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2005ARMA model of multipath effects on GPS/GLONASS observationsMok, CME ; Xia, LY
2006Armijo Newton method for convex best interpolationQi, HD; Yang, XQ 
2013Aromatherapy : effectiveness in reducing depression, anxiety and stress among community-dwelling older adultsTse, MYM ; Tang, SK
2005Aromatherapy in textilesKan, CW; Yuen, CWM; Lai, OYA
2014Aromatherapy: does it help to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, and stress in community-dwelling older persons?Tang, SK; Tse, MY 
Aug-2012Aromatic hydrocarbons as ozone precursors before and after outbreak of the 2008 financial crisis in the Pearl River Delta region, south ChinaZhang, Y; Wang, X; Blake, DR; Li, L; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Guo, H ; Lee, SC ; Gao, B; Chan, LY; Wu, D; Rowland, FS
2010Arrays of nanoscale lenses for subwavelength optical lithographyJang, JW; Zheng, Z ; Lee, OS; Shim, W; Zheng, G; Schatz, GC; Mirkin, CA
2006Arrhythmic pulses detection using Lempel-Ziv complexity analysisXu, L; Zhang, D ; Wang, K; Wang, L
2014Arsenic and copper stabilisation in a contaminated soil by coal fly ash and green waste compostTsang, DCW ; Yip, ACK; Olds, WE; Weber, PA
2010Arsenic contamination and potential health risk implications at an abandoned tungsten mine, southern ChinaLiu, CP; Luo, CL; Gao, Y; Li, FB; Lin, LW; Wu, CA; Li, XD 
2000Arsenic in dried seafood consumed in Hong KongMan, CK; He, XW
2014Art and cultural interactionsFok, S 
2004Art neural networks for seafloor classification of multibeam dataZhou, X; Chen, Y ; Emerson, N; Du, D
2001ART2 neural network for surface EMG decompositionXu, Z; Xiao, S; Chi, Z 
2013Arthur bennett prize lectureGuggenheim, JA 
2003Article numbering adoption and its implications for supply chain managementLai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2002Articulated motion estimation based on Markov random fieldWang, Y; Baciu, G ; Bao, X; Li, C
2014Articulated values and skilled communication : the foundation of humanistic careRider, E; Kurtz, S; Van Zwieth, M; Chan, EA ; Branch, W
2001Articulating and managing design knowledge for Hong Kong-Mainland China : a study on good professional practices and innovative industrial design productsLee, TC ; Ip, KCA; Siu, WCN; Chong, PYS; Szeto, SYE
2007Articulating appraisal system effectiveness based on managerial cognitionsWright, RP ; Cheung, FKK
2004Articulatory feature-based conditional pronunciation modeling for speaker verificationLeung, KY; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2008Articulatory-feature based sequence kernel for high-level speaker verificationZhang, SX; Mak, MW 
2009An artificial bee colony algorithm for inverse problemsHo, SL ; Yang, S
2008An artificial bee colony algorithm for numerical optimizations of inverse electromagnetic problemsHo, SL ; Yang, SY; Liu, QH
2015Artificial bee colony algorithm with multiple search strategiesGao, WF; Huang, LL; Liu, SY; Chan, FTS ; Dai, C; Shan, X
2013Artificial hair cell sensors using liquid metal alloy as piezoresistorsShi, X; Cheng, CH 
2004Artificial insemination in the indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus)Brook, F; Kinoshita, R; Spielman, D; Mauroo, N; Rourke, N; Rayner, C
2000Artificial insemination of the bottlenose dolphin [Tursiops aduncus] : a trainer's perspectiveIm, WKT; Chan, SKS; Rayner, C; Wong, H; Rourke, N; Cheung, KYM; Yuen, WHQ; Kinoshita, R; Robeck, T; Brook, F
2009Artificial intelligence applications in tourismGoh, C; Mok, H; Law, R 
2009Artificial intelligence based approach to forecasting cycle times in microtunneling and pipe jacking constructionLau, SC; Lu, M
2006Artificial intelligence in apparel technology and managementLiu, J; Mandal, S
2007Artificial lotus leaf structures from assembling carbon nanotubes and their applications in hydrophobic textilesLiu, Y; Tang, J; Wang, R; Lu, H; Li, L; Kong, Y; Qi, K; Xin, JH 
2009Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based crack identification in aluminum plates with lamb wave signalsLu, Y; Ye, L; Su, Z ; Zhou, L ; Cheng, L 
2009An artificial neural network model for the prediction of spirality of fully relaxed single jersey fabricsMurrells, CM; Tao, XM ; Xu, BG ; Cheng, KPS
Dec-2012Artificial neural network simulation of hourly groundwater levels in a coastal aquifer system of the Venice lagoonTaormina, R; Chau, KW ; Sethi, R
2014Artrepreneurship practices in Hong Kong - lesson from damien hirstWong, K
2006Arts writing in Hong Kong : practice versus theoryFord, N
1997Arylimido complexes of ruthenium(IV) porphyrinsLeung, WH; Hun, TSM; Hou, HW; Wong, KY 
2005As strategists thinketh : how HR directors and board of directors construe strategizingWright, RP 
2003ASAB : A Chinese screen readerLuk, RWP ; Yeung, DS; Lu, Q ; Leung, HL; Li, SY; Leung, F
2000Ascorbic acid concentration and total antioxidant activity of human tear fluid measured using the FRASC assayChoy, CKM; Benzie, IFF ; Cho, P 
2002Asia Pacific Tourism Association sixth annual conference in phuket, thailand, 2000 : "Tourism" a strategic industry in Asia and Pacific : defining problems and creating solutionsLaw, R ; Wong, S
2005Asia Pacific tourism forecasts 2005-2007Turner, L.W.; Witt, S.F.
