in a rat modelFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2005Biomechanical effects of plantar fascia release and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction - a finite element and cadaveric foot simulationCheung, JTM; Zhang, M ; An, KN
2004Biomechanical effects of shoe last design on the ankle-foot structuresLuximon, A; Cheung, JTM; Zhang, M