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2012Bidirectional hybrid OFDM-WDM-PON system for 40-Gb/s downlink and 10-Gb/s uplink transmission using RSOA remodulationDong, T; Bao, Y; Ji, Y; Lau, APT; Li, Z; Lu, C 
Aug-2006Bidirectional PCA with assembled matrix distance metric for image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, DD ; Wang, K
2010Bidirectional pedestrian stream model with oblique intersecting angleWong, SC; Leung, WL; Chan, SH; Lam, WHK ; Yung, NHC; Liu, CY; Zhang, P
2013Bidirectional tapped-inductor-based buck-boost convertor and its circuit applicationYe, Y; Cheng, KWE ; Liu, J; Xu, C
2009Bidirectional visible neighborhood preserving embeddingLiu, Y; Liu, Y ; Chan, KCC 
2011Bifocal lens control of myopic progression in childrenCheng, D; Woo, GC; Schmid, KL
2011Bifunctional 3,3 '-Ph-2-BINOL-Mg catalyzed direct asymmetric vinylogous michael addition of alpha,beta-unsaturated gamma-butyrolactamLin, L; Zhang, J; Ma, X; Fu, X; Wang, R
2014Bifunctional Au@Pt core-shell nanostructures for in situ monitoring of catalytic reactions by surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopyBao, ZY; Lei, DY ; Jiang, R; Liu, X; Dai, J ; Wang, J; Chan, HLW ; Tsang, YH 
2014Bifunctional up-converting lanthanide nanoparticles for selective in vitro imaging and inhibition of cyclin D as anti-cancer agentsChan, CF; Tsang, MK; Li, H; Lan, R; Chadbourne, FL; Chan, WL; Law, GL ; Cobb, SL; Hao, J ; Wong, WT ; Wong, KL
2013Bifurcation analysis in dual-input buck converter in hybrid power systemXiong, X; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X; Huang, M
2003Bifurcation analysis of a power-factor-correction boost converter : uncovering fast-scale instabilityTse, CKM ; Dranga, O; Iu, HHC
2013Bifurcation analysis of standalone photovoltaic-battery hybrid power systemXiong, X; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
Jun-2004Bifurcation analysis of switched dynamical systems with periodically moving bordersMa, Y; Kawakami, H; Tse, CKM 
Feb-2001Bifurcation behavior in parallel-connected buck convertersIu, HHC; Tse, CKM 
2003Bifurcation behavior of a power-factor-correction boost converterDranga, O; Tse, CK ; Iu, HHC; Nagy, I
Sep-2007Bifurcation behavior of SPICE simulations of switching converters : a systematic analysis of erroneous resultsWu, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CKM ; Lu, J
2010Bifurcation behavior of wind energy generation systemsLi, Z; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Chu, G
2001Bifurcation behaviour in parallel-connected boost convertersIu, HHC; Tse, CK ; Pjevalica, V; Lai, YM 
1996Bifurcation in bifurcation from a current-programmed DC/DC boost converterChan, WCY; Tse, CK 
1998Bifurcation in Growth Patterns for Arrays of Parallel Griffith, Edge and Sliding CracksChau, KT ; Muhlhaus, HB; Ord, A
2000Bifurcation in parallel-connected boost dc/dc convertersIu, HHC; Tse, CK 
2001Bifurcation in parallel-connected buck converters under a democratic current sharing schemeIu, HHC; Tse, CKM 
2005Bifurcation in parallel-connected buck converters under current-mode controlIu, HHC; Tse, CK ; Dranga, O
2012Bifurcation in standalone photovoltaic-battery hybrid power systemsXiong, X; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
2010Bifurcation in wind energy generation systemsLi, Z; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Chu, G
1996Bifurcation of crack pattern in arrays of two-dimensional cracksMuhlhaus, HB; Chau, KT ; Ord, A
2008Bifurcation phenomenon in the wake of a 3-D cylinderLiu, Y 
2015Bifurcation study of three-phase inverter system with interacting loadsLi, Y; Li, Z; Wong, SC ; Chen, X; Chen, Z; Liu, X
