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2012Characterization of methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus isolates from pig carcasses in Hong KongHo, J; O'Donoghue, M ; Guardabassi, L; Moodley, A; Boost, M
2008Characterization of microstructure freeform surfaces using a pattern matching analysisCheung, CF ; Kong, LB; Lee, WB ; To, S 
2005Characterization of modal variability in Ting Kau Bridge using support vector machine and principal component analysisHua, XG; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM 
2013Characterization of multidrug-resistant proteus mirabilis isolated from chicken carcassesWong, MHY; Wan, HY; Chen, S 
2011Characterization of multiwavelength erbium doped fiber lasers with intensity-dependent lossLi, F; Feng, X; Lu, C ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2010Characterization of nanoscale NiAl-type precipitates in a ferritic steel by electron microscopy and atom probe tomographyTeng, ZK; Miller, MK; Ghosh, G; Liu, CT; Huang, S; Russell, KF; Fine, ME; Liaw, PK
2003Characterization of nonlinearaity using simplified modell for the electromagnetic behaviours of switched reluctance motorsXue, XD; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2002Characterization of ormosil film for dissolved oxygen-sensingChen, X; Zhong, Z; Li, Z; Jiang, Y; Wang, X; Wong, K 
2007Characterization of oxide film formed on NiTi by laser oxidationWong, MH; Cheng, FT; Pang, GKH; Man, HC 
2006Characterization of oxygen transfer conditions and their effects on Phaffia rhodozyma growth and carotenoid production in shake-flask culturesLiu, YS; Wu, JY; Ho, KP
Jun-2004Characterization of palmprints by wavelet signatures via directional context modelingZhang, L ; Zhang, DD 
2010Characterization of particle number concentrations and PM2.5 in a school : influence of outdoor air pollution on indoor airGuo, H ; Morawska, L; He, C; Zhang, YL; Ayoko, G; Cao, M
2011Characterization of PBDEs in soils and vegetations near an e-waste recycling site in South ChinaWang, Y; Luo, C; Li, J; Yin, H; Li, X ; Zhang, G
2008Characterization of phase transformation in shape memory alloys by atomic force microscopeXu, SS; Xu, CH; Woo, CH; Surya, C 
2013Characterization of photochemical pollution at different elevations in mountainous areas in Hong KongGuo, H ; Ling, ZH; Cheung, K; Jiang, F; Wang, DW; Simpson, IJ; Barletta, B; Meinardi, S; Wang, TJ; Wang, XM; Saunders, SM; Blake, DR
2001Characterization of piezoelectric ring used for wire bonding transducer applicationCheng, KC; Chan, HLW 
2010Characterization of plastically graded nanostructured material : Part I. The theories and the inverse algorithm of nanoindentationRuan, HH; Chen, AY; Lu, J
2003Characterization of PM10 and PM2.5 source profiles for fugitive dust in Hong KongHo, KF; Lee, SC ; Chow, JC; Watson, JG
2001Characterization of poly(L-lactic acid) fibers produced by melt spinningYuan, X; Mak, AFT; Kwok, KW ; Yung, BKO; Yao, K
2014Characterization of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA)/ZnO nanocomposites prepared by a one-pot methodGong, X; Tang, CY ; Pan, L; Hao, Z; Tsui, CP 
2009Characterization of polypeptides from acidic hydrolysate of woolZhao, Z; Chen, AZ; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Hu, JY
2008Characterization of pore systems of air/water-cured concrete using ground penetrating radar (GPR) through continuous water injectionLai, WL; Tsang, WF 
2012Characterization of proteins by ambient mass spectrometryYao, ZP 
25-Jan-2007Characterization of proton irradiated copolymer thin films for microelectromechanical system applicationsLam, TY; Lau, ST; Chao, C; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL; Cheung, WY; Wong, SP
2008Characterization of Raman-assisted fiber optical parametric amplifiers gainWang, SH; Xu, L; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
2004Characterization of ramie yarn treated with sodium hydroxide and crosslinked by 1,2,3,4-butanetetracarboxylic acidZhou, LM; Yeung, KW; Yuen, CWM; Zhou, X
