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2009Automatic extraction of fuzzy domain ontology conceptsLiu, JNK; Lam, THW; Wang, HW; Tam, HWK
2015Automatic Freeway Incident Detection for Free Flow Conditions: A Vehicle Reidentification Based Approach Using Image Data from Sparsely Distributed Video CamerasWang, J; Sumalee, A 
1993Automatic generation of moment invariants and the use of higher order moments for character recognitionWong, WH; Siu, WC ; Lam, KM 
2011Automatic generation of random distribution of fibers in long-fiber-reinforced composites and mesomechanical simulationWang, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, J; Liang, W; Zhou, L 
2011Automatic image segmentation by dynamic region mergingPeng, B; Zhang, L ; Zhang, D 
2008Automatic measurement and recognition of yarn snarls by digital image and signal processing methodsXu, BG ; Murrells, CM; Tao, XM 
2015Automatic measurement of pennation angle and fascicle length of gastrocnemius muscles using real-time ultrasound imagingZhou, GQ
2007Automatic mobile device synchronization and remote control system for high-Performance medical applicationsConstantinescu, L; Kim, J; Chan, C; Feng, D
2005Automatic modal identification and variability in measured modal vectors of a cable-stayed bridgeNi, YQ ; Fan, KQ; Zheng, G; Ko, JM
2000Automatic monitoring of slope deformations using geotechnical instrumentsDing, X ; Ren, D; Montgomery, B; Swindells, C
2002Automatic recognition of tables in construction tender documentsCao, Y; Wang, S; Li, H 
2006An automatic road segmentation algorithm using one-class SVMZheng, S; Liu, J; Shi, W ; Zhu, G
2002Automatic sensor evaluation in BMS commissioning of building refrigeration systemsWang, S ; Wang, JB
2007Automatic structure detection in a point-cloud of buildings obtained by terrestrial laser scanningZhan, Q; Pang, Q; Shi, W 
1997Automatic supervision of blanking tool wear using pattern recognition analysisLee, WB ; Cheung, CF ; Chiu, WM; Chan, LK
2002An automatic system designed for the monitoring of cutting tools using real-time control concepts and fuzzy approachesIp, RWL; Hui, IK; Lau, H; Chan, FTS 
2012Automatic test case selection for regression testing of composite service based on extensible BPEL flow graphLi, B; Qiu, D; Leung, H ; Wang, D
2012Automatic tongue image segmentation based on gradient vector flow and region mergingNing, J; Zhang, D ; Wu, C; Yue, F
2013Automatic tracking of aponeuroses and estimation of muscle thickness in ultrasonography : a feasibility studyLing, S; Zhou, Y; Chen, Y; Zhao, YQ; Wang, L; Zheng, YP 
2013Automatic twitter topic summarization with speech actsZhang, R; Li, W ; Gao, D; Ouyang, Y
2013Automatically predicting the polarity of Chinese adjectives: Not, a bit and a search engineXu, G; Huang, C ; Wang, H
2009Automating object-oriented integration and visualization of multidisciplinary biomedical data in radiology workflow : compartmental PACS modelWong, AKS; Chan, LWC ; Liu, Y
2014Automation and optimisation of Family Mould Cavity and Runner Layout Design (FMCRLD) using genetic algorithms and mould layout design grammarsChan, IWM; Pinfold, M; Kwong, CK ; Szeto, WH
2009Automobile hybrid air conditioning technologyYeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Chan, WW; Lam, CY; Choi, WF; Ng, TW
2011The automorphism group of separable states in quantum information theoryFriedland, S; Li, CK; Poon, YT; Sze, NS 
2008An autonomous defense against SYN flooding attacks : detect and throttle attacks at the victim side independentlyXiao, B ; Chen, W; He, Y
