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2008An acceptance survey on sustainable textilesLeung, J; Ng, R ; Kan, CW 
2007Accessible design devices for visually impaired persons to access busesSiu, KWM 
2013Accessible park environments and facilities for the visually impairedSiu, KWM 
2013Accidental falls among communitydwelling people with chronic stroke in Hong KongChan, KS; Fong, KNK 
2002Accommodative lag in Hong Kong children between 4 and 8 years of ageChat, WS; Edwards, MH
2008The accountability demand for information in China and the US - A research noteBirnberg, JG; Hoffman, VB; Yuen, S
2007Accounting conservatism in Chinese listed firms : the influence of standards, incentives, and monitoringWu, D; Chen, S
2004Accounting disclosure and private acquisition as complementary sources of analysts' information : a cross-country studyChung, R; Kim, JB; Kim, O
2007Accounting for the differences between delighted and satisfied customersKwong, KK; Leung, JWK; Yau, O
2001Accounting for the shortage of solid waste disposal facilities in Southern ChinaChung, SS; Poon, CS 
2015Accounting research and common senseOhlson, JA 
2014Accounting valuation and cross-sectional stock returns in ChinaLee, WJ; Zhang, Y
2011Acculturation and travel : a study of Chinese immigrants' travel intentions to their place of originHung, K 
2011Accumulation and annihilation effects of electropulsing on dynamic recrystallization in magnesium alloyXu, Q; Tang, G; Jiang, Y; Hu, G; Zhu, Y
2007Accumulation and detoxification of cadmium in Brassica pekinensis and B. chinensisLiu, CP; Shen, ZG; Li, XD 
2002Accumulation of heavy metals and organochlorine pesticides in sediments of the Pearl River Estuary, South ChinaLi, XD ; Zeng, F; Zhang, G; Wai, OWH ; Li, YS 
2005Accumulative damage near crack tip for welded bridge members: fatigue life determinationLi, ZX; Chan, THT; Zhou, TQ
2015Accuracy analysis of a dual camera system with an asymmetric photogrammetric configurationWu, B ; Ye, L; Yang, Y
2014Accuracy analysis of digital elevation model relating to spatial resolution and terrain slope by bilinear interpolationShi, W ; Wang, B; Tian, Y
2014Accuracy and bias of experts' adjusted forecastsLin, VS; Goodwin, P; Song, H 
2000Accuracy and reliability of the Shin-Nippon SRW-5000 autorefractorChat, WS; Edwards, MH
2001Accuracy and safety in radiotherapy proceduresWu, VWC 
2002Accuracy assessment for different cases of ikonos imagery using two dimensional modelsShaker, A; Barakat, H; Shi, WZ 
2001Accuracy assessment of a low-cost GPS receiver suitable for deformation monitoring systemsMok, E ; Rizos, C; Lau, L
2005Accuracy improvement for integrated land vehciel navigation in urban regionsShen, XJ; Liu, J; Sun, YY; Chen, W ; Lu, M
2004Accuracy of Carrillo's formula for consolidation of soil with vertical and horizontal drainage under time-dependent loadingZhu, G; Yin, JH 
2015Accuracy of impact factors in tourism journalsLaw, R ; Li, G
2005The accuracy of IPO earnings forecasts in Thailand and their relationships with stock market valuationLonkani, R; Firth, M
1990Accuracy of O-D estimates from traffic countsLam, WHK ; Lo, HP
2004Accuracy of sonographic vascular features in differentiating different causes of cervical lymphadenopathyYing, M ; Ahuja, A; Brook, F
2005The accuracy of surface measurement for osteoporotic spine motion analysisYang, ZY; Sun, LW; Griffith, JF; Leung, PC; Lee, RYW
2004An accurate active shape model for facial feature extractionWan, KW; Lam, KM ; Ng , KC
2005An accurate active shape model for facial feature extractionWan, KW; Lam, KM ; Ng, KC
1993Accurate and efficient method for large deflection inelastic analysis of frames with semi-rigid connectionsHo, GWM; Chan, SL 
2015Accurate and efficient object tracking based on passive RFIDYang, L; Cao, J ; Zhu, W; Tang, S
2007Accurate and efficient prediction of acoustical performance of noise barriers against transport noise pollutionPeng, SZ; Cheng, L ; Choy, YS ; Sun, HM
2010Accurate and energy-efficient range-free localization for mobile sensor networksZhang, S; Cao, J ; Chen, L; Chen, D
1-May-2004Accurate color synthesis of three-dimensional objects in an imageXin, JH ; Shen, HL
2002Accurate colour mapping on texture images of textile materialsXin, JH 
2013An accurate curved beam element based on trigonometrical mixed polynomial functionTang, YQ; Zhou, ZH; Chan, SL 
2012Accurate distance estimation using camera orientation compensation technique for vehicle driver assistance systemCheung, HK; Siu, WC ; Lee, S; Poon, L; Chiu-Shing, N
2009Accurate estimation of building deformation based on improved grey GM(1, 1) modelSun, Y; Hu, Y; Chen, W ; Lai, J
2002The accurate extraction and tracking of moving objects for video surveillanceZheng, JB; Feng, DD; Siu, WC ; Zhang, YN; Wang, XY; Zhao, RC
