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2001An approach for CSK detection based on return mapsTse, CK ; Cheong, KY; Lau, FCM ; Hau, SF 
2008An approach for determining evolutionary distance in network-based phylogenetic analysisZhou, T; Chan, KCC ; Pan, Y; Wang, Z
2008An approach for directly extracting features from matrix data and its application in face recognitionXu, Y; Zhang, D ; Yang, J; Yang, JY
1998An approach for evaluating fire zone modelsChow, WK 
2000An approach for evaluating the quality of software developed by novice programmersYu, TY; Poon, PL 
2014An approach for hesitant node classification in overlapping community detectionWang, J; Peng, J; Liu, O 
2007Approach for reinforcement design in reinforced concrete structures based on 3-dimensional stress fieldLaw, CW; Cheng, YM ; Su, RKL
2008An approach for ring spun yarn torqueHua, T; Tao, XM ; Cheng, KP; Xu, BG 
2013Approach for working out fire safety strategy for large airport terminals in the Far EastChow, WK 
2006Approach of safety management for textile industry - a case study in Hong KongKan, CW ; Yuen, CWM
2002An approach of watershed based segmentation on texture imageXin, JH ; Shen, HL
2004An approach to achieve message efficient early-stopping uniform consensus protocolsWang, X; Cao, J ; Teo, YM
2001An approach to adaptive on-line handwritten Chinese character recognitionShu, W; Wang, F; Liu, J; Lu, Q ; Yeung, DS
2008An approach to assessing the probability of unsatisfactory radon in air-conditioned offices of Hong KongMui, KW ; Wong, LT ; Hui, PS
2004An approach to calculate the bit error rates of multiple access chaotic-sequence spread-spectrum communication systems employing multi-user detectorsTam, WM; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2003An approach to calculate transient heat flow through multilayer spherical structuresChen, Y; Wang, S ; Zuo, Z
Feb-2002An approach to calculating the bit-error rate of a coherent chaos-shift-keying digital communication system under a noisy multiuser environmentTam, WM; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CKM ; Yip, MM
2005An approach to case-based maintenance : selecting representative casesTsang, ECC; Wang, XZ
2000Approach to enhance the effectiveness of rapid prototyping processesChan, C; Tang, MX ; Simondetti, A
2013An approach to evaluate the absolute accuracy of WVR water vapor measurements inferred from multiple water vapor techniquesLiu, Z ; Li, M; Zhong, W; Wong, MS 
2013An approach to identify levels of reflection using latent semantic analysisCheng, G; Chau, J
2004Approach to line feature representation and matching for palmprint recognitionWu, XQ; Wang, KQ; Zhang, D 
1993Approach to modelling DC-DC converter circuits using graph theoretic conceptsTse, CK ; Lee, YS; So, WC
2003An approach to natural stroke extraction for off-line loosely-constrained handwritten Chinese charactersYeung, DS; Fong, HS; Tsang, ECC; Shu, W; Wang, X
2001An approach to on-machine motion error measurement of a linear slideFung, EHK; Yang, SM
2014Approach to solving spin-boson dynamics via non-Markovian quantum trajectoriesLi, ZZ; Yip, CT; Deng, HY; Chen, M; Yu, T; You, JQ; Lam, CH 
1994An Approach to Subband DCT Image CodingChan, YH ; Siu, WC 
2003An approach to tune fuzzy controllers based on reinforcement learningDai, X; Li, CK; Rad, AB
2005An approach to tune fuzzy controllers based on reinforcement learning for autonomous vehicle controlDai, X; Li, CK; Rad, AB
2014Approaches and methods : ESP research and teachingCheng, W 
2012Approaches and methods in ESP research : studies of company brochures and nurse-patient interactionsCheng, W 
2007Approaches on developing core-spun yarn and fabric with shape memory polymerLu, J; Hu, JL ; Liu, Y
2014Approaches to language, culture, and cognition : the intersection of cognitive linguistics and linguistic anthropologyYamaguchi, M; Tay, D ; Blount, B
18-Sep-2008Approaches to the storage of low use and last copy research materialsO'Connor, S; Jilovsky, C
2011Approaching formal pragmaticsJiang, Y 
2014Approaching the time lower bound on cloned-tag identification for large RFID systemsBu, K; Liu, X; Xiao, B 
2004Appropriate prosthetic bioengineering for low-income countriesChan, PY; Boone, D; Zhang, M 
2002Appropriate workplace strategies in Hong KongGilleard, JD; Tam, SN
2000Appropriate workplace strategies in Hong KongGilleard, JD; Tam, SN
2007Approximability of single machine scheduling with fixed jobs to minimize total completion timeYuan, JJ; Lin, YX; Ng, CT ; Cheng, TCE 
Jul-2003Approximability of two-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling with availability constraintsCheng, TCE ; Liu, Z
2003Approximate approaches for geometric corrections of high resolution satellite imageryShi, WZ ; Shaker, A