2004Autonomous exploration and mapping in an unknown environmentIp, YL; Rad, AB; Wong, YK
2004Autonomous response of a third-order digital filter with two's complement arithmetic realized in cascade formLing, BWK; Hung, WF; Tam, PKS
2004Autonomous robot navigation using fuzzy logic controllerWang, M; Liu, JNK
2009Autonomy, negotiation and collaboration : student participation in curriculum development : the development of an on-line learning lexicon for fashion and textiles studentsNazir, D ; Trower, VW
2011Autoparametric vibration absorber effect to reduce the first symmetric mode vibration of a curved beam/panelHui, CK; Ng, CF
2015Autophagic adaptation is associated with exercise-induced fibre-type shifting in skeletal muscleTam, BT; Pei, XM; Yu, AP; Sin, TK; Leung, KK; Au, KK; Chong, JT; Yung, BY ; Yip, SP ; Chan, LW ; Wong, CS ; Siu, PM 
2015Autophagic adaptations to long-term habitual exercise in cardiac muscleTam, BT; Pei, XM; Yung, BY ; Yip, SP ; Chan, LW ; Wong, CS ; Siu, PM 
2014Autophagic cellular responses to physical exercise in skeletal muscleTam, BT; Siu, PM 
2014Autostereoscopy-based three-dimensional on-machine measuring system for micro-structured surfacesLi, D; Cheung, CF ; Ren, MJ; Zhou, LQ; Zhao, X
2002Autotuning positive feedback time delay controller for dead time processesTsang, KM ; Rad, AB; Chan, WL 
2010An AUVs path planner using genetic algorithms with a deterministic crossover operatorCheng, CT ; Fallahi, K; Leung, H; Tse, CK 
2014Auxetic materials and their potential applications in textilesWang, ZY; Hu, H 
2015Auxo: an architecture-centric framework supporting the online tuning of software adaptivityWang, HM; Ding, B; Shi, DX; Cao, JN ; Chan, ATS 
2008Available transfer capability calculation using a smoothing pointwise maximum functionTong, X; Wu, FF; Qi, L 
2004Available transfer capability evaluation of inter-connected power system with the incorporation of dynamic voltage stability constraintsCheng, Y; Chung, TS; Chung, CY; Yu, CW
2002Average dispersion decreasing densely dispersion-managed fiber transmission systemsMoubissi, AB; Nakkeeran, K; Dinda, PT; Wabnitz, S
2015Average Transmit Power Gain of MIMO Fading Channels Over SISO AWGN ChannelsYue, DW; Lau, FCM 
2012The avoidance of statutory benefits to employees by Hong Kong employersMajid, A; Gul, RJ; Ho, S ; Bliss, MA ; Sun, Y 
2004Awarding construction contracts on multicriteria basis in ChinaShen, LY; Li, QM; Drew, D; Shen, QP 
2011Awareness promotion about problem gambling for casino employees : an Asian experienceWong, ILK ; Poon, M
2005Axial buckling of bamboo columns in bamboo scaffoldsYu, WK; Chung, KF ; Chan, SL 
2005Axial compression test of cut cold-formed steel stub columns with c-sectionWang, XP; Chung, KF ; Lam, SS 
2009Axial compression tests on frp-jacketed circular concrete-filled thin steel tubesHu, YM; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
Jul-2011Axial compression tests on hybrid double-skin tubular columns filled with high strength concreteZhang, B; Yu, T; Teng, JG 
2010Axial compression tests on large-scale FRP-confined RC columnsZhang, YX; Teng, JG ; Lam, L
2007An axial-flux permanent-magnet synchronous generator for a direct-coupled wind-turbine systemChan, TF; Lai, LL
2001Axially dissymmetric binaphthyldiimine chiral salen-type ligands for copper-catalyzed asymmetric aziridinationShi, M; Wang, CJ; Chan, ASC
1999Axisymmetric shells and plates on tensionless elastic foundationsHong, T; Teng, JG ; Luo, YF
