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1999Back and lower limb muscle activities in a prone leg holding exerciseNg, JKF ; Chan, CCH ; Lui, CYH; Sin, AKY; Wong, ISW; Yip, JHH
2001Back and lower limb muscle activities in a prone leg holding exercise in low back pain subjectsLam, BKY; Chan, FKT; Hui, WFY; Kwan, CH; Law, IWH; Ng, JKF 
2003Back to the future : a logical framework for temporal information representation and inferencing from financial newsHuang, Z; Wong, KF; Li, WJ ; Song, DW; Bruza, P
2000Back-propagation learning in improving the accuracy of neural network-based tourism demand forecastingLaw, R 
2003A back-stepping neural network control scheme for PM synchronous motorsWang, J; Tsang, KM ; Cheung, NC 
15-Feb-2010Backaction of a charge detector on a double quantum dotOuyang, S; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
1998Backcalculation of Moduli in FWD evaluation of pavements : a solution of global minimumYue, ZQ; Yin, JH 
Nov-2010Backcasting a future of sustainable energy : a public policy perspectiveNathwani, J; Ng, A
1999A background-thinning-based approach for separating and recognizing connected handwritten digit stringsLu, Z; Chi, Z ; Siu, WC ; Shi, P
2004Backlund transformation and soliton solutions for the coupled dispersionless equationsAlagesan, T; Chung, Y; Nakkeeran, K
2008Backpropagation with two-phase magnified gradient functionCheung, CC; Ng, SC
2003Backstepping control of the synchronous generator based on the neural networksWang, J; Li, T; Zeng, QM 
2015Backward errors of periodic invariant subspaces for regular periodic matrix pairsChen, XS; Li, W; Wu, X
2003Backward induction strategy (BIDS) for bidding in multiple auctionsZhang, J; Lee, RST; Chan, HCB 
1998Backward transfer-matrix method for elastic analysis of layered solids with imperfect bondingYue, ZQ; Yin, JH 
10-Nov-2011A bacteria colony-based screen for optimal linker combinations in genetically encoded biosensorsIbraheem, A; Yap, H; Ding, Y; Campbell, RE
2003Bacterial biosorbent for removing and recovering copper from electroplating effluentsLo, WH ; Chua, H; Wong, M; Yu, P
2001Bacterial biosorbents for removing and recovering copper from electroplating effluentsLo, W ; Chua, H; Wong, MF; Yu, PHF
2015Bacterial internalization, localization, and effectors shape the epithelial immune response during Shigella flexneri infectionLippmann, J; Gwinner, F; Rey, C; Tamir, U; Law, HKW ; Schwikowski, B; Enninga, J
2007“Bad urban” uplink multipaths’ distribution in azimuth-elevation DOA, with scatterers modeled as inside a cylinder above the mobile & as more sparse with heightOlenko, AY; Qasmi, SA; Wong, KT 
2007Bagging evolutionary feature extraction algorithm for classificationZhao, T; Zhao, Q; Lu, H; Zhang, DD 
2001Bagging of woven fabrics : the rheological mechanism and predictionsZhang, X; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Yao, M
2003Bahaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures : a state-of-the-art reviewTeng, JG ; Chen, JF; Smith, ST; Lam, L
2013Baicalein as a potential anti-glaucoma agentDo , CW ; Xiao, JR; Leung, CT; Xiao, H; To, CH 
2009Baicalein inhibits aqueous humor secretion in mammalian ciliary epitheliumDo , CW ; Xiao, JR; Li, KK; Tam, WS; Peng, X; To, CH 
2015Baicalein lowers intraocular pressure and increases outflow facility in mouse eyeLi, HL; Navarro, ID; Ashpole, NE; Lam, TC ; Chan, HHL ; To, CH ; Stamer, WD; Do, CW 
2012Baicalein protects against 6-OHDA-induced neurotoxicity through activation of Keap1/Nrf2/HO-1 and involving PKC alpha and PI3K/AKT signaling pathwaysZhang, Z; Cui, W; Li, G; Yuan, S; Xu, D; Hoi, MPM; Lin, Z; Dou, J; Han, Y ; Lee, SMY
2010Balance ability, not muscle strength and exercise endurance, determines the performance of hemiparetic subjects on the timed-sit-to-stand testNg, S 
2014Balance and gait training with augmented feedback improves balance confidence in people with parkinson's disease : a randomized controlled trialShen, X; Mak, MKY 
2015Balance between online self-learning and face-to-face guidance in the flip teaching environmentLin, D; Lee, CKM 
2009Balance confidence and functional mobility are independently associated with falls in people with Parkinson's diseaseMak, MKY ; Pang, MYC 
2006Balance control in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and disturbed somatosensory functionGuo, X ; Chau, WW; Hui-Chan, CWY; Cheung, CSK; Tsang, WWN ; Cheng, JCY
2012Balance control in very old adults with and without visual impairmentChen, EW; Fu, ASN ; Chan, KM; Tsang, WWN 
2001Balance control problems in ageing : a Tai Chi solutionHui-Chan, CWY
2008Balance function in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorderShum, SBM; Pang, MYC 
2016Balance improvement effects of biofeedback systems with state-of-the-art wearable sensors : a systematic reviewMa, CZH; Wong, DWC; Lam, WK; Wan, AHP; Lee, WCC 
