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201410-Gb/s All-Optical VPN in WDM-PON using Injection-Locked Fabry-Perot laser diodesLuo, YZ; Li, F; Liu, J; Gan, LQ; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
2013A 10-Gb/s reconfigurable all-optical VPN in WDM-PONs based on mutual injection locking in Fabry-Pérot laser diodesLuo, Y; Liu, J; Li, F; Gan, L; Lu, C ; Wai, PKA 
200710-Gb/s wavelength transparent optically controlled buffer using photonic-crystal-fiber-based nonlinear optical loop mirrorLee, CC; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY ; Xu, L; Wu, C
2006The 100-km ultradistance race in Hong Kong : physical fitness profile and team performance outcomesYeung, SS ; Yeung, EW 
21-Jan-20081000 nm tunable acousto-optic filter based on photonic crystal fiberHong, KS; Park, HC; Kim, BY; Hwang, IK; Jin, W ; Ju, J; Yeom, DI
2008100Gb/s transmission system implementation and optimizationLu, C ; Li, ZH; Yang, YF; Cheng, LH; Chung, WH; Xu, XG; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA ; Xiong, QJ
2009100Gbit/s RZ-DQPSK signal monitoring using delay tap sampling and asymmetry ratio evaluationLi, Z; Zhao, J; Cheng, L; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2010114-Gbit/s 2SC-NRZ-D8PSK for 50-GHz WDM grid without polarization multiplexingCheng, L; Li, Z; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Liu, L; Zeng, L; Xiong, Q; Lau, APT ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2013The 11th Asia-Pacific CHRIE Conference 2013 : " Facing the challenges, grasping the opportunities - winning in the hospitality industry in uncertain times"Leung, D; Law, R 
2008A 12 year old girl suffered from eales disease monocularly : a case reportLaw, V
2008120 nm Bandwidth noise-like pulse generation in an erbium-doped fiber laserZhao, LM; Tang, DY; Cheng, TH; Tam, HY ; Lu, C 
2015The 13th Asia-Pacific council on hotel, restaurant and institutional education: 10–13 June, 2015, Auckland, New ZealandLi, M 
2013A 14-year measurement of toxic elements in atmospheric particulates in Hong Kong from 1995 to 2008Nie, W; Wang, T ; Ding, A; Zhou, X; Wang, W
2015140-Gb/s 20-km transmission of PAM-4 Signal at 1.3 μm for short reach communicationsZhong, K; Zhou, X; Gao, Y; Chen, W; Man, J; Zeng, L; Lau, APT ; Lu, C 
20091500-km SSMF transmission of mixed 40-Gb/s CS-RZ duobinary and 100-Gb/s CS-RZ DQPSK signalsLi, Z; Cheng, L; Yang, Y; Lu, C ; Lau, APT ; Tam, H ; Wai, PKA ; Wang, C; Xu, X; Deng, J; Xiong, Q
2006A 19-week exercise program for people with chronic stroke enhances bone geometry at the tibia : a peripheral quantitative computed tomography studyPang, MYC ; Ashe, MC; Eng, JJ; McKay, HA; Dawson, AS
2002(1R,2S)-3-Methyl-2-(p-methylphenylsulfonyl-amino)-1-phenylbutan-1-olLi, XS; Jia, X; Zhou, ZY
20041xN all-optical packet switch at 10 Gb/sWai, PKA ; Chan, LY; Lui, LFK; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
20051×4 all-optical packet switch with all-optical header processingLui, LFK; Xu, L; Wai, PKA ; Chan, LY; Lee, CC; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
20041×N All-optical packet switch- At 10 Gb/sWai, PKA ; Chan, LY; Lui, LFK; Tam, HY ; Demokan, MS
20082,3-Bis(2-chlorobenzyl)naphthalene-1,4-dioneHuang, S; Huang, ZS; Gu, LQ; Zhou, Z; Ng, SW
20072,4-Dichlorophenol degradation by an integrated process : photoelectrocatalytic oxidation and E-Fenton oxidationZhao, BX; Li, XZ; Wang, P
2013A 2-d ionospheric model for low latitude area-Hong KongKao, SP; Tu, YM; Ji, S; Chen, W ; Wang, Z; Weng, D; Ding, X ; Hu, T
