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2010Antioxidants | Diet and antioxidant defenseBenzie, IFF ; Strain, JJ
2010Antioxidants | Observational studiesBenzie, IFF 
2014Antioxidants, vegetarian diets and agingWachtel-Galor, S; Siu, PM ; Benzie, IFF 
2014An antioxidative galactomannan-protein complex isolated from fermentation broth of a medicinal fungus Cs-HK1Chen, X; Ding, ZY; Wang, WQ; Siu, KC; Wu, JY 
2011Antioxidative iridoid glycosides from the sky flower (Duranta repens Linn)Ijaz, F; Haq, AU; Ahmad, I; Ahmad, N; Hussain, J; Chen, S
2005Antioxidative power of Shan Zha extracts and its protective effect against hemolysisKwok, CY; Tam, HL; Chan, CF; Wong, CY; Chan, CY; Tsang, OY; Chan, SW; Yu, HF
2005Antiproliferation and induction of cell death of Phaffia rhodozyma (Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous) extract fermented by brewer malt waste on breast cancer cells.Teo, IT; Chui, CH; Tang, JC ; Lau, FY; Cheng, GY; Wong, RS; Kok, SH; Cheng, CH; Chan, AS; Ho, KP
2006Antiproliferative ability of a combination regimen includes crocodile egg extract, wild radix ginseng and natural Ganoderma lucodium on acute myelogenous leukemiaChui, CH; Gambari, R; Wong, RSM; Cheng, GYM; Lau, FY; Kok, SHL; Tang, WK; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO 
2006Antiproliferative ability of a combination regimen of crocodile egg extract, wild radix ginseng and natural Ganoderma lucidum on acute myelogenous leukemia.Chui, CH; Wong, RS; Cheng, GY; Lau, FY; Kok, SH; Cheng, CH; Cheung, F; Tang, WK; Teo, IT; Chan, AS; Tang, JC 
2002Antiproliferative activity of the extract of Gleditsia sinensis fruit on human solid tumour cell linesChow, LMC ; Tang, JCO ; Teo, ITN; Chui, CH; Lau, FY; Leung, TWT; Cheng, G; Wong, RSM; Wong, ILK; Tsang, KMS; Tan, WQ; Zhao, YZ; Lai, KB; Lam, WH; Guo, DA; Chan, ASC
2005Antiproliferative and apoptosis-inducing activity of Brucea javanica extract on human carcinoma cellsLau, FY; Chui, CH; Gambari, R; Kok, SH; Kan, KL; Cheng, GY; Wong, RS; Teo, IT; Cheng, CH; Wan, TS; Chan, AS; Tang, JC 
2002Antisense epidermal growth factor receptor RNA transfection in human glioblastoma cells down-regulates telomerase activity and telomere lengthTian, XX; Pang, JCS; Zheng, J; Chen, J; To, SST; Ng, HK
2012Antiseptic resistance genes in staphylococcus aureus from the elderlyHo, J; O'Donoghue, MM ; Zhang, M; Boost, MV
1993Antisymmetric bifurcations in a compressible pressure-sensitive circular cylinder under axisymmetric tension and compressionChau, KT 
2004Antitumor activities and constituents of mycelium extracts of a new cordyceps sinensis fungusZhang, QX; Leung, PH; Hu, ZD; Wu, JY 
2009Antitumor activity of diethynylfluorene derivatives of gold(I)Chui, CH; Wong, RSM; Gambari, R; Cheng, GYM; Yuen, CWM; Chan, KW; Tong, SW; Lau, FY; Lai, PBS; Lam, KH; Ho, CL; Kan, CW ; Leung, KSY; Wong, WY
2010Antitumor activity of the aqueous extract from sedum sarmentosum bunge in vitroHuang, D; Zhang, W; Huang, D; Wu, J 
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2014Antitumor effect between anti-tumor drug and antimicrobial peptides loaded in the nanofibrous membraneZhang, J; Li, Y ; Li, JS; Liu, X; Li, Z
2008Antitumor effects, cell selectivity and structure-activity relationship of a novel antimicrobial peptide polybia-MPIWang, KR; Zhang, BZ; Zhang, W; Yan, JX; Li, J; Wang, R
2005Antiumor activities and constituents of mycelium ectracts of a new cordyceps sinensis fungusLeung, PH; Zhang, QX; Wu, JY 
2012Any person who is not a relevant person ... : why is any so frequent in legal texts?Warren, M ; Leung, M
2000Apatite coating on poly (L-lactic acid) fibers by a biomimetic processYuan, XY; Mak, AFT
