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2010A biologically inspired sensor wakeup control method for wireless sensor networksLiang, Y; Cao, J ; Zhang, L ; Wang, R; Pan, Q
2009Bioluminescence imaging of heme oxygenase-1 upregulation in the Gua Sha procedureKwong, KK; Kloetzer, L; Wong, KK; Ren, JQ; Kuo, B; Jiang, Y; Chen, IY; Chan, ST; Young, GS; Wong, STC
2009Biomarkers of antioxdiant status and oxidative stress in relation to subsequent complication development in 428 Chinese type 2 diabetes patients : can high risk subjects be identified?Choi, SW; Benzie, IFF 
2002Biomarkers of antioxidant status and CHD risk in long term vegetariansSzeto, YT; Kwok, TCY; Ip, KL; Wachtel-Galor, S; Benzie, IFF 
2002Biomass and carotenoid production by phaffia rhodozyma using hydrolyzed malt waste and soya waste as the main carbon sourcesKwok, MS; Cheung, WP; Ho, KP
2008Biomass characterization and surface complexation modeling of pb(II) biosorption on mucor rouxiiChan, CH; Ng, LM; Lo, W 
2002Biomaterials in orthopaedicsWang, M
2008The biomechamical properties of skin in people with diabetic neuropathySun, JH; Zheng, YP ; Cheng, BBK; Huang, YP; Leung, JYY; Cheing, GLY 
2007Biomechanical analysis of human motion on a horse riding machine : pilot studyNg, R; Kwong, KSC
2004Biomechanical analysis of the response of the lumbar spine to spinal manual therapyLee, RYW; Tsung, B; Evans, J; Tong, P
2008Biomechanical and histological evaluation of the application of biodegradable poly-l-lactic cushion to the plate internal fixation for bone fracture healingFan, Y; Xiu, K; Duan, H; Zhang, M 
2003The biomechanical and ultrastructural effects of Chinese herbal medicine on ligament healingFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2004Biomechanical animal experiemental research on osseointegrationFan, Y; Wang, B; Xiu, KH; Dong, X; Zhang, M 
Aug-1994Biomechanical assessment of below-knee residual limb tissueMak, AFT; Liu, GHW; Lee, SY
Mar-2000Biomechanical assessment of plantar foot tissue in diabetic patients using an ultrasound indentation systemZheng, YP ; Choi, YKC; Wong, K; Chan, S; Mak, AFT
2004The biomechanical characteristics of rotational mobilisation of the lumbar spineTsung, BYS; Lee, RYW; Evans, J; Tong, P
2003Biomechanical consequences of cyclic compression on intervertebral disc - an in-vivo rat-tail modelChing, CTS; Chow, DHK; Yao, FYD
2007Biomechanical effect of load carriage on spine curvature and repositioning ability in adolescentsWang, CXG; Chow, DHK; Pope, MH
2009Biomechanical effects of backpack load and placement on children's spineOu, DZY; Chow, DHK; Wang, CXG; Lai, A
2002The biomechanical effects of backpack weight on the gait of subjects with and without adolescent idiopathic scoliosisChow, DHK; Au-Yang, ACK; Kwok, MLY; Holmes, AD; Cheng, JCY; Yao, FYD; Wong, MS 
2014Biomechanical effects of cervical arthroplasty with U-shaped disc implant on segmental range of motion and loading of surrounding soft tissueMo, ZJ; Zhao, YB; Wang, LZ; Sun, Y; Zhang, M ; Fan, YB
2002The biomechanical effects of Chinese herbal medicine on ligament healingFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2005The biomechanical effects of electrical stimulation on degenerative-like changes intervertebral discLai, A; Chow, DHK; Siu, WS; Holmes, AD; Leung, MCP ; Tang, FH 
2005Biomechanical effects of electro-acupuncture on intervertebral discLai, A; Chow, DHK; Siu, WS; Holmes, AD; Leung, CP ; Tang, FH 
2001Biomechanical effects of local muscles on spinal stabilityChow, DHK
2003The biomechanical effects of low energy laser and external herbal application on ligament healing in a rat modelFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP ; Tay, DKC
2005Biomechanical effects of plantar fascia release and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction - a finite element and cadaveric foot simulationCheung, JTM; Zhang, M ; An, KN
2008Biomechanical effects of size and shape on footwearLuximon, Y ; Luximon, A ; Cong, Y; Zhang, M 
2006Biomechanical engineering design of socksLi, Y ; Zhang, M ; Cheung, JTM; Dai, XQ
2006Biomechanical engineering of footwearLuximon, A; Zhang, M 
2006Biomechanical engineering of textiles and clothing
2012Biomechanical evaluation of heel elevation on load transfer - Experimental measurement and finite element analysisLuximon, Y ; Luximon, A ; Yu, J; Zhang, M 
2009Biomechanical evaluation platform for footwear designZhang, M 
2004Biomechanical evaluation techniques for personalized lower-limb prosthetic socket designingFan, Y; Pu, F; Zhang, M ; Jiang, W; Yang, S; Leung, AKL ; Zheng, Y ; Mak, AET
2013A biomechanical model of the female upper body for bra designLin, YL; Li, Y ; Guo, YP; Zhang, M
2008The biomechanical properties of skin in people with diabetic neuropathySun, JH; Zheng, YP ; Cheng, BBK; Huang, YP; Leung, JYY; Cheing, GLY 
