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2012Application of smart pressure monitored suit (SPMS) in medical rehabilitationLi-Tseng, CWP 
2008Application of smart system to textile industry : preliminary design of a smart hanger for garment inspectionYuen, CWM; Fung, EHK; Wong, WK ; Hau, LC; Chan, LK
2014The application of social network analysis in the construction industry in Hong KongChan, PC ; Javed, AA; Wong, KW ; Hon, KH; Khan, HZA; Lyu, S
2006Application of soft computing techniques to adaptive user buffer overflow control on the internetLin, WWK; Wong, AKY; Dillon, TS
2007Application of solar collectors to control the visible plume from wet cooling towers of a commercial building in Hong Kong : a case studyWang, SW ; Tyagi, SK; Sharma, A; Kaushik, SC
2014Application of sound intensity and partial coherence to identify interior noise sources on the high speed trainFan, R; Su, Z ; Meng, G; He, C
2013Application of specific thermal responses on running clothes designJiao, J; Li, Y ; Yao, L; Hu, JY; Guo, YP; Sun, S
2002Application of splinting in hand rehabilitation : a reflection of local practice.Li-Tsang, CW 
2014Application of SPSS linear mixed methods to adolescent development research : basic concepts and stepsShek, DTL ; Ma, CMS 
2007Application of structural equation modeling to evaluate the intention of shippers to use Internet services in liner shippingLu, CS; Lai, KH ; Cheng, TCE 
2013Application of subjective evaluation model in the generative designCui, J; Tang, M ; Lu, H
2015Application of super-insulating translucent silica aerogel glazing system on commercial building envelope of humid subtropical climates - Impact on space cooling loadHuang, Y; Niu, JL 
2013Application of supercritical fluid technique in preparation of active protein microparticlesXie, MB; Li, Y ; Zhao, Z; Chen, AZ
2009Application of support vector machines to accelerate the solution speed of metaheuristic algorithmsYang, S; Liu, QH; Lu, J; Ho, SL ; Ni, G; Ni, P; Xiong, S
2007Application of support vector machines to approximate objective and constraint functions of an inverse electromagnetic problemYang, SY; Ho, SL ; Lu, JW; Machado, JM
2008The application of surface demoldability and moldability to side-core design in die and mold CADFu, MW 
2008The application of surface fairing technique in progressive lens processingDu, J; To, S ; Cheung, C ; Lee, W ; Miao, X
2006Application of switchable glazing to high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongYik, F; Bojic, M
2007Application of symbolic mathematics in modelling fire for providing a safe environmentChow, WK ; Meng, L
2005Application of system dynamics for assessment of sustainable performance of construction projectsShen, LY; Wu, YZ; Chan, EHW ; Hao, JL
2010Application of target cost contracting in the construction industry of Hong KongChan, JHL; Chan, DWM ; Lam, PTI 
2005The application of temperature-sensitive hydrogels to textiles : a review of Chinese and Japanese investigationsLiu, B; Hu, J 
2006Application of terrestrial laser scanning methodology in geometric tolerances analysis of tunnel structuresLam, YWS
2006Application of terrestrial laser scanning methodology in geometric tolerances analysis of tunnel structuresLam, SYW
1998Application of the 'building energy star' programme in asian citiesBurnett, J; Wang, S ; Chin, R
2007Application of the adaptive reuse potential model in Hong Kong : a case study of Lui Seng ChunLangston, C; Shen, LY
2007Application of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) in multi-criteria analysis of the selection of intelligent building systemsWong, JKW ; Li, H 
2012Application of the Box-Behnken design to the optimization of process parameters in foam cup moldingWu, L; Yick, KL ; Ng, SP; Yip, J 
2005Application of the Building Environmental Performance Model (BEPM) in Hong KongMui, KW ; Chan, WT
2014An application of the capability maturity model for evaluating attraction websites in Mainland ChinaZhong, LN; Leung, D; Law, R ; Wu, BH; Shao, J
2008The application of the close-proximity method - Hong Kong experienceNg, KW; Hung, WT ; Watts, G
2009An application of the dynamic pattern analysis framework to the analysis of spatial-temporal crime relationshipsLeong, K; Li, J; Chan, SCF ; Ng, VT 
2001An application of the Internet-based project management systemDeng, ZM; Li, H ; Tam, CM; Shen, QP ; Love, PED
2010Application of the laplace decomposition method to nonlinear homogeneous and non-homogenous advection equationsKhan, Y; Austin, F
1997Application of the Manakov-PMD equation to studies of signal propagation in optical fibers with randomly varying birefringenceMarcuse, D; Menyuk, CR; Wai, PKA 
2006Application of the neural network in the study of skeletal muscle with multi-parametersShi, J; Yan, ZZ; Zheng, YP 
2006An application of the Nidek EAS-1000 system for pupillometryLam, AKC ; Chan, J; Yan, R; Kwok, C
2004The application of the principle of information theory to fabric hand evaluationHu, JL 
2003Application of the rigid finite element method to upper bound limit analysis of slope stabilityChen, J; Yin, JH ; Lee, CF
