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2015The clique and coclique numbers’ bounds based on the H-eigenvalues of uniform hypergraphsXie, J; Qi, L 
2008Clique-transversal number in cubic graphsLiang, Z; Shan, E; Cheng, TCE 
2007Clique-transversal sets in cubic graphsLiang, Z; Shan, E; Cheng, TCE 
2011Cloaks with multiple invisible regionsLuo, Y; Zhu, S; He, L; Wang, Y 
2010Clonal expansions of cytotoxic T cells exist in the blood of patients with Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia but exhibit anergic properties and are eliminated by nucleoside analogue therapyLi, J; Sze, DM; Brown, RD; Cowley, MJ; Kaplan, W; Mo, SL; Yang, S; Aklilu, E; Kabani, K; Loh, YS; Yamagishi, T; Chen, Y; Ho, PJ; Joshua, DE
2010A clone of social networks to decentralized bootstrapping P2P networksLuo, J; Xiao, B ; Yang, Z; Zhou, S
2001Cloning and characterization of a novel Kruppel-like zinc finger gene, ZNF268, expressed in early human embryoGou, DM; Sun, Y; Gao, L; Chow, LMC ; Huang, J; Feng, YD; Jiang, DH; Li, WX
2002Cloning and characterization of Arabidopsis thaliana pyridoxal kinaseLum, HK; Kwok, F; Lo, SCL 
2009Cloning and characterization of the I-deoxy-D-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase gene for diterpenoid tanshinone blosynthesis in Salvia miltiorrhiza (Chinese sage) hairy rootsWu, SJ; Shi, M; Wu, JY 
2006Cloning and expression of the PHA synthase genes phaC1 and phaC1AB into Bacillus subtilisWang, Y; Ruan, L; Chua, H; Yu, PHF
2002Close range photogrammetry for the structural monitoring of the Star Ferry colonnadeLi, C; King, B 
2003Close spaced ultra-short bound solitons from DI-NOLM Figure-8 fiber laserGong, YD; Shum, P; Tang, DY; Lu, C; Qi, ZW; Lai, WJ; Man, WS; Tam, HY 
2001Closed from solution for alongwind response of actively controlled tall buildings with LQG controllersZhang, WS; Xu, YL 
2012Closed-form direction finding using collocated but orthogonally oriented higher order acoustic sensorsSong, Y; Wong, KT 
2007Closed-form expressions for symbol error probability of orthogonal space-time block codes over Rician-Nakagami channelsXu, F; Yue, DW; Lau, FCM ; Zhou, QF
2001A closed-form forward kinematics solution for the 6-6P Stewart platformJi, P ; Wu, H
2000Closed-form solution for reinforced Timoshenko beam on elastic foundationYin, JH 
2002Closed-form solution for seismic response of adjacent buildings with linear quadratic Gaussian controllersXu, YL ; Zhang, WS
2011A closed-form solution for the optimal release times for the F2| deteriorating jobs |∑wjCj problemWagneur, E; Cheng, E ; Ng, D 
Mar-2013Closed-loop control of flow-induced sound in a flow duct with downstream resonant cavitiesLu, ZB; Halim, D; Cheng, L 
2004Closed-loop control of fluid-structure interactions on a flexibly supported cylinderZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2006Closed-loop control of vortex-airfoil interaction noiseZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2006Closed-loop control of vortex-airfoil interaction noiseZHANG, Mm; Cheng, L ; ZHOU, Y
Apr-2006Closed-loop controlled vortex-airfoil interactionsZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2014Closed-loop supply chain network under oligopolistic competition with multiproducts, uncertain demands, and returnsZhou, Y; Chan, CK ; HungWong, K; Lee, YCE
May-2004Closed-loop-controlled vortex shedding and vibration of a flexibly supported square cylinder under different schemesZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2005Closed-loop-manipulated wake of a stationary square cylinderZhang, MM; Zhou, Y; Cheng, L 
