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2006Assessing quality relationships in public housing : an empirical studyChan, APC ; Wong, FKW ; Lam, PTI 
2010Assessing readiness to work from a stages of change perspective : implications for return to workLam, CS; Wiley, AH; Siu, A ; Emmett, J
1998Assessing seismic response of soft soil sites in Hong Kong using microtremor recordsWong, YL; Zhao, JX; Lam, ESS ; Chau, KT 
2015Assessing student generic programme outcomes with final year projects
2005Assessing student’s experiential learning during work placementsKivela, J; Kivela, R
2005Assessing technology incubator programs in the science park : the good, the bad and the uglyChan, KF; Lau, T
2010Assessing the accuracy of applying photogrammetry to take geometric measurements on building productsDai, F; Lu, M
2009Assessing the attractiveness of ports : the perspective from service suppliersSanchez, RJ; Ng, KYA; Garcia-Alonso, L
2004Assessing the benefit and cost for a voluntary indoor air quality certification scheme in Hong KongTse, MS; Chau, CK ; Lee, WL 
2009Assessing the benefits of integrated en-route transit information systems and time-varying transit pricing systems in a congested transit networkRen, H; Gao, Z; Lam, WHK ; Long, J
2008Assessing the bid for China Eastern airlines : a stock market perspectiveGong, S 
2003Assessing the clean agent heptafluoropropane by the CUP burner testChoy, RWM; Chow, WK ; Fong, NK 
2012Assessing the e-services of international airport websites : implications for innovative e-tourism applicationsMak, A; Wu, E; Law, R ; Wu, QI
2007Assessing the economic value of a world heritage site and willingness-to-pay determinants : a case of Changdeok PalaceKim, SS ; Wong, KKF; Cho, M
2011Assessing the effectiveness of liberalization policies for foreign banks in post-WTO ChinaLeung, MK 
2014Assessing the effects of land use spatial structure on urban heatislands using HJ-1B remote sensing imagery in Wuhan, ChinaWu, H; Ye, LP; Shi, WZ ; Clarke, KC
2003Assessing the environmental performance of existing buildingsBurnett, J; Yik, WHF
2005Assessing the exit sign legibility for building occupantsWong, LT ; Kwan, CM
2004Assessing the fire behaviour of polycarbonate materials by a cone calorimeterHan, SS; Chow, WK 
2015Assessing the impact of revitalized old industrial buildings on the value of surrounding properties an empirical studyWadu, M.J.; Poon, HL
2012Assessing the impacts of the global economic crisis and swine flu on inbound tourism demand in the United KingdomPage, S; Song, H ; Wu, DC
2014Assessing the impacts of the high-speed train on tourism demand in ChinaYan, YQ; Hanqin Qiu, Z ; Ye, BH
2007Assessing the levels of material wastage affected by sub-contracting relationships and projects types with their correlationsTam, VWY; Shen, LY; Tam, CM
2004Assessing the need for an ethics curriculum for the Hong Kong hospitality industryYeung, S 
2004Assessing the performance of textiles incorporating phase change materialsYing, BA; Kwok, YL; Li, Y ; Zhu, QY; Yeung, CY
2005Assessing the quality of life of older persons with end-stage renal failureChung, PMB ; Pang, MCS ; Leung, MFE; Chan, KS; Lau, KS; Chan, YLH
2015Assessing the social impact of revitalising historic buildings on urban renewal: The case of a local participatory mechanismYung, EHK ; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
Aug-1997Assessing the stability of the new marine DGPS station of Hong Kong and its connection to the WGS84 datumIz, HB ; Chen, YQ ; Wang, J
2006Assessing the tourism potential of smaller cultural and heritage attractionsMckercher, B ; Ho, PSY
2010Assessing the visibility of destination marketing organizations in google : a case study of convention and visitor bureau websites in the united statesXiang, Z; Pan, B; Law, R ; Fesenmaier, DR
2013Assessing the walking speed of older adults : the influence of walkway lengthNg, SSM ; Ng, PCM; Lee, CYW; Ng, ESW; Tong, MHW; Fong, SSM; Tsang, WWN 
2007Assessing university students : searching for an English language exit testQian, DD 
2002Assessing workplace language on-lineHamp-Lyons, L; Hamilton, J; Lockwood, J; Lumley, T
2002Assessing writing across the curriculum : first language and second language competenceHamp-Lyons, L
2010Assessment and intervention of Chinese developmental dyslexia in Hong KongLai-Cheng, CGA
2014Assessment and mitigation of ionospheric disturbance effects on GPS accuracy and integrityWeng, D; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Liu, Z 
2005Assessment and outlook of port competition in Greater China RegionLiu, J; Yip, TL 
2008Assessment and repair of fire-damaged building - a case studyMak, YW; Wong, YL
2014Assessment and training for older persons with Mild Congitive ImpairmentFong, KNK 
2013Assessment for language development in a Hong Kong university contextUrmston, A 
2014Assessment for learning : principles and strategiesZhu, X 
2015Assessment for learning : readingZhu, X 
2009Assessment for learning in teaching of Chinese language. Presented on curriculum and assessment of Chinese languageZhu, X 
