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2006Automated retinal vessel segmentation using multiscale analysis and adaptive thresholdingLi, Q; You, J ; Zhang, L ; Bhattacharya, P
2011Automated segmentation of iris images using visible wavelength face imagesTan, CW; Kumar, A 
2012Automated segmentation of tumour changes in temporal PET-CT dataNyirenda, G; Kim, J; Wen, L; Feng, D
2004Automated support of quality improvementLiao, L; Leung, HKN ; Qu, Y
2003An automated system for countryside vegetation mapping in Hong KongPun-Cheng, LSC ; Li, Z ; Gao, W
2004An automated system for multi-scale vegetation mappingPun-Cheng, LSC ; Li, Z ; Gao, W
2015An automated testbed for profiling the packet send-time accuracy of embedded devicesMok, KP; Li, W; Chang, R ; Yung, K; Chan, C
2013Automated tongue segmentation based on 2D gabor filters and fast marchingCui, Z; Zuo, W; Zhang, H; Zhang, D 
1-Dec-2007Automated tongue segmentation in hyperspectral images for medicineLiu, Z; Yan, J; Zhang, DD ; Li, QL
2010Automated tumor detection and treatment response assessment with FDG-PET dynamic studiesTian, G; Zheng, X; Shao, S; Huang, G; Feng, D
1996An automated, specific, spectrophotometric method for measuring ascorbic acid in plasma (EFTSA)Benzie, IFF 
2002Automatic 3D temporal kinetics segmentation of dynamic emission tomography image using adaptive region growing cluster analysisKim, J; Feng, D; Cai, W; Eberl, S
2003Automatic acquirement of information extraction rules in financial areaZhou, JH; Yuan, CF; Wong, KF; Li, WJ 
2010Automatic acquisition of Chinese novel noun compoundsWang, M; Huang, CR 
2010Automatic acquisition of Chinese novel noun compoundsWang, M; Huang, CR ; Yu, S; Sun, W
2004Automatic acquisition of rules for 3D reconstruction of construction componentsYang, R; Cao, Y; Li, H ; Wang, S ; Shen, Q 
2001An automatic algorithm for line judgment based on tracingRen, J; Zhao, R; Feng, D
2008Automatic block pattern generation from 3d unstructured point cloudHuang, H; Mok, PY ; Kwok, YL; Au, JS 
2006Automatic Chinese aspectual classification using linguistic indicatorsCao, D; Li, W ; Yuan, C; Wong, KF
2003An automatic Chinese collocation extraction algorithm based on lexical statisticsXu, RF; Lu, Q ; Li, Y
2001Automatic commissioning and re-commissioning of BMS measurement instruments of chilling systemsWang, S ; Burnett, J; Wang, J
2008Automatic commissioning of AHU sensors for enhancing building lifecycle performanceXiao, F ; Wang, S ; Xu, X
2004Automatic commissioning of multiple VAV terminalsQin, JY; Wang, SW 
2006An automatic commissioning tool for VAV air distribution systemsQin, J; Wang, S 
Jul-2011Automatic construction of structured dentritic river networksZhang, L; Guilbert, E
2007Automatic construction of well-founded core ontology from an English-Chinese term bankChen, Y; Lu, Q ; Li, W ; Cui, G
2006Automatic continuous commissioning of measurement instruments in air handling unitsXiao, F ; Wang, SW 
2005An automatic data acquisition system for on-line training of artificial neural network-based air handling unit modelingTse, WL; Chan, WL 
2012Automatic descending aorta segmentation in whole-body PET-CT studies for PERCIST-based thresholdingBi, L; Kim, J; Wen, LF; Feng, D
2011Automatic detection of lung tumor and abnormal regional lymph nodes in PET-CT imagesSong, Y; Cai, W; Eberl, S; Fulham, M; Feng, D
2003Automatic device configuration and data validation through mobile communicationCheung, WL; Fung, YF; Wang, W; Chan, TM
2002Automatic diagnosis and commissioning of central chilling systemsWang, SW 
2003Automatic diagnosis and optimal control of centralized chilling systemsWang, SW ; Cui, JT
2004An automatic disturbance rejection controller for matrix converterYang, G; Wu, J; Chen, Y; Cheung, CN 
2005Automatic elastic medical image registration based on image intensityWang, X; Feng, D
2013Automatic event scheduling in mobile social network communitiesRaychoudhury, V; Kshemkalyani, AD; Zhang, D; Cao, J ; Bakshi, M; Gupta, K; Mittal, V; Maheshwari, S
2014Automatic event scheduling in mobile social network communitiesRaychoudhury, V; Kshemkalyani, AD; Zhang, D; Cao, J 
2007Automatic extraction and identification of chart patterns towards financial forecastLiu, JNK; Kwong, RWM
2009Automatic extraction of fuzzy domain ontology conceptsLiu, JNK; Lam, THW; Wang, HW; Tam, HWK
2015Automatic fascicle length estimation on muscle ultrasound images with an orientation-sensitive segmentationZhou, GQ; Zheng, YP 
2003Automatic fault detection for dynamic physical systemsLo, CH; Wong, YK ; Rad, AB
