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2016Analysis of the effectiveness of instructional strategies for construction management studentsLam, EWM; Chan, APC ; Chan, DWM ; Oladinrin, OT
2005An analysis of the environmental reporting structures of selected European airlinesChan, WW ; Mak, BL 
2011An analysis of the extended Christofides heuristic for the k-depot TSPXu, Z ; Xu, L; Rodrigues, B
2004An analysis of the felting shrinkage of plain knitted wool fabricsChen, QH; Au, KF; Yuen, CWM; Yeung, KW
2005Analysis of the frequency response of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, KY; Tam, WY 
2005Analysis of the frequency response of SAW filters using finite-difference time-domain methodWong, KY; Tam, WY 
2004An analysis of the gap in the perceptions of hotel marketing managers and business travelers regarding information technology facilities in hotel guestrooms in Hong KongChan, E 
2000An analysis of the growth of indigenous hotel chains in ChinaZhang, H ; Pine, R; Qi, PS
2013An analysis of the highly cited conference publications in eTourismLeung, R; Leung, D; Wang, L; Guo, S; Law, R 
2000Analysis of the home buyer's preferences in an unbalanced demand - supply housing market in ChongqingWong, KW ; Hui, CM ; Yeung, CW 
2006Analysis of the implementation of celebrity endorsement as a destination marketing instrumentVan Der Veen, R
2015Analysis of the interaction between cascade sub-chambers using the acoustic scattering matrix methodTong, Y; Yu, X; Pan, J; Graf, T
2001Analysis of the interfacial stresses of the strengthened rc beams externally bonded with cfrp sheet or steel plateZhang, JW; Lu, ZT; Teng, JG ; Smith, ST
2010An analysis of the lowest fares and shortest durations for air-tickets on travel agency websitesLaw, R ; Denizci Guillet, B ; Leung, R
2009Analysis of the mechanisms underlying the endothelium-dependent antivasoconstriction of puerarin in rat aortaYan, LP; Zhuang, YL; Chan, SW; Chen, SL; Shi, GG
2009An analysis of the most influential articles published in tourism journals from 2000 to 2007 : a google scholar approachLaw, R ; Ye, Q; Chen, W; Leung, R
2004Analysis of the nucleoside content of Cordyceps sinensis using the stepwise gradient elution technique of thin-layer chromatographyMa, KW; Chau, FT; Wu, JY 
2002Analysis of the nucleoside content of Cordyceps sinensis using the stepwise gradient elution technique of Thin-layer chromatographyMa, KW; Chau, FT; Chan, BTZ
2003Analysis of the numerical dispersion of the 2-D ADI-FDTD method with higher order schemeSun, MK; Tam, WY 
2016Analysis of the perceived value of online tourism reviews : influence of readability and reviewer characteristicsFang, B; Ye, Q; Kucukusta, D ; Law, R 
2000Analysis of the plane-strain bending of an orthotropic sheet in the elastic/plastic rangeChakrabarty, J; Lee, WB ; Chan, KC 
2004Analysis of the PSS parameter optimization by the non-linear programming approachZhang, JF; Wang, KW; Tse, CT; Chung, CY 
2005Analysis of the relationship between corneal changes and lens parameters on the refractive changes by overnight orthokeratologyChan, LK; Cho, P ; Mountford, J
2005An analysis of the relationship between market orientation and business performance in the Hotel IndustrySin, L; Tse, A; Heung, VCS; Yim, F
2001An analysis of the relative competitiveness of restaurants' services using service quality indicesHeung, V
2010Analysis of the relaxation modulus of spun yarnsLiu, H; Tao, XM ; Choi, KF; Xu, BG 
2002Analysis of the resonance modes of PZT/epoxy 1-3 composite ringsChong, CP; Chan, HLW ; Chan, MH; Liu, PCK
1998Analysis of the seasonal behavior of tropospheric ozone at Hong KongChan, LY; Liu, HY; Lam, KS ; Wang, T ; Oltmans, SJ; Harris, JM
2014Analysis of the size effect on springback behavior in micro-scaled U-bending process of sheet metalsWang, J; Fu, M ; Ran, J
2006Analysis of the structural characteristics of nanoscale silk particlesLi, Y ; Yuen, CWM; Hu, JY; Cheng, YF
2012Analysis of the topological characteristics of a protein-protein interaction networkSun, Y; Zhao, Y; Tse, CK ; Lau, FCM 
2004Analysis of the traffic growth between Hong Kong and major cities in the Pearl River Delta regionLam, WHK ; Tam, ML; Li, YH; Lau, YW; Tang, BS
Nov-2013An analysis of the use of rhetorical questions in the 2012 Legislative Council election debates in Hong KongWong, SMC; Yap, FH 
2011Analysis of the viability of an urban renewal project under a risk-based option pricing frameworkHui, ECM ; Ng, IMH; Lo, KK
2000Analysis of the water soluble constituents of cordyceps sinensis with heuristic evolving latent projectionsLeung, AKM; Gong, F; Liang, YZ; Chau, FT
2002Analysis of three-dimensional eddy current field and thermal problem in an isolated phase busLi, Y; Xu, JY; Lin, X; Ho, SL 
2010An analysis of three-level orthogonal saturated designsChen, Y; Chan, CK ; Leung, BPK 
2007Analysis of time- and space-domain sampling for probe vehicle-based traffic information systemHong, J; Zhang, X; Chen, J; Wei, Z; Cao, J ; Ren, Y
2003Analysis of topological relationships between two setsLiu, K; Shi, WZ 
2016An analysis of tourism development in China from urbanization perspectiveLuo, JM; Qiu, H ; Goh, C; Wang, D 
