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2014Catalytic consequences of charge-balancing cations in zeolite during photo-Fenton oxidation of formaldehyde in alkaline conditionsMacdonald, MJ; Wu, Z; Ruzicka, JY; Golovko, V; Tsang, DCW ; Yip, ACK
2013Catalytic degradation of caffeine in aqueous solutions by cobalt-MCM41 activation of peroxymonosulfateQi, F; Chu, W ; Xu, B
2013Catalytic enantioselective ring-opening reaction of meso-aziridines with -isothiocyanato imidesCao, YM; Zhang, FT; Shen, FF; Wang, R
2007Catalytic H/D exchange between organic compounds and D2O with TpRu(PPh3)(CH3CN)H (Tp = hydro(trispyrazolyl)borate). Reaction of TpRu(PPh3)(CH3CN)H with water to form acetamido complex TpRu(PPh3)(H2O)(NHC(O)CH3)Leung, CW; Zheng, W; Wang, D; Ng, SM; Yeung, CH; Zhou, Z; Lin, Z; Lau, CP
2015Catalytic ozonation of simulated textile dyeing wastewater using mesoporous carbon aerogel supported copper oxide catalystHu, E; Wu, X; Shang, S ; Tao, XM ; Jiang, SX ; Gan, L
2012The catalytic phosphoinositol 3-kinase isoform p110 delta is required for glioma cell migration and invasionLuk, SK; Piekorz, RP; Nurnberg, B; To, SST 
2015Catalytically impaired fluorescent Class C £]-lactamase enables rapid and sensitive cephalosporin detection by stabilizing fluorescence signals : implications for biosensor designTsang, MW; So, PK; Liu, SY; Tsang, CW; Chan, PH ; Wong, KY ; Leung, YC 
2015Catalyzed cascade arylation and chlorination of α-diazocarbonyl compounds with arylboronic acids and n-chlorosuccinimide for facile synthesis of α-aryl-α-chloro carbonyl compoundsNg, FN; Lau, YF; Zhou, Z; Yu, WY 
2011Catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase boost rectifiersHuang, M; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
2013Catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase voltage-source convertersHuang, M; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
2011Catastrophic bifurcation in three-phase voltage-source convertersHuang, M; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
2002Categorical classification of tourism diningAu, N ; Law, R 
2014Categorization and intensity of Chinese emotion wordsLin, J; Yao, Y 
Jun-2014Categorization and intensity of Chinese emotion wordsLin, J; Yao, Y 
2002Cation- p interactions in aromatic amino acid : a theoretical and experimental study of the alkali metal cation (Li+, Na+, K+) phenylalanine complexesSiu, FM; Ma, NL; Tsang, CW
2001Cation-π interactions in sodiated phenylalanine complexes: Is phenylalanine in the charge-solvated or zwitterionic form? [1]Siu, FM; Ma, NL; Tsang, CW
2014Cationic amphipathic D-enantiomeric antimicrobial peptides with in vitro and ex vivo activity against drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosisLan, Y; Lam, JT; Siu, GKH ; Yam, WC; Mason, AJ; Lam, JKW
2006CATSMLP : Toward a robust and interpretable multilayer perceptron with sigmoid activation functionsChung, FL ; Wang, S; Deng, Z; Hu, D
2011Cauchy mutation based on objective variable of Gaussian particle swarm optimization for parameters selection of SVMWu, Q; Law, R 
2014Cauchy problem of the magnetohydrodynamic burgers systemJin, HY; Wang, ZA ; Xiong, L
2007A causal analysis for the expenditure data of business travelersLaw, R ; Li, G
2003Causal impedance matching for broadband hybrid noise absorptionYuan, J 
2015Causal relationship between construction activities, employment and GDP : the case of Hong KongChiang, YH ; Tao, L; Wong, FKW 
2011The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a gaming and tourism center : the case of Macao SAR, the People's Republic of ChinaLai, TM; To, WM; Lo, WC ; Choy, YS ; Lam, KH
2008Causal relationship between telecommunications and economic growth in China and its regionsShiu, A ; Lam, PL
2006The cause and influence of self-cementing properties of fine recycled concrete aggregates on the properties of unbound sub-basePoon, CS ; Qiao, XC; Chan, D
2001The cavitation behavior of a coarse-grained Al5052 alloy under hot uniaxial and equibiaxial tensionChow, KK; Chan, KC 
2006Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviors of laser-aluminized mild steelKwok, CT; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2002Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviors of stainless steel 316 laser surface-alloyed with WCLo, KH; Cheng, FT; Man, HC ; Kwok, CT
2000Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviour of laser surface alloyed MMC of SiC and Si3N4 on Al alloy AA6061Man, HC ; Kwok, CT; Yue, TM 
1997Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviour of laser surface melted 316L stainless steelKwok, CT; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2002Cavitation erosion and corrosion behaviours of stainless steel 316 laser surface alloyed with WCLo, KH; Cheng, FT; Man, HC ; Kwok, CT
1998Cavitation erosion and damage mechanisms of alloys with duplex structuresKwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2000Cavitation erosion and pitting corrosion behaviour of laser surface-melted martensitic stainless steel UNS S42000Kwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
1998Cavitation erosion and pitting corrosion of laser surface melted stainless steelsKwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2003Cavitation erosion behavior of laser gas nitrided Ti and Ti6Al4V alloyMan, HC ; Cui, ZD; Yue, TM ; Cheng, FT
