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2015Analysis on coupling relationship of urban scale and intensive use of land in ChinaHui, ECM ; Wu, YZ; Deng, LJ; Zheng, BB
2003Analysis on delaminatin-induced variations of modal parameters in multi-layer compositesWei, Z; Yam, LH; Cheng, L 
2003Analysis on extended ant routing algorithms for network routing and managementSum, J; Shen, H; Young, G; Wu, J; Leung, CS
2005An analysis on invertibility of cancelable biometrics based on biohashingCheung, KH; Kong, A; You, J ; Zhang, D 
2009Analysis on nursing educational characteristics of undergraduate in Edinburgh university and implication of Chinese nursing educationShen, CZ; Smith, GD; Pang, MC 
2009Analysis on port-city growths in ChinaCheung, SMS; Yip, TL 
2013The analysis on solid cylindrical heat source model of foundation pile ground heat exchangers with groundwater flowZhang, W; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Fang, Z
2000Analysis on sound fields under energy-density based active control of sound transmission into a weakly coupled panel-cavity systemLau, SK; Tang, SK 
1-Aug-2009Analysis on steady-state characteristics of widely tunable SG-DBR laser with residual facet reflectivity modelHe, X; Yu, Y; Huang, D; Jiang, S; Liu, W; Wang, D 
2007An analysis on technical and artistic characteristics of Chinese ancient brocadeZhou, J; Ng, MCF 
2006Analysis on the appraising & scheme selection of deep soft roadbed reinforcement : case in meihe expressway projectZhang, CJ; Shen, Q 
2012An analysis on the delay-aware data collection network structure using pareto optimalityCheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2012An analysis on the energy efficiency of air-cooled chillers with water mist systemYang, J; Chan, KT ; Wu, X; Yu, FW; Yang, X
2007Analysis on the epidemiology and community interventions of hypertensionShen, CZ; Peng, MC ; Kuang, HR ; Cheng, ZQ
2013Analysis on the heat transfer performance of single-side napped fabricZhang, SJ; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Liao, X; Liu, XQ; Li, QH
2003An analysis on the HVAC maintenance contractors selection processChau, CK ; Sing, WL; Leung, TM
2002An analysis on the saturated felting shrinkage of plain knitted wool fabricsChen, QH; Au, KF; Yuen, CWM; Yeung, KW
2010An analysis on the winning factors of contractors in bidding competition : a case study in Hong KongWang, H; Shen, Q ; Jin, Z
2008The analysis properties of materials in three-layer sportswearWang, YJ; Mok, PY ; Li, Y ; Kwok, YL
2015Analysis, control and design of a long-lifetime AC-DC bus converter within a nanogridWu, H; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Chen, Q
2012Analysis, design and control of a double-input contactless resonant converterWu, H; Chen, Q; Ren, X; Ruan, X; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK 
2008Analysis, design and control of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartChen, Q; Wong, SC ; Tse, CKM ; Ruan, X
2009Analysis, design, and control of a transcutaneous power regulator for artificial heartsChen, Q; Wong, SC ; Tse, CK ; Ruan, X
2001Analysis, synthesis and applications of integrated magneticsLee, YS; Wong, LP
2003Analysis-oriented stress-strain model for concrete confined with FRPHuang, YL; Lam, L; Teng, JG ; Ye, LP
Nov-2007Analysis-oriented stress-strain models for FRP-confined concreteJiang, T; Teng, JG 
2013Analyst forecasts, errors-in-expectations, and the value premiumHuang, Y ; Zhang, C
2010Analysts ignore advertising and their forecasts sufferKim, M ; Mcalister, LM
2011Analytic collaboration in virtual innovation projectsKo, KKB; To, CKM ; Zhang, ZM; Ngai, EWT ; Chan, TLK
Sep-2012An analytic criterion for generalized synchronization in unidirectionally coupled systems based on the auxiliary system approachWong, WKC ; Zhen, B; Xu, J; Wang, Z
2009An analytic elastic solution for a multi-layered soil on a buried thrust faultChau, KT 
2014Analytic formulation of anti-plane elastic field for an elliptical inhomogeneity with polynomial eigenstrains in anisotropic materialsNie, GH; Chan, CK ; Zhao, C; Chen, T
2008The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) approach for assessment of urban renewal proposalsLee, GKL; Chan, EHW 
2013Analytic hierarchy process approach for competitive property management attributesLo, KK; Hui, ECM ; Ching, RHF
2011Analytic hierarchy process method for utility health index developmentMok, E ; Wong, K; Zhai, GN
2006An analytic knowledge network process for construction entrepreneurship educationChen, Z; Li, H ; Kong, SCW; Xu, Q
2013Analytic methods in geomechanicsChau, KT 
2005Analytic network process applied to project selectionCheng, EWL; Li, H 
1-Aug-1999Analytic reconstruction of Compton scattering tomographyWang, J; Chi, ZG ; Wang, Y
1999Analytic solution for axial point load strength test on solid circular cylindersWei, XX; Chau, KT ; Wong, RHC
2002Analytic solution for finite transversely isotropic circular cylinders under the axial point load testWei, XX; Chau, KT 
