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2015Association of aesthetic experiences with atmospheric managementLaw, KM ; Wong, WY ; Cheung, MC
2015Association of auricular reflective points and status of type 2 diabetes mellitus: A matched case-control studySuen, LKP ; Yeh, CH; Kwan, JYM; Lee, PH ; Yeung, GSP; Wong, ECY; Lau, BC; Tsang, SCH; Cheung, ASP; Yeung, VTF
2015Association of auricular reflective points and the status of lower urinary tract symptoms in aging malesSuen, LKP ; Yeh, CH; Lee, WK; Chu, WL; Loo, JF; Tam, WH
2011Association of botulinum neurotoxin serotype a light chain with plasma membrane-bound SNAP-25Chen, S ; Barbieri, JT
2010Association of cardiovascular health with bone density and geometry of the mid-shaft radius in chronic stroke survivorsYang, FZH; Jones, AYM; Yip, SP ; Li, LS; Cheng, AQ; Pang, MYC 
2010Association of cardiovascular health with tibial bone density and geometry in chronic stroke survivorsYang, FZH; Jones, AYM; Yip, SP ; Li, LSW; Pang, MYC 
2010Association of cardiovascular health with tibial bone density and geometry in chronic stroke survivors.Yang, FZH; Jones, AYM; Yip, SP ; Li, LSW; Pang, M 
Nov-2009Association of depression and pain interference with disease-management self-efficacy in community-dwelling individuals with spinal cord injuryPang, MYC ; Eng, JJ; Lin, KH; Tang, PF; Hung, C; Wang, YH
2004Association of early onset degenerative disc disease with vitamin D receptor gene polymorphismsCheung, KMC; Chen, YQ; Cheah, KSE; Karppinen, J; Ott, J; Yip, SP ; Chan, D; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK; Song, YQ
2015Association of endothelin-1 and matrix metallopeptidase-9 with metabolic syndrome in middle-aged and older adultsYu, AP; Tam, BT; Yau, WY; Chan, KS; Yu, SS; Chung, TL; Siu, PM 
29-Jun-2012Association of high myopia with crystallin beta A4 (CRYBA4) gene polymorphisms in the linkage-identified MYP6 locusHo, DWH; Yap, KHM ; Ng, PW; Fung, WY; Yip, SP 
2007Association of ICAM3 genetic variant with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, KYK; Ching, JCY; Xu, MS; Cheung, ANY; Yip, SP ; Yam, LYC; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Wong, ATY; Song, YQ; Huang, FP; Liu, W; Chung, PH; Leung, GM; Chow, EY; Chan, EY; Chan, JY; Ngan, HY; Tam, P; Chan, LC; Sham, P; Chan, VS; Peiris, M; Lin, SC; Khoo,US
2012Association of IGF1 gene haplotypes with high myopia in Chinese adultsMak, JYY; Yap, MKH ; Fung, WY; Ng, PW; Yip, SP 
2008Association of myocilin allele variants with high myopia in the Chinese populationLo, KK; Yip, SP ; Ng, PW; Choi, PS; Lee, SY; Yap, MK 
2012Association of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and self-reported running performance in recreational marathon runnersSiu, PM ; Tam, SK; Lau, PW; Wong, SH
2009Association of PAX6 polymorphisms with high myopia in Han Chinese nuclear familiesHan, W; Leung, KH; Fung, WY; Mak, JYY; Li, YM; Yap, MKH ; Yip, SP 
2013Association of seat height and arm position on the five times sit-to-stand test times of stroke survivorsNg, SSM ; Cheung, SY; Lai, LSW; Liu, ASL; Ieong, SHI; Fong, SSM
2010Association of septin 4 polymorphisms and high myopia in Chinese populationYiu, WC; Ng, PW; Fung, WY; Yap, MK ; Yip, SP 
2007Association of SLC11A1 polymorphisms with tuberculosis in Chinese : the effect of sex and ageYip, SP ; Leung, KH; Wong, WS; Yiu, LS; Chan, KK; Lai, WM; Chow, EYD; Lin, CK; Yam, WC; Chan, KS
2008Association of the Asporin D14 Allele with lumbar-disc degeneration in AsiansSong, YQ; Cheung, KMC; Ho, DWH; Poon, SCS; Chiba, K; Kawaguchi, Y; Hirose, Y; Alini, M; Grad, S; Yee, AFY; Leong, JCY; Luk, KDK; Yip, SP ; Karppinen, J; Cheah, KSE; ShamP; Ikegawa, S; Chan, D
2006Association of the Taq I allele in vitamin D receptor with degenerative disc disease and disc bulge in a Chinese populationCheung, KMC; Chan, D; Karppinen, J; Chen, Y; Jim, JJT; Yip, SP ; Ott, J; Wong, KK; Sham, P; Luk, KDK; Cheah, KSE; Leong, JCY; Song, YQ