2006APE polymorphism and type 2 diabetes mellitus : possible relationship with glycaemic control and complication riskMa, SW; Benzie, IFF ; Yeung, VTF
2014Aperiodic TiO2 nanotube photonic crystal : full-visible-spectrum solar light harvesting in photovoltaic devicesGuo, M; Xie, K; Wang, Y ; Zhou, L ; Huang, H 
2015Apertureless cantilever-free pen arrays for scanning photochemical printingZhou, Y; Xie, Z; Brown, KA; Park, DJ; Zhou, X; Chen, PC; Hirtz, M; Lin, QY; Dravid, VP; Schatz, GC; Zheng, Z ; Mirkin, CA
2012APF & ICES 2012 11th Asia Pacific Forum for Graduate Students Research in Tourism and International Convention & Expo Summit 2012 May 22nd- 24th, 2012Hung, VMW; Lau, CKH 
2005Aphasia and utterance of a classPan, Y 
2005Apodised technique approach for fibre DFB laser designXia, L; Shum, P; Lu, C 
2006Apoptogenic activity of a synthetic cantharimide in leukaemia : implication on its structural activity relationshipKok, SHL; Chui, CH; Lam, WS; Chen, J; Lau, FY; Wong, RSM; Cheng, GYM; Tang, WK; Teo, ITN; Cheung, F; Cheng, CH; Chan, ASC; Tang, JCO 
2007Apoptosis and Id2 expression in diaphragm and soleus muscle from the emphysematous hamsterDegens, H; Swisher, AK; Heijdra, YF; Siu, PM ; Dekhuijzen, PR; Alway, SE
2007Apoptosis-inducing activity of new pyrazole emodin derivatives in human hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2 cellsWang, XD; Gu, LQ; Wu, JY 
2006Apoptotic activity of a novel synthetic cantharidin analogue on hepatoma cell linesKok, SHL; Chui, CH; Lam, WS; Chen, J; Lau, FY; Cheng, GYM; Wong, RSM; Lai, PPS; Leung, TWT; Tang, JCO ; Chan, ASC
2006The apoptotic chemoprevention effects of lingzhi during the initial stage of tumorigenic transformation of human uroepithelial cellsYuen, JWM; Gohel, MDI
2006Apoptotic potential of the concentrated effective microorganism fermentation extract on human cancer cellsChui, CH; Hau, DKP; Lau, FY; Cheng, GYM; Wong, RSM; Gambari, R; Kok, SHL; Lai, KB; Teo, ITN; Leung, TWT; Higa, T; Ke, B; Tang, JCO ; Fong, DWF; Chan, ASC
2009Apoptotic signaling induced by H2O2-mediated oxidative stress in differentiated C2C12 myotubesSiu, PM ; Wang, Y; Always, SE
2004Apotransferrin is internalized and distributed in the same way as holotransferrin in K562 cellsDu, XL; Wang, K; Ke, Y; Yuan, L; Li, RC; Chang, CZ; Ho, KP; Qian, ZM
2002Apparel design beyond visual senses, fashion and textiles : the new frontiers - design, technology and businessLi, Y ; Newton, E
2003Apparel information search behaviors of recreational and economic shoppersZhang, Z; Cao, N; Ng, R 
2007Apparel material utilization using adaptive evolutionary strategiesWong, WK ; Leung, SYS 
2004Apparel products simulation using texture mapping with color fidelityXin, JH ; Shen, HL; Wang, P
2008Apparel quick response programmes with minimum quantity constraintsChow, PS; Choi, TM ; Cheng, TCE; Rego, CM
2002Apparel supply chain management - Hong Kong experienceLam, J : a knowledge portal for the global apparel industryFan, J; Ng, R ; Newton, E
2007Apparent and tissue level mechanical parameters of vertebral trabecular bone with ageingGong, H; Zhang, M 
2015Apparent- and Tissue-Level Yield Behaviors of L4 Vertebral Trabecular Bone and Their Associations with MicroarchitecturesGong, H; Wang, L; Fan, Y; Zhang, M; Qin, L
2016Appealing to tourists via branded entertainment : from theory to practiceHudson, S; Tung, V 
2004Appearance, temperature and exhaust pollutants of an inverse diffusion flame having circumferentially arranged portsSze, LK; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW 
2006Appearance, temperature, and NOx emission of two inverse diffusion flames with different port designSze, LK; Cheung, CS ; Leung, CW 
2005Appearance-based face recognition using aggregated 2D gabor featuresCheung, KH; You, J ; Li, Q; Bhattacharya, P
