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2014Comparison of standalone performance between COMPASS and GPSJi, S; Xu, Y; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Weng, D; Huang, B; Fan, S; Sun, G
2015Comparison of statistical counting methods in SHM-based reliability assessment of bridgesWang, X; Ni, YQ ; Lin, KC
2006Comparison of strain-rate dependent stress-strain behavior from Ko-consolidated compression and extension tests on natural Hong Kong Marine depositsYin, JH ; Cheng, CM
2006Comparison of structures and properties of bst thin films grown on lao and mao substratesYing, Z; Zhou, XY; Yun, P; Song, ZT; Feng, SL; Chan, HLW ; Wang, Y 
2004Comparison of sulforaphane content in seeds of Cruciferous plantLiang, H; Yuan, QP; Dong, HR; Qian, ZM; Liu, YM
2012A comparison of surgeon's postural muscle activity during robotic-assisted and laparoscopic rectal surgerySzeto, GPY ; Poon, JTC; Law, WL
2005A comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic office workers performing monotonous keyboard work - 1 : Neck and shoulder muscle recruitment patternsSzeto, GPY ; Straker, LM; O'Sullivan, PB
2005A comparison of symptomatic and asymptomatic office workers performing monotonous keyboard work—2: neck and shoulder kinematicsSzeto, GP ; Straker, LM; O’Sullivan, PB
2001A comparison of the asymmetric hydrogenation catalyzed by rhodium complexes containing chiral ligands with a binaphthyl unit and those with a 5,5 ',6,6 ',7,7 ',8,8 '-octahydro-binaphthyl unitZhang, FY; Kwok, WH; Chan, ASC
Jun-2010Comparison of the degradations of diphenamid by homogeneous photolysis and heterogeneous photocatalysis in aqueous solutionLiang, HC; Li, XZ; Yang, YH; Sze, KH
2009Comparison of the effect of biodiesel-diesel and ethanol-diesel on the gaseous emission of a direct-injection diesel engineDi, Y; Cheung, CS ; Huang, Z
2009Comparison of the effect of biodiesel-diesel and ethanol-diesel on the particulate emissions of a direct injection diesel engineDi, Y; Cheung, CS ; Huang, Z
2002Comparison of the effectiveness between manual acupuncture and electro-acupuncture on patients with tennis elbowTsui, P; Leung, MC
2014Comparison of the effectiveness of different immobilization systems in different body regions using daily megavoltage CT in helical tomotherapyCheng, KF; Wu, VWC 
2007A comparison of the effectiveness of extracorporeal shock wave and ultrasound therapy in the management of heel painCheing, GLY ; Chang, H; Lo, SK
2012A comparison of the emission and impingement heat transfer of LPG-H 2 and CH 4-H 2 premixed flamesZhen, HS; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW ; Choy, YS 
2011A comparison of the hazard perception ability of accident-involved and accident-free motorcycle ridersCheng, ASK ; Ng, TCK; Lee, HC
2014A comparison of the heat transfer behaviors of biogas-H2 diffusion and premixed flamesZhen, HS; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS 
2008Comparison of the kinetic characteristics of standing and sitting Tai Chi formsLeung, ESF; Tsang, WWN 
2005Comparison of the prevalence and risk factors for depressive symptoms among elderly nursing home residents in Taiwan and Hong KongTsai, YF; Chung, JWY; Wong, TKS; Huang, CM
1997Comparison of the resonance characteristics of 1-3 composites of PZT in Epoxy and PZT in P(VDF-TrFE) copolymerKwok, KW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2001Comparison of the strength and durability performance of normal- and high-strength pozzolanic concretes at elevated temperaturesPoon, CS ; Azhar, S; Anson, M; Wong, YL
2011A comparison of the thermal, emission and heat transfer characteristics of swirl-stabilized premixed and inverse diffusion flamesZhen, HS; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS 
2007Comparison of the time to perceived exertion in cycling with different warm-up proceduresNg, GYF ; Cheng, CYY; Fung, MWL; Ngai, NTW; Wong, ECY; Yeung, AWF
1995A comparison of the use of fire zone and field models for simulating atrium smoke-filling processesChow, WK 
