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2015An anatomy of China’s eco-efficiency gains: the role of FDILu, CH; Pang, Y
2000Anatomy of electronic commerce infrastructure in two Asian dragons : Hong Kong and Singapore using a generic framework PERISCOPEKo, S; Cho, V 
2009Anatomy of handKumar, A; Mundra, T; PATHAK, AK 
2006An anatomy of IrisCode for precise phase representationKong, WKA; Zhang, DD ; Kamel, M
2011Anchor supervised distance estimation in anisotropic wireless sensor networksLiu, X; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Cao, J ; Xiao, B 
2012Anchorage and long-term losses of a prestressed externally bonded CFRP systemHarries, KA; Wang, WW; Dai, JG 
2001Anchorage strength models for FRP and steel plates bonded to concreteChen, JF; Teng, JG 
2001Ancient Chinese timber architecture. I : experimental studyFang, DP; Iwasaki, S; Yu, MH; Shen, QP ; Miyamoto, Y; Hikosaka, H
2001Ancient Chinese timber architecture. II : dynamic characteristicsFang, DP; Iwasaki, S; Yu, MH; Shen, QP ; Miyamoto, Y; Hikosaka, H
2008ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structuresXia, Y ; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM ; Chen, HB
2009ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structures - phase i : field vibration measurementXia, Y ; Ni, YQ ; Ko, JM ; Liao, WY; Chen, WH
2009ANCRiSST benchmark problem on structural health monitoring of high-rise slender structures- phase I : reduced-order finite element modelNi, YQ ; Xia, Y ; Chen, WH; Ko, JM ; Liao, WY
2001and then some hot one : manifestations of imprecision and non-specificity in conversationsCheng, W ; Warren, M 
2012Anecdote-based elicitation method for knowledge auditYip, J; Lee, WB ; Tsui, EY 
2015Anelastic analyses on the relaxation of anti-ferroelectric states in 0.94Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-0.06BaTiO3 solid solutions under electric fieldsLiu, Y ; Zheng, G 
2008Animating basic operations for digital map generalization with morphing techniquesLi, ZL ; Wong, ML
2012Animating business English : attitudes and outcomesDecoursey, C
2011Animating business English : attitudes and outcomesDecoursey, C
2012Animating learning : transformative e-learning for adult learnersDecoursey, C
2013Animation, embodiment, and digital media : human experience of technological livelinessChow, KKN 
2007An animation, i am fine (I-city)Chung, WK
2005Anisometropia is independently associated with both spherical and cylindrical ametropiaQin, XJ; Margrain, TH; To, CH ; Bromham, N; Guggenheim, JA
2004Anisotropic damage model for an inclined crack in thick plate and sensitivity study for its detectionWu, D; Law, SS
1995Anisotropic damage of the 2024T3 aluminum alloyTang, CY ; Lee, WB 
2005An anisotropic damage-based plastic yield criterion and its application to analysis of metal forming processShen, W; Peng, LH; Tang, CY 
2003An anisotropic elastic visco-plastic model for the time-dependent stress-strain behavior of Ko-consolidated marine soilYin, JH ; Zhou, C; Zhu, JG
2010Anisotropic elliptical inhomogeneity with perfect and imperfect interfacesNie, GH; Chan, CK 
2010Anisotropic properties and crystal structure of ferroelectric Na 0.5Bi4.5Ti4O15Li, Z; Chan, HLW ; Li, Y; Kwok, KW ; Choy, SH
2009Anisotropic-strain-induced monoclinic distortion and robust charge-ordering in ultrathin Pr0.5Sr0.5MnO3 filmsYin, Z; Huang, Z; Gao, G; Wu, W; Wang, G; Wang, Y 
2002Anisotropy of surface roughness in diamond turning of brittle single crystalsCheung, CF ; To, S ; Lee, WB 
15-Apr-2010Anisotropy of the electrical transport properties in a Ni₂MnGa single crystal : experiment and theoryZeng, M; Cai, MQ; Or, DSW ; Chan, HLW 
2012Anisotropy of weak ferromagnetism of HfAlOx film deposited by magnetron sputteringZhou, GD; Zhang, SY; Tu, YT; Li, J; Chen, P; Dai, JY ; Qiu, XY
2013Ankle dorsiflexion, not plantarflexion strength, predicts the functional mobility of people with spastic hemiplegiaNg, SMS ; Hui-Chan, CWY
2009Ankle joint mobility and plantar pressure distribution on patients with diabetic neuropathyShum, AWH; Leung, KL 
2005Ankle joint proprioception and postural control in basketball players with bilateral ankle sprainsFu, AS ; Hui-Chan, CW
2011Ankle positioning and knee perturbation affect temporal recruitment of the vasti muscles in people with patellofemoral painNg, ECT ; Chui, MPY; Siu, AYK; Yam, VWN; Ng, GYF 
2000ANN controlled battery energy storage system for enhancing power system stabilityTsang, MW; Sutanto, D
1999ANN-based mark-up estimation system with self-explanatory capacitiesLi, H ; Shen, LY; Love, PED
2013Annals : 40-40 visionXiao, H ; Jafari, J; Cloke, P; Tribe, J
2001Annals of operations research (Volume 103)Qi, L ; Sun, W; Zhang, L
