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2011Asymptotic nonlinear stability of traveling waves to conservation laws arising from chemotaxisLi, T; Wang, ZA 
2012Asymptotic optimality of balanced routingChen, H; Ye, HQ 
2015Asymptotic profile of a parabolic-hyperbolic system with boundary effect arising from tumor angiogenesisMei, M; Peng, H; Wang, ZA 
2005Asymptotic properties of the ISE in nonparametric regressions with serially correlated errorsWu, X; You, J; Zhou, X
2009Asymptotic solution for nonlinear buckling of orthotropic shells on elastic foundationNie, GH; Chan, CK ; Yao, JC; He, XQ
2012Asymptotic solution for post-buckling of a circular delamination with non-linear fiber bridging in 3D orthotropic materialsNie, GH; Chan, CK ; He, TT
2013Asymptotic stability of traveling waves of a chemotaxis model with singular sensitivityJin, HY; Li, J; Wang, ZA 
2011The asymptotic structure of the Morris-Lecar modelLi, HY; Wong, YK; Chan, WL 
2009Asynchronous control of vortex-induced acoustic cavity resonance using imbedded piezo-electric actuatorsZhang, MM; Cheng, L ; Zhou, Y
2012At-home disaster preparedness of elderly people in Hong KongLoke, AY ; Lai, CK ; Fung, OWM 
2015Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy Quasi-Choquet geometric operators and their applications to multicriteria decision makingTan, CQ; Jiang, ZZ; Chen, XH; Ip, WH 
2006Atmosphere corrosion behavior of plasma sprayed and laser remelted coatings on copperLiang, G; Wong, TT; An, G; MacAlpine, JMK
2013Atmospheric and environmental sensing by photonic absorption spectroscopyChen, W; Wu, T; Zhao, W; Wysocki, G; Cui, X; Lengignon, C; Maamary, R; Fertein, E; Coeur, C; Cassez, A; Wang, Y; Zhang, W; Gao, X; Liu, W; Dong, F; Zha, G; Zheng, X; Wang, T 
2013Atmospheric concentrations of particulate sulfate and nitrate in Hong Kong during 1995-2008 : impact of local emission and super-regional transportNie, W; Wang, T ; Wang, W; Wei, X; Liu, Q
2006Atmospheric corrosion damage to steel space structuresChen, B; Xu, YL ; Qu, WL
Feb-2003Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals in the Pearl River Delta, ChinaWong, CSC; Li, X ; Zhang, G; Qi, SH; Peng, X
2014Atmospheric deposition of lead in remote high mountain of eastern Tibetan Plateau, ChinaBing, H; Wu, Y; Zhou, J; Ming, L; Sun, S; Li, X 
2013Atmospheric deposition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to a coastal site of Hong Kong, South ChinaLiu, F; Xu, Y; Liu, J; Liu, D; Li, J; Zhang, G; Li, X ; Zou, S; Lai, S
2009Atmospheric deterioration of Qin brick in an environmental chamber at Emperor Qin's Terracotta Museum, ChinaHu, TF; Lee, SC ; Cao, JJ; Ho, WK; Ho, KF; Chow, JC; Watson, JG; Rong, B; An, ZS
2008Atmospheric effects on InSAR measurements and their mitigationDing, XL ; Li, ZW; Zhu, JJ; Feng, G; Long, JP
2007Atmospheric effects on repeat-pass InSAR measurements over Shanghai regionLi, ZW; Ding, XL ; Huang, C; Zou, ZR; Chen, YL
2014Atmospheric peroxides in a polluted subtropical environment : seasonal variation, sources and sinks, and importance of heterogeneous processesGuo, J; Tilgner, A; Yeung, C; Wang, Z ; Louie, PKK; Luk, CWY; Xu, Z; Yuan, C; Gao, Y; Poon, S; Herrmann, H; Lee, S ; Lam, KS ; Wang, T 
2014Atmospheric photochemical reactivity and ozone production at two sites in Hong Kong : application of a Master Chemical Mechanism - photochemical box modelLing, ZH; Guo, H ; Lam, SHM; Saunders, SM; Wang, T 
2011Atmospheric polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and Pb isotopes at a remote site in Southwestern China : implications for monsoon-associated transportXu, Y; Zhang, G; Li, J; Liu, X; Li, X 