2006A comparison of the water vapor transport through fabrics under conventional and subzero climateZhou, X; Zhang, J; Gao, Y; Wang, S; Fan, J
2004Comparison of therapeutic ultrasound and exercises for augmenting tendon healing in ratsNg, GYF ; Ng, COY; See, EKN
2003A comparison of three different approaches to tourist arrival forecastingCho, V 
2013Comparison of three global optimization algorithms for calibration of the Xinanjiang model parametersXu, DM; Wang, WC; Chau, KW ; Cheng, CT; Chen, SY
2015Comparison of three protein extraction procedures from toxic and non-toxic dinoflagellates for proteomics analysisJiang, XW; Wang, J; Chan, LL; Lam, PKS; Gu, JD
2002Comparison of three separated flow modelsZhang, HQ; Yang, WB; Chan, CK ; Lau, KS
2008Comparison of timber and metal formwork systemsYip, R; Poon, CS 
2011Comparison of titanium silicide and carbide reinforced in situ synthesized TiAl composites and their mechanical propertiesRao, KP; Vyas, A
2005A comparison of treatment effectiveness between the CAD/CAM method and the manual method for managing adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWong, MS ; Cheng, JCY; Lo, KH
2006Comparison of two non-parametric models for daily traffic forecasting in Hong KongLam, WHK ; Tang, YF; Tam, ML
2007Comparison of two simulation methodologies in modeling construction systems : manufacturing-oriented PROMODEL vs. construction-oriented SDESALu, M; Wong, LC
2014A comparison of two systems of patient immobilization for prostate radiotherapyWhite, P ; Yee, CK; Shan, LC; Chung, LW; Man, NH; Cheung, YS
2013Comparison of two vertical outsourcing structures under push and pull contractsWang, Y ; Niu, B; Guo, P 
2012Comparison of ultrasound and optical coherence tomography techniques for evaluation of integrity of spontaneously repaired horse cartilageViren, T; Huang, YP; Saarakkala, S; Pulkkinen, H; Tiitu, V; Linjama, A; Kiviranta, I; Lammi, MJ; Brunott, A; Brommer, H; Van Weeren, R; Brama, PAJ; Zheng, YP ; Jurvelin, JS; Toyras, J
2001Comparison of upper limb joint forces during straight line and turning wheelchair maneuversLam, WN; Mak, AFT; Tam, WC ; Cooper, RA
2006A comparison of various adaptation methods for speaker verification with limited enrollment dataMak, MW ; Hsiao, R; Mak, B
2015A comparison of various artificial intelligence approaches performance for estimating suspended sediment load of river systems : a case study in United StatesOlyaie, E; Banejad, H; Chau, KW ; Melesse, AM
2007Comparison of vascular relaxation, lipolysis and glucose uptake by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activation in +db/+m and +db/+db miceSeto, SW; Lam, TY; Leung, GPH; Au, ALS; Ngai, SM; Chan, SW; Kwan, YW
2011Comparison of verification accuracy and radiation dose between megavoltage CT and kilovoltage cone-beam CTWu, VWC ; Ho, ML; Yuen, LY; Li, KL; Lai, NF; Tsang, YC; Lee, WY; Chiu, G
2003Comparison of visual assessments for colour fastness among three countries and the relationship between the visual and the instrumental assessmentXin, JH ; Hansuebsai, A; Pungrassamee, P; Sato, T; Nakamura, T
2004Comparison of VO2 thin films prepared by inorganic sol-gel and IBED methodsYuan, NY; Li, JH; Chan, HLW ; Li, CL
2000A comparison of waste reduction practices and the new environmental paradigm in four southern Chinese areasChung, SS; Poon, CS 
2015A comparison of waveform processing algorithms for single-wavelength LiDAR bathymetryWang, C; Li, Q; Liu, Y; Wu, G; Liu, P; Ding, X 
2000A comparison of wrist posture and forearm muscle activities while using an alternative keyboard and a standard keyboardSzeto, GPY ; Ng, JKF 
2012Comparison study of air mixing modes in liquid desiccant based all-air air conditioning systemsXiao, F ; Niu, X
2012Comparison study of finite element methods to deal with floating conductors in electric fieldFu, WN ; Ho, SL ; Niu, S ; Zhu, J
2014Comparison study of two topologies double-fed brushless machine with fractional slot windings for low-speed applicationsLiu, HJ; Hao, Y; Chen, C; Fu, W 