2005Appearance-based face recognition using aggregated 3D gabor featuresCheung, KH; You, J ; Li, Q; Bhattacharya, P
2015Apple's iPad City : subcontracting exploitation to ChinaChan, J; Ngai, P; Selden, M
2016Apple, Foxconn, and Chinese workers' struggles from a global labor perspectivePun, N ; Shen, Y; Guo, YH; Lu, HL; Chan, J ; Selden, M
2010Appliable corpus linguisticsCheng, W 
2014Appliable discourse analysisMatthiessen, C 
2008Applicability in Hong Kong of London's experiences on urban redevelopment practicesChan, EHW ; Lee, GKL
2015Applicability of clean development mechanism to the Hong Kong building sectorLam, PTI ; Chan, EHW ; Yu, ATW ; Cam, WCN; Yu, JS
2002The applicability of data envelopment analysis to efficiency measurement of container portsWang, T; Song, DW; Cullinane, KPB
2012Applicability of demographic recommender system to tourist attractions : a case study on trip advisorWang, Y; Chan, S ; Ngai, G 
2004Applicability of goal attainment scaling in the evaluation of gross motor changes in children with cerebral palsyLaw, LSH; Dai, MOS; Siu, A 
2009Application and comparison of particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm in strategy defense gameHuo, P; Shiu, SCK ; Wang, H; Niu, B
2003Application and design techniques of conductive adhesive polymer for power conversionTang, CY ; Yeung, YPB; Cheng, KWE ; Tsui, CP 
2001The application and development of information technology - the medical imaging perspectiveLaw, MYY
2001The application and development of the colour science & technologyXin, JH 
2001Application and difficulty of natural language processing in Chinese temporal information extractionLi, WJ ; Wong, KF; Yuan, CF
2004Application and evaluation of a GPS multi-antenna system for dam deformation monitoringHe, X; Yang, G; Ding, XL ; Chen, YQ 
2002Application and performance study of a distributed agent environmentYau, SMT; Leong, HV ; Si, A
2006Application framework for mapping and simulation of waste handling processes in constructionLu, M; Poon, CS ; Wong, LC
2015Application guideline for embedded GHG emissions database and G-BOM analyzerYung, KC ; Chan, CY; Zhang, Y
2011Application migration to cloud : a taxonomy of critical factorsTran, V; Keung, J; Liu, A; Fekete, A
2013Application mobility in pervasive computing : a surveyYu, P; Ma, X; Cao, J ; Lu, J
2010Application of 3-D ultrasound in assisting the fitting procedure of spinal orthosis to patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisLi, M; Cheng, J; Ying, M ; Ng, B; Zheng, YP ; Lam, TP; Wong, WY; Wong, MS 
2010Application of 3-D ultrasound in assisting the fitting procedure of spinal orthosis to patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisLi, M; Cheng, CY; Ng, KW; Lam, TP; Zheng, YP ; Ying, M ; Wong, MS 
2011Application of 3-D ultrasound in fitting of spinal orthosis to the patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosisWong, MS ; Li, M; Ng, B; Lam, TP; Ying, M ; Cheng, CY
2010Application of 3-D ultrasound to trace the spinal curvature of patients with scoliosisLi, M; Wong, MS 
2008Application of 3D CAD software for functional design of footwearLuximon, A ; Li, Y 
2005Application of 4D for dynamic site layout and management of construction projectsMa, Z; Shen, Q ; Zhang, J
2009Application of a bäcklund transformation in nonlinear elastodynamics. Two-pulse interactionRogers, C; Schief, WK; Mentrelli, A; Ruggeri, T
2011Application of a bilayer TiO2 nanofiber photoanode for optimization of dye-sensitized solar cellsYang, L; Leung, WWF 
2014Application of a cavity enhanced UV-LED spectrometer for measurements of atmospheric HONO and NO2 in Hong KongWu, T; Zha, Q; Chen, W; Xu, Z; Wang, T ; He, X