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Dec-2004Asian emissions of CO and Noₓ : constraints from aircraft and Chinese station dataWang, YX; McElroy, MB; Wang, T ; Palmer, PI
2004Asian entrepreneurship research : a profile and assessmentButler, JE; Ko, S; Wai, C
2004Asian students' self-motivating skillsTong, J
2010Asian university EFL student attitudes toward non-native English speaking teachers (NNEST)Tang, S; Tweed, A; Zheng, X; Kang, HS; Fukunaga, S
2011Asian wave in travel and tourism researchLeung, D; Leung, R; Bai, B; Law, R 
2007Asian youth culture will be the driving force for the world's creative industriesVittachi, N
2012An ASIC design of a high-speed Clock and Data Recovery circuitNg, CW; Yu, KH; Sham, CW; Tse, CKM 
2011An ASIC design of a high-speed clock and data recovery circuitNg, CW; Yu, KH; Sham, CW; Tse, CK 
2007An ASP.Net 2.0 based simulator for studying day-ahead electricity marketsHua, D; Ngan, HW ; Chung, CY ; Yu, CW; Wong, KP; Wen, FS
2009Aspects of contrast sensitivity functionWoo, GC
1996Aspects of fires for factories in Hong KongChow, WK ; Cheung, KC
2003Aspects of the syntax, the pragmatics, and the production of code-switching : Cantonese and EnglishChan, B
2009Aspects of world council of optometryWoo, G
2002Aspects, impacts and actions for environmental management in Hong Kong hotelsBurnett, J; Chan, SHA
2013Aspectual asymmetry in language processing : implications for the acquisition of tense-aspect markingYap, FH 
2013The aspectual function of the adverbial modifier ging6(勁) in colloquial Hong Kong cantoneseCheng, KSK
2013Aspectualizers and their selected nouns in Mandarin ChineseWang, S; Huang, CR 
2015Asphalt-assisted assembly of breath figures : a robust templating strategy for general fabrication of ordered porous polymer filmsGong, JL; Xu, BG ; Tao, XM 
2012An assembled issueHerold, DK ; Minocha, S; Rybas, N
2005Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2006An assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2001Assemblies based on trans-oxamidato-bridged copper(II) building blocks and the spacer succinateZhang, HX; Kang, BS; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC; Yu, KB; Chen, ZN; Ren, C
2014Assembling of Al-MCM-48 supported H3PW12O 40 mesoporous materials and their catalytic performances in the green synthesis of benzoic acidMeng, J; Cao, Y; Zheng, G ; Li, J; Wu, H; Guan, X; Zheng, X
2001Assembly of a novel cyclic dimer encapsulating PF6- into the brick wall networkLiu, J; Liu, HK; Feng, XL; Zhang, HX; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC; Kang, BS
2015Assembly of polypyrrole nanotube@MnO2 composites with an improved electrochemical capacitanceJi, J; Zhang, X; Liu, J; Peng, L; Chen, C; Huang, Z; Li, L; Yu, X; Shang, S 
2015Assembly of polypyrrole-graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposites and their swelling propertiesJi, J; Yu, X; Cheng, P; Zhang, Q; Du, F; Li, L; Shang, S 
2008Assembly of superparamagnetic nanoparticles under unidirectional external magnetic flux : experimental and model establishmentsYiu, KFC ; Yu, CH; Tang, H; He, H; Tsang, SC; Tam, KY
2003Assembly process sequence planning for STEP based mechanical products : an integrated model and system implementationZha, XF; Ji, P 
2014Assess the effects of different operations policies on warehousing reliabilityChoy, KL ; Sheng, N; Lam, HY; Lai, IKW; Chow, KH; Ho, GTS
2013Assessing a cross-border logistics policy using a performance measurement system framework : the case of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta regionWong, DWC; Choy, KL ; Chow, HKH; Lin, C
2003Assessing a three-component model of occupational commitment : a study of lawyers in chinaSnape, E; Lo, CWH ; Redman, T
2014Assessing and mitigating the effects of the ionospheric variability on DGPSWeng, D; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Li, Z; Xu, Y; Ye, L
2015Assessing and predicting the subjective wetness sensation of textiles : subjective and objective evaluationTang, KPM; Kan, CW ; Fan, JT
2010Assessing avian habitat fragmentation in urban areas of Hong Kong (Kowloon) at high spatial resolution using spectral unmixingNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Corlett, R; Nichol, DW
2015Assessing balance function in patients with total knee arthroplastyChan, ACM; Pang, MYC 
2009Assessing between-group differences in information systems research : a comparison of covariance- and component-based SEMQureshi, I ; Compeau, D
2004Assessing building performance - an integrated modelThen, SSD; Tan, TH
Dec-2011Assessing celebrity endorsement effects in China : a consumer-celebrity relational approachHung, K; Chan, KW ; Tse, CH
2014Assessing China's legislation on compensation for marine ecological damage : a case study of the Bohai oil spillLiu, D; Zhu, L 
2002Assessing Chinese adults' memory abilities : validation of the Chinese version of the rivermead behavioral memory testMan, DWK ; Li, R
