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2003Buckling of circular steel silos subject to code-specified eccentric discharge pressuresSong, CY; Teng, JG 
2014Buckling of metallic glass barsWang, JG; Chan, KC ; Fan, JC; Xia, L; Wang, G; Wang, WH
2007Buckling strength of angle trusses in experiment, by code and by second-order analysisChan, SL ; Cho, SH; Chen, WF
2011Buffer and switch : an efficient road-to-road routing scheme for VANETsSong, C; Liu, M; Wen, Y; Cao, J ; Chen, G
2012Buffer and switch : road-to-road routing scheme for intermittently connected vehicular networksSong, C; Liu, M; Wen, Y; Cao, J ; Chen, G
1998Buffeting analysis of long span bridges : a new algorithmXu, YL ; Sun, DK; Ko, JM ; Lin, JH
2005Buffeting response analysis of Stonecutters BridgeHui, MCH; Ding, QS; Xu, YL 
2006Buffeting response control of a long span cable-stayed bridge during construction using semi-active tuned liquid column dampersShum, KM; Xu, YL ; Guo, WH
2003Buffeting response of long suspension bridges to skew windsXu, YL ; Zhu, LD; Xiang, HF
2005Buffeting response of long-span cable-supported bridges under skew winds. part 1 : theoryZhu, LD; Xu, YL 
2005Buffeting response of long-span cable-supported bridges under skew winds. part 2 : case studyXu, YL ; Zhu, LD
2009Buffeting-induced fatigue damage assessment of a long suspension bridgeXu, YL ; Liu, TT; Zhang, WS
2009Buffeting-induced stresses in a long suspension bridge : Structural health monitoring oriented stress analysisLiu, TT; Xu, YL ; Zhang, WS; Wong, KY; Zhou, HJ; Chan, KWY
2005Build-to-order supply chain management : a literature review and framework for developmentGunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
2002Buildability assessment : the Singapore approachLam, P 
2009Building a Chinese collocation bankXu, R; Lu, Q ; Wong, KF; Li, W 
2009Building a framework for the probability ranking principle by a family of expected weighted rankDang, EKF; Wu, HC; Luk, RWP ; Wong, KF
2014Building a scalable system for stealthy P2P-botnet detectionZhang, J; Perdisci, R; Lee, W; Luo, X ; Sarfraz, U
2014Building a self-learning eye gaze model from user interaction dataHuang, MX; Kwok, TCK; Ngai, G ; Leong, HV ; Chan, SCF 
2006Building calibration for IAQ managementMui, KW ; Chan, WT
2007Building contractors' behavioural pattern in pricing weather risksChan, EHW ; Au, MCY
2015Building customer equity through trust in social networking sites: A perspective from Thai consumersKananukul, C; Jung, S; Watchravesringkan, K
2004Building design and energy end-use characteristics of high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongWan, KSY; Yik, FWH
2001Building energy efficiency assessments in Hong Kong and the way forwardYik, FWH; Edmunds, K; Chan, CWH
2009Building energy research in Hong Kong : a reviewMa, Z; Wang, S 
2007Building features and site-specific factors affecting buildability in Hong KongLam, PTI ; Wong, FKW ; Wong, FWH
2005Building fire codes and performance-based design in China : Mainland and Hong KongChow, WK ; Xia, L
2005Building fire safety in the far eastChow, WK 
2002Building fire simulation with a field model based on large eddy simulationYin, R; Chow, WK 
2014Building high-performance smartphones via non-volatile memory : the Swap ApproachZhong, K; Wang, T; Zhu, X; Long, L; Liu, D; Liu, W; Shao, Z ; Sha, EHM
2015Building homeland heritage: multiple homes among the Chinese diaspora and the politics on heritage management in ChinaChan, HL; Cheng, C
2011Building information modeling and changing construction practicesLu, WW; Li, H 
2012Building Information Modeling-based user activity simulation and evaluation method for improving designer–user communicationsShen, W; Shen, Q ; Sun, Q
2013Building information modelling (BIM) for sustainable building designWong, KD ; Fan, Q
Feb-2011Building information modelling for tertiary construction education in Hong KongWong, KDA ; Wong, FKW ; Nadeem, A
2009Building information modelling in material take-off in a Hong Kong projectTse, KTC; Wong, AKD ; Wong, FKW
2013Building instantaneous cooling load fused measurement : multiple-sensor-based fusion versus chiller-model-based fusionHuang, G; Sun, Y; Wang, S 
2011Building life satisfaction through attachment to mother and beliefs about the world : social axioms as mediators in two cultural groupsMak, MCK; Han, YMY; You, J; Jin, M; Bond, MH
2012Building life-long learning capacity in undergraduate nursing freshmen within an integrative and small group learning contextChiang, VCL ; Leung, SSK; Chui, CYY; Leung, AYM; Mak, YW 
Mar-2010Building new foundations for Macquarie University’s new Library : why the people count more than the concreteBrodie, M; Graham, M
2010Building operation and maintenance : education needs in Hong KongLai, JHK 
