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2010Analytical relationship among nominal hardness, reduced Young's modulus, the work of indentation, and strain hardening exponentMa, D; Ong, CW 
2000Analytical review applications among large audit firms in Hong KongCho, S; Lew, AY
2005An analytical review of briefing practice in the Hong Kong construction industryYu, ATW ; Shen, GQP ; Chan, EHW 
2001Analytical solution for finite and transversely isotropic cylinders under the diametral point load testChau, KT ; Wei, XX
2001The analytical solution for sediment reaction and diffusion equation with generalized initial-boundary conditionsXiong, Y; Wai, WHO 
2014Analytical solution for the full-range pull-out behavior of FRP ground anchorsZheng, JJ; Dai, JG 
2011Analytical solution of a satellite orbit disturbed by atmospheric dragXu, G; Xu, T; Chen, W ; Yeh, TK
2011Analytical solution of a satellite orbit disturbed by lunar and solar gravitationXu, G; Xu, T; Yeh, TK; Chen, W 
2012Analytical solution of the thermo-mechanical stresses in a multilayered composite pressure vessel considering the influence of the closed endsZhang, Q; Wang, ZW; Tang, CY ; Hu, DP; Liu, PQ; Xia, LZ
2006Analytical solution to progressive destructive strength of natural soils in consideration of multiple factorsZhou, C; Xie, HP; Yin, JH 
2003An analytical solution to the structural dynamics of an elastic cylinder in a cross flowXu, SJ; Zhou, Y; So, RMC
2010Analytical solutions for evaluating the thermal performances of wet air cooling coils under both unit and non-unit Lewis FactorsXia, L; Chan, MY ; Deng, SM ; Xu, XG
2008Analytical solutions for passive earth pressure considering different failure mechanisms with nonlinear failure criterionYang, XL; Yin, JH 
2010Analytical solutions of tsunami waves induced by sea floor collapsesChau, KT 
2008Analytical solutions to the Navier-Stokes equationsYuen, M
15-Apr-2012Analytical study and corresponding experiments for a new resonant magnetic charger with circular spiral coilsWang, J; Li, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, W ; Zhao, Z; Yan, W; Sun, M
2013An analytical study of cooperative data dissemination in push-based mobile environmentsDai, C; Chow, CY; Leong, HV ; Chan, ATS 
2010Analytical study of fatigue repair of coped beams using carbon fibre reinforced polymersHolden, TA; Cheng, JJR; Lam, ACC; Yam, MCH 
2009An analytical study of the fabrication of microlens array using fast tool servo machiningKong, LB; Cheung, CF ; To, S ; Lee, WB ; Kwok, TC
1-May-2009An analytical study of the modification ability of distribution centersZhao, Q; Cheng, TCE 
2004Analytical study of the shear lag effects on welded steel tension membersYam, MCH ; Zhu, HT; Lam, ACC; Iu, VP
2001Analytical study of wind-rain-induced cable vibrationXu, YL ; Wang, LY
2003Analytical study of wind-rain-induced cable vibration : 2DOF modelWang, LY; Xu, YL 
2003Analytical study of wind-rain-induced cable vibration : SDOF modelXu, YL ; Wang, LY
2012Analytical study on progressive pullout behavior of a soil nailHong, CY; Yin, JH ; Zhou, WH; Pei, HF
2006Analytically derived uplink/downlink TOA and 2-D-DOA distributions with scatterers in a 3-D hemispheroid surrounding the mobileOlenko, AY; Wong, KT ; Qasmi, SA; Ahmadi-Shokouh, J
2015Analyze the healthcare service requirement using fuzzy QFDLee, CKM ; Ru, CTY; Yeung, CL; Choy, KL ; Ip, WH 
Mar-2011Analyze the risks of biological invasion : an agent based simulation model for introducing non-native oysters in Chesapeake Bay, USALuo, M ; Opaluch, JJ
2009Analyzing and composing music from network motifsYang, C; Tse, CK ; Liu, X
2008Analyzing and composing music with complex networks : finding structures in Bach, Chopin and MozartTse, CK ; Liu, X; Small, M
2008Analyzing and forecasting tourism demand : a rough sets approachGoh, C; Law, R ; Mok, HMK
2000Analyzing and modeling the construction-drive of ChinaHuang, C; Li, QM; Shen, LY
2004Analyzing and modeling the CRM chain- the basis of SCMChen, B; Ip, WH ; Peng, S; Yu, HL
2014Analyzing Android browser apps for file:// vulnerabilitiesWu, D; Chang, RKC 
2013Analyzing changes in hotel customers' expectations by trip modeLiu, S; Law, R ; Rong, J; Li, G; Hall, J
2005Analyzing core-shell structured zinc doped MgO wrapped Ba 1-xSrxTiO3 nanoparticlesQi, JQ; Tian, HY; Wang, Y ; Pang, GKH; Li, LT; Chan, HLW 
2014Analyzing feedbacks by teachers on students’response to questions in reading instruction : facilitate students to further thinkZhu, X 
2007Analyzing genre structure of Chinese call center communicationLi, L ; Xu, X ; Wang, Y
2001Analyzing holistic parsers: Implications for robust parsing and systematicityHo, KSE; Chan, LW