2010An analysis of tourism journals' citation qualityLaw, R ; Ye, Q; Murphy, J
2008Analysis of tourist expenditure using dynamic aIDS modelWu, C; Song, H ; Li, G
2002Analysis of trace elements in scalp hair of mentally retarded childrenMan, CK; Zheng, YH
2001Analysis of training and education needs of Mainland Chinese tourism academic in the 21st centuryZhang, H ; Lam, T
2001Analysis of training and education needs of mainland Chinese tourism academics in the twenty-first centuryZhang Qiu, H ; Lam, T; Bauer, T
1996Analysis of ultrasonic-aided laser drilling using finite element methodYue, TM ; Chan, TW; Man, HC ; Lau, WS
1999Analysis of unwanted fire alarm : case studyChow, WK ; Fong, NK ; Ho, CC
2010Analysis of up-conversion nanoparticles for biological imagingHao, JH ; Wang, ZL; Wong, HT; Chan, HLW 
2014Analysis of urban freeway traffic flow characteristics based on frequent pattern treeLin, L; Yuan, K; Ren, S
2012An analysis of user behavior in a private BitTorrent communityCai, QC; Lo, KT 
2005Analysis of variations of GPS multipath sidereal day-to-day repeatability based on CVVF methodZhong, P; Ding, XL ; Dai, WJ; Zheng, DW; Chen, W ; Chen, YQ
2007Analysis of vibration power flow from a vibrating machinery to a floating elastic panelXie, S; Or, SW ; Chan, HLW ; Choy, PK; Liu, PCK
2003Analysis of volatile fractions of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill. Using GC-MS and chemometric resolutionLi, XN; Cui, H; Song, YQ; Liang, YZ; Chau, FT
2004Analysis of volatile oil from Lygodium japonicum by GC-MSNi, SF; Pan, YJ; Wu, P; Chan, YSG ; Fu, CX; Xu, H
2004Analysis of wedge stability using different methodsWang, YJ; Yin, JH ; Chen, Z; Lee, CF
2014An analysis of wind energy potential for micro wind turbine in Hong KongLi, DHW; Cheung, KL; Chan, WWH ; Cheng, CCK; Wong, TCH
2011Analysis of wireless energy transfer system based on 3-D finite element method including displacement currentZhang, X; Zhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012Analysis of wireless energy transmission for implantable device based on coupled magnetic resonanceYin, N; Xu, G; Yang, Q; Zhao, J; Yang, X; Jin, J; Fu, W ; Sun, M
2011Analysis of wireless energy transmission for implantable device based on coupled magnetic resonanceXu, G; Yin, N; Fu, WN ; Yang, X; Zhang, S
2012Analysis of wireless power transfer system based on 3-D finite element method including displacement currentZhang, X; Zhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2012Analysis of wireless power transfer system based on 3-D finite-element method including displacement currentZhang, X; Zhao, Y; Ho, SL ; Fu, WN 
2014Analysis of worst-case backlog bounds for Networks-on-ChipWang, J; Qian, Y; Wang, Y; Shao, Z ; Dou, W; Dou, Q
2003Analysis on a mobile agent-based algorithm for network routing and managementSum, J; Shen, H; Leung, CS; Young, G
2007An analysis on abnormally low ozone in the upper troposphere over subtropical East Asia in spring 2004Chan, CY; Li, YS ; Tang, JH; Leung, YK; Wu, MC; Chan, LY; Chang, CC; Liu, SC
2005An analysis on accuracy of cancelable biometrics based on BioHashingCheung, KH; Kong, A; Zhang, D ; Kamel, M; You, J ; Lam, HW
2015Analysis on coupling relationship of urban scale and intensive use of land in ChinaHui, ECM ; Wu, YZ; Deng, LJ; Zheng, BB
2003Analysis on delaminatin-induced variations of modal parameters in multi-layer compositesWei, Z; Yam, LH; Cheng, L 
2003Analysis on extended ant routing algorithms for network routing and managementSum, J; Shen, H; Young, G; Wu, J; Leung, CS
2005An analysis on invertibility of cancelable biometrics based on biohashingCheung, KH; Kong, A; You, J ; Zhang, D 
2009Analysis on nursing educational characteristics of undergraduate in Edinburgh university and implication of Chinese nursing educationShen, CZ; Smith, GD; Pang, MC 
2009Analysis on port-city growths in ChinaCheung, SMS; Yip, TL 
2013The analysis on solid cylindrical heat source model of foundation pile ground heat exchangers with groundwater flowZhang, W; Yang, H ; Lu, L ; Fang, Z
2000Analysis on sound fields under energy-density based active control of sound transmission into a weakly coupled panel-cavity systemLau, SK; Tang, SK 
1-Aug-2009Analysis on steady-state characteristics of widely tunable SG-DBR laser with residual facet reflectivity modelHe, X; Yu, Y; Huang, D; Jiang, S; Liu, W; Wang, D 
2007An analysis on technical and artistic characteristics of Chinese ancient brocadeZhou, J; Ng, MCF 
2006Analysis on the appraising & scheme selection of deep soft roadbed reinforcement : case in meihe expressway projectZhang, CJ; Shen, Q 
2012An analysis on the delay-aware data collection network structure using pareto optimalityCheng, CT ; Tse, CK 
2012An analysis on the energy efficiency of air-cooled chillers with water mist systemYang, J; Chan, KT ; Wu, X; Yu, FW; Yang, X
2007Analysis on the epidemiology and community interventions of hypertensionShen, CZ; Peng, MC ; Kuang, HR ; Cheng, ZQ
2013Analysis on the heat transfer performance of single-side napped fabricZhang, SJ; Li, Y ; Hu, JY; Liao, X; Liu, XQ; Li, QH