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2014Community care in Hong Kong : current practices, practice-research studies and future directions
2000The community care movement in mental health services: Implications for social work practiceYip, KS 
2015Community clinic : economizing mobile cloud service cost via cloudlet groupZhang, J; Xiong, T; Lou, W 
2005Community health project : protecting young-age children from parental smoking at homeMak, YM; Loke, AY ; Lam, TH; Abdullah, ASM
2003Community integration or community exposure? A review and discussion in relation to people with an intellectual disabilityCummins, RA; Lau, ALD
2006Community mental health in the People's Republic of China : a critical analysisYip, KS 
Jul-2008Community nursing services for postdischarge chronically ill patientsChow, SKY ; Wong, FKY ; Chan, TMF; Chung, YF; Chang, KKP ; Lee, RPL
2015Community participation and community evaluation of heritage revitalisation projects in Hong KongZhai, B; Chan, APC 
2004Community policing in Hong Kong : development, performance and constraintsLo, CWH ; Cheuk, ACY
2012Community question in transitional china, a case study of state-led urbanization in shanghaiXu, Y; Chan, EHW 
2015Community structure promotes the emergence of persistence behavior in social networksRong, Z; Wu, ZX; Tse, CK 
2004Community-based cognitive rehabilitation services for persons with traumatic brain injuries in ChinaDou, ZL; Man, DWK ; Tam, SF; Hui-Chan, CWY
2011Community-based diabetic retinopathy screening in Hong Kong : ocular findingsFung, MMY; Yap, MKH ; Cheng, KKY
2005A community-based fitness and mobility exercise program for older adults with chronic stroke : a randomized, controlled trialPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ; Dawson, AS; Mckay, HA; Harris, JE
2011A community-based survey on cardiovascular health status among residents in a Wuhan district in ChinaSit, WHJ; Chair, SY; Li, S; Wong, EMY; Zheng, Y; Wong, KST
2014Community-initiated adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sustainable development in the inner city of ShanghaiYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2004Community-partnered contracts in developing countriesSohail, M; Baldwin, AN
2003Commuter exposure to aromatic VOCs in public transportation modes in Hong KongLau, WL; Chan, LY
2002Commuter exposure to particulate matter in public transportation modes in Hong KongChan, LY; Lau, WL; Lee, SC ; Chan, CY
2005Commuters' exposure to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in air-conditioned buses in Hong KongChan, MY 
2013Commuting patterns of residents within a high-density urban development : a study of Hong KongHui, ECM ; Yu, KH
2012Comorbid mood and adjustment disorders among pathological gamblers seeking treatment in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Chan, EML; Wong, RHY
1-Jun-2013Compact broadband amplified spontaneous emission in Tm³⁺-doped tungsten tellurite glass double-cladding single-mode fiberKuan, PW; Li, K; Zhang, G; Wang, X; Zhang, L; Bai, G; Tsang, YH ; Hu, L
2008Compact in-fiber interferometer formed by long-period gratings in photonic crystal fiberJu, J; Jin, W ; Ho, HL
2002A compact large signal model of LDMOSTang, CW; Tong, KY
2001Compact morphic directed acyclic word graphsLuk, RWP 
2010Compact wakeup scheduling in wireless sensor networksMa, J; Lou, W 
2009A compact wideband PIFAChung, KL; Tam, WY ; Kan, HK
2012Comparability of self-reported conscientiousness across 21 countriesMottus, R; Allik, J; Realo, A; Pullmann, H; Rossier, J; Zecca, G; Ah-Kion, J; Amoussou-Yeye, D; Backstrom, M; Barkauskiene, R; Barry, O; Bhowon, U; Bjorklund, F; Bouchaver, A; Bochaver, K; De Bruin, GP; Cabrera, HF; Chen, SX ; Church, AT; Cisse, DD; Dahourou, D; Feng, X; Guan, Y; Hwang, HS; Idris, F; Katigbak, MS; Kuppens, P; Kwiatkowska, A; Laurinavicius, A; Mastor, KA; Matsumoto, D; Riemann, R; Schug, J; Simpson, B; Ng Tseung, C
