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2007Application of a modified neural fuzzy network and an improved genetic algorithm to speech recognitionLeung, KF; Leung, FHF ; Lam, HK; Ling, SH
2006Application of a noisy data classification technique to determine the occurrence of flashover in compartment firesLee, EWM; Lee, YY; Lim, CP; Tang, CY 
2013The application of a novel electromagnetic damper cum energy harvester in civil structuresZhu, S 
2002Application of a novel fuzzy control strategy for HVdc link to improve interarea stabilityChung, TS; Fang, DZ
Aug-2007Application of a PSO-based neural network in analysis of outcomes of construction claimsChau, KW 
2000An application of a rasch analysis in neurological rehabilitationWong, MC; Lo, SK; Chan, CCH 
2015The application of a sequence alignment method to the creation of typologies of tourist activity in time and spaceShoval, N; McKercher, B ; Birenboim, A; Ng, E
May-2013Application of a valveless impedance pump in a liquid cooling systemWen, CY ; Yeh, SJ; Leong, KP; Kuo, WS; Lin, H
Apr-2007Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in TaiwanChan, EA ; Chung, J; Wong, TKS; Lien, ASY; Yang, JY
2007Application of a whole room indoor air quality (IAQ) modelLi, F; Niu, JL 
2004Application of acoustic therapy in orthopaedicsGuo, X 
2007The application of Action-Centred Leadership (ACL) in Hong KongMak, WM 
2002Application of adaptive predictive control to a floor heating system with a large thermal lagChen, TY
2001Application of adaptive probabilistic neural network to damage detection of Tsing MA suspension bridgeNi, YQ ; Jiang, SF; Ko, JM 
2007Application of advanced glazing to high-rise residential buildings in Hong KongBojic, M; Yik, F
2005Application of agent technology on train operation simulation systemsDing, Y; Mao, BH; Ho, TK; Liu, HD; Liu, JF
2004Application of AHP in decision-making on urban land use : a case study of Chao-Hu City development in ChinaFeng, CC; Chan, EHW 
2016The application of air layers in building envelopes : a reviewZhang, T; Tan, Y; Yang, H ; Zhang, X
2005Application of an air purification system to control air-borne bacterial contamination in a University clinicChan, DWT; Law, KC; Kwan, CHS; Chiu, WY
2003Application of an artificial neural network based sensitivity analysis technique in concreting productivity studyLu, M; Yeung, DS
2003The application of an in-house multiple referencing system (MRS) for evaluation of foundation concrete elementsTsang, WF ; Chan, FWY
2008Application of an industrial byproduct for removal of both Cr(III) and Cr(VI) from industrial wastewaterNg, LM; Lo, W 
2001Application of an innovative combined forecasting method in power system load forecastingChen, GJ; Li, KK; Chung, TS; Sun, HB; Tang, GQ
2011Application of an on-line diagnostic English language testShirley, C; Raquel, M; Gray, J; Urmston, A ; Lui, E
2016The application of analytic hierarchy process in daylighting performance assessmentChung, TM; Ng, RTH
2005Application of annual irradiation mapping for daylighting analysisChung, TM; Mardaljevic, J; To, TT
2007Application of ANP in process models : an example of strategic partneringCheng, EWL; Li, H 
2013The application of ARP modelling to adaptive reuse projects in Hong KongLangston, C; Yung, EHK ; Chan, EHW 
2002Application of artificial neural network and fuzzy logic in a case-based system for initial process parameter setting of injection moldingMok, SL; Kwong, CK 
2005Application of artificial neural network to numerical wave predictionQi, YQ; Zhang, ZX; Li, CW ; Li, YS ; Shi, P
2007Application of artificial neural networks to the prediction of sewing performance of fabricsHui, PCL ; Chan, KCC; Yeung, KW; Ng, FSF 
2004Application of ASK modulation for DC/DC converters control in DC distribution power systemCheung, TK; Cheng, KWE ; Sutanto, D; Lee, YS; Ho, YL
2013The application of asymmetric loading for spine curvature correction in subjects with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisCheng, HHY; Huang, ZW; Cheung, JCC; Zheng, YP ; Chow, DHK
12-Mar-2014Application of auricular therapy for cancer-related pain in nursing careYeh, CH; Chien, LC; Suen, KPL 
1997Application of automatic choice of step size for time stepping finite element method to induction motorsHo, SL ; Fu, WN ; Wong, HC
2011Application of automatic vehicle identification technology for real-time journey time estimationTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
2002An application of bar-code system for reducing construction wastesChen, Z; Li, H ; Wong, CTC
2011Application of benefit-cost analysis (BCA) to evaluate environmental regulationsXu, Y; Chan, EHW ; Qian, QK
2012Application of bilayer TiO2 nanofibers photoanode for high efficiency dye sensitized solar cellLeung, WF 
2012The application of bismuth-based oxides in organic-inorganic hybrid photovoltaic devicesLiu, Z; Yan, F 