2013Application of the safe working cycle (SWC) in Hong Kong construction industry : literature review and future research agendaChan, DWM ; Hung, HTW
2004An application of the second-order advanced analysis to design of long-span steel structuresChan, SL 
2004An application of the social psychological model of tourism motivationWolfe, K; Hsu, CHC 
2004Application of the software fire dynamics simulator in simulating retail shop firesChow, WK 
2011Application of the tacit signal method for performance management in project-based action learning teamsLaw, KMY; Kesti, M
28-Jul-2008An application of the Turán theorem to domination in graphsShan, E; Cheng, TCE ; Kang, L
2005Application of the workflow management system in electronic commerce : a case studyNgai, EWT ; Leung, CH; Wong, YC
2005The application of thermosensitive poly(N-isopropyl acrylamide) hydrogels on smart textilesHu, JL ; Liu, BH; Liu, WG
2010Application of thin-film transistors in label-free dna biosensorsYan, F ; Tang, H
2000Application of Timoshenko beam theory to modeling geosynthetic-reinforced granular base over soft groundYin, JH 
2004Application of tissue isolation technique and mechanical mobilization in developing non-union models of the rabbit tibial diaphysisGuo, Z; Guo, X ; Zheng, ZY
2002Application of tissue isolation technique for establishing atrophic non-union in the rabbit tibial diaphysisGuo, Z; Guo, X ; Cheng, JCY
2005Application of tissue ultrasound palpation system (TUPS) in objective scar evaluationLau, JCM; Li-Tsang, CWP ; Zheng, YP 
2014Application of tradition to modern market study of traditional lattice smocking to fashion textilesSo, YT; Jiang, K 
2006Application of transient energy function method in auxiliary decision of black start of local power gridsYu, T; Wei, M; Chan, KW 
2002Application of tups (Tissue ultrasound palpation system) in objective scar evaluationLau, JCM; Li-Tseng, CWP ; Zheng, YP ; Liu, SKY
2009Application of two-loop robust control to air-conditioning systemsHuang, G; Dexter, AL; Wang, S 
2007Application of ultra-flat spectrum multiwavelength EDFL in microwave photonic filtersTam, HY ; Lu, C ; Feng, X; Wai, PKA ; Tang, DY
2011Application of ultrasonic wave to clean the surface of the TiO 2 nanotubes prepared by the electrochemical anodizationXu, H; Zhang, Q; Zheng, C; Yan, W; Chu, W 
2013Application of universal software defined PXI platform for the performance evaluation of FM-DCSK communications systemKrebesz, T; Kolumban, G; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2009Application of Unscented Kalman filter to sensorless permanent-magnet synchronous motor driveChan, TF; Bortsje, P; Wang, W
2011The application of urban sustainability indicators – a comparison between various practicesShen, LY; Ochoa, JJ; Shah, MN; Zhang, X
2003Application of value delivery system (VDS) and performance benchmarking in flexible business process reengineeringYung, WKC ; Chan, DTH
2005Application of value management in major construction projects and the support of ITShen, Q 
2005Application of value management in project briefingYu, ATW ; Shen, GQP ; Kelly, J; Hunter, K
2014Application of valve-less impedance pumps to a direct sodium borohydride-hydrogen peroxide fuel cellWen, CY ; Yang, AS; Tseng, JW
2003Application of VaR in financial risk analysis of electricity marketsZhou, H; Zhang, F; Wu, H; Ho, SL 
2002Application of virtual assembly tools for improving product designChoi, ACK; Chan, DSK; Yuen, AMF
2002Application of water mist fire suppression systems in small retail shopsChow, WK ; Yao, B; Ng, MY
2007Application of wavelet fuzzy neural network in locating single line to ground fault (SLG) in distribution linesFan, C; Li, KK; Chan, WL ; Yu, W; Zhang, Z
2003Application of wavelet transform to steady-state approximation of power electronics waveformsLiu, M; Ho, PWM; Tse, CKM ; Wu, J
2009Application of Web 2.0 Technology for Clinical TrainingLau, SMA; Tsui, E 
2002Application of web-based training (WBT) adoption in Hong Kong organisationsChan, CH; Simon,
2011Application of WiFi-based indoor positioning system for labor tracking at construction sites : a case study in Guangzhou MTRWoo, S; Jeong, S; Mok, E ; Xia, L; Choi, C; Pyeon, M; Heo, J
2014Application of WPT and FBG techniques for prognostic of escalator abnormality : a case study of degraded step wheelKiang, NCC; Ho, SL 
2006Application of XML in e-tendering in the Hong Kong construction industryTse, TC; Wong, KD ; Wong, KW 
2008Application of zone model in fire hazard assessment for non-industrial workplacesNg, HM; Chow, WK 
2014Application prospects and microstructural features in laser-induced rapidly solidified high-entropy alloysZhang, H; Pan, Y; He, YZ; Wu, JL; Yue, TM ; Guo, S
2009Application Service Providers (ASP) adoption in core and non-core functionsChan, AYM; Cho, WSV 
2014Application-specific wear leveling for extending lifetime of phase change memory in embedded systemsLiu, D; Wang, TZ; Wang, Y; Shao, ZL ; Zhuge, QF; Sha, EHM
2014Applications of 3D body dataYu, WM