2006Asia Pacific tourism forecasts 2006-2008Turner, LW; Witt, SF
2009Asia Pacific tourism mega-trendsChon, K ; Song, H ; Oh, J
2015Asia Pacific tourism trends : is the future ours to seeTolkach, D ; Chon, KKS ; Xiao, HG 
2006Asia pacific travel forecasts 2006-2008Turner, LW; Witt, SF
2005Asian challenges to globalisation of social work educationYip, KS 
2003Asian cognitions of the strategic management processWright, RP ; Butler, JE; Priem, R
2000Asian container ports and productivity : implications for the new millenniumSong, DW; Cullinane, KPB
2001Asian dimensions of services marketing
17-Dec-2012Asian dust storm observed at a rural mountain site in southern China : chemical evolution and heterogeneous photochemistryNie, W; Wang, T ; Xue, L; Ding, AJ; Wang, X; Gao, X; Xu, Z; Yu, YC; Yuan, C; Zhou, ZS; Gao, R; Liu, XH; Wang, Y; Fan, SJ; Poon, S; Zhang, Q; Wang, W
Dec-2004Asian emissions of CO and Noₓ : constraints from aircraft and Chinese station dataWang, YX; McElroy, MB; Wang, T ; Palmer, PI
2004Asian entrepreneurship research : a profile and assessmentButler, JE; Ko, S; Wai, C
2004Asian students' self-motivating skillsTong, J
2010Asian university EFL student attitudes toward non-native English speaking teachers (NNEST)Tang, S; Tweed, A; Zheng, X; Kang, HS; Fukunaga, S
2011Asian wave in travel and tourism researchLeung, D; Leung, R; Bai, B; Law, R 
2007Asian youth culture will be the driving force for the world's creative industriesVittachi, N
2012An ASIC design of a high-speed Clock and Data Recovery circuitNg, CW; Yu, KH; Sham, CW; Tse, CKM 
2011An ASIC design of a high-speed clock and data recovery circuitNg, CW; Yu, KH; Sham, CW; Tse, CK 
2007An ASP.Net 2.0 based simulator for studying day-ahead electricity marketsHua, D; Ngan, HW ; Chung, CY ; Yu, CW; Wong, KP; Wen, FS
2009Aspects of contrast sensitivity functionWoo, GC
1996Aspects of fires for factories in Hong KongChow, WK ; Cheung, KC
2003Aspects of the syntax, the pragmatics, and the production of code-switching : Cantonese and EnglishChan, B
2009Aspects of world council of optometryWoo, G
2002Aspects, impacts and actions for environmental management in Hong Kong hotelsBurnett, J; Chan, SHA
2013Aspectual asymmetry in language processing : implications for the acquisition of tense-aspect markingYap, FH 
2013The aspectual function of the adverbial modifier ging6(勁) in colloquial Hong Kong cantoneseCheng, KSK
2013Aspectualizers and their selected nouns in Mandarin ChineseWang, S; Huang, CR 
2015Asphalt-assisted assembly of breath figures : a robust templating strategy for general fabrication of ordered porous polymer filmsGong, JL; Xu, BG ; Tao, XM 
2012An assembled issueHerold, DK ; Minocha, S; Rybas, N
2005Assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based face and palmprint recognitionZuo, W; Wang, K; Zhang, DD 
2006An assembled matrix distance metric for 2DPCA-based image recognitionZuo, W; Zhang, D ; Wang, K
2001Assemblies based on trans-oxamidato-bridged copper(II) building blocks and the spacer succinateZhang, HX; Kang, BS; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC; Yu, KB; Chen, ZN; Ren, C
2014Assembling of Al-MCM-48 supported H3PW12O 40 mesoporous materials and their catalytic performances in the green synthesis of benzoic acidMeng, J; Cao, Y; Zheng, G ; Li, J; Wu, H; Guan, X; Zheng, X
2001Assembly of a novel cyclic dimer encapsulating PF6- into the brick wall networkLiu, J; Liu, HK; Feng, XL; Zhang, HX; Zhou, ZY; Chan, ASC; Kang, BS
2015Assembly of polypyrrole nanotube@MnO2 composites with an improved electrochemical capacitanceJi, J; Zhang, X; Liu, J; Peng, L; Chen, C; Huang, Z; Li, L; Yu, X; Shang, S 
2015Assembly of polypyrrole-graphene oxide hydrogel nanocomposites and their swelling propertiesJi, J; Yu, X; Cheng, P; Zhang, Q; Du, F; Li, L; Shang, S 
2008Assembly of superparamagnetic nanoparticles under unidirectional external magnetic flux : experimental and model establishmentsYiu, KFC ; Yu, CH; Tang, H; He, H; Tsang, SC; Tam, KY
2003Assembly process sequence planning for STEP based mechanical products : an integrated model and system implementationZha, XF; Ji, P