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2012Applications of ultra-precision free-form machining technology to advanced opticsLee, WB ; Wang, H; To, S ; Cheung, CF 
2004Applications of value management in the construction industry in ChinaShen, Q ; Liu, G
2001Applications of virtual manufacturing in materials processingLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Li, JG
2001Applications of virtual manufacturing in ultra-precision diamond turningLee, WB ; Li, JG; Cheung, CF 
2007Applied biomechanics for chronic low back painChow, DHK
2001Applied geochemistry (Volume 16, Issues 11-12)Fuge, R; Li, XD ; Poon, CS 
2011Applied intelligent control of induction motor drivesChan, TF; Shi, K
2005Applied nonlinear time series analysis : applications in physics, physiology and financeSmall, M
2014Applied research in quality of life (ARQOL) : where are we and issues for considerationShek, DTL 
2013Apply Chinese word sketch engine to facilitate lexicographyWang, S; Huang, CR 
2011Apply different fuzzy integrals in unit selection problem of real time strategy gameLi, YJ; Ng, PHF; Wang, HB; Shiu, SCK ; Li, Y
2006Applying a domestic water-cooled air-conditioner in subtropical citiesLee, WL ; Chen, H
2006Applying a domestic water-cooled air-conditioner in subtropical citiesLee, WL ; Chen, H
2003Applying a generalized predictive control theory to a carding autolevelerGuo, Y; Chen, R; Hu, J 
2003Applying a genre based approach to the teaching of English to students with learning disabilitiesForey, G ; Sengupta, S; Firkins, A
2001Applying a mediator architecture employing XML to manufacturing data exchangeChan, S ; Dillon, T; Ng, V 
2002Applying a mediator architecture employing XML to retailing inventory controlChan, S ; Dillon, T; Siu, A
2007Applying a random coefficients logistic model to contractors' decision to bidOo, BL; Drew, DS; Lo, HP
2008Applying action research in geomatics higher educationLam, YWS
2005Applying agent technology to software process modeling and process-centered software engineering environmentZhao, X; Chan, KCC ; Li, M
2004Applying articulatory features to telephone-based speaker verificationLeung, KY; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY
2006Applying computer technology to speaking assessment : affective effects on test takersQian, D 
2002Applying condensing-temperature control in air-cooled reciprocating water chillers for energy efficiencyChan, KT ; Yu, FW
2006Applying coordination for service adaptation in mobile computingZheng, Y; Chan, ATS ; Ngai, G 
2004Applying cross-Topic relationships to searching with incremental relevance feedbackLai, TCH; Chan, SCF ; Chung, KFL 
2008Applying dynamic buffer tuning to help pervasive medical consultation succeedLin, WWK; Wong, JHK; Wong, AKY
2008Applying ethical concepts to the study of “green” consumer behavior : an analysis of Chinese consumers’ intentions to bring their own shopping bagsChan, RK ; Wong, YH; Leung, TKP 
2012Applying functional text typology in the study of healthcare communicationLam, M
2010Applying fuzzy integral for performance evaluation in real time strategy gameLi, YJ; Ng, PHF; Wang, HB; Li, Y; Shiu, SCK 
2006Applying fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms to enhance the efficacy of the PID controller in buffer overflow elimination for better channel response timeliness over the InternetLin, WWK; Wong, AKY; Wu, RSL
2003Applying genetic algorithms in database partitioningNg, V ; Law, DM; Gorla, N; Chan, CK
2004Applying grey forecasting to predicting the operating energy performance of air cooled water chillersJiang, Y; Yao, Y; Deng, S ; Ma, Z
2007Applying machine learning to Chinese entity detection and trackingQian, D; Li, W ; Lu, Q ; Yuan, C; Wu, M
2004Applying machine learning to Chinese temporal relation resolutionLi, WJ ; Cao, GH; Wong, KF; Yuan, CF
2008Applying neuro-fuzzy dynamic buffer tuning to make web-based telemedicine successfulWong, AKY
2002Applying QFD in the clothing manufacturing sector : a case study on improving a distance‐learning program in Hong KongChan, K; Chan, SF; Chan, C
2010Applying radial basis function neural networks to estimate next-cycle production rates in tunnelling constructionLau, SC; Lu, M; Ariaratnam, ST
2011Applying regression models to query-focused multi-document summarizationOuyang, Y; Li, W ; Li, S; Lu, Q
2003Applying resonant parametric perturbation to control chaos in the buck dc/dc converter with phase shift and frequency mismatch considerationsZhou, Y; Tse, CK ; Qiu, SS; Lau, FCM 