2002Cavitation erosion behavior of laser-clad Ni-Cr-Fe-WC on brassTam, KF; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2002Cavitation Erosion Behaviour on Aluminium Alloy by Using Laser Surface Cladding of NiCrBSiZhang, S; Zhang, C; Liu, C; Man, HC 
2003Cavitation erosion mechanism of S31600 stainless steel laser surface-modified with unclad WCLo, KH; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
1998Cavitation erosion of duplex and super duplex stainless steelsKwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2005Cavitation erosion resistance of AISI 316L stainless steel laser surface-modified with NiTiChiu, KY; Cheng, FT; Man, HC 
2003Cavitation erosion resistance of heat-treated NiTiCheng, FT; Shi, P; Man, HC 
2002Cavitation erosion resistance of stainless steel laser-clad with WC-reinforced MMCCheng, FT; Kwok, CT; Man, HC 
2001Cavitation erosion-corrosion behaviour of laser surface alloyed AISI 1050 mild steel using NiCrSiBKwok, CT; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT
2003Cavitation erosion-corrosion characteristics of laser surface modified NiTi shape memory alloyCui, ZD; Man, HC ; Cheng, FT; Yue, TM 
2005Cavitation-erosion mechanism of laser cladded SiC particle reinforced metal matrix compositeZhang, CH; Zhang, S; Yang, HG; Zhu, SL; Man, HC ; Cai, QK
2006Cavity temperature of LDPE injection molded parts with microstructure region considering latent heatJiang, BY; Weng, C; Luo, JH; Du, X 
2009Cavity-backed microperforated panel sound absorbersWang, C; Cheng, L ; Pan, J
2012A CBFSA approach to resolve the distributed manufacturing process planning problem in a supply chain environmentMishra, N; Kumar, V; Chan, FTS ; Tiwari, MK
2006CCATA - a computer-aided angular tolerance charting systemJi, P ; Xue, J
2014CCREM 2014 : smart construction and management in the context of new technology : proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management, September 27-28, 2014, Kunming, China
1-Jul-1998A CCSD(T) study of the He〮NO molecular complexLee, EPF; Wright, TG
2010CD insensitive PMD monitoring by Using FBG Notch Filter in 57-Gbit/s D8PSK and 38-Gbit/s DQPSK systemsYang, J; Yu, C; Cheng, L; Li, Z; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
17-Jan-2011CD-insensitive PMD monitoring based on RF power measurementYang, J; Yu, C; Cheng, L; Li, Z; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2002cDNA sequence of porcine thioredoxinYu, GW; Xu, JY; Xu, L; Lee, KS
2009CED : a community-based event delivery protocol in publish/subscribe systems for Delay Tolerant Sensor Network (DTSN)Zhu, J; Liu, M; Cao, J ; Chen, G; Gong, H; Xu, F
2013Cell culture using centrifugal microfluidic platform with demonstration on Pichia pastorisRen, Y; Chow, LMC ; Leung, WWF 
2010Cell culture using totating microfluidicsLeung, WWF ; Ren, Y
2014Cell membrane deformation induced by a fibronectin-coated polystyrene microbead in a 200-MHz acoustic trapHwang, J; Lee, C; Lam, K; Kim, H; Lee, J; Shung, K
2011A cell-based model for multi-class doubly stochastic dynamic traffic assignmentSzeto, WY; Jiang, Y; Sumalee, A
2007Cellular contributions of the global flash multifocal ERGChan, HHL ; Chu, PHW; Ng, YF; Siu, AW; Beale, BA; Gilger, BC; Wong, F
2002Cellular textile composites as a new class of energy absorbing materialsTao, XM ; Yu, TX
2001Cellular textile composites as energy absorbing linersWong, YW; Tao, XM ; Yu, TX
2006Cellular textile composites with non-woven fabric reinforcementLam, SW; Tao, XM ; Yu, TX
2010Cellular uptake study of silica nanoparticles in human foreskin fibroblast cellsZhang, Y; Liu, X; Chen, AZ; Chen, D; Yang, M; Li, Y 
2013Cellulose-based nanocomposites with desirable and diversified shape-memory functionsLuo, HS; Koo, YR; Hu, JL 
2009Cellulosic ethanol : biofuel from waste cotton garmentShang, SM ; Chan, CH; Zhu, L
2011Central administration of Neuropeptide FF and related peptides attenuate systemic morphine analgesia in miceFang, Q; Jiang, TN; Li, N; Han, ZL; Wang, R
2007Central and Eastern European countries and North Africa : the emerging clothing supplying countries to the EUWong, MC; Au, KF
2000Central and peripheral corneal thickness measured with the TOPCON specular microscope SP-2000PCho, P ; Cheung, SW
2006Central chilled water system optimal supervisory controller and its online evaluationMeng, H; Wang, S ; Long, W
2008A central control optical burst switching schemeLi, CY; Wai, PKA 
2010A central coordination system for managing a large supply base through supply chain collaborationChung, SH; Lau, HCW; Chan, FTS 
2006Central corneal epitheliopathy in a long-term, overnight orthokeratology lens wearer: A case reportNg, LHY
2003Central limit theorem of linear regression model under right censorshipHe, SY; Huang, X. 
2010Central neuropepitide S inhibits food intake in mice through activation of neuropeptide S receptorPeng, YL; Han, RW; Chang, M; Zhang, L; Zhang, RS; Li, W; Han, YF ; Wang, R
2009Central Neuropeptide S inhibits distal colonic transit through activation of central Neuropeptide S receptor in miceHan, RW; Chang, M; Peng, YL; Qiao, LY; Yin, XQ; Li, W; Wang, R
2011Central-local conflict and property cycle : a Chinese styleLi, J; Chiang, YH ; Choy, L 
2010Central-provincial relations amid greater centralization in ChinaLam, TC
2010Centrality and vulnerability in liner shipping networks : revisiting the northeast asian port hierarchyDucruet, C; Lee, SW; Ng, AKY