2002Application of bluetooth technology in vehicle navigationXiong, H; Liu, J; Chen, W ; Sun, Y
2001Application of bond graph models to economicsWong, YK
2014Application of BOTDA in performance monitoring of GFRP soil nailsYin, JH ; Xu, DS
2002Application of building integrated photovoltaic systems in Hong KongLo, EWC 
2012Application of catalyst in textile wet processesLam, YL; Kan, CW ; Yuen, CWM
2004Application of CFD in evaluation and energy-efficient design of air curtains for horizontal refrigerated display casesCui, J; Wang, S 
2003Application of CFD in retrofitting air-conditioning systems in industrial buildingsWang, S ; Zhu, D
2001Application of CFD to improve the design of high rise estatesLee, MM
2007Application of chemical silver plating on polyester and cotton blended fabricJiang, S ; Newton, E; Yuen, CWM; Kan, CW 
2015Application of Chinese herbal medicine onto cotton fabric by dyeing methodsWang, W; Wat, E; Hui, PCL ; Ng, FSF ; Kan, CW ; Wong, ECW; Chan, B; Lau, CBS; Leung, PC
2001The application of chiral aminonaphthols in the enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aryl aldehydesLiu, DX; Zhang, LC; Wang, Q; Da, CC; Xin, ZQ; Wang, R; Choi, MCK; Chan, ASC
2015Application of complex extreme learning machine to multiclass classification problems with high dimensionality : a THz spectra classification problemYin, XX; Hadjiloucas, S; He, J; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y; Zhang, D 
2008Application of complex network theory to the construction of telephone call networkLau, FCM ; Tam, WM; Tse, CK 
2006Application of complex networks in traffic analysis of communication networksTse, CK 
2010Application of complex networks to codingLau, FCM ; Tse, CK 
2008Application of complex value engineering technique in Meihe and Xingshe expressway construction project managementWang, CS; Zhang, CJ; Shen, QP 
2009Application of complex-network theories to the design of short-length low-density-parity-check codesZheng, X; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK ; He, Y; Hau, S 
2014Application of component mode synthesis method to model updating of large-scale structuresXia, Y ; Yu, JX; Lin, W; Zhou, XQ
2013Application of compressed sensing theory to damage detection using frequency data onlyXia, Y ; Zhou, XQ
2004Application of computational fluid dynamics : fire safety awareness for gas station in dense urban areas with wind effectsChow, WK 
2013Application of computational fluid dynamics for simulating building fires in subway system : current situationChow, WK 
1996Application of computational fluid dynamics in building services engineeringChow, WK 
2010Application of computational fluid dynamics in simulating fire-induced air flow in large hallsLi, SS; Chow, WK 
2005The application of computational fluid dynamics to the assessment of green features in buildings : Part 1 : Wing WallsMak, CM ; Cheng, C; Niu, JL 
2005The application of computational fluid dynamics to the assessment of green features in buildings : Part 2 : Communal sky gardensNiu, JL ; Tang, YM; Mak, CM 
1-Jan-2010Application of computational fluid dynamics to the study of designed green features for sustainable buildingsMak, CM 
2010Application of computational fluid dynamics to the study of the ventilation performance of green building featuresMak, CM 
2003Application of computer modelling technique to the study of the effect of vibratory rooftop equipment on indoor acoustical environmentJiang, GS; Mak, CM 
2014The application of computerized chinese handwriting assessment tool to children with cerebral palsyLo, HS; Chen, CL; Chen, HC; Shen, IH; Li-Tsang, WPC 
2005Application of condensing temperature control to chiller operationChan, KT 
2015Application of conical basket centrifuge and screenbowl centrifuge in coal preparation plantLeung, WF 
2002Application of constructed wetland in purification of eurtrophic water, a case study in Westlake, HangZhou, ChinaChan, GYS ; Chang, J; Ge, Y; Perfler, R
2008The application of contemporary assessment concepts in the assessment of putonghuaZhu, X ; Lai, SM
2011Application of content adaptation in web accessibility for the blindLai, PY
2011Application of content adaptation in web accessibility for the blindLai, PY
2009Application of copper(II)-dipyridylphosphine catalyst in the asymmetric hydrosilylation of simple ketones in airZhang, XC; Wu, Y; Yu, F; Wu, FF; Wu, J; Chan, ASC
2010An application of cyclic signature (CS) clustering for spatial-temporal pattern analysis to support public safety workChan, SCF ; Leong, K
2009Application of data fusion and FDD for improving the performance of chiller sequencing controlWang, S ; Sun, Y; Huang, G; Xiao, F 
2001Application of data mining in performance measuresChan, MFS; Chung, WWC; Wong, TS
2009Application of data mining techniques in customer relationship management : a literature review and classificationNgai, EWT ; Xiu, L; Chau, DCK