2012Applying shape memory filaments to achieve a comfortable elastic textile products targeting for a textile productsAu, HY; Hu, JL ; Zhu, Y
2003Applying six sigma in foodservice : factors to consider when intending to successfully implement the six sigma quality assurance in a foodservice environmentKaegi, J
2001Applying social skills training in the context of vocational rehabilitation for people with schizophreniaTsang, HWH 
2014Applying storage-enhanced heat recovery room air-conditioner (SEHRAC) for domestic water heating in residential buildings in Hong KongJia, J; Lee, WL 
2004Applying synthetic aperture radar interferometry technology to detection of ground movementDing, XL ; Li, ZW; Liu, GX; Yin, JH ; Chen, YQ 
2013Applying systemic functional linguistics in healthcare contextsMatthiessen, CMI 
2011Applying systemic functional linguistics in the workplace : understanding quality assurance measuresForey, G ; Lam, M
2006Applying testing to requirements inspection for software quality assuranceChen, TY; Poon, PL ; Tang, SF; Tse, TH; Yu, YT
2007Applying the "cloak of invisibility" technology to security and privacy in the hotel industryGoh, CKL; Law, R 
2004Applying the concept of involvement to convention tourism decision-makingYoo, JJE; Chon, K 
2005Applying the Fuzzy Resources Allocation (FRA) model by different contractors for different types of projectsShen, L; Tan, Y
2007Applying the improved fuzzy cellular neural network IFCNN to white blood cell detectionWang, S; Chung, KFL ; Fu, D
2012Applying the many-facets rasch model to an exit English speaking proficiency assessmentFang, FF; Urmston, AW 
2006Applying the method of small-shuffle surrogate data : testing for dynamics in fluctuating data with trendsNakamura, T; Small, M
2002Applying the method of surrogate data to cyclic time seriesSmall, M; Tse, CK 
2012Applying the rasch model to second language education : the diagnostic English language tracking and assessment (DELTA) projectRaquel, MR
2002Applying the structure of the observed learning outcomes (SOLO) taxonomy on student's learning outcomes : an empirical studyChan, CC; Tsui, MS ; Chan, MYC; Hong, JH
2003Applying the theory of planned behavior on Taiwanese travelersLam, T; Hsu, C 
2009Applying two-level reinforcement ranking in query-oriented multidocument summarizationWei, F; Li, W ; Lu, Q ; He, Y
2006Applying undistorted neural network sensitivity analysis in iris plant classification and construction productivity predictionLu, M; Yeung, DS; Ng, WWY
2008Applying water cooled air conditioners in residential buildings in Hong KongChen, H; Lee, WL ; Yik, FWH
2007Applying. net remoting to a business simulationThavikulwat, P; Chang, J 
2012Appositive structures and possessive structures : a case study of tamen zhe sange haizi(他们这三个孩子)Hong, S; Shi, DX 
2006Appraisal bias in land premium valuationYiu, CY; Tang, BS; Chiang, YH ; Choy, LHT 
2000Appraisal of buildable design and construction systemLam, TI 
2011Appraisal of operating performance of chiller system by cluster analysisYu, FW; Chan, KT 
2013Appraising the delay accuracy in browser-based network measurementLi, W; Mok, KPR; Chang, RKC ; Fok, WWT
2000Appreciation and teaching of poetryWong, SC
2002An approach for chaos synchronization based on non-continuous excursion-orbit couplingQiu, SS; Tse, CK ; Zhou, Y; Zhou, X; Cai, X
2001An approach for CSK detection based on return mapsTse, CK ; Cheong, KY; Lau, FCM ; Hau, SF 
2008An approach for determining evolutionary distance in network-based phylogenetic analysisZhou, T; Chan, KCC ; Pan, Y; Wang, Z
2008An approach for directly extracting features from matrix data and its application in face recognitionXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Yang, JY
1998An approach for evaluating fire zone modelsChow, WK 
2000An approach for evaluating the quality of software developed by novice programmersYu, TY; Poon, PL 
2014An approach for hesitant node classification in overlapping community detectionWang, J; Peng, J; Liu, O 
2007Approach for reinforcement design in reinforced concrete structures based on 3-dimensional stress fieldLaw, CW; Cheng, YM ; Su, RKL
2008An approach for ring spun yarn torqueHua, T; Tao, XM ; Cheng, KP; Xu, BG 
2013Approach for working out fire safety strategy for large airport terminals in the Far EastChow, WK 
2003An approach in developing ecodesign products in China : SME perspectiveLo, VHS; Ng, AKH; Chung, WWC
2006Approach of safety management for textile industry - a case study in Hong KongKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM
2002An approach of watershed based segmentation on texture imageXin, JH ; Shen, HL