2011Bifurcation study of wind energy generation systemsLi, Z; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
1995Bifurcations at a spherical cavity in a compressible solid with spherical isotropyChau, KT 
1998Bifurcations in current-programmed DC/DC buck switching regulators - conjecturing a universal bifurcation pathChan, WCY; Tse, CK 
1998Bifurcations of thick-walled hollow cylinders of geomaterials under axisymmetric compressionChau, KT ; Choi, SK
2014Big N auditors and earnings response coefficients - a comparison study between the US and ChinaDu, J ; Zhou, G
2010Bikunin loss in urine as useful marker for bladder carcinomaTsui, KH; Tang, P; Lin, CY; Chang, PL; Chang, CH; Yung, BYM 
2012Bilateral chorioretinal coloboma discovered with ultra-wide field retinal imagingBarnard, S; Shneor, E; Brauner, J; Millodot, M; Gordon-Shaag, A
2008Bilateral juvenile open angle glaucoma in two Chinese children : case reportNg, LHY; Lung, JCY
2007Bilateral obstacle optimal control for a quasilinear elliptic variational inequality with a source termYe, Y; Chan, CK ; Leung, BPK ; Chen, Q
2009Bilateral upper limb training with functional electric stimulation in patients with chronic strokeChan, MKL; Tong, RKY; Chung, KYK
2015Bilayer graphene based surface passivation enhanced nano structured self-powered near-infrared photodetectorZeng, L; Xie, C; Tao, L; Long, H; Tang, C; Tsang, YH ; Jie, J
2003A bilayer piezoelectric transformer operating in a bending vibration modeWong, NY; Zhang, Y; Chan, HLW ; Choy, CL
2009Bilevel current driving technique for LEDsLun, WK; Loo, KH ; Tan, SC; Lai, YM; Tse, CK 
2006BiliCheck transcutaneous bilirubinometer : a screening tool for neonatal jaundice in the Chinese populationHo, EYW; Lee, SYR; Chow, CB; Chung, JWY
2005Bilinear approximation of anisotropic stress-strain properties of woven fabricsNg, SP; Ng, R ; Yu, W 
2011Bilinear deep learning for image classificationZhong, SH; Liu, Y ; Liu, Y
2009A bilinear immersed finite volume element method for the diffusion equation with discontinuous coefficientHe, X; Lin, T; Lin, Y 
2003Bilingual legal document retrieval and management using XMLLuk, RWP ; T'sou, BKY; Lai, TBY; Kwong, OOY; Chik, FCY; Cheung, LYL
2015Bilingual practices in corporate communication functions : verbal skills in focusNg, PKP 
2015Bill of Quantities with 3D Views Using Building Information ModelingNadeem, A; Wong, AKD ; Wong, FKW 
2011Bimodal biometrics based on a representation and recognition approachXu, Y; Zhong, A; Yang, J; Zhang, D 
2015A bimodal moment method model for submicron fractal-like agglomerates undergoing Brownian coagulationYu, M; Chan, TL 
2006Bin-packing problem with concave costs of bin utilizationLi, CL ; Chen, ZL
2008Binary two-dimensional PCAPang, Y; Tao, D; Yuan, Y; Li, X
2008A binary wavelet transform-based lossless image coding algorithmPan, H; Siu, WC ; Xia, LZ
2007Binary-encoded address for all-optical packet switchingLee, CC; Lui, LFK; Xu, L; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
2011Binding under conflict conditions : state-space analysis of multivariate EEG synchronizationKnyazeva, MG; Carmeli, C; Fornari, E; Meuli, R; Small, M; Frackowiak, RS; Maeder, P
2008A binomial CUSUM chart for detecting large shifts in fraction nonconformingWu, Z; Jiao, H; Liu, Y
2010Bio-activation of Ni-free Zr-based bulk metallic glass by surface modificationLiu, L; Chan, KC ; Yu, Y; Chen, Q
2010Bio-electro-fenton process driven by microbial fuel cell for wastewater treatmentFeng, CH; Li, FB; Mai, HJ; Li, XZ