2013Atmospheric RE-free Mg-based bulk metallic glass with high bio-corrosion resistanceGuo, SF; Chan, KC ; Jiang, XQ; Zhang, HJ; Zhang, DF; Wang, JF; Jiang, B; Pan, FS
2010Atmospheric wet deposition of trace elements to central Tibetan PlateauCong, Z; Kang, S; Zhang, Y; Li, X 
2003Atomic adsorption of catalyst metals on Stone-Wales defects in carbon nanotubesMeng, FY; Zhou, LG; Shi, S ; Yang, R
15-Sep-2003Atomic force microscopy-induced electric field in ferroelectric thin filmsWang, B; Woo, CH
2011Atomic packing symmetry in the metallic liquid and glass statesLiu, XJ; Xu, Y; Lu, ZP; Hui, X; Chen, GL; Zheng, GP ; Liu, CT
27-May-2011Atomic-scale structural evolution and stability of supercooled liquid of a Zr-based bulk metallic glassWang, Q; Liu, CT; Yang, Y; Dong, YD; Lu, J
2015Atomistic approach to predict the glass-forming ability in Zr-Cu-Al ternary metallic glassesYu, CY; Liu, XJ; Zheng, GP ; Niu, XR; Liu, CT
2011An atomistic approach to the dielectric modes of BaTiO 3 and SrTiO 3Deng, HY; Lam, CH ; Huang, H 
2007Atomistic calculation of point-defect diffusion anisotropy and irradiation growth in alpha-zirconiumWoo, CH; Liu, X
2010Atomistic free-volume zones and inelastic deformation of metallic glassesYe, JC; Lu, J; Liu, CT; Wang, Q; Yang, Y
2014Atomistic simulation of surface functionalization on the interfacial properties of graphene-polymer nanocompositesWang, MC; Lai, ZB; Galpaya, D; Yan, C; Hu, N; Zhou, LM 
2015Atomistic simulation of the growth of defect-free carbon nanotubesXu, Z; Yan, T; Ding, F 
2014Atrazine degradation using chemical-free process of USUV : analysis of the micro-heterogeneous environments and the degradation mechanismsXu, LJ; Chu, W ; Graham, N
2005Atrazine removal by catalytic oxidation processes with or without UV irradiation : Part II : An analysis of the reaction mechanisms using LC/ESI-tandem mass spectrometryChan, KH; Chu, W 
2005Atrazine removal by catalytic oxidation processes with or without UV irradiation: Part I - Quantification and rate enhancement via kinetic studyChan, KH; Chu, W 
2005Atrium hot smoke tests in a big shopping complexChow, WK ; Pang, ECL; Han, SS; Dong, H; Hou, Y; Zou, GW; He, Z; Gao, Y; Zou, JF; Li, K; Leung, VYK; Yip, EMT
2005Atrium smoke exhaust and technical issues on hot smoke testsChow, WK 
1999Atrium smoke filling process in shopping malls of Hong KongChow, WK 
2010The attachment of Fe3O4 nanoparticles to graphene oxide by covalent bondingHe, F; Fan, J; Ma, D; Zhang, L; Leung, CW ; Chan, HL 
14-Oct-2011Attack resilience of the evolving scientific collaboration networkLiu, XF; Xu, X; Small, M; Tse, CKM 
2005Attacking subsampling-based watermarkingLu, W; Lu, H; Chung, FL 
12-Dec-2008Attaining sustainable digital libraries : disruptive librariesO'Connor, S
2015An attempt to bridge muscle architecture dynamics and its instantaneous rate of force development using ultrasonographyLi, J; Zhou, Y; Zheng, YP ; Li, G
2001An attempt to evaluate teaching quality : one department's storyMacAlpine, M
2008Attendee-based brand equityLee, JS ; Back, KJ
2006Attention-driven image interpretation with application to image retrievalFu, H; Chi, Z ; Feng, D
2002Attenuation characteristics of ground motions in northern ChinaWong, YL; Zhao, JX; Luo, Q
2011Attenuation of fatty liver and prevention of hypercholesterolemia by extract of Curcuma longa through regulating the expression of CYP7A1, LDL-receptor, HO-1, and HMG-CoA reductaseYiu, WF; Kwan, PL; Wong, CY; Kam, TS; Chiu, SM; Chan, SW; Chan, R
