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2000Combining schemes in rake receiver for low spreading factor long-code W-CDMA systemsTantikovit, S; Sheikh, AUH; Wang, MZ
2002Combining scoring method and fuzzy expert systems approach to supplier assessment : a case studyKwong, CK ; Ip, WH ; Chan, JWK 
2012Combining statistical and judgmental forecasts via a web-based tourism demand forecasting systemSong, H ; Gao, BZ; Lin, VS
2008Combining therapeutic laser and herbal remedy for treating ligament injury : an ultrastructural morphological studyNg, GYF ; Fung, DTC
2007Combining transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and task-related training improved lower limb functions in patients with chronic stroke: A randomized, placebo-controlled studyNg, S ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2015Combustion characteristics of a slotted swirl combustor: An experimental test and numerical validationLi, Y; Li, R; Li, D; Bao, J; Zhang, P 
2011Combustion characteristics of a swirling inverse diffusion flame upon oxygen content variationZhen, HS; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS 
2011Combustion optimization of a port-array inverse diffusion flame jetDong, LL; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW 
2003Combustion optimization of a slot flame jet impingement systemDong, LL; Leung, CW ; Cheung, CS 
2011Combustion, performance and emission characteristics of a di diesel engine fueled with ethanol-biodiesel blendsZhu, L; Cheung, CS ; Zhang, WG; Huang, Z
2014Combustion, performance and emissions of a diesel engine with H 2, CH4 and H2-CH4 additionZhou, JH; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW 
2013Combustion, performance and emissions of ULSD, PME and B50 fueled multi-cylinder diesel engine with naturally aspirated hydrogenZhou, JH; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW 
2008Comfort evaluation of maternity support garments in a wear trialHo, SS; Yu, W ; Lao, TT; Chow, DHK; Chung, JW; Li, Y 
2005Comfort sensations of cotton woven shirts with and without nano-finishNg, SFF ; Hui, CL 
2002Comfort sensations of polo shirts with and without wrinkle-free treatmentLau, L; Fan, J; Siu, T; Siu, LYC
2003Command control for functional electrical stimulation hand grasp systems using miniature accelerometers and gyroscopesTong, KY; Mak, AFT; Ip, WY
2002Commander and serviceman--the story of KimChen, J 
2001Commensurability of fuzzy membership values in fuzzy rulesLee, JWT
17-Jul-2009Comment on "Mechanism for superelongation of carbon nanotubes at high temperatures"Ding, F ; Huang, JY; Yakobson, BI
1998Comment on the overall thermal transfer value (OTTV) for building energy controlChow, WK ; Yu, PCH
28-Mar-2013Comment on “Intrinsic dielectric frequency dependent spectrum of a single domain tetragonal BaTiO3” [J. Appl. Phys. 112, 014108 (2012)]Deng, HY
2005Comment on: Target dose conformity in 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapyWu, VWC 
2015CommentaryTsang, HWH 
2009Commentary on Jackson D, Haigh C & Watson R (2009) Editorial : nurses and publications - the impact of the impact factor. Journal of Clinical Nursing 18, 2537-2538Chan, ZCY 
2006Commentary on Sung H-C, Chang S-M & Tsai C-S (2005) working in long-term care settings for older people with dementia : nurses' aides. Journal of Clinical Nursing 14, 587-593Lai, CKY 
2010Commentary on Watson R & Thompson DR (2009) Editorial : nursing for dummies or dummies for nursing? Journal of clinical nursing 18, 3069Chan, ZCY 
2010Commentary on Watson R (2008) editorial : will there ever be a Nobel Prize in nursing? Journal of clinical nursing 17, 565-566Chan, Z 
2015Commentary on: Hegedüs A. and Kozel B. (2014). Does adherence therapy improve medication adherence among patients with schizophrenia? A systematic review. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, doi: 10.1111/inm.12089Gray, R; Bressington, D ; von Bormann, S; Schulz, M; Brown, E; Anderson, K; Jones, M
2015Commentary to : Smooth pursuit eye movement training improves recovery from functional neglect in individuals with postacute strokeFong, KNK 
2011Comments on "2-D order-16 integer transforms for HD video codingWong, CW; Siu, WC 
2001Comments on "A unified approach for stability analysis of a class of time-varying nonlinear systems"Sio, KC; Lee, CK
2008Comments on "An adaptive multimodal biometric management algorithm"Kanhangad, V; Kumar, A; Zhang, D 
Jun-2006Comments on "Design and analysis of switched-capacitor-based step-up resonant converters"Ioinovici, A; Tse, CKM ; Chung, HSH
2005Comments on "Explicit criterion for the positive definiteness of a general quartic form"Wang, F; Qi, L 
2007Comments on "On image matrix based feature extraction algorithms"Gao, Q; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D ; Yang, H
Feb-2007Comments on "Unified analysis of switched-capacitor resonant converters"Ioinovici, A; Chung, HSH; Makowsk, MS; Tse, CKM 
2009Comments on "Viscoelastic studies of human subscapularis tendon : relaxation test and a Wiechert model" by C. Machiraju, A.V. Phan, A.W. Pearsall, S. Madanagopal, Computer methods and programs in biomedicine (2006)Wang, ZW; Tang, CY 
2003Comments on : a new aggregation method in a fuzzy environmentJiang, R; Ji, P ; Lee, WB 
2005Comments on Monte Carlo simulations of void-lattice formationSemenov, AA; Woo, CH; Frank, W