2009Assessing citizenship behavior in educational contexts : the role of personality, motivation, and cultureChen, SX ; Carey, TP
2010Assessing communicative competence of professionals in engineeringCheng, W ; Qian, D 
2012Assessing consistency of Chang'E-1 and SELENE reference frames using nearly-colocated laser altimetry footprint positionsIz, HB ; Chen, YQ ; Shum, CK; Ding, XL ; King, BA ; Chen, W ; Berber, M
2005Assessing construction elements with lower fire resistance rating under big firesChow, WK 
2006Assessing daylighting performance in buildings - trends and challenges for dense urban environmentsChung, TM; Ng, R
2006Assessing daylighting performance of buildings using orthographically projected area of obstructionsChung, TM; Cheung, HD
2005Assessing daylighting performance of buildings using orthographically projected area of obstructionsChung, TM; Cheung, HD
2006Assessing dependences within multivariate time series partializing the knowledge of thirdsCarmeli, C; Feo, OD
2013Assessing ecological modernization in China : stakeholder demands and corporate environmental management practices in guangdong provinceYee, WH; Lo, CWH ; Tang, SY
2012Assessing effects of acculturation on service failure responses : insights from Australian-Chinese consumersWeber, K ; Sparks, B; Hsu, C 
2006Assessing energy efficiency and air quality in Hong Kong officesMui, KW 
2007Assessing energy performance in the latest versions of Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (HK-BEAM)Lee, WL ; Yik, FWH; Burnett, J
2003Assessing English for employment in Hong KongLumley, T; Qian, D 
2006Assessing English language performance : meeting the challenges of alternative assessmentQian, D 
2007Assessing English language performance : teachers' perceptions of alternative assessmentQian, D 
2004Assessing English writing for professional communication : a perspective from employersQian, D 
2014Assessing equivalence of hotel brand equity measures in cross-cultural contextsOh, H; Hsu, CHC 
2003Assessing flame spread over combustible materials with smaller-scale testsLeung, CW; Chow, WK 
2015Assessing Hotel Cost Control Through Value Engineering: A Case Study on the Budget Hotels in a Middle-sized City in ChinaYan, QY; Shen, HJ; Kong, H
2001Assessing interestingness of fuzzy rules using an ordinal frameworkLee, JWT
2016Assessing investment value of privately-owned public rental housing projects with multiple optionsLi, D; Guo, K; You, J; Hui, ECM 
2010Assessing knowledge assets : knowledge audit of a social service organization in Hong KongLeung, ZCS ; Cheung, CF ; Chu, KF; Chan, YC ; Lee, WB ; Wong, RYW
2011Assessing mainland Chinese tourists' satisfaction with Hong Kong using tourist satisfaction indexSong, H ; Li, G; Van, DVR; Chen, JL
2006Assessing new empirical industrial organization (NEIO) methods : the cases of five industriesRoy, A; Kim, N ; Raju, JS
2007Assessing optimal fermentation type for bio-hydrogen production in continuous-flow acidogenic reactorsRen, NQ; Chua, H; Chan, SY; Tsang, YF; Wang, YJ; Sin, N
2001Assessing oxidative stress and its role in ageing and age-related diseaseBenzie, IFF 
2010Assessing photochemical ozone formation in the Pearl River Delta with a photochemical trajectory modelCheng, HR; Guo, H ; Saunders, SM; Lam, SHM; Jiang, F; Wang, XM; Simpson, IJ; Blake, DR; Louie, PKK; Wang, TJ
2009Assessing predictive validity of the modified Braden scale for prediction of pressure ulcer risk of orthopaedic patients in an acute care settingChan, WS; Pang, SMC ; Kwong, EWY 
2006Assessing process capability : a case studyCheng, SW; Leung, B ; Spiring, FA
2005Assessing quality of life of patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in the end of lifePang, SMC ; Chan, KS; Chung, BPM ; Lau, KS; Leung, EMF; Leung, AWK; Chan, HYL; Chan, TMF
2006Assessing quality relationships in public housing : an empirical studyChan, APC ; Wong, FKW ; Lam, PTI 
2010Assessing readiness to work from a stages of change perspective : implications for return to workLam, CS; Wiley, AH; Siu, A ; Emmett, J
1998Assessing seismic response of soft soil sites in Hong Kong using microtremor recordsWong, YL; Zhao, JX; Lam, ESS ; Chau, KT 
2015Assessing student generic programme outcomes with final year projects
2005Assessing student’s experiential learning during work placementsKivela, J; Kivela, R
2005Assessing technology incubator programs in the science park : the good, the bad and the uglyChan, KF; Lau, T
2010Assessing the accuracy of applying photogrammetry to take geometric measurements on building productsDai, F; Lu, M
2009Assessing the attractiveness of ports : the perspective from service suppliersSanchez, RJ; Ng, KYA; Garcia-Alonso, L
2004Assessing the benefit and cost for a voluntary indoor air quality certification scheme in Hong KongTse, MS; Chau, CK ; Lee, WL 
2009Assessing the benefits of integrated en-route transit information systems and time-varying transit pricing systems in a congested transit networkRen, H; Gao, Z; Lam, WHK ; Long, J