2013A 2-dimensional ACO-based path planner for off-line robot path planningGanganath, N; Cheng, CT 
2010A 2-dimensional finite-element method for transient magnetic field computation taking into account parasitic capacitive effectsFu, WN ; Ho, SL 
20122-DOF planar motion control system using model reference adaptive control (MRAC) algorithmLuk, AMY; Fung, EHK; Gan, WC
20062-Hexylidene-3-methylsuccinic acidLiu, XH; Xu, F; Lin, YC; Chan, WL; Zhou, ZY
2013A 2.0 Gb/s throughput decoder for QC-LDPC convolutional codesSham, CW; Chen, X; Lau, FCM ; Zhao, Y; Tam, WM
Mar-20132.5D large eddy simulation of vertical axis wind turbine in consideration of high angle of attack flowLi, C; Zhu, S ; Xu, YL ; Xiao, Y
201220 W high-power picosecond single-walled carbon nanotube based MOPA laser systemZhang, L; Wang, YG; Yu, HJ; Sun, W; Yang, YY; Han, ZH; Qu, Y; Hou, W; Li, JM; Lin, XC; Tsang, Y 
20062006 ISEA symposium, parkside hall : keynotes, papers and summits : ZeroOne San Jose : a global festival of art on the edge and the thirteenth international symposium of electronic art 2006Hung, KD
20052008 Beijing’s green Olympics : difficulties and challenges in managing construction wasteHao, JL; Zhang, L
2009A 200kW wind turbine power chainChang, T; Cheng, KWE ; Lin, J
20142013年中国建筑工人劳动合同的状况Pan, Y ; Wu, Q; Wen, Q
2015《2046》愛情和重複的永刧輪迴Cheung, W
2013The 20th International Conference on Information Technology and Travel and Tourism : " eTourism : opportunities and challenges for the next 20 years" Leung, D; Law, R 
2013The 22nd International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors, OFS-22Liao, Y; Jin, W ; Jones, J; Tatam, R
18-Apr-200923 Things : how librarians learned to love Web 2.0 through a unique staff development programWhitehead, D
2014256 Gb/s PM-16-QAM Quasi-single-mode transmission over 2600 km using few-mode fiber with multi-path interference compensationSui, Q; Zhang, HY; Downie, JD; Wood, WA; Hurley, J; Mishra, S; Lau, APT; Lu, C ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
2014256 Gb/s PM-16-QAM quasi-single-mode transmission over 2600 km using few-mode fiber with multi-path interference compensationSui, Q; Zhang, H; Downie, J; Wood, W; Hurley, J; Mishra, S; Lau, APT ; Lu, C ; Tam, HY ; Wai, PKA 
201227-Level DC-AC inverter with single energy sourceTsang, KM ; Chan, WL 
20132D and 3D anatomical analyses of hand dimensions for custom-made glovesYu, A; Yick, KL ; Ng, SP; Yip, J 
20052D and 3D computation for two phase flow by large eddy simulation and a lagrangian modelYu, KF; Lau, KS; Chan, CK ; Zhang, HQ
20072D and 3D electrically switchable hexagonal photonic crystal in the ultraviolet rangeSun, X; Tao, X ; Ye, T; Xue, P; Szeto, YS 
20102D CFD modeling of ammonia fueled solid oxide fuel cells with proton conducting electrolyteNi, M 
20152D facial landmark model design by combining key points and inserted pointsChen, F; Xu, Y; Zhang, D ; Chen, K
Jan-20132D heat and mass transfer modeling of methane steam reforming for hydrogen production in a compact reformerNi, M 
20122D representation of facial surfaces for multi-pose 3D face recognitionZhang, YN; Guo, Z; Xia, Y; Lin, ZG; Feng, DD
20152D segment model for a bi-layer electrolyte solid oxide fuel cellShen, S; Nib, M 
20152D segment model for a solid oxide fuel cell with a mixed ionic and electronic conductor as electrolyteShen, S; Ni, M 
20152D segment model for a solid oxide fuel cell with a mixed ionic and electronic conductor as electrolyteShen, S; Ni, M 
