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2004Barriers to e-commerce logistics in China [Legal Aspects]Ng, J
Jun-2009Barriers to e-commerce policy in logistics : an exploratory study of the Pearl River Delta, ChinaNg, JJM
2015Barriers to effective implementation of ethical codes in construction organizations: An empirical investigationOladinrin, TO; Ho, CMF 
2008Barriers to EMS in the hotel industryChan, ESW 
2012Barriers to implement extensive green roof systems : a Hong Kong studyZhang, X; Shen, L; Tam, VWY; Lee, WWY
2011Barriers to implementation of energy performance contracting (EPC) mechanismXu, PP; Chan, EHW 
2003Barriers to implementing E-commerce in the travel industry : a practical perspectiveHeung, VCS
2002Barriers to improving energy efficiency of existing commercial buildings : motivation of operation and maintenance personnelYik, WH; Lee, WL ; Ng, CK
2008Barriers to optimal self-care in type 2 diabetes from both patients' and nurses' perspectives : phase II of a mixed method studyPun, SPY; Benzie, IFF ; Coates, VE
2010Barriers to promoting building energy efficiency (BEE) : from China's institutional point of viewQian, QK; Chan, EHW 
2005Barriers to returning to work for people with spinal cord injuries : a focus group studyChan, SKK; Man, DWK 
2015Basal Flt1 tyrosine kinase activity is a positive regulator of endothelial survival and vascularization during zebrafish embryogenesisLi, S
2010Base-accelerated enantioselective substitution of morita-baylis-hillman carbonates with dialkyl phosphine oxidesSun, W; Hong, L; Liu, C; Wang, R
2010Baseline and 6 months results of the ROMIO study : a randomized clinical trial on myopic control using orthokeratologyCheung, SW; Cho, P 
2009Baseline recognition and parameter estimation of persistent-scatterer network in radar interferometryChen, Q; Ding, XL ; Liu, GX; Hu, JC; Yuan, LG
2007Baseline wander correction in pulse waveforms using wavelet-based cascaded adaptive filterXu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Li, N; Wang, X
2014Bashing ‘the Chinese’ : contextualizing Zambia's Collum Coal Mine shootingSautman, B; Yan, H 
2001Basic biomechanics of fracture fixationsChow, DHK
2003Basic fibroblast growth factor and nitric oxide are involved in the growth inhibition induced by gleditsia sinensis fruit extractChui, CH; Tang, JCO ; Lau, FY; Wong, RSM; Cheng, GYM; Hui, KS; Wong, MM; Fatima, S; Chow, LMC ; Gou, DA; Chan, ASC
2002Basic principles of pain assessment and evaluationChung, JWY
2011Basic principles of rehabilitation school social work : a reflection and experience of Sichuan hanwang school social work stationChen, HQ; Shen, WW 
2003Basic sound generation mechanisms in inviscid vortex interactions at low Mach numberTang, SK ; Ko, NWM
2000Basic topological models for spatial entities in 3-dimensional spaceLi, Z ; Li, Y; Chen, YQ 
1994Batch delivery scheduling on a single machineCheng, TCE ; Gordon, VS
16-Jan-2007Batch delivery scheduling with batch delivery cost on a single machineJi, M; He, Y; Cheng, TCE 
1996Batch scheduling and common due-date assignment on a single machineCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2001Batch scheduling in the no-wait two-machine flowshop to minimize the makespanLin, BMT; Cheng, TCE 
2007Batch scheduling of deteriorating productsBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY; Ng, CTD 
16-Sep-2008Batch scheduling of deteriorating reworkablesBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2010Batch scheduling of simple linear deteriorating jobs on a single machine to minimize makespanJi, M; Cheng, TCE 
Feb-2008Batch scheduling of step deteriorating jobsBarketau, MS; Cheng, TCE ; Ng, CTD ; Kotov, V; Kovalyov, MY
2003Batch scheduling with controllable setup and processing times to minimize total completion timeNg, CTD ; Cheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY
2007Batching and scheduling in a multi-machine flow shopNg, CT ; Kovalyov, MY
1998Batching and scheduling to minimize the makespan in the two-machine flowshopCheng, TCE ; Wang, G
Jan-2004Batching in a two-stage flowshop with dedicated machines in the second stageCheng, TCE ; Kovalyov, MY; Chakhlevich, KN
2000Batching policy for video-on-demand in multicast environmentPoon, WF; Lo, KT ; Feng, J
2012BaTiO3 : Yb/Er 铁电薄膜中电控光致发光新现象的初步探索Hao, JH ; Zhang, Y; Wei, XH
2008Battery behavior prediction and battery working states analysis of a hybrid solar-wind power generation systemZhou, W; Yang, H ; Fang, Z
2005Battery energy storage systemsSutanto, D
2009Battery management system and control strategy for hybrid and electric vehicleDivakar, BP; Cheng, KWE ; Wu, HJ; Xu, J; Ma, HB; Ting, W; Ding, K; Choi, WF; Huang, BF; Leung, CH
2006Battery working states analysis of a hybrid solar-wind systemZhou, W; Yang, HX ; Fang, ZH