2011Association rule based approach for improving operation efficiency in a randomized warehouseChan, HL; Pang, A ; Li, KW
2005Association studies of intervertebral disc disease with genes in the aggrecan degradation pathwaySong, YQ; Cheung, KMC; Karppinen, J; Ho, WH; Yip, SP ; Leong, JCY; Ott, J; Luk, KDK; Cheah, KSE; Sham, PC; Chan, D
2010Association study of high myopia and COL18A1 gene polymorphisms by DNA pooling approachYip, SP ; Leung, KH; Fung, WY; Ng, PW; Yap, MK 
2012Association, and inferring causality from observational dataGuggenheim, J 
2014Associations between moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and neighbourhood recreational facilities : the features of the facilities matterLee, KY; Lee, PH ; Macfarlane, D
2012Associations between pathological gambling and psychiatric comorbidity among help-seeking populations in Hong KongShek, DTL ; Chan, EML; Wong, RHY
2001An associative memory approach to blind signal recovery for SIMO/MIMO systemsKung, SY; Zhang, XY
2011The assumed emotion and brand literacy : understanding brand identity relationship in the interdependent Asian contextsLam, ML; Liu, WS ; To, CKM 
2009Assurance of learning : conceptual and practical issuesDavies, H
2010Assuring quality nursing skills development through practising on a high-fidelity human patient simulatorHodgson, P; Tong, E
2013Asthma and acupoint skin impedanceJones, AYM; Ngai, S 
2009Astigmatic changes in orthokeratologyCheung, SW; Cho, P ; Chan, B
2009Astigmatic shift and conjunctival epithelial ingrowths following late-onset iatrogenic LASIK flap dehiscence during scleral buckling surgeryLiu, Q; To, CH ; Ge, J; Chan, CY; Lv, L; Lam, TC; Siu, AW
2009Astigmatism and eye shapeZhang, B; You, J ; Karray, F; Kee, CS ; Li, Q
2013Astigmatism and its role in emmetropizationKee, CS 
2008Astigmatism and orthokeratologyCho, P 
2008Astigmatism associated with experimentally induced myopia or hyperopia in chickensKee, CS ; Deng, L
2002Asymmetric activation for the enantioselective alkynylation of aldehydesLu, G; Li, X; Chan, WL; Chan, ASC
2007Asymmetric addition of alkynes to imines in water catalyzed with a recyclable Cu(I)-bis(oxazoline) and stearic acid systemLiu, J; Liu, B; Jia, M; Li, X; Chan, ASC
2013An asymmetric approach toward chiral multicyclic spirooxindoles from isothiocyanato oxindoles and unsaturated pyrazolones by a chiral tertiary amine thiourea catalystChen, Q; Liang, J; Wang, S; Wang, D; Wang, R
2003Asymmetric borane reduction of prochiral ketones catalyzed by phosphinamides prepared from L-serineLi, KY; Zhou, ZH; Wang, LX; Zhao, GF; Choi, MCK; Zhou, QL; Tang, CC
2010Asymmetric construction of quaternary stereocenters by direct conjugate addition of oxindoles to enoneSun, W; Hong, L; Liu, C; Wang, R
2012Asymmetric cyanation of nitroalkenes catalyzed by a salen-titanium catalystLin, L; Yin, W; Fu, X; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Wang, R
2000Asymmetric Earliness and Tardiness Scheduling with Exponential Processing Times on an Unreliable MachineCai, X; Zhou, X
2012Asymmetric hydroalkynylation of norbornadienes promoted by chiral iridium catalystsFan, BM; Yang, QJ; Hu, J; Fan, CL; Li, SF; Yu, L; Huang, C; Tsang, WW; Kwong, FY 
2003Asymmetric hydroesterification of styrene using catalysts with planar-chiral ferrocene oxazoline ligandsWang, L; Kwok, WH; Chan, ASC; Tu, T; Hou, X; Dai, L
2004Asymmetric hydroformylation of olefins catalyzed by a chiral diphosphite-rhodium complexYan, M; Li, XS; Chan, ASC
2010Asymmetric hydrogenation of aromatic ketones using new chiral-bridged diphosphine/diamine-Ru(II) complexesCui, YM; Wang, LL; Kwong, FY ; Sun, W
2002Asymmetric hydrogenation of enamides with rhodium complexes containing with aminophosphine ligandGuo, RW; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2002Asymmetric hydrogenation of prochiral olefins with rhodium catalysts containing bisaminophosphine ligandsGuo, RW; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2007Asymmetric hydrogenation of quinolines with high substrate/catalyst ratioTang, WJ; Xu, LJ; Fan, QH; Lam, KH; Chan, ASC