2015Building operation and maintenance manpower in Hong KongLai, HK 
2014Building power demand response methods toward smart gridWang, S ; Xue, X; Yan, C
2013Building self-ordered tubular macro- and mesoporous nitridated titania from gas bubbles towards high-performance lithium-ion batteriesWang, H; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Zhou, Y; Wang, Y
2014Building system performance diagnosis and optimization based on data mining techniquesXiao, F ; Fan, C; Wang, S 
2010Building teams that learn : study of learning effects in engineering student teamsFong, PSW 
2011Building(s), cyberneticallyJachna, T 
2001Building-integrated photovoltaics : effect on the cooling load component of building façadesYang, H ; Burnett, J; Zhu, Z
2014Bulk metallic glass composite with good tensile ductility, high strength and large elastic strain limitWu, FF; Chan, KC ; Jiang, SS; Chen, SH; Wang, G
2010Bulk metallic glass composites with transformation-mediated work-hardening and ductilityWu, Y; Xiao, Y; Chen, G; Liu, CT; Lu, Z
2007Bulk nanostructured processing of aluminum alloyTham, YW; Fu, MW ; Hng, HH; Yong, MS; Lim, KB
20-Oct-2012Bulk regeneration of optical fiber Bragg gratingsShao, L; Wang, T ; Canning, J; Cook, K; Tam, HY 
2014Bulk-forming simulation of bimetallic watchcase componentsKong, TF; Chan, LC 
9-Aug-2012The bumpy road to universal access : an actor-network analysis of a U.S. municipal broadband internet initiativeHsieh, JJPA; Keil, M; Holmström, J; Kvasny, L
2001Bundle adjustment for data processing of theodolite industrial surveying systemZou, ZR; Ding, XL ; Zeng, ZQ; He, PZ
2010Bundling digitized logistics activities and its performance implicationsLai, KH ; Wong, CWY ; Cheng, TCE 
2011Buoyancy and inertial force on oscillations of thermal-induced convective flow across a ventChow, WK ; Gao, Y
2015Burst-mode operation of a 655GHz mode locked laser based on an 11-th order microring resonatorJin, L; Pasquazi, A; Tsang, KS; Ho, V; Peccianti, M; Cooper, A; Caspani, L; Ferrera, M; Little, BE; Moss, DJ; Morandotti, R; Chu, ST
2011Bus arrival time prediction at bus stop with multiple routesYu, B; Lam, WHK ; Tam, ML
2014Bus lane safety implications : a case study in Hong KongTse, LY; Hung, WT ; Sumalee, A
2010Business as usual : the use of English in the professional world in Hong KongEvans, S 
2002Business metaphors in a bilingual business lexiconLi, L ; Bilbow, GT
2006Business planning for the vocational education and training in Hong KongChan , CYP; Chan, SF; Chan, K; Ip, WC
2009A business process activity model and performance measurement using a time series ARIMA intervention analysisLam, CY; Ip, WH ; Lau, CW
2014Business review in directors' report : new Companies Ordinance requirementSo, S; Kwan, J; Ko, A
2003Business simulation games : the Hong Kong experienceChang, J ; Lee, M; Ng, KL; Moon, KL
2013A business-to-business e-commerce system using software agents and RFIDYe, L; Ho, ASK; Leung, SKS; Chan, HCB 
2004Business-to-consumer and business-to-business Mobile AGent-based Internet Commerce System (MAGICS)Lam, PPY; Ye, L; Chan, HCB 
Nov-2007Business-to-consumer mobile agent-based internet commerce system (MAGICS)Chen, H; Lam, PPY; Chan, H ; Dillon, TS; Cao, J ; Lee, RST
2003Butyltins in sediments and biota from the Pearl River Delta, South ChinaZhang, G; Yan, J; Fu, JM; Parker, A; Li, XD ; Wang, ZS
2014Buyback contracts with price-dependent demands : effects of demand uncertaintyZhao, Y; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE ; Sethi, SP; Wang, S
2004Buyer characteristics among users of various travel intermediariesWolfe, K; Hsu, CHC ; Kang, SK
2015Buyer-supplier relationships on environmental issues : a contingency perspectiveSancha, C; Wong, CWY ; Gimenez Thomsen, C
2007Bypassing government/reconstructing the village : formation of self-organization in a Hakka community in south ChinaKu, HB 
2013C 0-nonconforming triangular prism elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, HR; Chen, SC; Qiao, ZH 
31-Aug-2009C-band single-longitudinal mode lanthanum co-doped bismuth based erbium doped fiber ring laserQureshi, KK; Feng, X; Zhao, LM; Tam, HY ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2003C-H bond activation by a hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borato ruthenium hydridle complexNg, SM; Lam, WH; Mak, CC; Tsang, CW; Jia, GC; Lin, ZY; Lau, CP
2015C-H bonds phosphorylation of ketene dithioacetalsZhu, L; Yu, H ; Guo, Q; Chen, Q; Xu, Z; Wang, R
2013C0-nonconforming tetrahedral and cuboid elements for the three-dimensional fourth order elliptic problemChen, H; Chen, S; Qiao, Z 
2007C1-C8 volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere of Hong Kong : overview of atmospheric processing and source apportionmentGuo, H ; So, KL; Simpson, IJ; Barletta, B; Meinardi, S; Blake, DR