2003Analyzing Hong Kong's convention & exhibition industryWong, A; Wong, D; Law, R 
2010Analyzing hotel star ratings on third-party distribution websitesDenizci Guillet, B ; Law, R 
2010Analyzing international travelers' profile with self-organizing mapsLi, G; Law, R ; Wang, J
2015Analyzing Non-Participation in Domestic Tourism: A Combined FrameworkLi, H; Zhang, Z; Goh, C
2006Analyzing oligopolistic electricity market using coevolutionary computationChen, H; Wong, KP; Nguyen, DHM; Chung, CY
2007Analyzing printed media travelogues : means and purposes with reference to framing destination imagePan, S ; Ryan, C
2013Analyzing protection of hotel networks in Hong KongLeung, R; Law, R 
2014Analyzing sentimental influence of posts on social networksSun, B; Ng, VTY 
2012Analyzing social networks with D-miner CloudLi, HL; Ng, V ; Chen, C
2007Analyzing sunlight duration and optimum shading using a sky mapCheung, HD; Chung, TM
2011Analyzing supply chain operation models with the PC-algorithm and the neural networkWong, TC; Law, KMY; Yau, HK; Ngan, SC
2015Analyzing the applicability of miniature ultra-high sensitivity Fabry-Perot acoustic sensor using a nanothick graphene diaphragmLi, C; Gao, X; Guo, T; Xiao, J; Fan, S; Jin, W 
2006Analyzing the authorship of information technology publications in leading hospitality and tourism journalsLeung, R; Law, R 
2011Analyzing the computer-aided maintenance data of a commercial building complexLai, HK 
2015Analyzing the correlation between MRI parameters and muscle strength of the thigh in Chinese young adultsAu, KL; Chan, CL; Cheung, WS; Lee, YS; Lo, KK; Wong, YS; Law, HKW 
2008Analyzing the dynamic characteristics of happening colourPan, CY; Gao, WD; Ng, MCF 
2010Analyzing the genre structure of chinese call-center communicationXu, X ; Wang, Y; Forey, G ; Li, L 
2009Analyzing the locational characteristics of indian dry ports with the application of the centre of gravity modelNg, KYA; Cetin, IB; Gujar, GC
2009Analyzing the quality of e- mail responses of leading hotels of the world to customer enquiriesLaw, R ; Kua, T
2009Analyzing the usability of travel web sites in Hainan, China : the perspectives of e‐buyers and e‐lookersLaw, R; Cheung, C; Hu, TAO
2006Analyzing the usage of information and communication technologies in the hotel industry in ChinaTang, C; Law, R 
2011Analyzing tourist consumption : a dynamic system-of-equations approachWu, DC; Li, G; Song, H 
2003Analyzing turbulent flows with heat transfer using representation theoryJin, LH; So, RMC; Gatski, TB
2009Analyzing two-settlement electricity market equilibrium by coevolutionary computation approachZhang, SX; Chung, CY; Wong, KP; Chen, H
2007Analyzing variety seeking behavior using panel dataTang, EPY; Chin, IOK
2008Analyzing web layout structures using graph miningLam, WWM; Chan, KCC 
2002Anaphora resolution in Chinese financial news for information extractionWang, N; Yuan, CF; Wong, KF; Li, WJ 
2004Anatase coating on NiTi via a low-temperature sol-gel route for improving corrosion resistanceCheng, FT; Shi, P; Man, HC 
2007An anatomically based adaptive prior for MAP reconstruction in emission tomographyChan, C; Fulton, R; Feng, D; Cai, W; Meikle, S
2015An anatomy of China’s eco-efficiency gains: the role of FDILu, CH; Pang, Y
2000Anatomy of electronic commerce infrastructure in two Asian dragons : Hong Kong and Singapore using a generic framework PERISCOPEKo, S; Cho, V 
2009Anatomy of handKumar, A; Mundra, T; PATHAK, AK 
2006An anatomy of IrisCode for precise phase representationKong, WKA; Zhang, DD ; Kamel, M
2011Anchor supervised distance estimation in anisotropic wireless sensor networksLiu, X; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Xiao, B 
2012Anchorage and long-term losses of a prestressed externally bonded CFRP systemHarries, KA; Wang, WW; Dai, JG 
2001Anchorage strength models for FRP and steel plates bonded to concreteChen, JF; Teng, JG 
2001Ancient Chinese timber architecture. I : experimental studyFang, DP; Iwasaki, S; Yu, MH; Shen, QP ; Miyamoto, Y; Hikosaka, H
2001Ancient Chinese timber architecture. II : dynamic characteristicsFang, DP; Iwasaki, S; Yu, MH; Shen, QP ; Miyamoto, Y; Hikosaka, H
2008ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structuresXia, Y ; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM ; Chen, HB
2009ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structures - phase i : field vibration measurementXia, Y ; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM ; Liao, WY; Chen, WH
2009ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structures- phase I : reduced-order finite element modelNi, YQ ; Xia, Y ; Chen, WH; Ko, JM ; Liao, WY