2013Characterization of Salmonella food isolates with concurrent resistance to ceftriaxone and ciprofloxacinWong, MHY; Zeng, L; Liu, JH; Chen, S 
2002Characterization of selected volatile organic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and carbonyl compounds at a roadside monitoring stationHo, KF; Lee, SC ; Chiu, GMY
Nov-2013Characterization of spirooxazine and spiropyran hosted in Poly(methyl methacrylate) for germicidal UV source indicator applicationBonefacino, J; Tse, MLV; Pun, CFJ; Cheng, X; Chan, WKE; Boersma, A; Tam, HY 
Aug-2012Characterization of staphylococci contaminating automated teller machines in Hong KongZhang, M; O'Donoghue, M ; Boost, MV
2014Characterization of stroke- and aging-related changes in the complexity of emg signals during tracking tasksAo, D; Sun, R; Tong, KY; Song, R
2010Characterization of surface defects in fast tool servo machining of microlens array using a pattern recognition and analysis methodCheung, CF ; Hu, K; Jiang, XQ; Kong, LB
2010Characterization of surface generation of optical microstructures using a pattern and feature parametric analysis methodKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; Jiang, XQ; Lee, WB ; To, S ; Blunt, L; Scott, P
2013Characterization of the colorectal cancer in a rabbit model using quantitative high-frequency endoscopic ultrasoundLiu, C; Yang, Y; Sun, L ; Huang, CC
2014Characterization of the commercially-available fluorescent Chloroquine-BODIPY Conjugate, LynxTag-CQ(GREEN), as a marker for Chloroquine resistance and uptake in a 96-Well Plate AssayLoh, CCY; Suwanarusk, R; Lee, YQ; Chan, KWK; Choy, KY; Renia, L; Russell, B; Lear, MJ; Nosten, FH; Tan, KSW; Chow, LMC 
2010Characterization of the deterioration of externally bonded CFRP-concrete composites using quantitative infrared thermographyLai, WL; Kou, SC; Poon, CS ; Tsang, WF ; Lai, CC
2010Characterization of the dynamic response of proton exchange membrane fuel cells - A numerical studyLoo, KH ; Wong, KH; Tan, SC; Lai, YM ; Tse, CK 
2014Characterization of the effect of foaming water content on the performance of foamed crumb rubber modified asphaltYu, X; Leng, Z ; Wang, Y; Lin, SY
2001Characterization of the icosahedral phase in as-cast quasicrystalline Al65Cu20Fe15 alloyCheung, YL; Chan, KC ; Zhu, YH
2010Characterization of the interface between the Hf-based high-k thin film and the Si using spatially resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopyWang, XF; Li, Q; Lee, PF; Dai, JY ; Gong, XG
2003Characterization of the laser gas nitrided surface of NiTi shape memory alloyCui, ZD; Man, HC ; Yang, XJ
1996Characterization of the orientation structure and distribution in rolled polypropyleneLee, WB ; Wu, SZ; Song, MS
2015Characterization of the property changes of extruded wood-plastic composites during year round subtropical weatheringYang, TH; Yang, TH; Chao, WC; Leu, SY 
2004Characterization of the Structural, Optical, and Dielectric Properties of Oxynitride Perovskites AMO2N (A = Ba, Sr, Ca; M = Ta, Nb)Kim, YI; Woodward, PM; Baba-Kishi, KZ; Tai, CW
2006Characterization of thermal radiation properties of polymeric materialsHu, JY; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Wang, SX
2005Characterization of transboundary POP contamination in aquatic ecosystems of Pearl River deltaChau, KW 
2001Characterization of VOCs, ozone, and PM10 emissions from office equipment in an environmental chamberLee, SC ; Lam, S; Ho, KF
2005Characterization the performance and stability issues of the AS path prepending method : taxonomy, measurement study and analysisWang, H; Chang, R ; Chiu, DM; Lui, J
2013Characterizations and factors affecting Cu(II) uptake by functionalized magnetic mesoporous silica nanoparticlesHo, KP; Lam, KH; Lo, WH 
2005Characterizations for perturbed exact penalty functionsYang, XQ ; Ralph, D
2009Characterizations of bismuth telluride/gallium nitride heterojunction photovoltaic detector for MWIR detection under room temperaturePang, MY; Lui, HF; Li, WS; Wong, KH; Surya, C 
2007Characterizations of bismuth telluride/gallium nitride photovoltaic heterojunction for middle wavelength IR detectionPang, MY; Li, WS; Wong, KH; Surya, C 