29-Nov-2006Comparisons between different approximations to energy dissipation rate in a self-preserving far wakeZhou, T; Hao, Z; Chua, LP; Zhou, Y
Sep-2013Comparisons between Modal-Parameter-Based and Flexibility-Based Damage Identification MethodsWang, XJ; Zhou, XQ; Xia, Y ; Weng, S
2014Comparisons of high titer ethanol production and lignosulfonate properties by SPORL pretreatment of lodgepole pine at two temperaturesZhou, H; Leu, SY; Wu, X; Zhu, JY; Gleisner, R; Yang, D; Qiu, X; Horn, E
2006Comparisons of low-cost adsorbents for treating wastewaters laden with heavy metalsKurniawan, TA; Chan, GYS ; Lo, WH ; Babel, S
2015Compatibility of different biodiesel composition with acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR)Zhu, L; Cheung, CS ; Zhang, WG; Huang, Z
2002Compatibility of VLBI measurements from different networks using an analysis of variance model and their impact on baseline ratesIz, BH ; Archinal, B
2006A compendium of buildability issues from the viewpoints of construction practitionersWong, FWH; de Saram, DD; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM 
2013Compensated dating in Hong Kong : prevalence, psychosocial correlates, and relationships with other risky behaviorsLee, TY; Shek, DTL 
2009Compensation and lamp life model of HID lampDong, P; Cheng, KWE 
2013Compensation for oil pollution damage from ships in China : a way toward international standardsZhu, L ; Dong, B; Li, KX
2012Compensation technique for optimized efficiency and voltage controllability of IPT systemsZhang, W; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Chen, Q
2009Competence of people with intellectual disabilities on using human-computer interfaceWong, AWK; Chan, CCH ; Li-Tsang, CWP ; Lam, CS
2015Competing and hybridized discourses in Chinese news reporting : case studies of three key newspapers in Southern ChinaWu, DD; Huang, Y; Liu, M
2013Competing effects of attraction vs. repulsion in chemotaxisTao, Y; Wang, ZA 
5-Nov-2002Competing roughening mechanisms in strained heteroepitaxy : a fast kinetic Monte Carlo studyLam, CH ; Lee, CK; Sander, LM
2006Competition among three coupled Bose-Einstein condensates due to potential deviationLi, H; Wang, DN ; Cheng, Y
2010Competition and cooperation in a single-retailer two-supplier supply chain with supply disruptionLi, J; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
2015Competition and coordination in online and offline hotel distribution channels under commission override modelLiao, P; Ye, F; Tayi, GK; Zhao, X
2013Competition and evolution in multi-product supply chains : an agent-based retailer modelHe, Z; Wang, S; Cheng, TCE 
2015Competition between manufacturer's online customization channel and conventional retailerLi, G; Huang, F; Cheng, TCE ; Ji, P 
2001Competition between the ports of Hong Kong and Singapore: A structural vector error correction model to forecast the demand for container handling servicesFung, KF
2007Competition between the thickness effects of each constituent layer in ferroelectric superlatticesChew, KH; Ishibashi, Y; Shin, FG
2015Competition between work-hardening effect and dynamic-softening behavior for processing as-cast GH4720Li superalloys with original dendrite microstructure during moderate-speed hot compressionNing, YQ; Wang, T; Fu, MW ; Li, MZ; Wang, L; Zhao, CD
2004Competition between π and Non-π Cation-Binding Sites in Aromatic Amino Acids: A Theoretical Study of Alkali Metal Cation (Li+, Na +, K+)-Phenylalanine ComplexesSiu, FM; Ma, NL; Tsang, CW
2012Competition environment, strategy, and performance in the Hong Kong construction industryTan, Y; Shen, L; Langston, C
2001Competition in Hong Kong's gas industry : a replyLam, PL
2006Competitive analysis for the on-line truck transportation problemMa, W; Liu, JNK; Chen, G; You, J 
2010Competitive capacity and price decisions for two build-to-order manufacturers facing time-dependent demandsXiao, T; Choi, TM