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2010Beacon-aided adaptive localization of noise sources aboard a pass-by railcar using a trackside microphone arrayWu, YI; Lau, SK; Wong, KT; Tang, SK 
2008Beacon-aided adaptive localization of sound-souces aboard a pass-by rail-car using a track-side acoustic microphone arrayWu, YI; Wong, KT ; Lau, SK
2013Beam patterns of a collocated pair / triad / quad of orthogonal acoustic sensors of 0th- / 1st- / 2nd-order directivityWong, KT 
2013BEAM plus (materials aspects) - Hong Kong’s green building labeling scheme for promoting sustainable use of materials in constructionPoon, CS 
2015Beamformer configuration design in reverberant environmentsLi, Z; Yiu, KFC 
2008Beamspace blind signal separation for speech enhancementLow, SY; Yiu, KFC ; Nordholm, S
2002Bearing capacity and settlement of weak fly ash ground improved using lime - fly ash or stone columnsZhou, C; Yin, JH ; Ming, JP
31-Jan-2011Beat-frequency adjustable Er³⁺-doped DBR fiber laser for ultrasound detectionGuo, T; Wong, ACL; Liu, WS; Guan, BO; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2008Beauty and the beast : the brand crisis of SK-II cosmetics in ChinaTai, SHC
2014Beauty contact lensesCho, P 
2004Beauty is in the eyes of beholders : relational schema as antecedents of leader-member exchangeHuang, X ; Wright, R ; Chiu, WCH
2008Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders : textile and clothing student's conceptions of an effective teacherPoon, TTH; Ho, DCK
2006Because of the role of er front office um in hotel : lexical cohesion and discourse intonationWarren, M 
2010Beclin 1 is down-regulated in pressure-induced muscle damageTeng, BT; Tam, EW ; Siu, PM 
2014Beclin 1 is required for neuron viability and regulates endosome pathways via the UVRAG-VPS34 complexMcKnight, NC; Zhong, Y; Wold, MS; Gong, SC; Phillips, GR; Dou, ZX; Zhao, YX ; Heintz, N; Zong, WX; Yue, ZY
2012The BECN1 coiled coil domain An "imperfect" homodimer interface that facilitates ATG14 and UVRAG bindingLi, X; He, L; Zhang, M; Yue, Z; Zhao, Y 
2015Becoming a mental health nurse; A three year longitudinal studyWells, H; Bernal, C; Bressington, D
2015Becoming a successful corporate communication practitioner in international business consultancyHall, D
2011Becoming global, remaining local : the discourses of international news reporting by CCTV-4 and Phoenix TV Hong KongWu, DD ; Ng, P 
2013The becoming of digitalisation in textilesNg, MCF ; Hu, JL ; Kim, KR
2014Becoming quixotic? A discussion on the discursive construction of disability and how this is maintained through social relationsCockain, A
2015Bed load transport and bed topography evolution in the open channel with a partially-distributed vegetation patchYan, X; Wai, OWH 
2013Bedside nursing trainingEggins, S; Slade, D 
2002Befriender programme : implications for psychosocial adjustment of people with mental handicapLi, EPY
2001Befriender programme : implications for social integration of people with mental handicapLi, EPY
2003Befriender programme and empowerment of people with mental handicapLi, EPY; Yeung, PHY; Yeung, ELY
2013“The beginning of a world empire”? Contesting the discourse of Chinese copper mining in ZambiaYan, H ; Sautman, B
2006The beginnings of English language teaching in ChinaEvans, S 
2002Behavior and design of gusset plate connections in compressionYam, MCH ; Cheng, JJR
20-Sep-2012Behavior and design of slender FRP-confined circular RC columnsJiang, T; Teng, JG 
2015Behavior and modeling of CFRP-strengthened rectangular steel tubes subjected to a transverse end bearing loadFernando, D; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2011Behavior and modeling of concrete confined with FRP composites of large deformabilityDai, JG ; Bai, YL; Teng, JG 
2010Behavior and modeling of confined high-strength concreteXiao, QG; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
2013Behavior and modeling of FRP-to-concrete interfaces at elevated temperaturesDai, JG ; Gao, WY; Teng, JG 
2010Behavior of a compacted completely decomposed granite soil from suction controlled direct shear testsHossain, MA; Yin, JH 
15-Jun-2004Behavior of a movable electrode in piezo-response mode of an atomic force microscopeXu, C; Woo, CH; Shi, SQ ; Wang, Y 
2011Behavior of a pressure grouted soil-cement interface under different suctionsHossain, MA; Yin, JH 
2014Behavior of a pressure-grouted soil-cement interface in direct shear testsHossain, A; Yin, JH 
2002Behavior of a PZT ring under non-uniform mechanical stressXu, CH; Hu, JH; Chan, HLW 
2014Behavior of CFRP laminates bonded to a steel substrate using a ductile adhesiveFernando, D; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2012Behavior of concrete confined with large rupture strain FRP under cyclic axial compressionBai, YL; Dai, JG ; Teng, JG 