2003Commissioning of AHU sensors using principal component analysis methodXiao, F ; Wang, S 
2008Commitment and vulnerability in B2B relationship selling in the Hong Kong institutional insurance service industryWong, YH; Chan, RYK ; Leung, TKP ; Pae, JH
2000Commitment to the union: A survey of research and the implications for industrial relations and trade unionsSnape, E; Redman, T; Chan, AW 
2010Commitment-penalty contracts in drop-shipping supply chains with asymmetric demand informationGan, X ; Sethi, SP; Zhou, J
2012Common due date assignment and scheduling with a rate-modifying activity to minimize the due date, earliness, tardiness, holding, and batch delivery costYin, Y; Cheng, TCE ; Xu, D; Wu, CC
2002Common due date assignment and scheduling with ready timesCheng, TCE ; Chen, ZL; Shakhlevich, NV
2012Common due-window assignment and scheduling of linear time-dependent deteriorating jobs and a deteriorating maintenance activityCheng, TCE ; Yang, SJ; Yang, DL
2012The common marine policy of the European Union since 2005Goulielmos, AM; Lun, YHV 
1-Jul-2012Common polymorphisms in TLR4 gene associated with susceptibility to pulmonary tuberculosis in the sudaneseZaki, HY; Leung, KH; Yiu, WC; Gasmelseed, N; Elwali, NEM; Yip, SP 
2013Common practices in fire hazard assessment for underground transport stationsQu, L; Chow, WK 
2001A common Tabu search algorithm for the global optimization of engineering problemsMachado, JM; Yang, SY; Ho, SL ; Ni, P
2012Common-mode and differential-mode loop gains of paralleled buck convertersLi, M; Tse, CK 
2002Commonality in liquidity : evidence from an order-driven market structureBrockman, P; Chung, DY
2015Commoning as differentiated publicnessSohn, H; Kousoulas, S; Bruyns, G
2000Communication in a multi-layer MIMD system for computer visionFikret, EM; Fung, YF; Demokan, MS
2013Communication makes a corporate code of ethics effective : lessons from Hong KongHo, CMF 
2010Communication networks : survivable routing algorithm with mixed shared protection in fault-tolerant GMPLS multi-layered optical networksGuo, L; Cao, J ; Wang, X; Wei, X; Gai, Q; Ning, Z; Yu, C
2005Communication partner identification in distributed job workflow execution over the gridFeng, Y; Cai, W; Cao, J 
2014Communication with stakeholders through corporate web sites : an exploratory study on the CEO messages of major corporations in Greater ChinaNgai, CSB ; Singh, RG
2009Community capacity building as a strategy of family violence prevention in a problem-stricken community : a theoretical FormulationChan, YC ; Lam, GLT; Cheng, HCH
2000The community care movement in mental health services: Implications for social work practiceYip, KS 
2015Community clinic : economizing mobile cloud service cost via cloudlet groupZhang, J; Xiong, T; Lou, W 
2005Community health project : protecting young-age children from parental smoking at homeMak, YM; Loke, AY ; Lam, TH; Abdullah, ASM
2003Community integration or community exposure? A review and discussion in relation to people with an intellectual disabilityCummins, RA; Lau, ALD
2006Community mental health in the People's Republic of China : a critical analysisYip, KS 
Jul-2008Community nursing services for postdischarge chronically ill patientsChow, SKY ; Wong, FKY ; Chan, TMF; Chung, YF; Chang, KKP ; Lee, RPL
2015Community participation and community evaluation of heritage revitalisation projects in Hong KongZhai, B; Chan, APC 
2004Community policing in Hong Kong : development, performance and constraintsLo, CWH ; Cheuk, ACY
2012Community question in transitional china, a case study of state-led urbanization in shanghaiXu, Y; Chan, EHW 
2011Community-based diabetic retinopathy screening in Hong Kong : ocular findingsFung, MMY; Yap, MKH ; Cheng, KKY
2005A community-based fitness and mobility exercise program for older adults with chronic stroke : a randomized, controlled trialPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ; Dawson, AS; Mckay, HA; Harris, JE
2011A community-based survey on cardiovascular health status among residents in a Wuhan district in ChinaSit, WHJ; Chair, SY; Li, S; Wong, EMY; Zheng, Y; Wong, KST
2014Community-initiated adaptive reuse of historic buildings and sustainable development in the inner city of ShanghaiYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2004Community-partnered contracts in developing countriesSohail, M; Baldwin, AN
2003Commuter exposure to aromatic VOCs in public transportation modes in Hong KongLau, WL; Chan, LY
2002Commuter exposure to particulate matter in public transportation modes in Hong KongChan, LY; Lau, WL; Lee, SC ; Chan, CY
2005Commuters' exposure to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in air-conditioned buses in Hong KongChan, MY 
2013Commuting patterns of residents within a high-density urban development : a study of Hong KongHui, ECM ; Yu, KH
2012Comorbid mood and adjustment disorders among pathological gamblers seeking treatment in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Chan, EML; Wong, RHY
1-Jun-2013Compact broadband amplified spontaneous emission in Tm³⁺-doped tungsten tellurite glass double-cladding single-mode fiberKuan, PW; Li, K; Zhang, G; Wang, X; Zhang, L; Bai, G; Tsang, YH ; Hu, L
2008Compact in-fiber interferometer formed by long-period gratings in photonic crystal fiberJu, J; Jin, W ; Ho, HL