2004Automatic flame tracking technique for atrium fire from video imagesLi, J; Lu, P; Fong, NK ; Chow, W ; Wong, L ; Xu, D
2001Automatic font set detectionLo, CW; Lu, Q 
2015Automatic Freeway Incident Detection for Free Flow Conditions: A Vehicle Reidentification Based Approach Using Image Data from Sparsely Distributed Video CamerasWang, J; Sumalee, A 
2004Automatic fusion of photogrammetric imagery and laser scanner point cloudsForkuo, EK; King, BA 
2000Automatic generation of machine components for variant-oriented product designLee, HC; Tang, MX ; Chan, KH
1993Automatic generation of moment invariants and the use of higher order moments for character recognitionWong, WH; Siu, WC ; Lam, KM 
2004Automatic generation of pen-and-ink drawings from photosSong, J; Chi, Z ; Liu, J; Fu, H
2011Automatic generation of random distribution of fibers in long-fiber-reinforced composites and mesomechanical simulationWang, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2001Automatic human face recognition system using fractal dimension and modified hausdorff distanceLin, KH; Guo, B; Lam, KM ; Siu, WC 
2004Automatic hybrid registration for 2-dimensional CT abdominal imagesWang, X; Feng, D
2000Automatic identification and recording of cardiac arrhythmiaSmall, M; Yu, DJ; Grubb, N; Simonotto, J; Fox, KAA; Harrison, RG
2008Automatic identification of semantic relationships for manufacturing information managementYu, W; Liu, Y
2011Automatic image segmentation by dynamic region mergingPeng, B; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D 
2011Automatic incident detection for urban roads in Hong KongYe, DJ; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML
2011Automatic incident detection for urban roads in Hong KongYe, DJ; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML
2013Automatic incident detection under various rain conditionsLi, XM; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML
2011Automatic lesion detection for measuring response with dynamic FDG-PETZheng, X; Tian, G; Song, S; Huang, G; Feng, D
2008Automatic measurement and recognition of yarn snarls by digital image and signal processing methodsXu, BG ; Murrells, CM; Tao, XM 
2005Automatic measurement of lumbar spinal kinematics from lateral radiographsSun, LW; Yang, S; Lee, RYW
2015Automatic measurement of pennation angle and fascicle length of gastrocnemius muscles using real-time ultrasound imagingZhou, GQ
2008Automatic medical image categorization and annotation using LBP and MPEG-7 edge histogramsTian, G; Fu, H; Feng, D
2007Automatic mobile device synchronization and remote control system for high-Performance medical applicationsConstantinescu, L; Kim, J; Chan, C; Feng, D
2005Automatic modal identification and variability in measured modal vectors of a cable-stayed bridgeNi, YQ ; Fan, KQ; Zheng, G; Ko, JM
2003Automatic modal identification of cable-supported bridges instrumented with a long-term monitoring systemNi, YQ ; Fan, KQ; Zheng, G; Chan, THT; Ko, JM 
2015Automatic modulation format/bit-rate classification and signal-to-noise ratio estimation using asynchronous delay-tap samplingKhan, FN; Teow, CH; Kiu, SG; Tan, MC; Zhou, Y; Al-Arashi, WH; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
2000Automatic monitoring of slope deformations using geotechnical instrumentsDing, X ; Ren, D; Montgomery, B; Swindells, C
2001An automatic mosaicing system to document conditions for the conservation of easel paintingsLiu, NKJ; You, J ; Lee, R; Tse, E
2001Automatic palmprint verificationShi, W; Rong, G; Bian, Z; Zhang, D 
2003Automatic parallel parkingLo, YK; Rad, AB; Wong, CW; Ho, ML
2013Automatic partitioning of behavioral descriptions for high-level synthesis with multiple internal throughputsCarrion Schafer, B 
2004Automatic power quality recognition system using wavelet analysisSiu, HK; Ngan, HW 
2011Automatic recognition of emotion based on a cognitively motivated emotion annotation systemChen, Y; Lee, SYM; Huang, C 
2002Automatic recognition of tables in construction tender documentsCao, Y; Wang, S; Li, H 
2016An Automatic Recovery Mechanism for Cloud Service CompositionLi, W; Cheng, Y; Zhang, P; Leung, H 
2008Automatic result verification for the functional testing of a query languageBinnig, C; Kossmann, D; Lo, E ; Saenz-Badillos, A
2006An automatic road segmentation algorithm using one-class SVMZheng, S; Liu, J; Shi, W ; Zhu, G
2003Automatic segmentation of Chinese chunks using a neural networkWang, R; Chi, Z 
2002Automatic sensor evaluation in BMS commissioning of building refrigeration systemsWang, S ; Wang, JB
2007An automatic statistical method to detect the breast border in a mammogramChoy, YH; Hung, WT; Mitchell, RA; Zhou, X