2014Comparative Analysis for Robust Penalized Spline Smoothing MethodsWang, B; Shi, W ; Miao, Z
Jun-2012A comparative analysis of construction equipment failures using power law models and time series modelsFan, H 
2014A comparative analysis of domestic and international tourism spatial distribution : trends and impactsGoh, C; Li, H; Li, M 
2009Comparative analysis of essential oils from eight herbal medicines with pungent flavor and cool nature by GC-MS and chemometric resolution methodsZhao, C; Zeng, Y; Wan, M; Li, R; Liang, Y; Li, C; Zeng, Z; Chau, FT
2001A comparative analysis of IPO performance for firms in China’s Mainland and Hong Kong SARCheng, LTW 
2010A comparative analysis of quantity and price competitions in tourism supply chain networks for package holidaysHuang, GQ; Song, H ; Zhang, X
2004A comparative analysis of strategy determinants in manufacturing : some findings in Shanghai and Hong KongPun, KF; Chin, KS; Lau, HCW
2004A comparative analysis of the market-based and accounting-based performance of diversifying and non-diversifying acquisitions in Hong KongCheng, LTW ; Leung, TY
2003A comparative analysis of the performance of iterative and non-iterative solutions to the Cartesian to geodetic coordinate transformationFok, HS; Iz, BH 
2009Comparative analysis of travel-related characteristics between special event attendees and non-attendees in a metropolitan cityBoo, S; Kim, M; Jones, DL
2015Comparative analysis of vertical distribution of aerosols by using spaceborne lidarLiu, C; Su, L; Zhang, C; Fan, M; Jia, S; Su, C; Chen, L
2015A comparative analysis of waste management requirements between five green building rating systems for new residential buildingsWu, Z; Shen, L; Yu, ATW ; Zhang, X
2005Comparative analysis on value of information sharing in supply chainsLi, G; Yan, H ; Wang, S; Xia, Y
2011Comparative evaluation of facility management services for housing estatesLai, JHK 
2011A comparative evaluation of sonomyography, electromyography, force, and wrist angle in a discrete tracking taskGuo, JY; Zheng, YP ; Kenney, LPJ; Bowen, A; Howard, D; Canderle, JJ
2012Comparative in vitro cytotoxicity study on uncoated magnetic nanoparticles : effects on cell viability, cell morphology, and cellular uptakeLi, L; Mak, KY; Shi, J; Koon, HK; Leung, CH; Wong, CM; Leung, CW ; Mak, CSK; Chan, NMM; Zhong, W; Lin, KW; Wu, EX; Pong, PWT
2006A comparative microstructural study of compositionally up- and down-graded (Ba,Sr)TiO3 thin films epitaxially grown on (La,Sr)CoO 3-covered MgO(100) substrates by pulsed laser depositionZhu, XH; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL ; Wong, KH; Hesse, D
2000Comparative modeling study of reinforced beam on elastic foundationYin, JH 
2003Comparative normative optimal behavior in two-echelon multiple-retailer distribution systems for a single-period productLau, AHL; Lau, HS
2002Comparative observation of accelerated degradation of poly(L-lactic acid) fibres in phosphate buffered saline and a dilute alkaline solutionYuan, X; Mak, AFT; Yao, K
2011Comparative studies of computation tools for moving force identificationYou, Q; Shi, Z; Law, SS
2011Comparative studies of multi-photon induced emission by pyridine-based small molecular probes in biological media : selective binding of bioactive molecules and in vitro imagingWu, W; Kong, HK; Li, H; Ho, YM; Gao, Y; Hao, J ; Murphy, MB; Lam, MHW; Wong, KL; Lee, CS
2013Comparative studies of solar collectors in Southern China hotelsChan, WW ; Jiang, B; Liu, L
2007Comparative studies of standalone environmental reports–European and Asian airlinesMak, BL ; Chan, WW ; Wong, K; Zheng, C
2006Comparative studies of three methods for activating rejected fly ashQiao, XC; Poon, CS ; Cheung, E
2015Comparative studies of upconversion luminescence characteristics and cell bioimaging based on one-step synthesized upconversion nanoparticles capped with different functional groupsTsang, MK; Chan, CF; Wong, KL; Hao, JH 
