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2002Application of EMD for structural damage detection : experiment and analysisChen, J; Xu, YL 
2004Application of EMD for structural damage detection : experimental investigationChen, J; Xu, YL 
2005Application of EMD to signal trend extractionChen, J; Xu, Y 
2012Application of EMSs in a hotel context : a case studyChan, ESW ; Hawkins, R
2005Application of errorless learning in memory rehabilitation in patients with brain injuryDou, ZL; Ou, HN; Wen, WG ; Zheng, JL
2015Application of evolutionary computation for rule discovery in stock algorithmic trading : a literature reviewHu, Y; Liu, K; Zhang, X; Su, L; Ngai, EWT ; Liu, M
2004Application of extracorporeal shock-wave therapy (ESWT) in delayed unions and non-unionsLiu, MQ; Guo, X ; Kuang, SC; Wang, SH; Rong, GW
2002The application of eyeglass displays in changing the perception of painTse, MMY ; Ng, JKF; Chung, JWY; Wong, TKS
2003Application of fabric objective measurement technology in the cotton textile and apparel e-supply chainLam, J; Postle, R
2012The application of family-nursing assessment skills : from classroom to hospital ward among final-year nursing undergraduates in Hong KongLee, ACK; Leung, SSK; Mak, YW 
2010Application of FBG to 3D geomechanical model test of large underground cavernsZhu, WS; Zheng, WH; Zhu, HH; Zhang, QB; Yin, JH 
2013Application of feature-weighted support vector regression using grey correlation degree to stock price forecastingHu, YX; Liu, JNK
2002The application of feedforward control in a direct expansion (DX) air conditioning plantDeng, S 
2011Application of fiber optic sensors in pullout testing of model soil nailsHong, CY; Yin, JH ; Pei, HF; Xu, DS
1993Application of field modelling technique to simulate interaction of sprinkler and fire-induced smoke layerChow, WK ; Fong, NK 
1988Application of field models for simulating building fires at the preflashover stageChow, WK ; Leung, WM
2008Application of file transfer protocol in data exchange formats for construction project managementTang, LYN; Li, H ; Shen, QP 
2013Application of finite-element-based limit analysis with mesh adaptation in geotechnical engineeringLi, DZ; Cheng, YM ; Wang, JA; Yang, Y; Li, N
2007Application of fluorescence difference gel electrophoresis technology in searching for protein biomarkers in chick myopiaLam, TC; Li, KK; Lo, SCL ; Guggenheim, JA; To, CH 
2009Application of ForceControl in the vehicle gasohol delivery systemLi, D; Che, Y; Cheng, KWE 
2006Application of function deployment model in decision making for new product developmentYung, KL ; Ko, SM; Kwan, FY; Tam, HK; Lam, CW; Ng, HP; Lau, KS
2007The application of functional electrical stimulation (FES) in occupational therapy for the rehabilitation of upper limb function of patients with stroke : a preliminary studyChan, MKL; Tong, RKY 
2004The application of functional grammar on design of practical writingLeung, KH; Yim, WYC
2003Application of fuzzy c-means algorithm in SMT assembly grouping problemLi, KH; Li, CK; Lee, SSF; Lu, D
2001Application of fuzzy concept in the apparel industryWong, WK ; Chan, CK ; Ip, WH 
2004Application of fuzzy linear regression in modeling epoxy dispensing processBai, H; Kwong, CK 
2002An application of fuzzy sets to process performance evaluationChan, DCK; Yung, KL ; Ip, AWH 
2013Application of genetic algorithm for discovery of core effective formulae in TCM clinical dataYang, M; Poon, J; Wang, S; Jiao, L; Poon, S; Cui, L; Chen, P; Sze, DMY; Xu, L
2000Application of genetic algorithm in reactive power/voltage control problemWong, YK; Chung, TS; Lai, WM
2010Application of genetic algorithms to solve the multidepot vehicle routing problemLau, HCW; Chan, TM; Tsui, WT; Pang, WK
2010Application of genetic approach for advanced planning in multi-factory environmentChung, SH; Lau, HCW; Choy, KL ; Ho, GTS; Tse, YK
2010Application of geographic image cognition approach in land type classification using Hyperion image : a case study in ChinaWang, J; Chen, Y ; He, T; Lv, C; Liu, A
2005Application of geographic information system (GIS) for retrieval and display of hydrodynamic and water quality data for the Pearl River EstuaryNg, SMY; Wai, OWH ; Xu, ZH; Li, YS 
Jul-2011Application of GIS in building environmental impact assessment in Hong KongYuan, Z; Shen, GQP 
2003Application of GIS system and numerical simulations in debris flow and landslide hazard estimationChau, KT ; Lo, KH
2004Application of goal programming technique in forming bidding strategyShen, LY; Tan, YT; Yam, MCH 
2010Application of GPS for monitoring long-span cable-supported bridges under high windsXu, YL ; Chan, WS; Ding, XL
2009Application of GPS for wind and structural monitoring of large civil engineering structuresXu, YL; Chan, WS; Ding, XL 
2007Application of GPS technique in monitoring of wind-sensitive large civil engineering structuresXu, YL ; Chen, WS