1998Analytic solutions for diametral point load strength testsChau, KT 
1-Apr-2012Analytical analysis and implementation of a low-speed high-torque permanent magnet vernier in-wheel motor for electric vehicleLi, J; Wang, J; Zhao, Z; Yan, W
2005Analytical analysis of shunt active power filters based on voltage detectionYuan, ZH; Du, YP 
2009Analytical and experimental bearing capacities of system scaffoldsPeng, JL; Yen, T; Kuo, CC; Chan, SL 
2006Analytical and experimental investigation of drag on nets of fish cagesZhan, JM; Jia, XP; Li, YS ; Sun, MG; Guo, GX; Hu, YZ
2002Analytical and experimental investigation on the hydrodynamic performance of onshore wave-power devicesWang, DJ; Katory, M; Li, YS 
2014Analytical and experimental study on multiple fire sources in a kitchenGao, Y; Liu, QK; Chow, WK ; Wu, M
1997An analytical approach for nonlinear response of elastic cable under complex loadsLu, LY; Chan, SL ; Lu, ZH
2005Analytical approach of V-BLAST performance with two transmit antennasXu, RT; Lau, FCM 
2009Analytical approach to augmenting site photos with 3D as-built bored pile modelsLu, M; Dai, F
2014Analytical approach to estimating aerosol extinction and visibility from satellite observationsLee, KH; Wong, MS ; Kim, K; Park, SS
2012An analytical approach to modeling and evaluation of optical chip-scale network using stochastic network calculusFeng, Q; Cao, J ; Qian, Y; Dou, W
2014Analytical approximation schemes for mean nucleation rate in turbulent flowsZhou, K; Chan, TL 
2012Analytical assessment and comparison of facilities management services for residential estatesLai, JHK 
2001Analytical BERs of coherent CSK and noncoherent DCSK systems with multiple usersTam, WM; Lau, FCM ; Tse, CK ; Hau, SF 
Jul-2011Analytical blowup solutions to the 2-dimensional isothermal Euler-Poisson equations of gaseous stars IIYuen, M
2008Analytical comparison of different parts of Radix Angelicae Sinensis by gas chromatography coupled with mass spectrometryWei, SY; Xu, CJ; Mok, DKW ; Cao, H; Lau, TY; Chau, FT
2004Analytical design of 160 Gb/s dispersion-managed soliton systems compensated by chirped fiber gratingsKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2004Analytical design of 160 Gbits/s densely dispersion-managed optical fiber transmission systems using gaussian and raised cosine RZ ansatzeLabruyere, A; Dinda, PT; Moubissi, AB; Nakkeeran, K; Kwan, YHC; Wai, PKA 
1-Nov-2004Analytical design of densely dispersion-managed optical fiber transmission systems with Gaussian and raised cosine return-to-zero AnsätzeNakkeeran, K; Kwan, YH; Wai, PKA ; Labruyère, A; Dinda, PT; Moubissi, AB
2003Analytical design of dispersion-managed fiber system with map strength 1.65Nakkeeran, K; Moubissi, AB; Dinda, PT
2002Analytical design of dispersion-managed fiber systems with s=1.6Nakkeeran, K; Moubissi, AB; Dinda, PT
2011Analytical design study of a novel witricity charger with lateral and angular misalignments for efficient wireless energy transmissionWang, J; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN ; Sun, M
2003An analytical evaluation of interfacial bonding properties of single/multi-walled nanotube/polymer compositesLau, KT ; Zhou, LM ; Ling, HY; Mircea, C
2002Analytical expressions for transient melting of polymer pellet sliding against adiabatic wallYung, KL ; Xu, Y; Lau, KH
2009An analytical framework for managing container terminalsLun, YHV ; Cariou, P
Apr-2013An analytical framework for multicell cooperation via stochastic geometry and large deviationsHuang, K; Andrews, JG
2005An analytical framework for the operations of liner shipping networksLun, V 
2000An analytical framework of the boundaries of privatisation : the privatisation cubeHung , H 
2001An analytical hierarchy process based procurement selection methodCheung, SO; Lam, TI ; Leung, MY; Wan, YW
2002Analytical investigation and the design of the compressive strength of steel gusset plate connectionsSheng, N; Yam, CH ; Iu, VP
28-Apr-2008Analytical method for band structure calculation of photonic crystal fibers filled with liquid crystalHu, JJ; Ren, G; Shum, P; Yu, X; Wang, G; Lu, C 
2012An analytical method for calculating critical voltage sag clearance time of induction motorsWang, Z; Wang, X; Chung, CY
2001Analytical method for designing dispersion-managed fiber systemsNakkeeran, K; Moubissi, AB; Dinda, PT; Wabnitz, S
2003Analytical method for designing grating compensated dispersion-managed soliton systemsKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2003Analytical method for designing grating compensated dispersion-managed soliton systemsKwan, YHC; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
1-Apr-2004Analytical method for designing grating-compensated dispersion-managed soliton systemsKwan, YH; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA 
2011An analytical method to evaluate facility management services for residential buildingsLai, JHK ; Yik, FWH
2012Analytical model for bar-end cover separation failure in RC beams strengthened with near-surface mounted FRPZhang, SS; Teng, JG ; Chen, JF