2002Characterizations of GaN films grown with indium surfactant by RF-plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxyFong, WK; Zhu, CF; Leung, BH; Surya, C ; Sundaravel, B; Luo, EZ; Xu, JB; Wilson, IH
2009Characterizations of InGaN/GaN MQWs with different growth parametersLeung, KK; Fong, WK; Surya, C 
2010Characterizations of inverse M-matrices with special zero patternsHuang, R; Liu, J; Sze, NS 
2004Characterizations of low-frequency noise in laser-debonded hvpe-grown GaN thin filmsChan, CP; Leung, BH; Loke, YH; Man, HC ; Yue, TM ; Xiu, X; Zhang, R; Surya, C 
2001Characterizations of nonemptiness and compactness of the set of weakly efficient solutions for convex vector optimization and applicationsHuang, XX; Yang, XQ 
17-Aug-2011Characterizations of the solution sets of pseudoinvex programs and variational inequalitiesLiu, C; Yang, X; Lee, HWJ 
2002Characterizations of variable domination structures via nonlinear scalarizationChen, GY; Yang, XQ 
2012Characterizing bifurcations and chaos in multiwavelength lasers with intensity-dependent loss and saturable homogeneous gainLi, F; Kutz, JN; Wai, PKA 
Mar-2013Characterizing chaotic dynamics from simulations of large strain behavior of a granular material under biaxial compressionSmall, M; Walker, DM; Tordesillas, A; Tse, CKM 
2003Characterizing computer cooling fan noiseHuang, L
2011Characterizing damage in plate structures based on local perturbance to dynamic equilibriumXu, H; Cheng, L ; Su, Z 
2006Characterizing driving patterns for Zhuhai for traffic emissions estimationHung, WT ; Tam, KM; Lee, CP; Chan, LY; Cheung, CS 
2013Characterizing inter-domain rerouting by betweenness centrality after disruptive eventsLiu, Y; Luo, X ; Chang, RKC ; Su, J
2007Characterizing ionic species in PM2.5 and PM10 in four Pearl River Delta cities, South ChinaLai, SC; Zou, SC; Cao, JJ; Lee, SC ; Ho, KF
2010Characterizing iron deposition in Parkinson's disease using susceptibility-weighted imaging : an in vivo MR studyZhang, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, J; Cai, P; Luo, C; Qian, Z; Dai, Y; Feng, H
2004Characterizing nonemptiness and compactness of the solution set of a convex vector optimization problem with cone constraints and applicationsHuang, XX; Yang, XQ ; Teo, KL
2004Characterizing nonstationary wind speed using empirical mode decompositionXu, YL ; Chen, J
2014Characterizing sudden geo-hazards in mountainous areas by D-InSAR with an enhancement of topographic error correctionSun, Q; Zhang, L ; Hu, J; Ding, XL ; Li, ZW; Zhu, JJ
2015Characterizing the convergence of a distributed consensus algorithm via relative hullChen, Y
2011Characterizing the gas-phase organochlorine pesticides in the atmosphere over the Pearl River Delta RegionLing, Z; Xu, D; Zou, S; Lee, S ; Ho, K
2014Characterizing the nonemptiness and compactness of the solution set of a vector variational inequality by scalarizationHuang, XX; Fang, YP; Yang, XQ 
2008Characterizing the structural quality of general complex software networksLiu, J; Lu, J; He, K; Li, B; Tse, CK 
2003Characterizing the temporal variability and emission patterns of pollution plumes in the Pearl River Delta of ChinaWang, T ; Poon, CN; Kwok, YH; Li, YS 
2015Characterizing the transplanar and in-plane water transport of textiles with gravimetric and image analysis technique: Spontaneous Uptake Water Transport TesterTang, KPM; Wu, YS; Chau, KH; Kan, CW ; Fan, JT
2011Charge accumulation induced S-shape J-V curves in bilayer heterojunction organic solar cellsWang, JC; Ren, XC; Shi, SQ ; Leung, CW ; Chan, PKL
2012Charge dynamics in solar cells with a blend of pi-conjugated polymer-fullerene studied by transient photo-generated voltageDing, BF; Choy, WCH; Kwok, WM ; Wang, CD; Ho, KYF; Fung, DDS; Xie, FX
2001Charge propagation in nickel 6, 6′-bis(2′-hydroxyphenyl)-2, 2′-bipyridine polymer film doped with perchlorate anionsGuo, P; Hui, TW; Cheung, KC; Wong, KY ; Shiu, KK
2006Charge storage capability of laser ablated poly(ethylene terephthalate) filmHui, CY; Wong, YW; Poon, YM