2002Application of GPS/SINS integration for multibean surveying systemsSun, Y; Hu, W; Chen, W ; Zhou, X
2012The application of graphene as the electrodes of organic solar cellsLiu, ZK; Yan, F 
2014Application of Green Construction Technology in Construction ProjectsYu, Z; Lu, C; San, B
2006Application of grey relational analysis for ranking material optionsChan, JWK 
2002Application of heterogeneous photodegradation of indoor air level of NOx under UV irradiationAo, CH; Lee, SC 
2002Application of HHT method to system identification of Di Wang Building during Typhoon YorkChen, SW; Xu, YL ; Zhang, RC; Li, GQ
2006Application of high-resolution radiochromic film dosimetry in verifying a small-field stereotactic radiosurgery planLee, KY; Fung, KKL ; Kwok, CS
2009Application of high-resolution satellite images to detailed landslide hazard assessmentNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Shaker, A
2006Application of high-resolution stereo satellite images to detailed landslide hazard assessmentNichol, JE ; Shaker, A; Wong, MS
2012The application of highly doped single-layer graphene as the top electrodes of semitransparent organic solar cellsLiu, Z; Li, J; Sun, ZH; Tai, G; Lau, SP ; Yan, F 
2002Application of Hong Kong navigational databaseChao, J; Li, Z ; Chen, W 
2007The application of ICT in collaborative working in construction projects : a critical reviewXue, X; Wang, Y; Shen, Q 
2001Application of IDDQ test in failure analysis of micro-controller devicesWong, MWT; Yu, AMF; Li, CK
2004Application of importance-performance model in tour guides' performance : evidence from mainland Chinese outbound visitors in Hong KongZhang, HQ ; Chow, I
2004Application of importance-performance model in tour guides' performance : evidence from Mainland Chinese outbound visitors in Hong Kong, tourismZhang, H ; Mao, Y; Chow, I
2014Application of improved extension evaluation method to water quality evaluationWong, H ; Hu, BQ
2003Application of indirect evaporative cooling technology for energy recovery of central air-conditioning systems in Hong KongYang, HX ; Lu, L
2006The application of industrial biomass waste for removing Cr(VI) from industrial effluentsNg, LM; Lo, W 
2010Application of industrialized housing system in China - a Chongqing studyPan, YH; Wong, KW ; Hui, CM 
2001Application of information engineering and CASE tols in studying the textile and apparel supply chain pipeline in Hong Kong/ChinaLam, J; Postle, R; Yeung, P
2001Application of information engineering to model the complex supply chain relationship for a textile and clothing industry in Hong Kong/ChinaLam, J
2006Application of information technologies for development of real-time traveler information system in Hong KongTam, ML; Lam, WHK 
2001Application of information technology to the club industrySuen, E; Law, R 
2001The application of information technology to the club industry - a case study of private club in hKSuen, E; Law, R 
2007Application of innovative GFRP pipe soil nail system in Hong KongCheng, YM ; Wei, WB
2002Application of integrated GIS, remote sensing and GPS for highway constructionHe, ZY; Shi, WZ ; Zhang, XN
2005Application of integrated GPS and GIS technology for reducing construction waste and improving construction efficiencyLi, H ; Chen, Z; Yong, L; Kong, SC
2014Application of intelligent data management in resource allocation for effective operation of manufacturing systemsLee, CKH; Choy, KL ; Law, KMY; Ho, GTS
2013Application of interval clustering approach to water quality evaluationWong, H ; Hu, BQ
1999Application of interval Kalman filter to an integrated GPS/INS systemHe, X; Chen, YQ 
2013Application of Kalman filtering technique to the construction settlement monitoring of supertall buildingsSu, JZ; Xia, Y ; Xu, YL 
2012Application of kernel density estimation in lamb wave-based damage detectionYu, L; Su, Z 
2012Application of knowledge-based artificial immune system (KBAIS) for computer aided process planning in CIM contextPrakash, A; Chan, FTS ; Deshmukh, SG
2012Application of laser treatment for fashion designYuan, GX; Jiang, SX ; Newton, E; Fan, JT; Au, WM
2010Application of laser treatment in fabric and garment designYuan, GX; Jiang, SX ; Newton, E; Fan, JT; Au, WM
2011Application of lightpath data interchange in optical burst-switched networksLi, CY; Wai, PKA 
2011Application of lightpath data interchange in optical burst-switched networksLi, CY; Wai, PKA 
2010Application of linear switched reluctance motor for active suspension system in electric vehicleZhang, Z; Cheung, NC ; Cheng, EKW 
Apr-2008Application of linear switched reluctance motors to precision position controlGan, WC; Widdowson, GP; Tam, MSW; Cheung, CN 
2004Application of linear switched reluctance motors to precision position controlGan, WC; Chan, KCK; Widdowson, GP; Cheung, CN 
2007Application of liquid poly(ethylene glycol)s as green reaction media in organic reactionsZhou, H; Fan, Q; He, Y; Gu, L; Chan , ASC