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2010Colorimetric immunoassay chip based on gold nanoparticles and gold enhancementLei, KF; Butt, YKC
2013Colorimetric processing of digital colour imageKhandual, A; Baciu, G ; Rout, N
2008Colossal dielectric response in barium iron niobate ceramics obtained by different precursorsKe, S; Huang, H ; Fan, H; Chan, HLW ; Zhou, LM 
2010Colour additives in snack foods consumed by primary school children in Hong KongLok, KYW; Chung, WY; Benzie, IFF ; Woo, J
2005Colour management for the globalised textile & clothing industryXin, JH 
2001Colour physics software as a web service - the way forwardXin, J ; Lawn, R
2015Colour preference varies with lighting applicationLin, Y; Wei, M ; Smet, K. A. G; Tsukitani, A; Bodrogi, P; Khanh, TQ
2003Colour quantization by three-dimensional frequency diffusionLo, KC; Chan, YH ; Yu, MP
2002Colour quantization of compressed video sequences based on the estimation of cumulative colour histogramCheung, WF; Chan, YH 
2006Colour simulation of textilesShen, H; Xin, JH 
2000Colour variation in the dyeing of denim yarn with indigoXin, JH ; Chong, CL; Tu, T
2000Colour-appearance modeling using feedforward networks with Bayesian regularization method-part I : Forward modelXin, JH ; Shao, S; Chung, KFL 
2000Colour-appearance modeling using feedforward networks with Bayesian regularization method. Part I : forward modelXin, JH ; Shao, S; Chung, KFL 
2002Colour-appearance modeling using feedforward networks with Bayesian regularization method. Part II : reverse modelXin, JH ; Shao, S; Chung, K 
2003Column buckling of structural bambooYu, WK; Chung, KF ; Chan, SL 
2015Combating the counterfeits with web portal technologyTing, SL; Ip, WH 
2004Combination effect of activated carbon with TiO2 for the photodegradation of binary pollutants at typical indoor air levelAo, CH; Lee, SC 
2011Combination forecasts of International tourism demandShen, S; Li, G; Song, H 
2004A combination model for orientation field of fingerprintsGu, J; Zhou, J; Zhang, D 
2009Combination of forecasts in data miningChan, CK 
2003Combination of GC-MS with local resolution for determining volatile components in si-wu decoctionGong, F; Liang, YZ; Chau, FT
2012Combination of heterogeneous features for wrist pulse blood flow signal diagnosis via multiple kernel learningLiu, L; Zuo, W; Zhang, D ; Li, N; Zhang, H
2013Combination of overlap-driven adjustment and Phong model for LiDAR intensity correctionDing, Q; Chen, W ; King, B ; Liu, Y; Liu, G
2011Combination of phase modulation and coding for SNR enhancement in distributed Brillouin sensorsFernandez, A; Mao, Y; Lu, C ; Chi, J
2008Combination of photodynamic therapy and lmmunomodulation : current status and future trendsQiang, YG; Yow, CMN; Huang, Z
2004Combination of polar edge detection and active contour model for automated tongue segmentationZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD ; Zhang, H
1998Combination of sliding mode controller and PI controller using fuzzy logic controllerWong, LK; Leung, FHF ; Tam, PKS
2007Combination of two novel LDA-based methods for face recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Zhang, H
2014Combination treatment with Fructus Ligustri Lucidi and Puerariae radix offsets their independent actions on bone and mineral metabolism in ovariectomized ratsDong, XL; Cao, SS; Gao, QG; Feng, HT; Wong, MS ; Denney, L
2011A combinatorial approach to network covert communications with applications in web leaksLuo, X ; Zhou, P; Chan, EWW; Chang, RKC ; Lee, W
2015Combinatorial testing, random testing, and adaptive random testing for detecting interaction triggered failuresNie, C; Wu, H; Niu, X; Kuo, FC; Leung, H ; Colbourn, CJ
2006Combine adaptive modulation and adaptive coding for space-time block coded systemsWei, YR; Wang, MZ
2011Combine crossing matching scores with conventional matching scores for bimodal biometrics and face and palmprint recognition experimentsXu, Y; Zhu, Q; Zhang, D 
2008A combined ab initio and Franck-Condon factor simulation study on the photodetachment spectrum of HfO2 -Mok, DKW ; Lee, EPF; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
2009A combined ab initio and Franck-Condon factor simulation study on the photodetachment spectrum of ScO2 -Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM
2008A combined ab initio and Franck-Condon simulation study of the photodetachment spectrum of ZrO2 -Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT; Dyke, JM; Lee, EPF
2005A combined ab initio/Franck-Condon study of the Ã-X̃ single-vibronic-level emission spectrum of CCl2 and the photodetachment spectrum of CCl2Dyke, JM; Lee, EPF; Mok, DKW ; Chau, FT
2002A combined activity/travel choice model for congested road networks with queuesLam, WHK ; Huang, HJ
2004A combined bioprocess for integrated removal of copper and organic pollutant from copper-containing municipal wastewaterWang, L; Chua, H; Sin, SN; Zhou, Q; Ren, DM; Li, ZL
2001Combined cellulase and wrinkle-free treatment on cotton fabricZhou, LM; Yeung, KW; Yuen, CWM
2002Combined code aided adaptive equalization and soft decision-directed algorithm for wireless communicationsLee, YF; Wang, MZ
2008Combined comfort model of thermal comfort and air quality on buses in Hong KongShek, KW; Chan, WT
