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2011Application of multi-stage diagonally-implicit runge-kutta algorithm to transient magnetic field computation using finite element methodLi, HL; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Zhu, J
2003Application of multimedia in CAI for rehabilitation educationTam, SF
2013Application of nakamura's model to describe the delayed increase in lateral vibration of footbridgesZhen, B; Wong, WK ; Xu, J; Xie, W
2005Application of nano functional particles in wool textilesLi, Y 
2003Application of nano materials in development of protective facemasksLi, Y ; Leung, P ; Yao, L; Song, QW; Hu, JY
2003Application of nano materials to develop multi-functional textilesHu, JY; Song, QW; Li, Y 
2013Application of Nano-LC tandem mass spectrometry for screening the differential vitreous protein expressions in the lens-induced myopic chicksLam, TC; Yu, F; Li, KK; To, CH 
2004Application of nanotechnologies to screen printing process using statistical modellingMak, CM; Yuen, CWM; Ku, SKA; Tao, XM 
2003Application of nanotechnology in innovative product designLi, Y ; Lo, YK; Hu, JY
2004Application of nanotechnology to develop functional fabricsLi, Y 
2005Application of nanotechnology to fabric by statistical modellingYuen, CWM; Li, Y ; Au, SK; Mak, CM; Kan, CW 
2005Application of near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to the quantification of the volatile components of herba menthae with the help of chemical resolution method (CRM)Chan, CO; Ma, KW; Chau, FT; Cao, H
2006Application of neural network in sales forecasting and inventory management : a case study from a management perspectiveChung, WWC; Tam, MMC; Liang, SMH; Wong, YC; Law, CTY
2004Application of new method spinning Nu-TorqueTM yarn for weavingHua, T; Tao, X ; Cheng, KP; Huang, J; Xu, B 
2003Application of nMM in underground excavationCheng, YM ; Zhang, YH
2002Application of non-immersive virtual reality in home and community living skills training for persons with cognitive disordersMan, DWK ; Tam, SF; Hui-Chan, CWY
2001Application of Nonlinear decision function to code-aided adaptive equalization scheme for high speed mobile communications over fading channelsLee, YF; Wang, MZ
Jul-2005Application of novel D²T control to single-switch two-output switching power convertersWong, SC ; Tse, CKM 
2005Application of Nu-Torque singles ring yarns on woven fabricsHua, T; Murrells, CM; Wong, KK; Xu, BG ; Yang, K; Wong, SK; Choi, KF; Cheng, KPS; Tao, XM 
2007Application of nu-torque yarn and fabric spiralityLau, WS; Lam, J
2000Application of numerical expression of colour emotionSato, T; Kajiwara, K; Hoshino, H; Nakamura, T; Xin, JH ; Hansuebasai, A; Nobbs, J
2009Application of optical fiber grating sensor in gravity dam structure model testDong, JH; Xie, HP; Zhang, L; Zhu, HH; Yin, JH ; Hu, CQ; Chen, JY
2009The application of organic dielectric materials in organic thin film transistorsYan, F 
2010The application of organic electrochemical transistors in biosensorsYan, F ; Lin, P; Chan, HLW 
2010The application of organic electrochemical transistors in cell-based biosensorsLin, P; Yan, F ; Yu, J; Chan, HLW ; Yang, M 
2009Application of organic nonsolvent in the process of solution-enhanced dispersion by supercritical CO2 to prepare puerarin fine particlesChen, AZ; Li, Y ; Chau, FT; Lau, TY; Hu, JY; Zhao, Z; Mok, DKW 
2010The application of organic thin film transistors in sensorsYan, F ; Lin, P; Chan, HLW 
2007Application of ozonated nano-bubble for pesticide removalChan, GYS ; Fung, AYC; Chan, AMW; Chen, CY; Lam, EKH; Lin, L; Wu, JG; Luan, TG
2007Application of ozone in envrionmental hygiene and food processingChan, GYS 
2001Application of ozone technology in landfill leachate treatmentTse, HLH; Chan, GYS 
2001Application of ozone technology in our daily lives : a case study in China and Hong KongTse, HLH; Chan, YSG ; Zhao, DC
2014The application of participatory ergonomics in a healthcare setting in Hong KongLee, EWC; Fok, JPC; Lam, AT; Law, RKY; Szeto, GPY ; Li, PPK
2007Application of pattern matching in dynamic system diagnosticTang, CS; Chan, CY; Yung, KL 
2000The application of performance contracting as a means to save energy in Hong KongDavies, H
2005Application of PGA on optimization of distribution of shopping centersYu, B; Cheng, C; Yang, ZZ; Chau, KW 
2000Application of phase-change technology in passive-cooling systemLi, Z; Deng, SM 
2011Application of phase-field modeling to deformation of metallic glassesZheng, GP 
2004Application of phosphinous amide ligands in palladium complex-catalyzed asymmetric allylic alkylation : influence of steric effects on enantioselectivityChen, X; Guo, R; Li, Y; Chen, G; Yeung, CH; Chan, ASC
2010Application of pigment foam dyeing technology on cotton knitted fabricShang, SM ; Hu, EL; Koo, YR; Kan, CW ; Jiang, SX 
2013Application of plug-in electric vehicles to frequency regulation based on distributed signal acquisition via limited communicationYang, H; Chung, CY; Zhao, J
2007Application of PMNPT single crystal in a 3.2 mHz phased array ultrasonic medical imaging transducerLi, H; Li, YC; Zhou, D; Luo, HS; Dai, JY 