2005Annals of Operations Research : PrefaceTeo, KL; Cheng, TCE ; Cai, X; Yang, X
29-Aug-2005Annealing effects on the loss and birefringence of silicon oxynitride rectangular optical waveguidesZhang, A; Chan, KT; Demokan, S; Chan, VWC; Chan, PCH ; Chan, AHP
2014Annotate and identify modalities, speech acts and finer-grained event types in Chinese textXu, H; Huang, CR 
2004The annotated ordinances of Hong Kong. Business Registration Ordinance (Cap 310)Stott, V
2001The annotated ordinances of Hong Kong. Partnership Ordinance (Cap 38)Stott, V
2007Annotating Chinese collocations with multi informationXu, R; Lu, Q ; Wong, KF; Li, W 
2014Annotating event in an emotion corpusLee, SYM ; Li, S; Huang, CR 
2014Annotation and classification of light verbs and light verb variations in Mandarin ChineseLin, J; Xu, H; Jiang, M; Huang, CR 
2005An annual report of the construction industry of China Hong KongAnson, M; Darshi, S; Mak, SWK; Chiang, YH 
2009An annual report of the construction industry of China Hong KongAnson, M; Cheng, EWL; Chiang, YH ; Hui, ECM ; Lam, PTI ; Mak, SWK
2010An annual report of the construction industry of China Hong KongAnson, M; Cheng, EWL; Chiang, YH ; Mak, SWK
2002An annual report of the construction industry of China Hong Kong 2001-2002Anson, M; Chan, EHW ; Chiang, YH ; Choy, HT ; Hui, CM ; Sharma, S
2007An annual report of the construction industry of China Hong Kong 2006-2007Anson, M; Chiang, YH ; Choy, LHT ; Hui, ECM ; Mak, SWK
2007An annual report of the construction inudstry of China Hong KongAnson, M; Chiang, YH ; Choy, LHT ; Hui, ECM ; Mak, SWK
2004Annual report on health profile of clients attending integrative health consultationChung, WY; Chan, MF; Chung, MY; Ko, KK; Wong, TKS; Yang, CS
2006Annual report on Integrative Community Health Centre 2005Chung, JWC; Chung, LMY; Ting, SSM; Law, QPS; Wong, TKS
2002The annual toxicological profiles of two common puffer fish, Takifugu niphobles (Jordan and Snyder) and Takifugu alboplumbeus (Richardson), collected along Hong Kong coastal watersYu, CF; Yu, PHF
2015Anomalies in broadcast ionospheric coefficients recorded by GPS receivers over the past two solar cycles (1992–2013)Liu, Z ; Yang, Z
Jul-2009Anomalous Hall effect in quarternary Heusler-type Ni₅₀Mn₁₇Fe₈Ga₂₅ melt-spun ribbonsZhu, Z; Or, DSW ; Wu, G
14-Nov-2011Anomalous second ferromagnetic phase transition as a signature of spinodal decomposition in Fe-doped GeTe diluted magnetic semiconductorTong, F; Hao, JH ; Chen, ZP; Gao, G; Tong, H; Miao, XS
1-Jun-1986Anomalous transport in lattice and continuum percolating systemsYu, KW
15-May-1989Anomalous transport in random superconducting composite systemsYu, KW
Jun-1998Anomaly in numerical integrations of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equationLam, CH ; Shi, FG
2010Anonymous games : Chinese youth and risky online behaviourHerold, DK 
2010Anonymous query processing in road networksMouratidis, K; Yiu, ML 
2006Another look at the longitudinal orthokeratology research in children (LORIC) in Hong Kong, SAR, after 3 years. ophthal physiol opticsCho, P ; Cheung, SW
2014ANP experiment for demolition plan evaluationChen, Z; Abdullah, AB; Anumba, CJ; Li, H 
2013ANP model for sustainable Building Energy Efficiency Retrofit (BEER) using Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for hotel buildings in ChinaXu, P; Chan, EHW 
2012Answering why-not questions on top-k queriesHe, Z; Lo, E 
2012An ant colony optimization approach for maximizing the lifetime of heterogeneous wireless sensor networksLin, Y; Zhang, J; Chung, HSH; Ip, WH ; Li, Y; Shi, YH
2013Ant colony optimization-based multi-mode scheduling under renewable and nonrenewable resource constraintsLi, H ; Zhang, H
2005Ant search based control optimisation strategy for a class of chaotic systemWang, D; Ip, WH 
2009Antagonistic effect of Chinese medicinal herbs with gentamicinHui, J; Boost, MV; O'Donoghue, M 
2011The antagonistic interaction of cones in human eye - a pilot studyLung, JCY; Chan, HHL 
2003Antarctic tourism : a unique educational experienceBauer, T
2002Antecedent validity adaptation principle for fuzzy systems tuningChan, PT; Rad, AB
2001Antecedent validity adaptation principle for table look-up schemeChan, PT; Rad, AB
2009The antecedents and consequence of implementing responsible gaming practiceChen, MSL; Tsai, H ; Bellino, N
2014Antecedents and consequences of destructive leadership : a resource depletion perspectiveLam, CK; Walter, F; Huang, X 
2006Antecedents and consequences of electronic product code adoption and its implications for supply chain management: A framework and propositions for future researchLai, KH ; Wong, CWY; Cheng, TCE ; Yeung, ACL