2007The biomechanical properties of the foot plantar tissue for people with diabetic peripheral neuropathyCheng, KK; Zheng, YP ; Cheing, GLY 
2010Biomechanical properties of the forefoot plantar soft tissue as measured by an optical coherence tomography-based air-jet indentation system and tissue ultrasound palpation systemChao, CYL; Zheng, YP ; Huang, YP; Cheing, GLY 
2008The biomechanical property of achilles tendon and postural control for people with diabetes mellitusChau, RMW; Kwan, RLC; Zheng, YP ; Choi, CH; Cheing, GLY 
2004Biomechanical research on endoskeletal trans-tibial monolimbLiu, Z; Fan, YB; Zhang, M 
2015Biomechanical response of the musculoskeletal system to whole body vibration using a seated driver modelLi, W; Zhang, M ; Lv, G; Han, Q; Gao, Y; Wang, Y; Tan, Q; Zhang, M; Zhang, Y; Li, Z
2003Biomechanical responses of the intervertebral joints to static and vibrational loading : a finite element studyCheung, JTM; Zhang, M ; Chow, DHK
2013Biomechanical simulation of high-heeled shoe donning and walkingYu, J; Cheung, JTM; Wong, DWC; Cong, Y; Zhang, M 
2001Biomechanical studies on lower-limb prosthetic socket designZhang, M ; Fan, YB
2014Biomechanical study of tarsometatarsal joint fusion using finite element analysisWang, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, M 
2011Biomechanics in rehabilitation engineeringZhang, M ; Fan, YB; Wang, XT
2014Biomechanics of first ray hypermobility : an investigation on joint force during walking using finite element analysisWong, DWC; Zhang, M ; Yu, J; Leung, AKL 
2007Biomechanics of foot and footwear – a finite element approachCheung, JTM; Bouchet, B; Zhang, M 
2005Biomechanics of gaitTong, KY 
1995Biomechanics of patellar tendon autograft for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament in the goat : three-year studyNg, GY ; Oakes, BW; Deacon, OW; McLean, ID; Lampard, D
15-Aug-2010Biomechanics of pressure ulcer in body tissues interacting with external forces during locomotionMak, AFT; Zhang, M ; Tam, EWC 
2001The biomechanics of wheelchiar maneuversMak, AFT; Lam, WN
2013Biomechanism of impact resistance in the woodpecker's head and its applicationWang, LZ; Lu, S; Liu, XY; Niu, XF; Wang, C; Ni, YK; Zhao, MY; Feng, CL; Zhang, M ; Fan, YB
2011Biomechatronics in medicine and health care
2008Biomechnaical evaluation of shank curves of high-heeled shoesCong, Y; Luximon, Y ; Zhang, M 
2012Biomedical applications of micro-ultrasoundSun, L ; Dai, JY ; Qiu, WB; Yu, YY; Tsang, FK; Chen, Y
2014Biomedical applications of silk fibroinXie, MB; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Chen, AZ; Zhao, Z; Li, G
2013Biomedical functions of keratin peptide and its applicationsLi, JS; Li, Y ; Liu, X; Zhang, J; Zhao, Z; Li, G
2005Biomedical image registration for diagnostic decision making and treatment monitoringWang, X; Feng, D
2011Biomedical information technology
2008Biomedical information technology
2007Biomedical signal processing and control (Volume 2, Issue 3)
2009Biomedical signal processing and control (Volumn 4, Issue 4)
2015Biometric and surveillance technology for human and activity identification XII : 22 April 2015, Baltimore, Maryland, United States
2005Biometric authentication : a machine learning approachKung, SY; Mak, MW ; Lin, SH
2004Biometric authentication : first international conference, ICBA 2004, Hong Kong, China, July 15-17, 2004, proceedings
2006Biometric image discrimination technologiesZhang, D ; Jing, XY; Yang, J
2003Biometric information acquisition and fusion for person authenticationChi, Z 
2007Biometric recognition using entropy-based discretizationPathak, AK ; Zhang, DD 
2005Biometric recognition using feature selection and combinationKumar, A; Zhang, D 
2002Biometric solutions for authentication in an E-world
2000Biometrics based tongue diagnosis of TCMWang, K; Zhang, D 
2005Biomimetic coating of apatite/collagen composite on poly L-lactic acid facilitates cell seedingChen, Y; Mak, AFT; Wang, M; Li, J
2014Biomimetic design of woodpecker for shock and vibration protectionBian, J; Jing, X 
2013Biomimetic melanin dyestuffs for wool fabric in Situ colorationSo, VLL; He, L; Xin, JH 
2016Biomimetic water-collecting fabric with light-induced superhydrophilic bumpsWang, Y; Wang, X; Lai, C; Hu, H ; Kong, Y; Fei, B ; Xin, JH 
2010Biomimetics of plant structure in knitted fabrics to improve the liquid water transport propertiesChen, Q; Fan, J; Sarkar, M; Jiang, G
2009Biomimetics of plant structure in textile fabrics for the improvement of water transport propertiesSarkar, M; Fan, J; Szeto, YC; Tao, X 
9-May-2013Biomimicry of quorum sensing using bacterial lifecycle modelNiu, B; Wang, H; Duan, Q; Li, L
2009Biomolecule-controlled hydrothermal synthesis of C-N-S-tridoped TiO2 nanocrystalline photocatalysts for NO removal under simulated solar light irradiationWang, Y; Huang, Y; Ho, W; Zhang, L; Zou, Z; Lee, S