2007Balance in research and practice : the reform of research studies in industrial and product designSiu, KWM 
2004Balance of car ownership under user demand and road network supply conditions - case study in Hong KongTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
2001Balance of road tolling and capacity expansion for solving bottleneck problemWu, ZX; Lam, WHK 
2003Balance performance in community-dwelling "younger" individuals with strokeMak, MKY ; Chan, COP; Cheung, BKY; Lau, KW; Lau, SKY; Yeung, LYK
2011Balance performance in head-shake computerized dynamic posturography : aging effects and test-retest reliabilityPang, MYC ; Lam, FM; Wong, GH; Au, IH; Chow, DL
2010Balance performance in head-shake computerized dynamic posturography : aging effects and test-retest reliabilityPang, MYC ; Lam, FM; Wong, GH; Au, IH; Chow, DL
2014Balance performance in irradiated survivors of nasopharyngeal cancer with and without tai chi qigong trainingFong, SSM; Chung, LMY; Tsang, WWN ; Leung, JCY; Charm, CYC; Luk, WS; Chow, LPY; Ng, SSM 
2001Balance performance of people with Parkinson's diseaseMak, MKY 
2008Balance self-efficacy determines walking capacity in people with Parkinson's diseaseMak, MKY ; Pang, MYC 
2008Balance, falls, and bone health : role of exercise in reducing fracture risk after strokeEng, JJ; Pang, MYC ; Ashe, MC
2014Balanced diet and regular exercises to prevent colorectal cancer in the elderly population - an explorative studyTsang, WWN ; Loo, WTY; Chow, LWC
2004Balanced octree for tetrahedral mesh generationAu, KM; Yu, KM 
2007The balanced use of "Thinking hats"Ko, S; Wong, K; Butler, J
2004Balancing community benefits and professional practice : a balanced applied research development model (BARD)Chan, CHC; Tsui, MS 
2004Balancing fee and quality in two envelope fee biddingDrew, DS; Tang, SLY ; Lui, CK
2008Balancing tensions between the global and the local : challenges and opportunities confronting the development of social work education in ChinaYuen Tsang, WKA ; Ku, HB 
2003Balancing the collaborative scales : for academia to motivate industry must attractGilleard, JD; Gilleard, J
2009Balancing the democracy dilemmas : experiences of three women workers' cooperatives in Hong KongNg, CW ; Ng, E
1997Balancing torque of singles cotton rotor yarnsTao, X ; Liu, Y; Lu, W
2009Baleno : expanding retail operations in ChinaLuk, STK; Chen, ISN
2007Ball array defects and vision inspectionTam, KF; Chan, CY; Tang, CS; Jayant, A
2009Ballast for independent control of multiple LED lampsQu, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
2015Balloonfish : utilizing morphable resistive memory in mobile virtualizationLong, L; Liu, D; Zhu, X; Zhong, K; Shao, Z ; Sha, EHM
2001Bamboo : a material for modern life-style?Lam, HTY
2005Bamboo scaffolds in building construction : research and applicationChung, KF ; Yu, WK
2016Band gap modulation in γ-graphyne by p-n codopingDeng, X; Zeng, J; Si, M; Lu, W
2011Band gap tuning of hydrogenated graphene : H coverage and configuration dependenceGao, H; Wang, L; Zhao, J; Ding, F ; Lu, J
2011Band selection for improvement of dorsal hand recognitionChen, K; Zhang, D 
2016Band stop vibration suppression using a passive X-shape structured lever-type isolation systemLiu, C; Jing, X ; Chen, Z
2016Band-Gap modulation in single Bi3+-doped Yttrium-Scandium-Niobium vanadates for color tuning over the whole visible spectrumKang, F; Zhang, H; Wondraczek, L; Yang, X; Zhang, Y; Lei, DY ; Peng, M
2011Band-subset-based clustering and fusion for hyperspectral imagery classificationZhao, YQ; Zhang, L ; Kong, SG
2008A band-weighted method to detect phase synchronization in EEGSun, J; Zhang, J; Small, M
2007Bandstructures of ferroelectric barium strontium titanate-based two-dimensional tunable photonic crystalsJim, KL; Leung, CW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL 
2010Bandwidth and gain enhancement of microstrip patch antennas using reflective metasurfaceChaimool, S; Chung, KL; Akkaraekthalin, P
Nov-2012Bandwidth improvement of LiNbO₃ ultrasonic transducers by half-concaved inversion layer approachChen, J; Dai, J ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
2007Bandwidth-enhanced multimode fiberGong, Y; Lu, C 
2014Bank loan supply and corporate capital structure : recent evidence from ChinaShen, J; Firth, M; Poon, WPH
2010Bankers' liability for investment adviceLeung, S
2002Bankruptcy lawOng, CA
2009Bankruptcy prediction : the case of Japanese listed companiesXu, M; Zhang, C
2006Bankruptcy prediction using multiple classifier system with mutual information feature groupingChan, APF; Ng, WWY; Yeung, DS; Tsang, ECC; Firth, M
2007Bankruptcy protection and stock market behavior in the U.S. airline industryGong, SX 
2007Bankruptcy protection and stock market behavior in the US airline industryGong, SXH 
2014A banzhaf function for a fuzzy gameTan, CQ; Jiang, ZZ; Chen, XH; Ip, WH