2009Attenuation of flexural vibration for floating floor and floating box induced by ground vibrationHui, CK; Ng, CF
2003Attenuation of ground motion and site response in Guangdong regionWong, Y; Zheng, S; Liu, J; Zhao, X; Kang, Y
2002Attenuation of intramolecular Ru-H⋯H-N dihydrogen bonding in aminocyclopentadienyl ruthenium hydride complexes containing phosphite ligandsLam, YF; Yin, C; Yeung, CH; Ng, SM; Jia, G; Lau, CP
Mar-2013Attenuation performance of a semi-active Helmholtz resonator in a grazing flow ductShi, X; Mak, CM ; Yang, J
2009Attitude toward counterfeits and ethnic groups : comparing Chinese and Western consumers purchasing counterfeitsKwong, KK; Yu, WYP; Leung, JWK; Wang, K
2004Attitude toward e-commerce and education : an empirical analysisGunasekaran, A; Ngai, EWT 
2010Attitude towards EMSs in an international hotel : an exploratory case studyChan, ESW ; Hawkins, R
2011Attitude, social influence, and self-efficacy among Chinese participants of chronic disease self-management program: a latent growth curve modeling studyChan, SCC ; Chan, CCH 
2005Attitudes and skills of Hong Kong Chinese medicine practitioners towards computerization in practice : a cluster analysisChan, MF; Day, MC; Suen, LK; Tse, SH ; Tong, TF
Mar-2013Attitudes in the management of patients with dementia : comparison in doctors with and without special trainingLiu, YWJ ; Lai, KYC ; Dai, D; Ting, S; Choi, K
Nov-1997Attitudes of Chinese nurses towards self-help groups in Hong KongMok, E
2012Attitudes of healthcare staff and patients' family members towards family presence during resuscitation in adult critical care unitsLeung, NY; Chow, SKY 
2003Attitudes of Hong Kong Chinese to traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine : survey and cluster analysisChan, MF; Mok, E ; Wong, YS; Tong, TF; Day, MC; Tang, CKY; Wong, DHC
2005Attitudes of nurses toward perinatal bereavement : findings from a study in Hong KongChan, MF; Wu, LH ; Day, MC; Chan, SH
2013Attitudes of tourism students to the environment and climate changeMckercher, B ; Prideaux, B; Pang, SFH
2001Attitudes to a non-viable community-owned heritage tourist attractionMcKercher, B 
2006Attitudes toward people with disabilities : a comparison between health care professionals and studentsAu, KW; Man, DWK 
2002Attitudes toward people with disabilities between Chinese rehabilitation and business students: An implication for practiceChan, CCH ; Lee, TMC; Yuen, HK; Chan, F
2014An attribute chart for monitoring the process mean and varianceHaridy, S; Wu, Z; Lee, KM ; Rahim, MA
2005Attribute clustering for grouping, selection, and classification of gene expression dataAu, WH; Chan, KCC ; Wong, AKC; Yang, W
2006Attribute uncertainty in GIS dataWang, S; Shi, W ; Yuan, M; Chen, G
2010Attribute uncertainty modelling in lunar spatial dataWeiss, P; Shi, WZ ; Yung, KL 
2013An attribute-based approach to classifying community-based tourism networksTolkach, D; King, B ; Pearlman, M
2009Attributes of building information modelling and its development in Hong KongWong, AKD ; Wong, FKW ; Nadeem, A
2010Attributes of building information modelling implementations in various countriesWong, AKD ; Wong, FKW ; Nadeem, A
2013Attributes of nursing work environment as predictors of registered nurses' job satisfaction and intention to leaveChoi, SPP; Cheung, K ; Pang, SMC 
2004Attributes of popular cultural attractions in Hong KongMckercher, B ; Ho, PSY; Du Cros, H
2008Attributes selection in Chinese ontology acquisition with FCACui, G; Lu, Q ; Li, W ; Chen, Y