2008Application of PMNPT single crystal in a 3.2 mHz phased array ultrasonic medical imaging transducerLi, H; Zhou, D; Luo, HS; Dai, JY 
2006Application of PolyUrethane in textile finishingLiu, YJ; Hu, JL 
2001Application of power electronic technologies for enhancing power flow control on the South China Power NetworkNgan, HW ; Wu, ZG
2003The application of precast concrete technology in building and civil structures' constructionWong, RWM; Hao, JL; Zou, PXW
2002Application of prefabrication in construction – a new research agenda for reform by CII-HKYeung, NSY; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM 
1999Application of problem based learning strategies to enhance clinical reasoning and self-directed learning skills in a university physiotherapy programmeYeung, E ; Au-Yeung, S ; Chiu, T ; Mok, N; Lai, P
2012Application of problem-based learning approach in the teaching of end of life care and its enlightenmentWong, F ; Liu, JE
2003Application of problem-based learning in an engineering courseTse, WL; Chan, WL 
2008Application of proteomic technology in eye research : a mini reviewLam, TC; Chun, RKM; Li, KK; To, CH 
2008Application of public private partnership (PPP) in Hong Kong special administrative region - the critics' perspectivesChan, APC ; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM ; Cheung, E
2008Application of public private partnership (PPP) in Hong Kong special administrative region - the private sector's perspectiveChan, APC ; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM ; Cheung, E
2008Application of public private partnership (PPP) model in procuring infrastructure projects in Hong KongChan, APC ; Lam, PTI ; Chan, DWM ; Cheung, E
2003Application of pWM based static synchronous series compensator to enhance transient stability of power systemSze, KM; Snider, LA; Chung, TS; Chan, KW 
2007Application of PZT impedance technique for health monitoring in civil engineering structuresZhu, HP; Wang, DS; Xia, Y 
2015Application of R/S method for dynamic analysis of additional strain and fracture warning in shaft liningZhao, G; Zhou, G; Wang, J
2006Application of radio frequencies and wireless communications for construction site positioning and vehicle trackingLu, M; Chen, W ; Shen, XS; Lam, HC
2004Application of real-time ultrasound swelling measurement in articular cartilage researchShi, J; Zhou, KY; Hu, YH; Zheng, YP 
2009Application of rebound tonometry after LASIKLam, AKC ; Wu, R; Wang, Z; Woo, V; Chan, E; Tam, K; Chau, R; Wong, KK
2003The application of recycled rubber as absorptive roadside barrierLee, YY; Cheng, WF; Ng, CF
2007Application of reflection-spectrum envelope for sampled gratingsHe, X; Wang, DN ; Huang, D; Yu, Y
2011Application of rehabilitation engineering and orthotics in community based rehabilitationLeung, KL 
2004Application of reliability-centered stochastic approach and FMECA to conditional maintenance of electric power plants in ChinaCheng, Y; Chung, TS; Yu, CW; Chung, CY; Zeng, M; Sun, X
2002Application of reliability-centred maintenance technology on electric trainsTsang, HL; Ho, TK
2009Application of response surface methodology : determination of alkaloids contents in Coptis chinensis FranchChan, CO; Fung, YS; Lau, CC; Mok, DKW 
2000The application of rough sets to sightseeing expendituresAu, N ; Law, R 
2015Application of rutile and anatase onto cotton fabric and their effect on the NIR reflection/surface temperature of the fabricWong, A; Daoud, WA; Liang, HH ; Szeto, YS
2012Application of scale models in designing smoke control systems in big buildingsChow, WK ; Chan, HK; Tso, CY
2013Application of schlieren photography to study neutral plane in a compartment fire with scale modelsSu, CH; Ke, YP; Chow, WK ; Hsu, MC
2001Application of self-organisation neural network for direct shape from shadingCheung, WP; Lee, CK
2008The application of self-synthesized titanium dioxide for removing heavy metals from contaminated waterLeung, PS; Lo, W 
2000Application of self-tuning fuzzy logic controller on process controlLo, CH; Wong, YK ; Rad, AB
2010Application of shell element method to 3-D finite-element computation of the force on one body in contact with othersFu, WN ; Ho, SL ; Chen, N
2009Application of silver sputtering techinque in apparel designJiang, SQ ; Yuan, GX; Yip, J ; Guo, RH; Zhang, L
2012The application of single-layer graphene as the transparent electrodes of organic solar cellsYan, F 
2012Application of small baseline subsets D-InSAR technology to estimate the time series land deformation and aquifer storage coefficients of Los Angeles areaXu, WB; Li, ZW; Ding, XL ; Wang, CC; Feng, GC
2012Application of smart pressure monitored suit (SPMS) in medical rehabilitationLi-Tseng, CWP 
2008Application of smart system to textile industry : preliminary design of a smart hanger for garment inspectionYuen, CWM; Fung, EHK; Wong, WK ; Hau, LC; Chan, LK
2007Application of social constructionist principles in field practice teaching in a Chinese contextLit, SW ; Shek, TLD 
2014The application of social network analysis in the construction industry in Hong KongChan, PC ; Javed, AA; Wong, KW ; Hon, KH; Khan, HZA; Lyu, S