2011Battery-management system (BMS) and SOC development for electrical vehiclesCheng, KWE ; Divakar, BP; Wu, H; Ding, K; Ho, HF
2015BAUM-2 : a multilingual audio-visual affective face databaseEroglu, EC; Turan, C; Aydin, Z
2007Bayesian adaptive comfort temperature (BACT) of air-conditioning system in subtropical climateWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Fong, NK ; Hui, PS
2014A Bayesian Approach for Best Practice Recommendations in Collaborative Designs of Construction ProjectsLiang, X; Shen, GQP ; Bu, S
2015A Bayesian approach for rail condition assessment and crack detectionWang, J; Liu, XZ; Ni, YQ 
2015A Bayesian approach to condition monitoring with imperfect inspectionsYe, Z ; Chen, N; Tsui, KL
2008Bayesian assessments for acceptable airborne bacteria levels in air-conditioned spacesWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS; Chan, WY
Oct-2006Bayesian models for tourism demand forecastingWong, KF; Song, H ; Chon, KKS 
2014Bayesian network based FDD strategy for variable air volume terminalsXiao, F ; Zhao, Y; Wen, J; Wang, S 
2003Bayesian network for fault diagnosisLo, CH; Wong, YK ; Rad, AB
2014Bayesian prediction of fault-proneness of agile-developed object-oriented systemLi, L; Leung, H 
2008Bayesian tensor analysisTao, D; Sun, J; Shen, J; Wu, X; Li, X; Maybank, S; Christos, F
2014Bayesian thermal comfort modelWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Cheung, CT
2009A Bäcklund transformation for L-isothermic surfacesRogers, C; Szereszewski, A
2010Bäcklund transformations and superposition principles in nonlinear elastodynamicsRogers, C; Schief, WK
2006BBQ : group-based querying in a ubiquitous environmentLam, GHK; Leong, HV ; Chan, SCF 
2008BCI-FES training system design and implementation for rehabilitation of stroke patientsMeng, F; Tong, KYR; Chan, STP; Wong, WW; Lui, KH; Tang, KW; Gao, X; Gao, S
2003BCL10 mutations are irrelevant to its aberrant nuclear localization in nasal NK/T-cell lymphomaShen, L; Liang, ACT; Au WY; Lu, L; Chen, YW; Wong, KY; Tang, JCO ; Chan, KW; Beh, SL; Kwong, YL; Liang, RHS; Srivastava, G
Aug-2006BDPCA plus LDA : a novel fast feature extraction technique for face recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Yang, J; Wang, K
2013Be good for love or for money? The roles of justice in the Chinese hotel industryHon, AHY ; Lu, L
2006Be patriotic, use Chinese products! - The birth of modern design in China during "the purchase and the national product movement"Kwok, YCJ 
2008Beacon-aided adaptive azimuth-elevation localization of sound-sources aboard a pass-by rail-car using a track-side acoustic microphone planar arrayWu, YI; Wong, KT ; Lau, SK
2010Beacon-aided adaptive localization of noise sources aboard a pass-by railcar using a trackside microphone arrayWu, YI; Lau, SK; Wong, KT; Tang, SK 
2008Beacon-aided adaptive localization of sound-souces aboard a pass-by rail-car using a track-side acoustic microphone arrayWu, YI; Wong, KT ; Lau, SK
2013Beam patterns of a collocated pair / triad / quad of orthogonal acoustic sensors of 0th- / 1st- / 2nd-order directivityWong, KT 
2013BEAM plus (materials aspects) - Hong Kong’s green building labeling scheme for promoting sustainable use of materials in constructionPoon, CS 
2015Beamformer configuration design in reverberant environmentsLi, Z; Yiu, KFC 
2008Beamspace blind signal separation for speech enhancementLow, SY; Yiu, KFC ; Nordholm, S
2002Bearing capacity and settlement of weak fly ash ground improved using lime - fly ash or stone columnsZhou, C; Yin, JH ; Ming, JP
31-Jan-2011Beat-frequency adjustable Er³⁺-doped DBR fiber laser for ultrasound detectionGuo, T; Wong, ACL; Liu, WS; Guan, BO; Lu, C ; Tam, HY 
2008Beauty and the beast : the brand crisis of SK-II cosmetics in ChinaTai, SHC
2014Beauty contact lensesCho, P 
2004Beauty is in the eyes of beholders : relational schema as antecedents of leader-member exchangeHuang, X ; Wright, R ; Chiu, WCH
2008Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders : textile and clothing student's conceptions of an effective teacherPoon, TTH; Ho, DCK
2006Because of the role of er front office um in hotel : lexical cohesion and discourse intonationWarren, M 
2010Beclin 1 is down-regulated in pressure-induced muscle damageTeng, BT; Tam, EW ; Siu, PM 
2014Beclin 1 is required for neuron viability and regulates endosome pathways via the UVRAG-VPS34 complexMcKnight, NC; Zhong, Y; Wold, MS; Gong, SC; Phillips, GR; Dou, ZX; Zhao, YX ; Heintz, N; Zong, WX; Yue, ZY
2012The BECN1 coiled coil domain An "imperfect" homodimer interface that facilitates ATG14 and UVRAG bindingLi, X; He, L; Zhang, M; Yue, Z; Zhao, Y 
2015Becoming a mental health nurse; A three year longitudinal studyWells, H; Bernal, C; Bressington, D