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2007Application of ultra-flat spectrum multiwavelength EDFL in microwave photonic filtersTam, HY ; Lu, C ; Feng, X; Wai, PKA ; Tang, DY
2011Application of ultrasonic wave to clean the surface of the TiO 2 nanotubes prepared by the electrochemical anodizationXu, H; Zhang, Q; Zheng, C; Yan, W; Chu, W 
2013Application of universal software defined PXI platform for the performance evaluation of FM-DCSK communications systemKrebesz, T; Kolumban, G; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2009Application of Unscented Kalman filter to sensorless permanent-magnet synchronous motor driveChan, TF; Bortsje, P; Wang, W
2011The application of urban sustainability indicators – a comparison between various practicesShen, LY; Ochoa, JJ; Shah, MN; Zhang, X
2003Application of value delivery system (VDS) and performance benchmarking in flexible business process reengineeringYung, WKC ; Chan, DTH
2005Application of value management in major construction projects and the support of ITShen, Q 
2005Application of value management in project briefingYu, ATW ; Shen, GQP ; Kelly, J; Hunter, K
2014Application of valve-less impedance pumps to a direct sodium borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cellWen, CY ; Yang, AS; Tseng, JW
2003Application of VaR in financial risk analysis of electricity marketsZhou, H; Zhang, F; Wu, H; Ho, SL 
2002Application of virtual assembly tools for improving product designChoi, ACK; Chan, DSK; Yuen, AMF
2002Application of water mist fire suppression systems in small retail shopsChow, WK ; Yao, B; Ng, MY
2007Application of wavelet fuzzy neural network in locating single line to ground fault (SLG) in distribution linesFan, C; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yu, W; Zhang, Z
2003Application of wavelet transform to steady-state approximation of power electronics waveformsLiu, M; Ho, PWM; Tse, CKM ; Wu, J
2009Application of Web 2.0 Technology for Clinical TrainingLau, SMA; Tsui, E 
2002Application of web-based training (WBT) adoption in Hong Kong organisationsChan, CH; Simon,
2011Application of WiFi-based indoor positioning system for labor tracking at construction sites : a case study in Guangzhou MTRWoo, S; Jeong, S; Mok, E ; Xia, L; Choi, C; Pyeon, M; Heo, J
2014Application of WPT and FBG techniques for prognostic of escalator abnormality : a case study of degraded step wheelKiang, NCC; Ho, SL 
2006Application of XML in e-tendering in the Hong Kong construction industryTse, TC; Wong, KD ; Wong, KW 
2008Application of zone model in fire hazard assessment for non-industrial workplacesNg, HM; Chow, WK 
2014Application prospects and microstructural features in laser-induced rapidly solidified high-entropy alloysZhang, H; Pan, Y; He, YZ; Wu, JL; Yue, TM ; Guo, S
2009Application Service Providers (ASP) adoption in core and non-core functionsChan, AYM; Cho, WSV 
2014Application-specific wear leveling for extending lifetime of phase change memory in embedded systemsLiu, D; Wang, TZ; Wang, Y; Shao, ZL ; Zhuge, QF; Sha, EHM
2014Applications of 3D body dataYu, WM 
2001Applications of a small-scale PACS in teaching and researchLaw, MYY; Tang, FH ; Huang, HK
2011Applications of artificial intelligence in the apparel industry : a reviewGuo, ZX; Wong, WK ; Leung, SYS ; Li, M
2008Applications of bayesian assessment in indoor air quality (IAQ) samplingWong, LT ; Mui, KW ; Hui, PS
2013Applications of citric acid industrial wastewater and phosphonates for soil remediation : effects on temporal change of cadmium distributionGu, YY; Yeung, AT; Tsang, DCW ; Fu, RB
2002Applications of composites, optical fibre sensors and smart composites for concrete rehabilitation : an overviewLau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Tse, PC; Yuan, LB
2010Applications of evolutionary neural networks for sales forecasting of fashionable productsYu, Y; Choi, TM ; Au, KF; Sun, ZL
2011Applications of extensive green-roof systems in contributing to sustainable development in densely populated cities : a Hong Kong studyTam, VWY; Zhang, X; Lee, WWY; Shen, LY
2008Applications of fibre bragg grating sensors in railroadsTam, HY 
2003Applications of fibre bragg gratingsTam, HY ; Guan, BO; Liu, SY; Chung, WH; Zhang, A
2003Applications of fibre gratingsTam, HY 
2012The applications of fibre-optic sensor technology in railway systems and wind turbinesTam, HY 
2008Applications of GPS to dam monitoring : opportunities and challengesDing, XL ; Dai, WJ; Yang, WT