2004An accurate finite difference scheme for Boussinesq equationsZhan, JM; Li, YS ; Wai, OWH 
2009Accurate indexing and classification for fabric weave patterns using entropy-based approachZheng, D; Baciu, G ; Hu, J 
2014Accurate Iris recognition at a distance using stabilized Iris encoding and Zernike moments phase featuresTan, CW; Kumar, A 
2001Accurate iris segmentation based on novel reflection and eyelash detection modelKong, WK; Zhang, D 
2013An accurate multi-layer magnetic force computation method by using adaptive parameterized mesh techniqueZhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
15-Mar-2005Accurate potential energy curves for HeO‾, NeO‾, and ArO‾ : spectroscopy and transport coefficientsViehland, LA; Webb, R; Lee, EPF; Wright, TG
2015Accurate range-free localization for anisotropic wireless sensor networksZhang, S; Liu, X; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Min, G
2011An accurate substructural synthesis approach to random responsesYing, ZG; Zhu, WQ; Ye, SQ; Ni, YQ 
2009An accurate Vehicle Gasohol delivery systemWang, H; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Yang, Z
2009Accurate void fraction calculation for three-dimensional discrete particle model on unstructured meshWu, CL; Zhan, JM; Li, YS ; Lam, KS ; Berrouk, AS
2013Acetone in the atmosphere of Hong Kong : abundance, sources and photochemical precursorsGuo, H ; Ling, ZH; Cheung, K; Wang, DW; Simpson, IJ; Blake, DR
2009Acetylation of nucleophosmin activates transcription of PCNA in cellular response to DNA damageChiu, YM; Yung, BYM 
2012Acetylene detection based on diode laser QEPAS : combined wavelength and residual amplitude modulationCao, Y; Jin, W ; Ho, HL; Qi, L; Yang, YH
2002Achievable-SIR-based predictive closed-loop power control in a CDMA mobile systemLau, FCM ; Tam, WM
2015Achievement of controlled resistive response of nanogapped palladium film to hydrogenZhao, M; Wong, MH; Ong, CW 
2006Achieving 'excellent' indoor air quality in commercial offices equipped with air-handling unit - Respirable suspended particulateLam, KS ; Chan, FS; Fung, WY; Lui, BSS; Lau, LWL
2014Achieving a large adiabatic temperature rise of Gd55Co25Al20 bulk metallic glass by minor Zn additionXia, L; Chan, KC ; Tang, MB; Dong, YD
2015Achieving balanced regional development in China: Is domestic or international tourism more efficacious?Goh, C; Li, H; Zhang, Q
Apr-2010Achieving better performance through target cost contracts - The tale of an underground railway station modification projectChan, DWM ; Lam, TIP ; Chan, APC ; Wong, JMW
2006Achieving bounded delay on message delivery in publish/subscribe systemsWang, J; Cao, J ; Li, J; Wu, J
2002Achieving breakthrough performance improvement : results of implementing a fit-for-purpose total management systemChan, YK; Gaffney, P; Neailey, K; Ip, WH 
2003Achieving client satisfaction for engineering consulting firmsTang, SL; Lu, M; Chan, YL
2013Achieving coherence across interconnected business meetingsWarren, M 
2006Achieving flexible cache consistency for pervasive internet accessHuang, Y; Cao, J ; Wang, Z; Jin, B; Feng, Y
2015Achieving high energy absorption capacity in cellular bulk metallic glassesChen, SH; Chan, KC ; Wu, FF; Xia, L
2010Achieving optimal data storage position in wireless sensor networksYu, Z; Xiao, B ; Zhou, S
Jul-2008Achieving partnering success through an incentive agreement : lessons learned from an underground railway extension project in Hong KongChan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Fan Wong, CNL; Lam, PTI ; Yeung, FY
2004Achieving positive learning outcomes through problem-based learning, web-based support and action project learningYip, W
2012Achieving quality assurance functionality in the food industry using a hybrid case-based reasoning and fuzzy logic approachLao, SI; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Yam, RCM; Tsim, YC; Poon, TC
2001Achieving replication consistency using cooperating mobile agentsCao, J ; Chan, A ; Wu, J
2012Achieving shape memory : reversible behaviors of cellulose-PU blends in wet-dry cyclesLuo, H; Hu, J ; Zhu, Y; Zhang, S; Fan, Y; Ye, G
2015Achieving subjective well-being around the world : the moderating influence of gender, age and national goals for socializing childrenLun, VMC; Bond, MH
2014Achieving sustainable building maintenance through optimizing life-cycle carbon, cost, and labor : case in Hong KongChiang, YH ; Zhou, L; Li, J; Lam, PTI ; Wong, KW 
2013Achieving value for money in major public projectsShen, QP 
2011Achieving value for money through collaborative workingShen, GQP 
2010Achieving voluntary reductions in the carbon footprint of tourism and climate changeMcKercher, B ; Prideaux, B; Cheung, C ; Law, R 
2013Acid mine drainage treatment assisted by lignite-derived humic substances : metal removal and speciation modellingOlds, WE; Tsang, DCW ; Weber, P