2006Approximate augmented Lagrangian functions and nonlinear semidefinite programsHuang, XX; Teo, KL; Yang, XQ 
2001An approximate Bayesian algorithm for combining forecastsLi, KH; Wong, H ; Troutt, M
1998Approximate closed-form solution for a non-linear model of geosynthetic-reinforced foundation soilsYin, JH 
2012Approximate convex decomposition based localization in wireless sensor networksLiu, W; Wang, D ; Jiang, H; Liu, W; Wang, C
2003Approximate entropy based pulse variability analysisWang, K; Xu, L; Li, Z; Zhang, DD ; Li, N; Wang, S
2001Approximate optimal solutions and nonlinear Lagrangian functionsHuang, XX; Yang, XQ 
2008Approximate solutions and optimality conditions of vector variational inequalities in Banach spacesYang, XQ ; Zheng, XY
2003Approximate-optimal detector for chaos communication systemsLau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2003Approximating object location for moving object databaseLee, KCK; Leong, HV ; Si, A
2009Approximating solutions of variational inequalities for asymptotically nonexpansive mappingsChang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK ; Kim, JK
2009Approximation algorithm for constructing data aggregation trees for wireless sensor networksLi, D; Cao, J ; Zhu, Q
2001An approximation algorithm for parallel machine scheduling with a common serverWang, GQ; Cheng, TCE 
2001Approximation algorithm for parallel machine scheduling with a common serverWang, G; Cheng, TCE 
2004Approximation algorithms design for disk partial covering problemXiao, B ; Cao, J ; Zhuge, Q; He, Y; Sha, EH
2010Approximation algorithms for min-max capacitated path coversXu, Z ; Xu, L
2004An approximation approach to non-strictly convex quadratic semi-infinite programmingIto, S; Liu, Y; Teo, KL
2014Approximation bounds for trilinear and biquadratic optimization problems over nonconvex constraintsYang, Y; Yang, Q; Qi, L 
2010Approximation hardness of min-max tree coversXu, Z ; Wen, Q
2007Approximation of nearest common fixed point of nonexpansive mappings in hilbert spacesZhang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK 
2005Approximation of reality in quasi-experiemental conditions for studies of humanity : issues and insightsLai, CKY ; Chi, I; Kayser-Jones, J
2012Approximation results for a min-max location-routing problemXu, Z ; Xu, D; Zhu, W
2010Approximation results for min-max path cover problems in vehicle routingXu, Z ; Xu, L; Li, CL 
Oct-2007An approximation scheme for two-machine flowshop scheduling with setup times and an availability constraintWang, X; Cheng, TCE 
30-Nov-2005Approximation schemes for minimizing total (weighted) completion time with release dates on a batch machineLiu, Z; Cheng, TCE 
2008Approximation solvability for a class of nonlinear set-valued variational inclusions involving (A, η)-monotone mappingsChang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK 
2011Approximation theorems for total quasi-φ-asymptotically nonexpansive mappings with applicationsChang, SS; Lee, HWJ ; Chan, CK ; Yang, L
2014Aqueous and air-compatible fabrication of high-performance conductive textilesWang, XL; Yan, C; Hu, H ; Zhou, XC; Guo, RS; Liu, XQ; Xie, Z; Huang, ZF; Zheng, ZJ 
Jan-2008The aqueous degradation of bisphenol A and steroid estrogens by ferrateLi, C; Li, XZ; Graham, N; Gao, NY
2007The aqueous degradation of butylated hydroxyanisole by UV/S 2O8 2- : study of reaction mechanisms via dimerization and mineralizationLau, TK; Chu, W ; Graham, NJD
2013Aqueous extract of danshen (Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge) protects ovariectomized rats fed with high-fat diet from endothelial dysfunctionLi, CM; Dong, XL; Fan, XD; Wu, JH; Wang, QH; Tian, XL; Guo, DJ; Wong, MS ; Qiu, TQ; Chan, SW
2007Aqueous humor formation and its regulation by nitric oxide : a mini reviewDo, CW ; Kong, CW; Chan, CY; Lam, C; To, CH 
2008Aqueous humour formationDo , CW 
2015Aqueous manganese dioxide ink for paper-based capacitive energy storage devicesQian, J; Jin, H; Chen, B; Lin, M; Lu, W; Tang, WM ; Xiong, W; Chan, LWH ; Lau, SP ; Yuan, J 
Mar-2008Aqueous oxidation of dimethyl phthalate in a Fe(VI)-TiO?-UV reaction systemYuan, BL; Li, XZ; Graham, N
2012Aqueous phase sulfate production in clouds in eastern ChinaShen, X; Lee, T; Guo, J; Wang, X; Li, P; Xu, P; Wang, Y; Ren, Y; Wang, W; Wang, T ; Li, Y; Carn, SA; Collett, JL
2009Aqueous-phase reactive uptake of dicarbonyls as a source of organic aerosol over eastern North AmericaFu, TM; Jacob, DJ; Heald, CL
2009Aqueous-phase reactive uptake of dicarbonyls as a source of organic aerosol over Eastern North AmericaFu, TM; Jacob, DJ; Heald, CL
2009Aqueous-phase reactive uptake of dicarbonyls as a source of organic aerosol over Eastern North America and East AsiaFu, TM; Jacob, DJ; Heald, CL