2007A bio-inspired algorithm for performance optimization in wireless sensor networksCheng, CT; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2015Bio-inspired chemical fabrication of stretchable transparent electrodesYu, Y; Zhang, Y; Li, K; Yan, C; Zheng, Z 
2014Bio-inspired colouration on various textile materials using a novel catechol colorantLai, SVL; He, L; Xin, JH 
2012Bio-inspired interfacial strengthening strategy through geometrically interlocking designsZhang, Y; Yao, H ; Ortiz, C; Xu, J; Dao, M
2008A bio-inspired scheduling scheme for wireless sensor networksCheng, CT; Tse, CKM ; Lau, FCM 
2013Bio-mimetically synthesized Ag@BSA microspheres as a novel electrochemical biosensing interface for sensitive detection of tumor cellsHu, C; Yang, DP; Wang, Z; Huang, P; Wang, X; Chen, D; Cui, D; Yang, M ; Jia, N
2008Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by the aquatic plants Potamogeton pectinatus L. and Potamogeton malaianus Miq. and their potential use for contamination indicators and in wastewater treatmentPeng, K; Luo, C; Lou, L; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2008Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by wild plants growing on copper mine spoils in ChinaXiao, WL; Luo, CL; Chen, YH; Shen, ZG; Li, XD 
2012Bioactive calcium titanate coatings on a Zr-based bulk metallic glass by laser claddingLiu, Z; Chan, KC ; Liu, L; Guo, SF
2015Bioactive hydroxyapatite/graphene composite coating and its corrosion stability in simulated body fluidJankovic, A; Erakovic, S; Mitric, M; Matic, IZ; Juranic, ZD; Tsui, GCP ; Tang, CY ; Miskovic-Stankovic, V; Rhee, KY; Park, SJ
2007Bioactive modification of NiTi shape memory alloyHuang, CJ; Xie, YB; Zhou, LM ; Huang, HT ; Lu, J; Zhang, Y
2004Bioactive NiTi shape memory alloy used as bone bonding implantsChen, MF; Yang, XJ; Hu, RX; Cui, ZD; Man, HC 
2002Biochemical monitoring of corneal health : the effect of overnight orthokeratologyChoy, KMC; Benzie, IFF ; Cho, P 
2011Biocompatibility of alkaline hydrolyzed wool polypeptides on human foreskin fibroblastsLiu, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Han, YX; Li, Y ; Zhao, Zheng
2012The biocompatibility of electrospun wool polypeptide/PLLA composite nanofibers on saos-2 osteoblastsLiu, X; Li, Y ; Zhang, Y; Li, JS; Zhang, J; Han, YX; Hu, JY
2013Bioconversion of beetle-killed lodgepole pine using SPORL : process scale-up design, lignin coproduct, and high solids fermentation without detoxificationZhou, H; Zhu, JY; Luo, X; Leu, SY; Wu, X; Gleisner, R; Dien, BS; Hector, RE; Yang, D; Qiu, X; Horn, E; Negron, J
2007Biodegradable chelating agent ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid reduces uptake of copper through alleviation of copper toxicity in hydroponically grown Chrysanthemum coronarium L.Wei, L; Luo, C; Wang, C; Li, X ; Shen, Z
2015Biodegradable nanoparticle-mediated K-ras down regulation for pancreatic cancer gene therapyYang, C; Hu, R; Anderson, T; Wang, Y; Lin, G; Law, WC; Lin, WJ; Nguyen, QT; Toh, HT; Yoon, HS; Chen, CK; Yong, KT
2006Biodegradable nanoparticles of amphiphilic triblock copolymers based on poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(ethylene glycol) as drug carriersChen, C; Yu, CH; Cheng, YC; Yu, PHF; Cheung, MK
2010Biodegradable poly(l-lactic acid)-lavender nanocapsules : synthesis, controlled release, and application in remedy of sleep disorderDaoud, WA; Ngan, M; Cheuk, K 
2014Biodegradable weft-knitted intestinal stents : fabrication and physical changes investigation in vitro degradationLi, G; Li, Y ; Lan, P; Li, J; Zhao, Z; He, X; Zhang, J; Hu, H 
2004Biodegradation kinetics of phthalate esters by Pseudomonas fluoresences FS1Zeng, F; Cui, K; Li, X ; Fu, J; Sheng, G