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2008Beijing calling... Mobile communication in contemporary ChinaFortunati, L; Manganelli, AM; Law, PL ; Yang, S
2004Being a high school English teacher in Hong Kong : a review of students' perceptions pre, during and post trainingConnelly, J; Wong, C
2014Being a teacher-researcher in classroom practicesLau, KW 
2015Being assiduous : do we have bitterness or pain? the synaesthetic and conceptual metaphors of bitterness and pain in Chinese and EnglishXiong, J; Huang, CR 
2015Being close or being happy? the relative impact of work relationship and job satisfaction on service qualityYee, RWY ; Guo, Y; Yeung, ACL 
2014Being old does not necessarily mean being inactive : health profile of elderly athletes versus community-dwelling older adultsTse, MMY ; Wong , ASW; Wan, VTC
2011Being philosophical : invitation to philosophical thinkingChun, KCJ 
2012Being too positive : the effect of positive emotions on stock market reactionGuo, W
2015Bejo: Behavior based job classification for resource consumption prediction in the cloudXu, L; Cao, J ; Wang, Y; Yang, L; Li, J
2000Belaboring the not-so-obvious : consensus, commitment, and strategy implementation speed and successDooley, RS; Fryxell, GE; Judge, WQ
2008Beliefs about appropriate pain behaviour : gender differences between health care professionals and non-health care professionals in Hong KongLeung, SM; Chung, J
2007Beliefs about cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) and acceptability of HPV vaccination among Chinese women in Hong KongLee, PWH; Kwan, TTC; Tam, KF; Chan, KKL; Young, PMC; Lo, SST; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS
2009Beliefs about volunteerism, volunteering intention, volunteering behavior, and purpose in life among Chinese adolescents in Hong KongLaw, BMF; Shek, DTL 
2012Beliefs in the future as a positive youth development construct : a conceptual reviewSun, RCF; Shek, DTL 
2013Beliefs in the future as a positive youth development construct: A conceptual reviewSun, RCF; Shek, DT 
2009Believing in beliefs : a scientific but personal questBond, M 
1996BEMS control strategies : evaluation of realistic performance by computer simulationWang, S ; Burnett, J
2005Bench scale tests on controlling plastic fires with water mistsChow, WK ; Qin, J; Han, SS
2006Bench-scale studies of poly(vinyl chloride) fires with water mistQin, J; Chow, WK 
2011Bench-scale studies on suppressing ghee fires with water mistQin, J; Chow, WK ; Han, SS
2011Bench-scale studies on suppressing ghee fires with water mistQin, J; Chow, WK ; Han, SS
2007Bench-scale studies on wood pyrolysis under different environmentsLiu, Q; Wang, SR; Fang, MX; Luo, ZY; Cen, KF; Chow, WK 
2005Bench-scale tests on PMMA fires with water mistQin, J; Chow, WK 
2006Bench-scale tests on simultaneous ignition of two different plastics through "bridge-mixing"Chow, WK ; Han, SS
2010A benchmark for geometric facial beauty studyChen, F; Zhang, D 
2003A benchmark model for construction duration in public housing developmentsChan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2003A benchmark model for construction durations : the case of new cruciform type public housing blocksChan, DWM ; Chan, APC 
2011Benchmark project for structural health monitoring of long suspension bridges in Hong KongXu, YL ; Zhang, XH; Zhan, S; Tam, HY; Hong, XJ; Zhu, S ; Au, HY; Zhu, LD; Xia, Y 
2001A benchmark-based adaptable software process modelWang, YX; Leung, HKN 
2005Benchmarking and quantitative evaluation of the functionality performance of hotel websites : a study of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of ChinaLaw, R ; Cheung, C 
2008Benchmarking buildability using the buildability assessment model in Hong KongLam, PTI ; Wong, FWH; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2000Benchmarking building energy efficiency assessment under hK-BEAM against government's codes of practiceYik, WH; Chan, CWH; Edmunds, K
2004Benchmarking design-build procurement systems in constructionLam, EWM; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2008Benchmarking energy use assessment of HK-BEAM, BREEAM and LEEDLee, WL ; Burnett, J
2012Benchmarking energy use of building environmental assessment schemesLee, WL 
2003Benchmarking facility managementGilleard, JD; Wong, YLP
2004Benchmarking facility management : applying analytic hierarchy processGilleard, JD; Wong, YLP
2004Benchmarking facility management by relative efficiencyWong, YLP
2008Benchmarking Hong Kong and China energy codes for residential buildingsLee, WL ; Chen, H
2009Benchmarking indoor air quality for 'Grade A' offices in Hong KongHui, PS; Mui, KW ; Wong, LT ; Leung, CH
2002Benchmarking manufacturing planning and control (MPC) systems : an empirical study of Hong Kong supply chainsChan, JWK ; Burns, ND
2007A benchmarking model for water consumption of high-rise residential buildings of Hong KongWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS
2008Benchmarking of buildability and construction performance in Singapore : is there a case for Hong Kong?Wong, FWH; Lam, PTI 
2007Benchmarking of optimisation techniques based on genetic algorithms, tabu search and simulated annealingLau, HCW; Ho, GTS; Cheng, ENM; Ning, A; Lee, CKM
2005Benchmarking operation and maintenance cost, performance and value for commercial buildings in Hong KongLai, HK ; Yik, WH
2008Benchmarking operation and maintenance costs of luxury hotelsLai, JHK ; Yik, FWH
2002Benchmarking project construction time performance : the case of Hong KongChan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2007A benchmarking study for apartment water consumptions in Hong KongWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Law, LY
2008Benchmarking the costs for operating and maintaining engineering facilities of luxury hotels in Hong KongLai, HK ; Yik, WH
2007Benchmarking the performance of design-build projects : development of project success indexLam, EWM; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2004Benchmarking the role-modification process for successful knowledge transferLeung, SHN; Chan, JWK ; Lee, WB 
2003Benchmarking the use of information technology by the quantity surveying professionShen, Q ; Li, H ; Shen, L; Drew, D; Chung, J
2008Benchmarks for achieving environmental sustainability in Hong Kong through urban renewalLee, GKL; Chan, EHW 
2000Bending hysteresis of plain woven fabrics in various directionsHu, JL ; Lo, WM; Lo, MT
2003The bending mechanism of thermoplastic polyurethane under an applied electric fieldLam, KS; Wong, YW; Tai, LS; Poon, YM; Shin, FG
Mar-2005Bending stiffness of the lumbar spine subjected to posteroanterior manipulative forceLee, YWR; Tsung, BYS; Tong, P; Evans, J
2014Beneficial performance of a quasi-zero-stiffness vibration isolator with time-delayed active controlSun, X; Xu, J; Jing, X ; Cheng, L 
2009Benefit analysis on replacing in situ concreting with precast slabs for temporary construction works in pursuing sustainable construction practiceShen, LY; Tam, VWY; Li, CY
2009Benefit segmentation of visitors to a rural community-based festivalLi, M ; Huang, Z; Cai, LA
2008A benefit-based approach to market segmentation : a case study of an American specialty coffeehouse chain in Hong KongTan, AYF; Lo, ASY 
2009The benefits and challenges of group learning in hotel and tourism graduate education in Hong KongYang, J; Cheung, C ; Liu, W
2011Benefits and ethical issues of international service learningXing , J
2012Benefits of implementing management system standards : a case study of certified companies in the Pearl River Delta, ChinaTo, WM; Lee, PKC ; Yu, BTW
2001Benefits of information sharing with supply chain partnershipsYu, Z; Yan, H ; Cheng, TCE 
2011Benefits of matching accommodative demands to vergence demands in a binocular head-mounted display : a study on stereo fusion timesSo, RHY; Wong, WS; Yip, R; Lam, AKC ; Ting, P
2014The benefits of sustainable office buildings in People’s Republic of China (PRC) : revelation of tenants and property managersLo, KK; Hui, CM ; Vicky Zhang, KX
2002Benefits of two-month tai chi practice on the cardiovascular system in the older Chinese populationChan, TKK; Tsang, WWN ; He, J; Hui-Chan, CWY
2012Benevolent leadership and follower performance : the mediating role of leader-member exchange (LMX)Chan, SCH; Mak, WM 
2009Benevolent leadership, leader-member exchange (LMX), followers' performance : an extension of leadership theory in a nonprofit organizationChan, SCH; Mak, WM 
2010Benign synthesis and fluorescence of NaYF4 : Er3+, Yb3+ nanocrystals for the study of biological systems and food analysisZhang, Y; Wang, JW; Hao, JH ; Liang, HH 
2009Benson efficiency of a multi-criterion network equilibrium modelWu, Y; Cheng, TCE 
2011Benzothiazole-substituted benzofuroquinolinium dye : a selective switch-on fluorescent probe for G-quadruplexLu, YJ; Yan, SC; Chan, FY; Zou, L; Chung, WH; Wong, WL; Qiu, B; Sun, N; Chan, PH; Huang, ZS; Gu, LQ; Wong, KY 
2002Benzotrithiole 2-oxide : a new family of thiol-Activated DNA-cleaving functionalitiesLee, AHF; Chan, ASC; Li, T
2001Berberine induced cytotoxicity, DNA damage and repair in human tomor cellsYow, CMN; Fung, KW
2008Berg balance scale as a predicator of gait recovery in chronic stroke hemiplegicsKobayashi, T; Leung, AKL ; Akazawa, Y; Maeda, N
2004Berth allocation as a moldable task scheduling problemOguz, C; Blazewicz, J; Cheng, TCE ; Machowiak, M
2012Berth allocation planning for improving container terminal performancesMa, HL; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH; Wong, CS
2011Berth allocation problem with the consideration of customer service priorityMa, HL; Chan, FTS ; Chung, SH; Wong, CS
2012Berth allocation with time-dependent physical limitations on vesselsXu, D; Li, CL ; Leung, JYT
2011Berth and quay crane allocation: A moldable task scheduling modelBlazewicz, J; Cheng, TCE ; Machowiak, M; Oguz, C