2000Comparative studies on moving force identification from bridge strains in laboratoryChan, THT; Yu, L; Law, SS
2004Comparative studies on phenotypic plasticity of two herbs, Changium Smyrnioides and Anthriscus SylvestrisChang, J; Guan, BH; Ge, Y; Chan, YSG 
2011A comparative study among different kernel functions in flexible naïve Bayesian classificationLiu, JNK; He, Y; Wang, XZ; Hu, YX
2011A comparative study between novel witricity and traditional inductive magnetic coupling in wireless chargingHo, SL ; Wang, J; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2010A comparative study between witricity and traditional inductive coupling in wireless energy transmissionWang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2002Comparative study of a high-strain-rate superplastic Al-4.4Cu-1.5Mg/21SiCw sheet under uniaxial and equibiaxial tensionTong, GQ; Chan, KC 
2014Comparative study of a vertical round jet in regular and random wavesXu, ZS; Chen, YP; Zhang, CK; Li, CW ; Wang, YN; Hu, F
2010Comparative study of adaptability and flexibility in distributed manufacturing supply chainsChan, HK; Chan, FTS 
1997Comparative study of analytical rental model and statistical models for predicting house rental levelsLi, H ; Li, V; Skitmore, M
2005Comparative study of bifurcation in single and parallel-connected buck converters under current-mode control : disappearance of period-doublingIu, HHC; Tse, CK ; Dranga, O
2007A comparative study of biweekly disposable contact lenses : silicone hydrogel versus hydrogelCheung, SW; Cho, P ; Chan, B; Choy, C; Ng, V
2011A comparative study of buildability perspectives between clients, consultants and contractorsLam, PTI ; Wong, FWH
2003A comparative study of Chinese, American and Japanese nurses' perceptions of ethical role responsibilitiesPang, SMC ; Sawada, A; Konishi, E; Olsen, DP; Yu, PLH; Chan, MF; Mayumi, N
2010A comparative study of color correction algorithms for tongue image inspectionWang, X; Zhang, D 
2012A comparative study of colour fading behaviour of cotton denim fabric manufactured by conventional ring-spun and torque-free ring-spun yarn by cellulase treatmentKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM; Wong, WY 
2010Comparative study of colour yield of cotton knitted fabric made by torque-free ring-spun yarnsWan, ML; Kan, CW ; Choi, KF
2010A comparative study of cotton knitted fabrics and garments produced by the modified low twist and conventional ring yarnsXu, B ; Tao, X ; Leung, CS
Oct-2012A comparative study of critical success factors for public private partnerships (PPP) between Mainland China and the Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionCheung, E; Chan, APC ; Lam, TIP ; Chan, DWM ; Ke, Y
2014Comparative study of different cement-based inorganic pastes towards the development of FRIP strengthening technologyDai, JG ; Munir, S; Ding, Z
2011A comparative study of droplet impact dynamics on a dual-scaled superhydrophobic surface and lotus leafChen, L; Xiao, Z; Chan, PCH ; Lee, YK; Li, Z
2008Comparative study of empirical tropospheric models for the Hong Kong regionLi, ZW; Ding, XL ; Chen, W ; Liu, GX; Shea, YK ; Emerson, N
2005Comparative study of fabrication patterns of a ferroelectric polymer P(VDF-TrFE) on gold thin film and gold ball via dip-pen nanolithographyTang, Q; Shi, SQ ; Zhou, LM ; Xu, CH
2013A comparative study of finer conventional and modified cotton yarns and their resultant woven fabricsFeng, J; Xu, B ; Tao, X 
2013Comparative study of greenhouse gas emissions between off-site prefabrication and conventional construction methods : two case studies of residential projectsMao, C; Shen, Q ; Shen, L; Tang, L
2003A comparative study of hospitality and tourism graduates in Australia and Hong KongKing, B; McKercher, B ; Waryszak, R