Apr-20122D thermal modeling of a solid oxide electrolyzer cell (SOEC) for syngas production by H₂O/ CO₂ co-electrolysisNi, M 
20102D thermal-fluid modeling and parametric analysis of a planar solid oxide fuel cellNi, M 
2001A 2D tolerance chart for machining angular featuresXue, JB; Ji, P 
20002D-mapping of a traditional Chinese medicine : ganoderma lucidum (lingzhi)Lo, SCL ; Cheung, KS; Kwok, F
20092D/3D co-seismic surface deformation monitoring with the method of DInSAR and amplitude images matchingHu, J; Li, ZW; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ
20082x2 deflection routing node for optical packet-switched networksLee, CC; Lui, LFK; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
20082×2 deflection routing node for optical packet-switched networksLee, CC; Lui, LFK; Wai, PKA ; Tam, HY 
20072維線元不確定性ε[sub σ]模型誤差帶幾何特征的代數研究Zhu, CQ; Zhang, GQ; Shi, W 
20133 W high-power laser passively mode-locked by graphene oxide saturable absorberFeng, C; Wang, Y; Liu, J; Tsang, YH ; Song, Y; Yu, Z
20113-D breast anthropometry of plus-sized women in South AfricaPandarum, R; Yu, W ; Hunter, L
20043-D elastic viscoplastic modeling analysis of a diatomaceous soft rockLiao, HJ; Su, LJ; Yin, JH 
Dec-20053-D measurement of body tissues based on ultrasound images with 3-D spatial informationHuang, QH; Zheng, YP ; Li, R; Lu, MH
2014A 3-D model for irregular wave propagation over partly vegetated watersZhan, JM; Yu, LH; Li, CW ; Li, YS ; Zhou, Q; Han, Y
20143-D movement mapping of the alpine glacier in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau by integrating D-InSAR, MAI and Offset-Tracking : case study of the Dongkemadi GlacierHu, J; Li, ZW; Li, J; Zhang, L ; Ding, XL ; Zhu, JJ; Sun, Q
20113-D palmprint recognition with joint line and orientation featuresLi, W; Zhang, D ; Zhang, L ; Lu, G; Yan, J
2015A 3-D quasi-zero-stiffness-based sensor system for absolute motion measurement and application in active vibration controlSun, X; Jing, X ; Cheng, L ; Xu, J
2013A 3-d self-organized leader propagation model and its engineering approximation for lightning protection analysisXu, Y; Chen, M 
Apr-2006A 3-D study of eddy current field and temperature rises in a compact bus duct systemHo, SL ; Li, Y; Lin, X; Wong, HCC; Cheng, KWE 
2004A 3-D wave-current driven coastal sediment transport modelWai, OWH ; Chen, Y; Li, YS 
2005A 3-dimensional finite element model of the human foot and ankle for insole designCheung, JTM; Zhang, M 
2001A 3-dimensional hybrid search algorithm for fast block matching in video codingLai, KC; Wong, SC 
2003The 3-thiapentane-1,5-dithiolato-hexamethylbenzene ruthenium(II) complex as a metalloligand to Group 14 elementsShin, RYC; Vittal, JJ; Zhou, ZY; Koh, LL; Goh, LY
30-Nov-2003[3/2]-approximation for two-machine no-wait flowshop scheduling with availability constraintsCheng, TCE ; Liu, Z
201235 MHz PMN-PT single crystal annular array ultrasonic transducerChen, J; Lam, KH; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
200835 Mhz UBM ultrasound imaging of excised ovine lumbar spinal nerve rootsRaphael, DT; Sun, L ; Wu, DMS; Zhang, Y; Berger, J
2000355 nm Nd:YAG laser ablation of polyimide and its thermal effectYung, WKC ; Liu, JS; Man, HC ; Yue, TM 
201235MHz PMN-PT single crystal annular array ultrasonic transducerChen, J; Dai, JY ; Zhang, C; Zhang, ZT; Feng, GP
20033a-2b tonal alternations : an on-going sound change in Hong Kong Cantonese?Cheng, SKK
2010A 3D aerosol and visibility information system for urban areas using remote sensing and GISNichol, JE ; Wong, MS ; Wang, J