2010Behavior of concrete confined with recycled polyethylene terephthalate fiber reinforced polymerDai, JG ; Bai, YL; Teng, JG 
2015Behavior of concrete-filled FRP tubes under cyclic axial compressionZhang, B; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2007Behavior of different ansätze in the generalized projection operator methodNakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2008Behavior of EPS geofoam in true triaxial compression testsLeo, CJ; Kumruzzaman, M; Wong, H; Yin, JH 
2008Behavior of FRP-confined concrete in annular section columnsWong, YL; Yu, T; Teng, JG ; Dong, SL
2004Behavior of FRP-confined concrete under cyclic axial compressionLam, L; Teng, JG ; Cheung, CH; Xiao, Y
2012Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to cyclic axial compressionYu, T; Zhang, B; Cao, YB; Teng, JG 
2010Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns subjected to eccentric compressionYu, T; Wong, YL; Teng, JG 
2013Behavior of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columns with a square outer tube and a circular inner tube subjected to axial compressionYu, T; Teng, JG 
Oct-2009Behavior of RC beams shear strengthened with bonded or unbonded FRP wrapsTeng, JG ; Chen, GM; Chen, JF; Rosenboom, OA; Lam, L
2001Behavior of rectangular columns with low lateral confinement ratioLam, SSE ; Wu, B; Wong, YL; Chau, KT 
2015Behavioral activation for dementia caregivers : scheduling pleasant events and enhancing communicationsAu, A ; Gallagher-Thompson, D; Wong, MK; Leung, J; Chan, WC; Chan, CC; Lu, HJ; Lai, MK; Chan, K
2012A behavioral analysis of web sharers and browsers in Hong Kong using targeted association rule miningRong, J; Vu, HQ; Law, R ; Li, G
2014Behavioral determinants that drive luxury goods consumption : a study within the tourist contextChan, WWY; To, CKM ; Chu, WC ; Zhang, ZM
2013Behavioral differences in gaming patterns among Chinese subcultures as perceived by Macao casino staffWan, PYK; Kim, SS ; Elliot, S
2006Behavioral estimation of mathematical programming objective function coefficientsTroutt, MD; Pang, WK; Hou, SH
2009Behavioral manifestations of modestyChen, SX ; Bond, MH; Chan, B; Tang, D; Buchtel, EE
2008Behavioral patterns in the use of information exchange systems among construction professionals in Hong KongLam, PTI ; Wong, FWH; Choy, LHT ; Cheung, MKH
2010Behavioral safety motives of professional driversCheng, SK 
2003Behaviors of piezoelectric vibrators driven by high electric-field at the frequencies near resonanceXu, CH; Chan, HLW 
2011Behaviour and attitudes towards recycling habits in construction : an Australian empirical studyTam, VWY; Shen, LY
2013Behaviour and modeling of FRP-to-concrete interfaces at elevated temperaturesDai, JG ; Gao, WY; Teng, JG 
2003Behaviour and modelling of FRP-confined concreteTeng, JG ; Lam, L
2004Behaviour and modelling of FRP-confined concrete : a state-of-the-art reviewTeng, JG ; Lam, L
2012Behaviour and modelling of FRP-confined concrete-filled steel tubes under axial compressionHu, YM; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2000Behaviour and strength of RC cantilever slabs bonded with GFRP stripsTeng, JG ; Cao, SY; Lam, L
2001Behaviour and strength of RC structures strengthened with FRP compositesTeng, JG ; Chen, JF; Smith, ST; Lam, L
2012Behaviour of CFRP laminates bonded to a steel substrate using a ductile adhesiveFernando, ND; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2006Behaviour of FRP-confined circular reinforced concrete columns in fireHan, LH; Zheng, YQ; Teng, JG 
2009Behaviour of FRP-confined high strength concreteXiao, QG; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
2012Behaviour of FRP-confined self-compacting concrete under axial compressionFang, XL; Yu, T; Teng, JG ; Lam, L
2007Behaviour of FRP-jacketed circular steel tubes and cylindrical shells under axial compressionTeng, JG ; Hu, YM
2002Behaviour of FRP-strengthened RC structuresTeng, JG 
Mar-2012Behaviour of FRP-to-concrete interfaces between two adjacent cracks : a numerical investigation on the effect of bondline damageChen, GM; Chen, JF; Teng, JG 
2007Behaviour of FRP-to-concrete interfaces between two adjacent cracks in FRP-plated concrete members : a numerical investigationChen, GM; Chen, JF; Teng, JG 
2005Behaviour of FRP-to-steel bonded jointsXia, SH; Teng, JG 
2001Behaviour of GFRP-strengthened RC cantilever slabsTeng, JG ; Cao, SY; Lam, L
2012Behaviour of hybrid double-skin tubular columns subjected to combined axial compression and cyclic lateral loadingZhang, B; Teng, JG ; Yu, T
2004Behaviour of hybrid FRP-concrete-steel double-skin tubular columnsTeng, JG ; Yu, T; Wong, YL