2003A combined distribution, hierarchical mode choice, and assignment network model with multiple user and mode classesWong, KI; Wong, SC; Wu, JH; Yang, H; Lam, WHK 
2013The combined effects of internal and external supply chain integration on product innovationWong, CWY ; Wong, CY; Boon-Itt, S
2013Combined effects of sensory cueing and limb activation on unilateral neglect in subacute left hemiplegic stroke patients: A randomized controlled pilot studyFong, KNK ; Yang, NYH; Chan, MKL; Chan, DYL; Lau, AFC; Chan, DYW; Cheung, JTY; Cheung, HKY; Chung, RCK; Chan, CCH 
2008Combined electromyography (EMG)-driven system with functional electrical stimulation (FES) for poststroke rehabilitationLi, R; Hu, X; Tong, KYR
2012A combined experimental and computational study on the material properties of shape memory polyurethaneZhang, C; Hu, J ; Ji, F; Fan, Y; Liu, Y
Jul-2000A combined finite element-domain elimination method for minimizing torque ripples in inverter-fed AC motor drive systemsHo, SL ; Yang, S; Zhou, P; Wong, HCC; Rahman, MA
2010Combined functional electrical stimulation (FES) and robotic system for wrist rehabiliation after strokeHu, XL; Tong, KY; Li, R; Chen, M; Xue, JJ; Ho, SK; Chen, PN
2014A combined method to estimate parameters of the thalamocortical model from a heavily noise-corrupted time series of action potentialWang, R; Wang, J; Deng, B; Liu, C; Wei, X; Tsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
2003Combined modal split and stochastic assignment model for congested networks with motorized and nonmotorized transport modesWu, ZX; Lam, WHK 
7-Feb-2005Combined mutual pulse injection-seeding and active mode locking system for wavelength tunable optical short pulse generationFang, X; Wang, D ; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Tong, FW
2010Combined space cooling and water heating system for Hong Kong residencesChen, H; Lee, WL 
2009A combined technique of photo-doping and MOCVD for the development of heterogeneous photo-Fenton catalystLam, FLY; Hu, X; Lee, TMH ; Chan, KY
2006Combined thresholding and neural network approach for vein pattern extraction from leaf imagesFu, H; Chi, Z 
2008The combined treatment effects of therapeutic laser and exercise on tendon repairNg, GYF ; Fung, DTC
2005Combined treatment of therapeutic laser and herbal application improves the strength of repairing ligamentFung, DTC; Ng, GYF ; Leung, MCP
1992A combined trip distribution and assignment model for multiple user classesLam, WHK ; Huang, HJ
2013A combined TSA-SPA algorithm for computing most sensitive eigenvalues in large-scale power systemsChung, CY; Dai, B
May-2003A combined wavelet-element free Galerkin method for numerical calculations of electromagnetic fieldsYang, S; Ni, G; Cardoso, JR; Ho, SL ; Machado, JM
Apr-2006A combined wavelet-FE method for transient electromagnetic-field computationsYang, S; Ho, SL ; Ni, PH; Ni, G
2009Combining 2D and 3D hand geometry features for biometrie verificationKanhangad, V; Pathak, A ; Zhang, D 
Nov-2002Combining a fuzzy optimal model with a genetic algorithm to solve multi-objective rainfall–runoff model calibrationCheng, C; Ou, C; Chau, KW 
2013Combining co-clustering with noise detection for theme-based summarizationCai, X; Li, W ; Zhang, R
2009Combining coarse-grained software pipelining with dvs for scheduling real-time periodic dependent tasks on multi-core embedded systemsLiu, H; Shao, Z ; Wang, M; Du, J; Xue, CJ; Jia, Z
2012Combining concept lattice with call graph for impact analysisLi, B; Sun, X; Leung, H 
2006Combining feature reduction and case selection in building CBR classifiersLi, Y; Shiu, SCK ; Pal, SK
2006Combining fingerprint, palmprint and hand-shape for user authenticationPathak, A ; Zhang, D 
2007Combining heat release rates of combustiblesChow, W 
2015Combining Landsat TM/ETM+ and HJ-1 A/B CCD Sensors for Monitoring Coastal Water Quality in Hong KongNazeer, M; Nichol, JE 
2007Combining left and right irises for personal authenticationWu, X; Wang, K; Zhang, D ; Qi, N
2015Combining left and right palmprint images for more accurate personal identificationXu, Y; Fei, L; Zhang, D 
2004Combining local and global models to capture fast and slow dynamics in time series dataSmall, M
2014Combining markers with and without the limit of detectionDong, T; Liu, CC ; Petricoin, EF; Tang, LL
2009Combining resting-state fMRI and DTI analysis for early-onset schizophreniaKe, M; Shen, H; Fan, J; Huang, X; Zhou, Z; Chen, X; Hu, D
2000Combining schemes in rake receiver for low spreading factor long-code W-CDMA systemsTantikovit, S; Sheikh, AUH; Wang, MZ
2002Combining scoring method and fuzzy expert systems approach to supplier assessment : a case studyKwong, CK ; Ip, WH ; Chan, JWK 
2012Combining statistical and judgmental forecasts via a web-based tourism demand forecasting systemSong, H ; Gao, BZ; Lin, VS
2008Combining therapeutic laser and herbal remedy for treating ligament injury : an ultrastructural morphological studyNg, GYF ; Fung, DTC
2007Combining transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and task-related training improved lower limb functions in patients with chronic stroke: A randomized, placebo-controlled studyNg, S ; Hui-Chan, CWY