2003An assessment framework for project success in healthcare projectsChan, APL; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
2010An assessment framework for sustainable building energy retrofit (BEER) project under energy performance contracting (EPC) mechanism based on balanced cardXu, PP; Chan, EHW ; Xu, Y
2005An assessment framework of the implementation of knowledge management strategies in hotelsChien, G; Hsu, C ; Law, R 
2009An assessment of airborne fungi exposure risk level in air-conditioned officesWong, LT ; Chan, WY; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS
2006Assessment of analysis-oriented stress-strain models for FRP-confined concrete under axial compressionJiang, T; Teng, JG 
2005Assessment of atmospheric effects on repeat-pass InSAR measurements in Southern ChinaLi, ZW; Ding, X ; Chen, Y ; Chen, W 
2007Assessment of bridge expansion joints using long-term displacement and temperature measurementNi, YQ ; Hua, XG; Wong, KY; Ko, JM
2010Assessment of catastrophic risk using bayesian network constructed from domain knowledge and spatial dataLi, L; Wang, J; Leung, H ; Jiang, C
2009Assessment of cerebral oxygenation during prolonged simulated driving using near infrared spectroscopy : its implications for fatigue developmentLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Zhang, X; Dai, S; Yu, X; Wang, Y
2009Assessment of cerebral oxygenation during prolonged simulated driving using near infrared spectroscopy – implications for the development of fatigueLi, ZY; Zhang, M ; Zhang, XX; Dai, SX; Yu, XX; Wang, Y
2013Assessment of cerebral oxygenation oscillations in subjects with hypertensionLi, Z; Zhang, M ; Xin, Q; Luo, S; Zhou, W; Cui, R; Lu, L
2010Assessment of clinical competence of students from health care disciplinesLi-Tseng, CWP ; Liu, KPY; Fong, KNK ; Siu, AMH ; Wong, RSM; Tang, KC
2012Assessment of CO2 emissions reduction in high-rise concrete office buildings using different material use optionsChau, CK ; Hui, WK; Ng, WY; Powell, G 
1-Nov-2008An assessment of combining tourism demand forecasts over different time horizonsShen, S; Li, G; Song, H 
2011Assessment of communicative competence of professionals in engineeringCheng, W 
2010Assessment of communicative competencies of professionals in engineering in Hong KongCheng, W 
2003An assessment of consecutively presenting orthokeratology patients in a Hong Kong based private practiceCho, P ; Cheung, SW; Edwards, MH; Fung, J
2007Assessment of delamination in composite beams using shear horizontal (SH) wave modeSu, Z ; Yang, C; Pan, N; Ye, L; Zhou, LM 
2010Assessment of depth and degeneration dependences of articular cartilage refractive index using optical coherence tomography in vitroWang, SZ; Huang, YP; Wang, Q; Zheng, YP ; He, YH
2007Assessment of drucker-prager type plasticity models for predicting the behaviour of FRP-confined concreteYu, T; Teng, JG ; Wong, YL; Dong, SL
2006Assessment of dynamic measurement accuracy of GPS in three directionsChan, WS; Xu, YL ; Ding, XL ; Xiong, YL; Dai, WJ
2013Assessment of eco-functional properties of shopping bags : development of a novel eco-functional testerMuthu, SS; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Mok, PY ; Mao, YF; Li, QH; Wu, XX
2000Assessment of envelope energy performance in HK-BEAM for residential buildingsYik, FWH; Wan, KSY; Burnett, J
2014Assessment of environmental impact by grocery shopping bags : an eco-functional approachMuthu, SS; Li, Y 
2014Assessment of extended kalman filtering based simultaneous polarization and phase tracking for PDM-16QAMGuoliang, C; Yanfu, Y; Zhong, KP; Lantao, C; Ning, R; Gu, J; Yong, Y
2005Assessment of fire hazard in small news agents in transport terminal hallsChow, WK 
2003Assessment of fire hazard in timber karaoke music boxes with real-scale burning testsChow, WK ; Leung, CW; Zou, G; Dong, H; Gao, YE
2010Assessment of fire performance of typical furniture foams with and without fire retardants using a cone calorimeterChow, WK ; Han, SS; Zeng, WR
2004Assessment of fire retardant coatings by full-scale burning testsDong, H; Zou, GW; Gao, Y; Chow, WK ; Leung, CW
2004Assessment of frequency of hand carriage of staphylococcus aureus and gram negative rods by children and young adultsChan, MY; Boost, MV; O'Donoghue, MM 
2011Assessment of genetic toxicity of neutral wool hydrolyzed polypeptideZhou, DX; Zhang, J; Wang, HX; Gao, XL; Han, YX; Li, Y 
2010Assessment of geo-positioning capability of high resolution satellite imagery for densely populated high buildings in metropolitan areasQiao, G; Wang, W; Wu, B ; Liu, C; Li, R
2001Assessment of heavy metal cations in sediments of Shing Mun River, Hong KongSin, SN; Chua, H; Lo, WH ; Ng, LM
2002An assessment of learning styles of hospitality students in Hong KongHsu, CHC ; Wolfe, K
2010Assessment of local damages in box-girder bridges using measured dynamic responses by passing vehicleLu, ZR; Huang, M; Chen, WH; Liu, JK; Ni, YQ 
2010Assessment of Mandarin receptive vocabulary in Hong Kong childrenChan, A ; Lee, K; Yip, V
2003Assessment of materials by toxic potency data : a preliminary studyChow, CL; Fong, NK ; Chow, WK