2007Asymmetric hydrogenation of quinolines with high substrate/catalyst ratioTang, WJ; Zhu, SF; Xu, LJ; Zhou, QL; Fan, QH; Zhou, HF; Lam, K; Chan, ASC
2007Asymmetric hydrogenation of quinolines with recyclable and air-stable iridium catalyst systemsChan, SH; Lam, KH; Li, YM; Xu, L; Tang, W; Lam, FL; Lo, WH ; Yu, WY ; Fan, Q; Chan, ASC
2009Asymmetric hydrogenation of quinoxalines with diphosphinite ligands : a practical synthesis of enantioenriched, substituted tetrahydroquinoxalinesTang, W; Xu, L; Fan, QH; Wang, J; Fan, B; Zhou, Z; Lam, KH; Chan, ASC
2007Asymmetric information in the Hong Kong forward property marketLeung, BYP ; Hui, ECM ; Seabrooke, B
2001Asymmetric inter- and intramolecular cyclopropanation of alkenes catalyzed by chiral ruthenium porphyrins. Synthesis and crystal structure of a chiral metalloporphyrin carbene complexChe, CM; Huang, JS; Lee, FW; Li, Y; Lai, TS; Kwong, HL; Teng, PF; Lee, WS; Lo, WC; Peng, SM; Zhou, ZY
9-Oct-2006Asymmetric long period fiber gratings fabricated by use of CO₂laser to carve periodic grooves on the optical fiberWang, Y; Wang, DN ; Jin, W ; Rao, YJ; Peng, GD
2011Asymmetric microhole-structured long-period fiber gratingsWang, Y; Wang, DN ; Yang, M; Liao, CR
2011Asymmetric organocatalytic allylic substitution of Morita-Baylis-Hillman carbonates with allylamines for the synthesis of 2,5-dihydropyrrolesSun, W; Ma, X; Hong, L; Wang, R
2010Asymmetric organocatalytic n-alkylation of indole-2-carbaldehydes with alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes : one-pot synthesis of chiral pyrrolo[1,2-a]indole-2-carbaldehydesHong, L; Sun, W; Liu, C; Wang, L; Wang, R
2008Asymmetric transfer hydrogenation of ketones with a polyethylene glycol bound Ru catalyst in waterLiu, J; Zhou, Y; Wu, Y; Li, X; Chan, ASC
1-Jun-2007Asymmetric transverse-load characteristics and polarization dependence of long-period fiber gratings written by a focused CO₂ laserWang, Y; Wang, D ; Jin, W ; Rao, YJ
2002Asymmetric trimethylsilylcyanation of acetophenone catalyzed by cinchona alkaloidsChoi, MCK; Chan, SS; Chan, MK; Kim, JC; Matsumoto, K
2013Asymmetric vinylogous michael addition/cyclization cascade reaction for the construction of diversely structured spiro-oxindole skeletonsShi, XM; Dong, WP; Zhu, LP; Jiang, XX; Wang, R
2005Asymmetric volatility and trading activity in index futures optionsChan, KC; Cheng, LTW ; Lung, PP
2013Asymmetrical host-guest relationship : issues in the development of Hong Kong' s tourismChui, JXQ; Law, R 
2004Asymmetrical increase in axial length in the two eyes of a monocular orthokeratology patientCheung, SW; Cho, P ; Fan, D
2011Asymmetry in grammaticalization the case of directional particles in CantoneseChor, W
2009Asymmetry of thyroid lobe volume in normal Chinese subjects : association with handedness and position of esophagusYing, M ; Yung, DMC
2015Asymptotic analysis for proximal-type methods in vector variational inequality problemsChen, Z
2011Asymptotic analysis of opportunistic relaying based on the max-generalized-mean selection criterionChen, X; Zhou, QF; Siu, TW; Lau, FCM 
2009Asymptotic analysis of opportunistic relaying protocolsZhou, QF; Lau, FCM ; Hau, SF 
2012Asymptotic analysis of the equations of motion for viscoelastic oldroyd fluidWang, K; Lin, Y ; He, Y
1-Dec-2008An asymptotic approximation scheme for the concave cost bin packing problemLeung, JY; Li, CL 
2002Asymptotic behavior of Timoshenko beam with dissipative boundary feedbackYan, QX; Hou, SH; Feng, DX
Jan-2011Asymptotic behavior of underlying NT paths in interior point methods for monotone semidefinite linear complementarity problemsSim, CK
2012Asymptotic closure condition and Fenchel duality for DC optimization problems in locally convex spacesFang, DH; Li, C; Yang, XQ 
2006The asymptotic convexity of the negative likelihood function of GARCH modelsIp, WC; Wong, H ; Pan, JZ; Li, DF
2015Asymptotic dynamics of the one-dimensional attraction-repulsion Keller-Segel modelJin, HY; Wang, ZA