2011Closing the loop between design and market for new product idea screening decisionsChan, SL; Ip, WH ; Kwong, CK 
2014Clostridial Neurotoxins : mode of substrate recognition and novel therapy developmentChen, S 
2007The closure of "A multicriteria lifespan energy efficiency approach to intelligent building assessment", by Chen et al. [Energy and Building 38(5) (2006) 393-409]. Discussed by K.C. Wong, Albert So, and Andrew Leung, Asian Institute of Intelligent BuildingsChen, Z; Clements-Croome, DJ; Hong, J; Li, H ; Xu, Q
Sep-2004Closure on "Simulation of switched reluctance motor drives using two-dimensional bicubic spline"Xue, X; Cheng, KWE ; Ho, SL 
2007Closure to "Comparison of interface shear strength of soil nails measured by both direct shear box tests and pullout tests"Chu, LM; Yin, JH 
2010Closure to "Structural Damage Detection from Wavelet Coefficient Sensitivity with Model Errors" by S. S. Law, X. Y. Li, andZ. R. LuLaw, SS; Li, XY; Lu, ZR
2011Closure to employing the net present value-consistent IRR methods for PFI contracts by Y. H. Chiang, Eddie W. L. Cheng, and Patrick T. I. Lam July 2010, Vol. 136, No. 7, pp. 811-814. 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0000179Chiang, YH ; Cheng, EWL; Lam, PTI 
2005Closure to “Factors affecting the success of a construction project”Chan, A ; Scott, D; Chan, A
2007ClothFollowing human wills—— the interaction between the contemporary textile & fashion design and the scientific and technological developmentJiang, S ; Zhang, L
2000Clothing deprivation, clothing satisfaction, fashion leadership and Hong Kong young consumersLaw, KM; Zhang, ZM; Leung, CS
2005The clothing psychology of uniform wearers in Hong KongChan, CK ; Jiang, XY; Chan, LK; Liew, KL; Wong, WK ; Lau, MP
2003Clothing thermal insulation during sweatingChen, YS; Fan, J; Zhang, W
Nov-2010Cloud and the corresponding precipitation chemistry in south China : water-soluble components and pollution transportSun, M; Wang, Y; Wang, T ; Fan, S; Wang, W; Li, P; Guo, J; Li, Y
2015Cloud deposition of PAHs at mount lushan in southern ChinaWang, R; Wang, Y; Li, H; Yang, M; Sun, L; Wang, T ; Wang, W
2001Cloud detection using probabilistic neural networksZhang, WD; He, MX; Mak, MW 
2013Cloud offloading on customer-provided resourcesLai, K; Tang, H; Wang, H; Ding, S; Wang, D 
2014A cloud-based intelligent decision-making system for order tracking and allocation in apparel manufacturingGuo, ZX; Wong, WK ; Guo, C
2011Cloud-based personal knowledge management as a service (PKMaaS)Tsui, E ; Cheong, RKF; Sabetzadeh, F
2015A cloud-based responsive replenishment system in a franchise business model using a fuzzy logic approachLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Lin, C
2015A cloud-based wireless mesh network with adaptive data storage functionsYang, ST; Chan, HCB ; Lam, PP; Chong, PHJ
2007A cluster analysis to investigating nurses' knowledge, attitudes, and skills regarding the clinical management systemChan, MF
2015Cluster consensus of high-order multi-agent systems with switching topologiesHou, B; Sun, F; Li, H; Chen, Y; Xi, J
2010Cluster consensus of nonlinearly coupled multi-agent systems in directed graphsLu, XQ; Austin, F; Chen, SH
2010Cluster consensus of second-order multi-agent systems via pinning controlLu, XQ; Austin, F; Chen, SH
2004Cluster housing and the freedom of choice : a response to Emerson (2004)Cummins, RA; Lau, ALD; Emerson, E