Apr-2013Azimuth-elevation direction finding using a microphone and three orthogonal velocity sensors as a non-collocated subarraySong, Y; Wong, KT 
2015Azimuth-elevation direction finding, using one fourcomponent acoustic vector-sensor spread spatially along a straight lineSong, Y; Wong, KT 
22-Dec-2000The à ← X˜ (1+1)REMPI spectrum and high-level ab initio calculations of the complex between NO and N₂Lozeille, J; Daire, SE; Gamblin, SD; Wright, TG; Lee, EPF
2011B2B multi-attribute e-procurement : an artificial immune system based goal programming approachChan, FTS ; Shukla, M; Tiwari, MK; Shankar, R; Choy, KL 
2007(Ba,Sr)TiO3-based planar photonic bandgap crystalJim, KL; Wang, DY; Leung, CW ; Choy, CL ; Chan, HLW 
2005Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3 thin film based ring resonatorsCheng, YL; Wang, Y ; Chan, HLW 
1999Back and lower limb muscle activities in a prone leg holding exerciseNg, JKF ; Chan, CCH ; Lui, CYH; Sin, AKY; Wong, ISW; Yip, JHH
2003Back to the future : a logical framework for temporal information representation and inferencing from financial newsHuang, Z; Wong, KF; Li, WJ ; Song, DW; Bruza, P
2000Back-propagation learning in improving the accuracy of neural network-based tourism demand forecastingLaw, R 
15-Feb-2010Backaction of a charge detector on a double quantum dotOuyang, S; Lam, CH ; You, JQ
1998Backcalculation of Moduli in FWD evaluation of pavements : a solution of global minimumYue, ZQ; Yin, JH 
Nov-2010Backcasting a future of sustainable energy : a public policy perspectiveNathwani, J; Ng, A
1999A background-thinning-based approach for separating and recognizing connected handwritten digit stringsLu, Z; Chi, Z ; Siu, WC ; Shi, P
2004Backlund transformation and soliton solutions for the coupled dispersionless equationsAlagesan, T; Chung, Y; Nakkeeran, K
2003Backstepping control of the synchronous generator based on the neural networksWang, J; Li, T; Zeng, QM 
2015Backward errors of periodic invariant subspaces for regular periodic matrix pairsChen, XS; Li, W; Wu, X
2003Backward induction strategy (BIDS) for bidding in multiple auctionsZhang, J; Lee, RST; Chan, HCB 
1998Backward transfer-matrix method for elastic analysis of layered solids with imperfect bondingYue, ZQ; Yin, JH 
10-Nov-2011A bacteria colony-based screen for optimal linker combinations in genetically encoded biosensorsIbraheem, A; Yap, H; Ding, Y; Campbell, RE
2003Bacterial biosorbent for removing and recovering copper from electroplating effluentsLo, WH ; Chua, H; Wong, M; Yu, P
2015Bacterial internalization, localization, and effectors shape the epithelial immune response during Shigella flexneri infectionLippmann, J; Gwinner, F; Rey, C; Tamir, U; Law, HKW ; Schwikowski, B; Enninga, J
2007“Bad urban” uplink multipaths’ distribution in azimuth-elevation DOA, with scatterers modeled as inside a cylinder above the mobile & as more sparse with heightOlenko, AY; Qasmi, SA; Wong, KT 
2007Bagging evolutionary feature extraction algorithm for classificationZhao, T; Zhao, Q; Lu, H; Zhang, DD 
2001Bagging of woven fabrics : the rheological mechanism and predictionsZhang, X; Li, Y ; Yeung, KW; Yao, M
2003Bahaviour and strength of FRP-strengthened RC structures : a state-of-the-art reviewTeng, JG ; Chen, JF; Smith, ST; Lam, L
2012Baicalein protects against 6-OHDA-induced neurotoxicity through activation of Keap1/Nrf2/HO-1 and involving PKC alpha and PI3K/AKT signaling pathwaysZhang, Z; Cui, W; Li, G; Yuan, S; Xu, D; Hoi, MPM; Lin, Z; Dou, J; Han, Y ; Lee, SMY