2013The applications of graphene in optoelectronic devicesYan, F 
2012The applications of graphene in optoelectronic devicesYan, F 
2013The applications of graphene in optoelectronic devicesYan, F 
2009Applications of grey relational method to river environment quality evaluation in ChinaIp, WC; Hu, BQ; Wong, H ; Xia, J
2003The applications of hybrid simulator in transient stability assessmentZhou, B; Chan, KW ; Snider, LA; Su, HT
2000The applications of imaging sensors in iTSZou, ZR; Ding, XL ; Chen, YQ ; Li, ZL 
2002Applications of information support technologies for small and medium enterprises : a research agendaNgai, EWT ; Cheng, TCE 
2001Applications of injection locked FP laser in WDM networksTong, F; Chan, LY; Chan, CK; Chen, LK
2003Applications of interferometric synthetic aperture radar (InSAR)Ding, XL 
Jun-2011Applications of interpretive and constructionist research methods in adolescent research : philosophy, principles and examplesChen, YY; Shek, DTL ; Bu, FF
2003Applications of kinetic voronoi diagramsGold, C
2011Applications of naked optical fiber Bragg grating and fiber optic impact hammer in bridge model testZhan, S; Tam, HY ; Xu, YL ; Au, HY; Zhang, XH
2012Applications of nondestructive evaluation techniques in concrete inspectionLai, WL ; Poon, CS 
2006Applications of physical measurements in advanced textile materials and productsYeung, LY; Hu, JL ; Liem, H; Yick, KL 
2008Applications of reinforcement learning in an open railway access market price negotiationWong, SK; Tsang, CW; Ho, TK
2005Applications of rejected fly ash in stabilization and solidification processesPoon, CS ; Qiao, XC; Cheeseman, C
2007Applications of rough set theory to river environment quality evaluation in ChinaIp, WC; Hu, BQ; Wong, H ; Xia, I
2000Applications of sonography in controlled breeding of dolphins : implications for population management, sustainability and conservationBrook, FM
2011Applications of spacer fabrics produced on narrow rachel machinesHu, H 
2003Applications of SSE on electrified railway train operation simulationDing, Y; Ho, TK; Fung, YF; Liu, HD; Mao, BH
2000Applications of statistical techniques to the quality improvement of a 15A circuit breakerLeung , PK:; Chan, CK; Ng, L; Leung, TW; Fung , V
2011Applications of the multifocal electroretinogram in the detection of glaucomaChan, HHL ; Ng, YF; Chu, PHW
2012Applications of ultra-precision free-form machining technology to advanced opticsLee, WB ; Wang, H; To, S ; Cheung, CF 
2004Applications of value management in the construction industry in ChinaShen, Q ; Liu, G
2001Applications of virtual manufacturing in materials processingLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Li, JG
2001Applications of virtual manufacturing in ultra-precision diamond turningLee, WB ; Li, JG; Cheung, CF 
2007Applied biomechanics for chronic low back painChow, DHK
2001Applied geochemistry (Volume 16, Issues 11-12)Fuge, R; Li, XD ; Poon, CS 
2011Applied intelligent control of induction motor drivesChan, TF; Shi, K
2005Applied nonlinear time series analysis : applications in physics, physiology and financeSmall, M
2014Applied research in quality of life (ARQOL) : where are we and issues for considerationShek, DTL 
2013Apply Chinese word sketch engine to facilitate lexicographyWang, S; Huang, CR 
2011Apply different fuzzy integrals in unit selection problem of real time strategy gameLi, YJ; Ng, PHF; Wang, HB; Shiu, SCK ; Li, Y
2006Applying a domestic water-cooled air-conditioner in subtropical citiesLee, WL ; Chen, H
2006Applying a domestic water-cooled air-conditioner in subtropical citiesLee, WL ; Chen, H
2003Applying a generalized predictive control theory to a carding autolevelerGuo, Y; Chen, R; Hu, J 
2003Applying a genre based approach to the teaching of English to students with learning disabilitiesForey, G ; Sengupta, S; Firkins, A
2001Applying a mediator architecture employing XML to manufacturing data exchangeChan, S ; Dillon, T; Ng, V 
2002Applying a mediator architecture employing XML to retailing inventory controlChan, S ; Dillon, T; Siu, A
2007Applying a random coefficients logistic model to contractors' decision to bidOo, BL; Drew, DS; Lo, HP
2015Applying academic vocabulary lists to validating test contentsQian, DD 
2008Applying action research in geomatics higher educationLam, YWS
2005Applying agent technology to software process modeling and process-centered software engineering environmentZhao, X; Chan, KCC ; Li, M
2004Applying articulatory features to telephone-based speaker verificationLeung, KY; Mak, MW ; Kung, SY