2005Cluster size effect in hardness of nanoclay/epoxy compositesLam, CK; Cheung, HY; Lau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Ho, MW; Hui, D
2011Cluster synchronization of nonlinearly coupled complex networks via pinning controlFeng, J; Wang, J; Xu, C; Austin, FR
2008Cluster-based drag coefficient model for simulating gas-solid flow in a fast-fluidized bedZou, LM; Guo, YC; Chan, CK 
2012Cluster-based energy-efficient structural health monitoring using wireless sensor networksHu, Q; Liu, X; Wu, Q; Cao, J ; Liu, Y; Tan, Y
2015Cluster-based informed agents selection for flocking with a virtual leaderGanganath, N; Cheng, CT ; Tse, CK ; Wang, X
2006ClusterGOP : a High-Level Programming Environment for ClustersChan, F; Cao, J ; Guo, M
2011A clustering algorithm for wireless sensor networks based on social insect coloniesCheng, CT ; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2006Clustering analysis of gene expression data based on semi-supervised Visual Clustering AlgorithmChung, FL ; Wang, S; Deng, Z; Shu, C; Hu, D
2005Clustering and re-clustering for pattern discovery in gene expression dataMa, PCH; Chan, KCC ; Chiu, DKY
2008A clustering based approach for domain relevant relation extractionYang, Y; Lu, Q ; Zhao, T
2005Clustering model for transmission of the SARS virus : application to epidemic control and risk assessmentSmall, M; Tse, CK 
2013A clustering-based context-aware mechanism for IEEE 802.21 media independent handoverXiong, M; Cao, J 
2003CMAC-based short-term electricity price forecastingZhou, H; Chen, J; Wu, H; Ho, SL 
2014CMOS-compatible 2-bit optical spectral quantization scheme using a silicon-nanocrystal-based horizontal slot waveguideKang, Z; Yuan, JH; Zhang, XT; Wu, Q; Sang, XZ; Farrell, G; Yu, CX; Li, F; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2009CMV : file consistency maintenance through virtual servers in peer-to-peer systemsWang, Z; Datta, A; Das, SK; Kumar, M
2009Co-authorship patterns in accounting researchChan, KC; Chen, CR; Cheng, LTW 
2013Co-constructing prejudiced talk : ethnic stereotyping in intercultural communication between Hong Kong Chinese and English-Speaking WesternersCheng, W
2015The co-creation/place attachment nexusSuntikul, W ; Jachna, T 
2012Co-evolution of symptom-herb relationshipPoon, J; Yin, D; Poon, SK; Zhang, R; Liu, B; Sze, D
2011Co-evolutionary genetic algorithm in symptom-herb relationship discoveryPoon, J; Yin, D; Poon, SK; Zhou, X; Zhang, R; Liu, B; Sze, D
2003Co-existence of chaos-based and conventional digital communication systemsLau, FCM ; Tse, CKM 
2012Co-occupant's exposure of expiratory dropletsEffects of mouth coveringsLi, X; Niu, J ; Gao, N
2013Co-occupant's exposure to exhaled pollutants with two types of personalized ventilation strategies under mixing and displacement ventilation systemsLi, X; Niu, J ; Gao, N
2006Co-occurrence features of multi-scale directional filter bank for texture characterizationCheng, KO; Law, NFB ; Siu, WC 
2001Co-operative benchmarking : a tool for partnering excellence in constructionLi, H ; Cheng, EWL; Love, PED; Irani, Z
2012A co-ordination model combining incentive scheme and co-ordination policy for a single-vendor-multi-buyer supply chainChan, CK ; Lee, YCE
2000Co-ordination of transformer tap and capacitor operation for reactive power voltage control in a distribution primary substationWong, TK; Mak, CM; Chung, TS
2013Co-production versus co-creation : a process based continuum in the hotel service contextChathoth, P; Altinay, L; Harrington, RJ; Okumus, F; Chan, ESW